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  1. Hi Dave, thanks for the update! In addition to all of the awesome stuff you have planned, I’ll still lobby for LGB’s, AIM-9M, and Litening pod cheers Pete
  2. Both Z-Man and Gabby are probably the best MiG-23 subject matter experts in the west. I know Z fairly well. I’ve never met or spoken with Gabby. Their credentials are about the best you could hope for. neither one of them, however, are wading around in the warbird community; much less the jet warbird world. Their expertise stops at that threshold; as neither one of them are versed in the details of civilian certification or Experimental Aircraft authorization. It would be helpful to the discussion to find someone with the background that they both have- that also has experience operating and maintaining an aircraft like the Flogger in the civilian world. Several people come to mind (and no, I don’t mean me). The good news is nobody got hurt, and hopefully the community will improve once all of the lessons learned are sorted out. P
  3. I was wondering when Z-Man was going to chime in…. P
  4. Very cool! I’m a sucker for an in-flight display- looks awesome! P
  5. Outstanding Ali! Very grateful that you did this. I bet I was your first order for this! cheers Pete
  6. Now that is something very special. Well done Chris! Beautiful craftsmanship all around. cheers Pete
  7. Interesting first post. Welcome to the forums. You say you prefer to scratchbuild; and you’ve tried photoetch and it never works..Seems to me if you have the skills to scratchbuild, manipulating photoetch should be pretty straightforward- just some thoughts. P
  8. yep- the ONLY reason I have the large-format IPhone is for ForeFlight. Sometimes I’m too lazy to set up the IPad..just whip the phone out and I’ve got SA.
  9. No matter what avionics are installed in an L-39 or L-29, I always run an IPad and IPhone with ForeFlight running.
  10. Super cool! Love it! That damn Dart was probably the loudest friggin engine I’ve heard!! cheers P
  11. too easy. let me liberate a Tamiya F-16 Thunderbirds from you! You know you won’t build it! I’m actually helping you!! Pete
  12. Hi Nick- this is the most comprehensive reference book on the F-2 I’ve been able to find cheers Pete
  13. That would be cool- but perhaps some of the symbology we are testing will make it’s way to the kids flying the F-35. Also cool- P
  14. ha! no…just the one- but not the AF logo. and that is a Hawkeye Mr! P
  15. not today, no. No synthetic vision hooked up for this test profile
  16. Another full day of operational test flying at the OPL. Briefing- Prep the jet for a single-ship sortie today- Not your typical L-29. Today we will be simulating the F-35.. Gotta love fighter pilots… a little foreshadowing. I’m the test dummy today in the backseat..yes those are ECG leads that I had to wear all day But I did get to fly. All strapped in with the F-35 helmet, ECG, head tracker, and eye tracker. My job was to evade and defeat SAM radar missiles without reference to the outside world…while leading a large counter-air force and running the BattIe Management display. I had a safety pilot in the front. pretty task saturating- it’s no fun pulling 5g’s when you can’t look outside.. but really good test points today. cheers P
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