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    Rebuilding a 1/1 scale Auster T7 WE552 (when time permits!),NZ Aviation in general. Trying to model in between taking care of my family responsibilities. Want to get into scratchbuilding more.

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  1. Anthony in NZ

    20th Aussieversary Hornet

    LOL.....thanks for explaining it again for me anyway. Now, drink up and report back when you are a bit sharper
  2. Anthony in NZ

    20th Aussieversary Hornet

    Hey that's looking great Mike, love the seamless intakes and how you did the demarcation! Cheers Anthony
  3. Anthony in NZ

    CAC Boomerang A46-217 “Hep Cat”

    Absolutely fantastic Eric!
  4. Anthony in NZ

    TH-55 Osage Inbound

    Yep, I am pretty excited about this kit too. I would like to build a Deer Recovery one like one my friend owned many years ago. Net gun and all.
  5. Anthony in NZ

    1/32 T-38A Thunderbird

    That's looking awesome......of course
  6. Anthony in NZ

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    Awesome Ian!!! I much prefer the 'Grace style' conversion than the other bubble style. Lucky client to have that model..... Cheers Anthony
  7. Anthony in NZ

    1/24 Royal Navy Sea Mosquito TR33

    Just had to drag this old post up again and say how much I enjoyed this build Phil! Plus I needed some inspiration for me to keep going on mine! Cheers Anthony
  8. Anthony in NZ

    75 Sqn RNZAF Mosquito Detailed Build

    Thanks so much Chuck, that means a lot coming from you buddy!
  9. Anthony in NZ

    75 Sqn RNZAF Mosquito Detailed Build

    Thanks Zac! How are your projects coming along? Hey Bill, thanks mate. I am struggling my way through the starboard nacelle. Nothing had been done so I am struggling a wee bit. Not with the job itself, but mentally as it feels like I am going back to the start LOL! This one will have the engine side covers off. However the engine is a job to think about later! However thanks for the encouragement I really appreciate it, you really don't know how much. However just dry fitting the 2 nacelles on looks great and is giving me mental stimulus to keep forging ahead. Right-O back to the resin carb intake.... Cheers Anthony
  10. Anthony in NZ

    RCAF SPITFIRES.. Mk XIVe..duel build.

    Bill, I echo everyone else's comments, that cockpit is stunning! One of (if not) the best Spit cockpits I have seen done. I will have to save those images as ref for my future Vc conversion of my Tamiya IXc….And any other future British cockpits for that matter! Superb mate Cheers Anthony
  11. Chuck, your attention to detail and finishing is second to none and your skills have helped inspire me with my own work. Thanks so much Cheers Anthony
  12. Anthony in NZ

    75 Sqn RNZAF Mosquito Detailed Build

    Hey Chris, thanks buddy! Glad you are enjoying it and I am pleased to have another Kiwi along for the ride! Cheers Anthony
  13. Anthony in NZ

    75 Sqn RNZAF Mosquito Detailed Build

    Thanks mate! Much appreciated from a guy like you and how much of a detail person you are!
  14. Anthony in NZ

    75 Sqn RNZAF Mosquito Detailed Build

    Back to the Mosquito again... This time I have been working on Paragons beautiful resin undercarriage doors. In keeping with the rest of the model I have riveted them as well as slightly 'stressed' the skin. Here is the port nacelle inner door And here is the outer door just temporary hanging on the Paragon door hinges A couple of general shots to see how it all blends in. I am working on my photography...promise. Just messing with Depth of Field All I have to do now is run a couple of strips of Archer rivets inside the doors and add the rubber sealing strip along the bottom inside edge of each door....phew! Thanks for looking in as always Cheers Anthony
  15. Anthony in NZ

    Marine F-4J Phantom - Ready for the paint barn!

    That black base looks awesome. Unbelievably smooth as are your missiles Nice work, loving it!