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  1. Sorry for the late reply I tries black basing for the first time about 18months ago on a 48th Tamiya Mossie I really like the textures you can build up with varying thicknesses of paint. Touch up are even easier as you cant see where you went and tightened up camouflage lines or overspray. Anyway, hope these pics kinds explain how I did it. I will definitely be doing this on my Brit Phantom build In real life you see the surface kinda textured, I really like how it comes up and i
  2. That's certainly what it looked like to me in natural light.... Look at photo's of RNZAF (SBD-5's particularly) and you will see they were quite dark Cheers Anthony
  3. Here is a photo Phil Treweek took of NZ5037, I will have a better look tonight. But the blue was very dark Sorry I am not much more help right now
  4. Ok, I have just gone through thousands of photo's on my computer and cant find the ones I took of the Dauntless wreck. They must have been on my old film camera, will take a look through those tonight...
  5. Fantastic! And well worth the wait...definitely put me down for a set. I will organize payment as soon as you let me know! Thanks sooo much for doing this set...it has been a long time coming for us Tamiya Spit builders Maybe a Tamiya Corsair set in the future?? Cheers Anthony
  6. Hi Brett I am at work at the moment but have seen the wreck of an SBD-5 that the RNZAF Museum holds and the blue is very dark for the roundels, especially the underside ones. I would say your yellow should be just fine. I will check my photos when I get home from work she looks amazing
  7. Thank you for the journey Chuck, I thoroughly enjoyed every post! And as always learnt stuff along the way! Cheers Anthony
  8. My word, what a great update! What did you use for the red sealant, just red paint? Is that the kit undercarriage detailed up? Sorry for all the questions. You are correct, all that micro/detail painting really makes a big difference!
  9. Oh yea, that's brilliant! Those Aires w wells are a bear to fit, but the detail is just so impressive, you just gotta do it. Really well done, really love the little Scooter
  10. Hey Rick...we all get those moments mate....DONT bin it! Your model is too good to do that! Your mistake is a learning curve for me too as I was thinking of spraying all my markings on my Brit Phantom as well. Makes you realize how easy these guys make it look and that I would probably make the same mistakes as you when I do it as well. Take it as a learning, cool down and in a day or 2 you will have fresh eyes to look at it differently. Easier said than done...I know. You are so close mate, and she's a stunner! C'mon get to the finish line, dont let this stop you.
  11. Thanks Troy...and not being a jet guy I appreciate your interest! Thanks Don, yes this sure is a learning curve for me too. LOL yes, we are all just petrol headed boys at heart arent we! Here we go, FGR.2 XT899, with the kink in the fin base too Actually the FGR.2 fin is very different as far as panel configuration goes. Strange but true Might try and squeeze a bit of modelling in before bed...
  12. Thanks very much! Yep, I'm doing this for all the people who want a Brit Toom . Actually I hope it does encourage someone too do one or a conversion. At least they will be able to see all the detail differences. I was hoping for an update today but my wife has all her girlfriends coming over for a big 'Clothing Swap' and I dont wanna be around so the Phantom will have to wait today and I will go down to the hangar and do some work on my 1:1 scale Auster T.7 The fin is close to being finished and I am working on the blade antennas for the fin...it's going
  13. Beautifully done on those intakes...they really came up well.
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