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  1. They mentioned on FB 120 Euro approx. Which I was pleasantly surprised at that....if my maths is correct that about 135 USD? I will definitely get a couple
  2. Really interesting discussion gents. I have collected merlins from the Airfix Hurricane, Spitfire and Mustang in order to make some sort of franken-Merlin to represent a Merlin 25 for my Mosquito kit. Not fussed on the one supplied in their either Keep up the great work on your Hurricane as I too am following with great interest. I might even have plenty of engine spares to help you out? Cheers Anthony
  3. Hey, welcome to LSP, and great to have you here! Yes the masters are with the (well known) caster waiting their time for production. I could make up a bit of a drawing on how to fix the upper wing, or the shape it should be if you like? In the meantime between my busy schedule, work continues most days. This was taken on the weekend. Here I am setting up all the datums and sorting all the firewall out. Both of the Paragon firewall fairings are now on and the 2 nacelle halves almost match up. Still a bit more shimming to do there. The rib you see in the photos next to the radiator is going as I am making a more detailed one out of plastic card Getting myself set up to detail this area... Checking alignment again (not been any issues) but also remind me what I am doing and try to see a bigger picture of where I am going! Sorry its not much of an update, I figured I should do a little one since I was replying. Nice to have you along! Cheers Anthony
  4. Ooooh seen the photo's? That's going to be a stunning kit. Especially the fact that John Adams from Aeroclub helped them out with it, we KNOW it will be accurate! I don't know how many to buy, LOL Thank you Silver Wings!
  5. Oh my word, that looks stunning! Thank you Silver Wings!!!
  6. Oooh they look nice. I hope they do some other types, like A-4 Skyhawk, Spitfire, Mustang, corsair Avenger....LOL I will stop now Thanks for the sneak peek!
  7. Yes this has always perplexed me this.....I can understand Tamiya deciding not to do detail in the bays for costs etc. But really surprised no aftermarket company ever did them...
  8. Lovely work, I’m really enjoying following along. Those who have or are building 1/24 scale kits appreciate all the extra work that needs to go in them....let alone do a conversion. Well done and keep up the great work!
  9. Such an interesting study of the Zero. Thanks for all your info Ryan, you were a great help to me with the conversion to A6M3-22 I am doing by cross-kitting the 2 Tamiya kits. I must get on and finish that...I am just stuck detailing in the engine ancillary bay between the engine and firewall. I am so pleased you are stressing the skin. I have been thinking about doing it to my conversion as well. I just might now I have seen yours! Cheers Anthony
  10. Thanks Ron! I still have to sand that spar weather strip down some more looking at that last photo cheers Anthony
  11. Ok so now the radiator outlets are shaped and primed. Once the wing is eventually attached to the fuselage I will scratchbuild radiator cores etc... Here is a cross section of whats going on in there Where I am at, note the extra hole I drilled on the nacelle just inside the upper wing leading edge. This will have a piece of brass tube just poking through. New end rib for the radiator has been made, this just needs detailing etc as the side covers will be off to expose the engine Here is an overall view of the other wing. Finally the wing structure is complete. I am happy with the shapes, profiles, dihedral and chord measurements. I have been all over it with my Vernier's and everything is lined up and match port and starboard. Just a matter now of refining some surfaces, replacing lost rivet/fastener detail and back to the nacelles. Finally happy it looks correct for a Mosquito wing. It should be noted that this could have been fixed much easier than how I went about it by shimming the spar at the radiator and removing a slice from the outboard spar and clamping it all together and gluing with epoxy glue. If you plan on doing this fix, I would make a one piece front spar and make the inner section thicker by approx 1mm (as per my prev photos) and inner section thinner (or stepped down) by about 2.mm, giving about a 2.5-3mm difference to the inner and outer sections. Do this on the upper wing edge. I suspect you will still need to extend the leading as it is very blunt. Cheers Anthony
  12. I know mate, yesterday I heard 1/2 Billion animals estimated killed (not lessening the human loss of course) and probably whole species extinct/wiped out....incredibly sad
  13. Yup, beautiful! I enjoyed following this on FB. But then we are coming to expect such excellence from you
  14. Hi all, not sure it's been mentioned already, but I couldn't find anything. To all our Aussie LSP'ers….thoughts are with you guys! Those wildfires over there are insane! I saw a news report saying already 10x the size of the California fires last year and 6x bigger than the Amazon forest one! They are now so big they are creating their own electrical storms. Be safe and thinking of you all. We even have the smoke over here in NZ from it... Cheers from your Kiwi brother
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