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  1. Absolutely stunning Ian! I have thoroughly enjoyed this build right from the start, and the results are amazing. I have no doubt your client will LOVE it! If not.....send her to me LOL. Seriously though, well done mate, a classy conversion!
  2. Well great recovery mate, you would never know....superb result so far! Yeah, the Auster is a T.7 variant I am rebuilding back to 'stock' factory military configuration...Quite the challenge finding all the original equipment! Cheers Anthony
  3. Oh yes....she is looking awesome!!! The stance looks great and I just love that Buddy pod! I REALLY need to get back to my desk, this is very inspiring to me!
  4. LOL, caught out! I've been busy on my Auster rebuild. My engineers have me on a few deadlines and modelling had been on the backburner. Not from lack of want to get stuck in again. I have been working on my rear bulkhead and First Aid box as well as several other brackets etc. How about you how's your Skyhawk coming along?
  5. Great to see my friends Kev and Trevor had their Austers as part of the displays...wish I was there! Thanks for the photo's
  6. Patrick, this is off the charts mate! Such impressive work and very motivating for me! Love each update and thanks for sharing Cheers Anthony
  7. Love this build! So glad you took her off the SOD she looks amazing, and I totally love the CMK gunbays. Were they easy enough to fit? I plan on putting them in on one wing of my build when I get to it one day.
  8. I agree with everyone else's comments....that's absolutely stunning!!
  9. Hmmm, I have a few on that shelf......I REALLY must get some modelling time set aside. The Auster has been 'all consuming' the past month or so. Great topic Mike! Oh and thanks for the reminder, I am now well reminded that I am a serial starter after looking at my SOD, LOL
  10. Love this Kev, and love to see your great workmanship out there again! I am living through other peoples work at the moment as the Auster is soaking almost all my spare time at the moment..... Keep up the great work mate!
  11. Totally awesome Ian....one of my favorite builds here on LSP!
  12. Thanks for the update on what you are up to with your build. I cant imagine the stress of cutting up the fuselage, but you (like Kent) have done a great job, good openings position I am still considering making mine a VXE-6 Ski Dak...this might inspire me to do that!
  13. Oh my word! That is awesome and just so realistic. Well done so far! Cheers Anthony
  14. Absolutely wonderful update Patrick! Your workmanship is lovely and clean. With such lovely engine nacelles you will need to fix that spinner shape as well. I have made masters for Roy of a corrected and rivetted spinner and backplate as well as prop blades. However I dont know when they will be available. However just making it pointier will make a big difference on its own. Have a look at my WIP and you will see what I mean about the shape Keep up the great work, I am really enjoying enjoying this Cheers Anthony
  15. I think he is pretty keen, he has even had the inst panel decals printed already. I am just waiting for the masters to do a final test fit after he has added his magic touch to them.
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