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  1. Thanks for those words of wisdom buddy! Coming from a master patternmaker and scratchbuilder like you, that means a lot! Good to know I am not the only one who makes stuff up as he goes LOL. I am off to bed now, I have the other side all cut, shimmed and filled with CA, That can all cure whilst I sleep Thanks again Anthony
  2. Getting there....this shape is surprisingly tricky. I am showing you guys this as I try and figure it out as I go. Allowing you to see how rough it is under the primer. More refining to go and then the other side and replace surface details. Half of this will be removed and grafted into the piece AlbertD has sent me. Cheers guys Anthony
  3. Unexpected alright, I didnt see that shape change coming either LOL I have spent waaaaaaay too many hours just on this corner of the heat shield area. So after bulging this area out with plastic card I have been slowly building up the shape with CA. I have stared at so many Phantom back-end photos, I am seeing them in my dreams now! I wont know if I have it right until I get some Mr Surfacer on there and see if I can get a 'true feel' on the shape...hopefully before I go to bed tonight. Phew!
  4. A pleasure as always Chuck, so much inspiration and great solid ideas on building this kit...thank you! All the best with surgery and as Al says, dont overdo it! Cheers Anthony
  5. Now that's what we're talkin about! That looks brilliant Kev, more so because it is so enlarged on our computer screens. Nice work
  6. 43 Squadron(XV571)Derek, low Viz grey, large black and white checkered tail, but with the spine ones overpainted. I have decided to do her right before she got another paint touch up and the checkers on the fin replaced by 2 rows of black and white checkers. By then she was just starting to get a bit scruffy in the paint, but nothing too bad, a few repaint touch ups, staining etc.... Just before I went to bed last night I had an idea! See below... Now, I dont know if this will work but I have a spare part coming from Albert D and so all wont be lost. Having his part
  7. That is a Really really nice paintjob! Nice tonal differences and finish. The intake joins looks spot on too...well done, I love it!
  8. Well, from here Kev, it looks pretty darn good. You are your own worst critic.... Keep up the great work
  9. The beginning of the end.....(back end LOL) Seems to be fit issues in this area on other peopled builds, I see what it is and can address it. A spacer in the back to line the lower piece up with the upper piece should do it. This is just sitting here, nothing glued
  10. Yes, so true Albert.....and thanks for the compliment on my riveting! It is tedious work, but I think will be worth it in the end with weathering etc...
  11. So I took your advice Albert and got back to work, as I had spent a long time on that heat shielded area and figuring out how to modify it. Just finishing off the back end before I cut it off. I posted this side because I am waiting for some superglue to dry on the other side to fix a panel line that shouldnt be there (looking at a drawing and not photo's). For those who know your Brit Phantoms, after seeing this will know which version I am now building Not much of an update....but progress is progress! Cheers guys An
  12. Sure does, I always make sure I can pay peoples help and generosity forward. I have sent out loads of stuff over the years and each time someone does the same to me I just cant believe it...thank you sir!
  13. Kev, that seat and tailfeathers updates are awesome mate. In fact, this is a top notch build so far of an incredible subject....keep it up!
  14. Albert, you would be a true Legend mate! I am more than happy to pay for all the costs, no matter what it comes to. I reckon I know how how to go about it now (hence the late reply) but having a second piece would mean a much neater job with grafting the 2 together . You've made my day mate! You guys here rock, as Rich (Spooky56) donated the insert for the refueling probe after I decided to take a different direction with the conversion set as well as several others with their knowledge! Things like this usually have me putting projects on the SOD, I am determined to see this
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