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  1. Great to see you up and running/walking. What you’ve done looks brilliant. I’ll try and answer any questions you have along the way. I see from time to time some, posts on Britmodeller. I don’t always get there all the the time. Love the site but I’m mostly here on LSP. Keep up with your great start, I’ll be following along for inspiration on my 24th one I am plodding along with Cheers Anthony
  2. Steve, I have plenty of photos of the inside of the canopy and can measure up for you when I am out of lockdown. There is a lot of bracketry in there. My old mate and I made a mold from a Spare Airfix Canopy and made a whole pile. I don't have the master anymore but have several vac canopies. Cant remember if many/any were much good, I think we had a measure of success. I will check Cheers Anthony
  3. Aaaah ok, thanks for spotting that Iain! Don't know, I suppose separately, I will check when he replies to say he is good to go
  4. Oh good point and an extra spinner maybe I could ask for each engine to come with a spare nose ring and spinner ? I’m definitely going to get one now
  5. I agree, I would want the cowl panels as well. Does look nice doesn’t it and will save me many hours work
  6. Not sure if that includes shipping, I doubt it will, but at such a reduction in price I will order one
  7. I understand, I can’t really afford it at the moment.... I had to confess to my wife last night. Let’s just say “very average response “ But I got a green light only just
  8. Great news is that he has a new printer and the price is now £45-50 for the Dart . The prototype print on his page looks amazing
  9. Lovely work! Great having you about my friend, your work was missed for inspiration! I might be in the same boat with this COVID thing. I am hoping to have a job at the end of it all. And here I am still buying models!
  10. I know mate.....I am testimony to this being a disorder of some sort!
  11. Initial research seems to show them as very very similar, if not the same. Will keep studying from home here (under lockdown) as I will have full access to a Viscount to take measurements and study as well as the Andover at RNZAF Museum to compare. But that's not happening for 4 weeks now
  12. Hi team I will email you as a group about this to let you know Ladislav has contacted me saying he can print this in 1/32 for us! 14hours to print and I think he said it was big at 189mm. We are looking at 90GBP for a one off (not sure if more are cheaper) plus 25 for the cowls. I will have to check and see how different the Viscount cowls are... Cheers Anthony
  13. He has replied saying he will message me I am like Iain and was planning on opening up an engine cowl as well. So no this a separate thing and you have no need to worry if you don’t want one I’ll keep you all updated as I hear more on the upscale engine cheers Anthony
  14. I know mate, I just can’t wait! Did you see the open cowl RR dart printed set a chap has done on fb? It looks stunning. I have asked (although it’s for a Viscount) if he might be interested in printing a special order of some in 1/32 for us.
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