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  1. 100% agreed! Yes I went over and had a good catch up...wow you're doing a fantastic job of yours mate! Awwww thanks buddy, that means a lot! I am pleased you're enjoying it as much as I am! More progress, this time on the undercarriage. Initially I thought I only needed the lower section of leg with extra links, then when Kerry was drawing it up measurements didnt quite add up...and after further research Kerry found the leg dia didnt seem to add up to the drawings. It seems the kit and aftermarket ones are 4.8mm dia whereas the FG.1 (double ext nose leg) is 6.2mm! Interesting, but totally makes sense as it would have the extra oleo extension?? Anyway, cant 100% confirm this but we are going with the drawings and the reasoning that this might make sense anyway. However the more I look at photo's I am getting more convinced it looks chunkier than a std Phantom noseleg (incl FGR.2). There are several differences in the FG.1 leg as well as the upper links are different again as well as a few other details. Anyhoo, needless to say this has ment a whole new leg has been done to be printed and test fitted (as it has to also include the rearward rake). Always something eh? Thank goodness for Kerry, in fact he has so much involvement in this with me that it really is a joint project as I couldnt have got it this accurate without him....Thanks buddy! So in the meantime I have been working on mains and final detailing and painting. More to go on these along with trying to find stencils for the main oleo's...no one seems to have done them in 1/32 and I cant find anything close at this point. And yes...sheep are everywhere here in NZ, even my modelling bench! Test fitted....looking good! You saw my nose u/c doors with primer....now all painted, stencils and wiring added along with some subtle weathering These doors got really filthy but I tried to restrain myself a bit and did my best to match XV571's doors at this point in her life And both the fronts together So on the hunt for a MLG oleo placard and then final details added and the legs are done, still working on the MLG doors Thanks for looking in...I am still going! Cheers Anthony
  2. LOL smarty.....has it been that long???? Oh dear Glad Ed has you covered! Thanks very much, to be honest I am looking forward to finishing this but trying not to rush Good to see Ed has you sorted! Thanks mate, new update not toooooo far away I hope! Here is a teaser...... This is the FG.1 lower section with the double scissor link set up being CAD by Kerry the master! Cheers Anthony
  3. Hey Kev, Cameron is doing really well...slow progress but getting stronger every day! Looks like he is going to get to start working on helicopter maintenance in the new year! Thanks for asking Thanks mate....just wish I could work faster lol Thanks Iain, I guess that is true. Rome wasnt built in a day, I must remember that Thanks Buddy....and loving your Lightning!!!
  4. Thanks buddy! I went back and looked at that pic after your comment and finally saw a Brit Toom and not a Tamiya F-4J LOL that's very poetic of you my friend! So I have actually still been grabbing time at the bench every chance I get and its still a process of smaller details. One thing that has impressed me is a set of underwing fuel tanks by @Jet Passion these things are amazing! I was dreading detailing the kit ones as they were severely lacking in shape and detail.....then Jet Passion Models come to the rescue! Eduardo is a one man band with a love of Jet aviation, and he seems as obsessive as I am with getting correct details. He has produced this gorgeous set that will make such a prominent feature of the Phantom truly special. As you can see there is this handy little jig to redrill the holes in the correct position to relocate the pylons as well as little inserts to make sure the pieces all align.....too easy! Weld lines, drain plugs, the photos really dont do them justice Kit ones Jet Passion Models ones, no filling or sanding yet and a primer finish of Mr Surfacer 1200...they will only need a slight sand/buff. I know this is going to sound terrible but I am going to put a few dints and dings on the nose sections as they got beat up in service...I wont go overboard! More on these later and some other goodies on their way! I got the nose gear door finished, riveted and primed but I didnt take a pic....looks good ...honestly LOL So I was now onto tweaking the other nose door, a little shape adjustment and all surface details removed Few more plastic card additions and Archer rivets again Aaaannd Mr Surfacer 1200 Then the other side riveted Main gear doors receiving some attention and details now...more to still go 3D Chutes landing gear now getting a tidy up before paint. I was a little concerned about how strong these might be, I have left the Phantom sitting on them for nearly 2 weeks and they havent even started looking loke distorting, which is good as this thing is getting heavy! They will get more structural integrity when the doors are epoxied on. I am not worried anymore So there we go, I am still working away, these details really are time consuming, but I gotta get them right after all this effort to date. Hinges are being redone slightly bigger and deeper. Kerry has offered to also help with the lower section of nose leg with the double scissor links adapted to the 3D Chutes nose leg. It wasnt as simple as just adding another link! Thank you Kerry... mate I think this is as much your model as it is mine! Until next time peeps thanks for following along at this glacial pace and heep up the awesome work you guys are doing! I come on most days and see what you're up to, and am constantly encouraged by your projects...thank you! Cheers Anthony
  5. Absolutely 'must have this one! So pleased to see aircraft like this being modelled....actually I will need two LOL
  6. Hi team Well as you know I have been busy (slowly) building my 1/32 RAF Phantom conversion from the Tamiya kit. A company pretty new (to me at least) has been quietly releasing a bunch of beautifully designed and printed Parts for 1/32 Jets. Anyway on Friday the postman dropped off a box all the way from beautiful Peru with a gorgeous set of Phantom underwing fuel tanks. Designed as a complete replacement for the Tamiya kit ones. As with new companies you wonder what their quality is like. Well, all I can say are these are just amazing and some of the nicest 3D printed parts on the market presently. I must say that I have no financial affiliation or anything with Eduardo from JPSM (sorry I had to shorten it as I didnt want to type that long name again lol) just a VERY happy and impressed customer! And I thought I must absolutely post here as I know a lot of you guys have Phantoms in your stashes. I'll do a quick mini review and there will be more on my next RAF Phantom build update. So this is the product item There is the Tamiya part I was about to start detailing.... And here are the contents of the box Notice the little jig in the foreground for setting up the correct position for redrilling the holes to mount the tanks in the correct position, and thos pale circular items are apparently to ensure perfect alignment of the end caps. Look at this detail....excuse my crappy pics Nose cone (perfect shape and contour......just needs a few dings and dents added LOL) And finally end caps with rear part of pylon There is a separate fuel filler cap that drops in as well. Anyway, I am super impressed and just wanted to post this as a public service announcement. Actually I think whilst I type this Eduardo is a member here... @Jet Passion There we go...found him! Thanks Eduardo...I hope you sell lots and bring us some more amazing products! Well look out for them on my RAF Phantom build, I think the tanks are a super iconic and extremely visible on the Phantom, (whatever version) and will really add a lot to the look of your finished build as they are just so prominent Cheers Anthony
  7. Sensational mate! I love how you have been able to combine so many of the smaller assemblies together with such success! A real testament to your skills. Nice idea with the jig too I must say. You have skills I can only dream of! Thanks for the update and looking forward to seeing one on my bench sometime Cheers Anthony
  8. Absolutely stunning! I am totally in awe of this build!
  9. I plan on building mine as this one. RNZAF VIP, I somehow will have to build a VIP interior as the kit comes with a troop/transport type interior. I really like the kit (except the wheels....yuk) but I am under no illusion I have a lot of work ahead of me.
  10. Thanks guys! They say older and wiser? Not me, I wont ever grow up LOL Cheers team Anthony
  11. OK, so where was I? I seem to have been constantly revising and fine tuning the back end underneath, contours on the sides and the area immediately behind the cans on the 'hot area I think we were re contouring the sides when we last spoke Trying to get all the gaps perfect Underneath proved quite a challenge with all the odd curves, and there was a lot of templating to ensure both sides are the same. Actually I started adding the new surface details around the fuse in front of the cans and found (I am unsure how I let this get past me) I was 2.5mm longer on one lower edge than on the other. I got it all sorted after much muttering about how I missed this. I found it because I am using dividers and doing exact measurements. Turns out it was the angle off vertical that was out which led to a longer lower edge on one side. Anyhoo all fixed Just waiting on Kerrys 3D printed hinge sections to arrive in the mail now so I can graft them all in Here is a bunch of different hinges ready at Kerrys place, hopefully they will be here tomorrow. In the meantime I decided while I wait I should get to work detailing the u/c doors. Here is the nose front door with a few mods (ribs shape tweak on the lower edge etc) I have to flick some Mr Surfacer on it next and add Archer rivets And the front is all riveted but you cant see it at this angle and with no wash in them. I had a 'wonky hole'for the main lamp so I filled it with plastic rod and reamed it out to the correct position then found a lens in my spares which fitted perfectly. But of foil on the back and the new antenna came from some spare bits off a Tamiya F-15E I picked up at a swap meed several years ago. Still a little refining to do once I get Mr Surfacer sprayed on So here she sits......getting ready to put paint on as soon as I get those hinges grafted in.... Oh well, I guess there was something to report after all..... Cheers guys Anthony
  12. Thanks mate, yes all is well on the home front. I have been actually working on this albeit slowly and I didnt think I had much to show. So I will do an update now....I just got prodded on Britmodeller LOL Cheers Anthony
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