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    Rebuilding a 1/1 scale Auster T7 WE552 (when time permits!),NZ Aviation in general. Trying to model in between taking care of my family responsibilities. Want to get into scratchbuilding more.

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  1. Oh my, the gorgeous FA-2!!! That would look great with my FG-1 conversion Well done Alan, you’re a clever man as is Kitsworld for those extra parts! Cheers Anthony
  2. Just wonderful Derek! I’ve just had a thorough read through and am enjoying your progress. Beautiful mate cheers Anthony
  3. Bravo John! I have to say that I was worried for you with this approach (but quietly confident). It really has come up brilliantly! Shane I cant use all the screw holes in my kit due to all the fuse mods, but nice to know it wasnt overly difficult. Thats where the hard work is in all your prep. Well done! Really looking nice
  4. Thanks...but I still hate cockpits LOL Thanks buddy! Yup people are cruel LOL ready to print....thank you Kerry! Just off to put a clear coat on to seal everything up so far Cheers and thanks for your encouragement guys! Anthony
  5. Seriously! That's insane...but Brilliant!! Absolute madness in the best possible way
  6. Great progress John! The weathering on the belly is coming along nicely as are the horizontal stabs. I am nervous for you about maybe ruining the lovely paint work you have done so far by not gluing the wings, but I totally trust your approach and I know I will have nothing to worry about! Cheers Anthony Oh and I ment to congratulate you on that nosewheel well, looks superb mate, wish I could have got mine looking that busy, just looks right
  7. Thanks Don....getting there mate! Sounds like nice progress on the 1/72 kit, I am sure it is a masterpiece after seeing your handi-work on here! Yup I still hate cockpits LOL Well progress has been slow with lots of ''stuff' getting in the way. Rear tub is almost done, lots of decals and washes added And because I cant seem to make a decent panel for the left side...Kerry is helping me out, what a guy! Not much I'm afraid, but I thought I better post something or you would think it was on the SOD Cheers Anthony
  8. Thanks very much...I only have a little to show soon. been sidetracked with life
  9. Beautiful conversion work Matt, I am loving what you are doing here. very innovative and beautifully done! My dream kit to do one day would be a 1/32 Bell 412 from the Revell kit. Probably end up being mostly printed considering how many faults the Revell kit has. Great work here and such a cool version Cheers Anthony
  10. Thanks...getting there! Thanks Derek, I will go back and fix that up with a dark grey paint. Thanks for pointing this out and the pics! Oh thanks Jeroen! Do those decals have any white stencils? I am not sure how I am going to tackle that part yet. I might be interested if you decide to sell them. yes I love the 'S' version too. Always it seems there is more than we first think isnt it LOL Thank you I am not sure yet mate. I have a pile of seats from different manufacturers and havent even started thinking about them. The cockpit structure and differences alone are daunting me. I cant shift my focus to seats just yet. I am dreading it quite frankly Well as long as I am on here, I got some progress made last night. Kerry's printed part arrived yesterday and I trimmed, painted and installed it. Even the toggle switches printed! Even more impressive is that I managed not to snap them off! Painted and glued in This sidewall has already been modified and extra cable added The junction box on the right side was scratchbuilt, painted, yellow markings applied, weathered lightly and glued in. Also of note is that the BB shelf it sits on was lowered too. Ugh terrible photo's And everything is waiting patiently to fit in the fuse.... Bit of a rush unexpected update, scuse the terrible photos Cheers Anthony
  11. Oh man I’m so enjoying this build! There’s quite a chunk of that HK kit gone now. Just amazing work with the skinning etc
  12. Thanks buddy, I am struggling though Cant believe the hours just gone into this today...talk about 50 shades of grey Still a lot to go in the rear pit, including some placards and a couple of stencils......tough to photograph at night. Anyhoo, I am conquering my fears! As you can see in this last photo there is still a lot to do with some more wear with the silver pencil/paint and washes. I have just got to try not to overdo it Thanks for looking in guys Cheers Anthony
  13. LOL, ok I was wrong. I thought because it was dragging on so long people would be bored I better post something whilst I am here I have sprayed the sills black, silver, black/grey and slowly with a micromesh 6000 cloth buffed it back. A little more on the left where the crew ingress and egress and where the ladders hook on. I might later use my prisma silver pencil to put a few scratches where appropiate. Back to working on the rear tub this weekend Cheers Anthony
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