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  1. I suppose you are right... Thanks very much for your feedback Derek, it means a lot to have your approval on progress! Yes love the fact Black Mike survived the scrapper and is painted the way she is! Nothing much to report right now as I am working on the other side to get them as close as possible, then I will use contour gauges and templates to fine tune and match both sides up before back to restoring all the surface detail...again in some places LOL Cheers Anthony
  2. All I can say is...you're a legend mate! Not many could do what you are doing (and what you have done with other projects), I admire you and your work very much!
  3. Oh my word, that is stunning! Keep up the great work, absolutely loving this build! Cheers Anthony
  4. Thanks for that, glad it is noticeable. I have looked at it so much I cant tell anymore LOL Thanks, that's good...they were a LOT of work, I thought they were going to finish me off in the end! That's awesome Chek! Thank you....never too much information when you end up this deep in! Well more sanding Another coat of Mr Surfacer. See as I start fine tuning the shapes the ;hump' starts to become visible? This has turned out a little more of a challenge than I first thought, but I am getting there. A b
  5. Well, I sprayed the first coat of Mr Surfacer on tonight and the shapes are 'not too bad' but there is still more to do with them. At least now I can see what I am doing with the primer on now! Off to bed now Cheers Anthony
  6. LOL, it sure is ugly at the moment....still refining the shape and taking out imperfections. Hope to get Mr Surfacer on soon-ish and see where things are at Thanks Ben Congratulations on your second daughter, that's awesome! I was wondering where you were...nice to have you around again! Cheers Anthony
  7. LOL thanks Don, I am sure the plastic ones will hold...hopefully Not much to update except I have got the left intake shapes 'pretty right' I think, I am just doing some tidy up of edges and details and I can spray it with Mr Surfacer and see where I need to go after that. It has taken 2 days solid fine tuning this shoulder area, to the point I am dreaming Phantom intakes LOL Oh Kerry sent me a reprint of the 'tweaked' vari ramp, but when I get the protective masking off the intake I will test them. Cheers and thanks everybody Anthony
  8. Thanks Matt! It is JB Weld. A few guys here on LSP recommended it and this is my first time trying it out and I love it. Although the model is starting to get heavy now with the resin centre section, intake trunking and now the great lumps I am putting on the intakes....
  9. oooh that's a good idea!
  10. Phew! I think you might run into the risk of it looking a little 'toy like' in 24th scale even with your superior skills if you had done a warbird. Good call!
  11. Thanks mate and thanks for sticking to your guns on that intake shape for me. I could have ended up being lazy and just bulged it upwards thinking I was doing the right thing. I owe you a beer if ever we meet sir! Thanks for you advice and confidence Cheers Anthony
  12. Intake shoulder shapes.... Ok I will try and keep this as simple as I can so as not to confuse anyone like I confused myself. Here are my conclusions with the help of @Derek B @Barry @Chek @scjh Antti K, and a few others over on Britmodeller. I am going to use a few images here I am sorry in advance if I dont credit them properly, it's purely for illustrative purposes. I always knew the Brit Phantom had wider intakes (not as wide as we all thought initially) but had never noticed the appearance of a 'hump' along the intake shoulders until Barry pointed it out to me.
  13. Hmmmm, personally I would go for the original ’In Service’ look myself. To me they have a character and look to them that pristine warbirds don’t share. The grey sooty exhaust stains down the side with fluid leaks and scuff marks running down has a character about it. Just my humble opinion
  14. That's absolutely gorgeous Max! Always love following your work...that is such a beautiful looking aeroplane Cheers Anthony
  15. Thank you Chuck! That's truly a compliment coming from you... I will push on and do the best I can and try and correct as much as possible, but will try not feel too much pressure on how high the bar gets set as I am really only learning and figuring this out as I go. You are right I do 'wonder why' at times, but comments like this keep me going and the SOD clearer! Due in part and largely to you sir! Left intake is finally fine tuned on the side and I am happy with the result, except the tops/shoulders are a mess Warning, ugly photo! Now we
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