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    Rebuilding a 1/1 scale Auster T7 WE552 (when time permits!),NZ Aviation in general. Trying to model in between taking care of my family responsibilities. Want to get into scratchbuilding more.

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  1. I cant always take the credit mate, there are a lot of very knowledgeable people out there who have shared their awesome knowledge with me. So I am passing it on so others can benefit their builds. I am doing a lot more than I envisaged myself! Thanks Phil, I appreciate that coming from a man of your skills. That Tamiya Mustang engine and cockpit on your build is looking awesome! Thanks cees, but I LOVE your Toom and your build over there has really inspired me to push on, I do like the cammo scheme you have chosen, very nice. For some reason I cant log in to comment on your build as I am logged out and cant recover my password. I think I must have used an earlier email address when I set my acct up as I dont even get a reply from the reset... Thanks guys, appreciate your feedback immensely! This turned into a bigger challenge than I thought it might be. But much of that is my own doing. I dont really need to rebuild the wheel wells, or aux air intake lower door interiors, and no one will probably ever notice the lower nose contour, but I am enjoying it too much not to get it right now. Watch out soon as our own awesome @Gene K has just finished making up the outer wing stiffening plates that were so prominent on the lower wing sections. I cant wait to show you his work...thank you sir, I am indebetted for your research and skills to produce a 'late mod' outer wing panel structural set that was on the Brit Tooms! Going to BBQ up a bacon and egg breakfast for the family as its a stunning morning here. Just as long as I dont set myself on fire like I did once before LOL Cheers guys Anthony
  2. Thank you sir! I have the station right, I just fine tuning the face angle, I think I am there In the meantime I have been back at work and so progress has slowed. Although to be fair, this bit is tedious. So I am building up the rib structure in the wheel wells ready for plumbing. All the rear face is done, the ends and just the front face to go. These ribs take ages Mounting ring for the undercarriage legs marked out and positioned. More on that later... Upper wing test fitting, seems to all interlock well Needed a change of pace so fixed the size and shape of the bulge above the U/C pintle There is still a lot of corrections and details to add to the upper surface, but I better get back to this lower wing before I get to that. But it was a nice change of scenery! As always chaps, thanks for tuning in Anthony
  3. Tim, my thoughts and sincerest condolences for you and your family...there hasnt been a day go by I have not thought of you all.....
  4. Excellent result Rick! It's all about the prep isn't it? Very nice and you are correct, those seats look awesome in there! Great inspiration for me as I go back to making ribs in the wheel wells.... Cheers Anthony
  5. Glad you guys like it. There is still a bit of work in it, as well as safety issues being balanced on top of a ladder....Lol Pleased to help on this 'cool' (pun intended) project. I have had so much help from LSP'ers over the years that I do what I can to 'pay it forward'. I think that's how our community should (and does) work. Just a way of saying thanks for the years of help I have received Cheers Anthony
  6. Ok so Cameron (my son) and I went down armed with an iPhone 13, Mac laptop and a bunch of scanning and CAD programmes and did some initial scans for you. As luck would have it we were discussing this earlier in the week and Alex mentioned you had been in touch with us so I offered to look after this info for you. However an added benefit was that the big repair in the side of our FB-VI Mosquito has been mostly done and the door and internal framework added etc. The door had become part of the structural integrity and we didnt want to remove it until an outer ply skin had been formed and cut. Then the door can be removed and this area finished up. Anyway I digress. But I am mentioning it as some readers also might find it interesting what can be achieved with a new iPhone. Here are the Mossie scans (these have yet to be converted to various CAD files and then 'flattened out' to get some true shapes Anyway...onto the LC-47 This was more challenging as the scanner didnt like scanning at various heights and got confused with reflections off the windscreen. I was stood 20 feet up on the top of a ladder trying to capture all angles for you. Anyway, it turns out we had to do it in top and bottom sections and we are going to stitch them all together. here is where we got Anyway these are just a couple of screen shots to show you what we got up to today for you. We have about 15 scan sessions loaded onto the laptop and we are pretty sure we can get an accurate shape and dimensions for you. If not we will go back and do some more. Anyway, I will come back after going through them all with Cameron and see what we have. It was a bit of a learning curve today but we are confident after uploading them onto the computer and converting into CAD files we can do this for you. Maybe we can even select the Stl file for a laugh and see if we can print a 1/32 nose?? Anyway, will be in touch soon directly by email but I thought it might be of interest to some Cheers Anthony
  7. Beautifully done Rick, I especially love the subdued yellow on the pull ring handles What seats are they?
  8. Really interesting reading guys. Peter, I am off to watch those videos. I will probably end up wanting to do a Prowler if I do though LOL
  9. I'm in love Peter! Thats modelling at it's finest, there is just no other word. I love the way you problem solve and the final results really look like the real thing. You have a rare talent! Cheers Anthony
  10. My goodness that is impressive and well finished. I am sure your friend will be really happy with it! How imposing that must look on display....very cool!
  11. That is superb Mike! I love the F-16 and you really have done her justice....gorgeous! You know that when guys who know F-16's intimately comment on those small details, it's a compliment to get that feedback. Well done mate...you must have an impressive collection of 32nd jets now!
  12. I had to scroll through the photo's with one eye closed as I love the Viggen and I dont need another project that is not NZ related. Please tell me they are all sold out! But what a sensational build, the paint colours and weathering are perfect. The attention to detail to the joins and nice even gaps in the forward (elevators? where they are drooped. So much to love, well done!
  13. Not a lot to report, but it's a new day. But I decided in the interests of getting the wheel wells done nice and cleanly I would cut this part out of the fuselage paint Mule Trim neatly to fit This being the result....much tidier I think? Now I think I can continue on (both sides now done) and add rib detail Lets see what today brings, but my wife thinks I am neglecting some jobs around the house that need tending to before I go back to work...... Cheers Anthony
  14. Brilliant as always, beautiful finish with that yellow! Really nice.....
  15. Just beautiful Iain.....I know I said that before, but it's true! Paint looks beautiful, all that hard work paid off. Something I am going to try out is I have noticed when fluids trail back on a matte finish it leaves a glossy (oily) trail rather than a dry line. But tooo many would look silly, but one or 2 (fresh stains)might look really good...or really silly LOL Great progress, great update Cheers Anthony
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