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  1. yep, this is whole new level artistry. So pleased you are sharing this with us!
  2. Thanks Derek, nice to have your approval! LOL....ok Peter, post pics of Grey ones in the future then to help keep me on track, preferably 43 Squadron Sure is an exercise in patience and perseverance.....thank you! I'm going to call it done on this section now, otherwise I will never finish it and I need to remember I am constantly looking at it under a magnifier Cheers for now chaps
  3. Only one word...Spectacular! Oh and clean, precise and smooth....
  4. Hi Tom, awesome build mate. Black, from what I researched this many years ago, at least in this scheme
  5. Thanks mate....I realize the enlarged pic does them no favors, but pleased to see it passes muster enlarged, it looks better in real life. Cheers Anthony
  6. Great work John...as always with your builds. Shame about the spinner. Good to know you have stick-ability it will all be worth it in the end Loving this Cheers Anthony
  7. Thanks Troy, I saw the weather you guys were getting, crazy! Keep warm buddy Thanks Peter, yes I know, thats a cracking photo. All those launch photos impress me of the 'K's' on Ark Royal. In fact I am struggling not to do my model in these colours when the fintip RWR was fitted, trouble is it would mean snapping off my ILS/VOR Antennas off the fin and I really like the look with those fitted...very cool! Who knows, I may yet do this scheme. I am trying to resist but pics like that make it difficult! Thanks for sharing, and following along! Well progr
  8. Tricky looking work that Mark...loving this! keep up the great work
  9. Thanks buddy, that spacing isnt easy, and there are a thousand little triangles in the carpet around where I work! Thanks Marcel, glad you noticed, as that front shape of the top of the intake changes shape on the Spey intakes Cheers guys! Hope to have this top section finished by the days end Cheers Anthony
  10. Thanks guys, I am finally seeing light on these even though there's a way to go still.
  11. Thanks mate! Thank you sir...I did a little last night, I might be finding a rhythm for it and the way I am gluing each fin in now Thanks for the reassurance, I am liking how they are coming out too Rainer I agree mate, its the smaller (but just as important) details we spend the extra time on that makes a difference. Well Barry, you set the benchmark mate, mine are no where as nice as yours but it's the best I could do. I am hoping that with some black basing and careful airbrush work I can add some nice depth etc. Thanks
  12. Well I am glad you like them, I wouldnt be so hard on yourself....that Prowler is divine!!
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