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    Rebuilding a 1/1 scale Auster T7 (when time permits!),NZ Aviation in general. Trying to model in between taking care of my 7 year old son and wife (well she probably takes care of me!). Want to get into scratchbuilding more.

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  1. Anthony in NZ

    75 Sqn RNZAF Mosquito Detailed Build

    Thanks mate...I've already started riveting the top engine cowls.
  2. Anthony in NZ

    75 Sqn RNZAF Mosquito Detailed Build

    Hey Phil Yes mate, I remember your build well. I have photos I was looking at the other day of it. I Googled 24th Mosquito builds and saw your awesome conversion! Thanks for the encouragement buddy....really appreciate it Cheers Anthony
  3. Anthony in NZ

    75 Sqn RNZAF Mosquito Detailed Build

    Well whaddya know....another from the SOD come back to life. I have been busy helping a few other people out with Mosquito related questions, supplying measurements and digging deep with many things Mosquito related. At one point I had to get my kit out to check something and before I knew it I was loosely assembling it and I realized how much work I have put into this thing to correct it's issues. In fact all the structural fixes are done.....I gave up after so much correcting and scratchbuilding, that I cant stop now really. As much as I love the Tamiya Mosquito and all the involvement I had in the kit's development. There is just something about the sheer size of this kit that blows me away each time I look at it. Every time I see a built up one, it stops me in my tracks! So many times I have nearly given it away...I am glad I didn't. Sorry Damon if you read this. This thing is a real Mojo burner, and so I don't totally burn out on this I shall tinker on my Skyhawk when it starts getting me down. I have thought very long and hard on which SOD kit to focus on. I would really like to finish this for the NZ Nationals 2019 which I think is in November (anyone have the date?). There is a lot still to go, but with Roberts new uber detailed nose gun bay(you have seen some of the CAD here already on his own thread) coming out, new Eduard etch as well as a couple of other items, these will make life a lot easier. But plumbing the bomb bay and running control cabling through it is a little very daunting! Thanks to Mike (serian01) he has CAD'd me up a set of accurate outboard RP rails in 24th kit especially for me. Thanks mate!! That was the turning point actually LOL. Anyway, enough of the talk, I need to sit down and get my head back in the game with this one and see where I am at and where to start again. I am thinking stressing the skin on the engine nacelles and just riveting the cowls and radiator skins to ease back into it. As I say to you avid Skyhawk followers, I will be still building that in conjunction with this. Wish me luck! Cheers Anthony
  4. Anthony in NZ

    Spitfire Floatplane

    Brian....so pleased to see this You haven't lost your magical touch...that's stunning! What did you use for the exhausts? Cheers Anthony
  5. Anthony in NZ

    Trumpeter 1/32 RNZAF A-4K "Kahu Upgrade"

    Thanks Marcel, trouble is that I am too much of a perfectionist and it can paralyze me. I've just sanded it all smooth and primed it, feeling much better about it now. Might just come back to that tank later.
  6. Anthony in NZ

    Trumpeter 1/32 RNZAF A-4K "Kahu Upgrade"

    Forget all of what I just said above....still not getting the desired result and consistency......arrrrgh! Plan S? Plan S = Shelf of doom!
  7. Anthony in NZ

    32nd BK-117 B2 "Westpac Rescue"

    LOL....I know, I really should! The Skyhawk is frustrating me so maybe I need to change tack for a while. Might re-read the thread to remember how I did some of this stuff!
  8. Anthony in NZ


    Thanks Martin. I have been combining a lot of the EC-145 kit into my BK, some custom photoetch as well. I have completely rebuilt that old kit. But I am suffering burnout from it all at the moment. There is a build thread on LSP here if you want to look for it?? Thanks for the inspiration! Cheers Anthony
  9. Anthony in NZ


    Oooooh I love these Revell Helicopters! Beautiful work indeed on the build! Makes me want to finish off my BK-117
  10. Anthony in NZ

    Trumpeter 1/32 RNZAF A-4K "Kahu Upgrade"

    Thanks very much! I actually used Plastruct square section. Why square section I hear you ask? Well it's because I get more contact with the gluing surface than I would with a round rod section. Also when I sand it, it doesn't get thicker as it goes through the round section. I used Plastruct 90709 which is 0.3mm (I would use thinner if I could find it). I like this better than stretched sprue due to its consistency over long lengths. I glue it with Sellys 'Quick FIX' as it is like a CA glue that brushes on. I can flood the area and when it dries it leaves a nice radiused join between the surface and square section. By the time it is sanded down to a realistic thickness with my sponge sanders, coat with Mr Surfacer and sand again etc, I get a nice raised 'bump' I sand until it matches the photos I have on hand. I tried scribing and inserting rod but I just could not get a nice edge around the beads etc. But that was probably due to my incompetence and failing eyesight! My other option was to use Archer welds, but they really looked more suited to an armoured vehicle than an aircraft.... Hope that helps and thanks for checking in! Anthony
  11. Anthony in NZ

    Trumpeter 1/32 RNZAF A-4K "Kahu Upgrade"

    Ok weld beads replaced and everything is now ready to be sanded/blended and primed. Pylon just placed in situ for now Thanks for looking Anthony edit: cant seem to rotate the image....
  12. Anthony in NZ

    Make the others jealous

    My wife dosent know yet....... I sold a spare starter motor for my Gipsy Major engine to pay for it....
  13. Anthony in NZ

    Make the others jealous

    Dont remind me......
  14. How, did I miss this beauty Mike? The finish and painting is second to none... Absolutely beautifully executed. Love it! Cheers Anthony