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  1. Patrick, that looks AWESOME!!! I am reall going to enjoy this. Quality work so far, keep up the great job. I need some inspiration as mine is starting to suck the life out of me LOL Cheers Anthony
  2. That's looking super awesome! Just love this kit, its practically perfect! How did you get such neatly painted plumbing lines in the wheel wells?
  3. Ok, looking at my photos, it is black. But I will have to go through my old film photo's to confirm
  4. Oh, hang on I read that wrong...I will check my refs again Sorry
  5. I've got some photo's. Go with black, with a thinned misted grey to force some perspective and add depth. Let me know if you still need pics Cheers Anthony
  6. Aaah now we're talking! Good to see you back
  7. Roy has all the masters now, along with the extra antenna's Kerry CAD'd up for us. The decals are now done for the panel as well. Just a waiting game for me now too.
  8. Oh Jan, I am soooo pleased to see you back on this one! I often get a hankering to start mine as well... Beautiful clean and precise so far, lovely Cheers Anthony
  9. Hi Mark It's not a complaint there is too much detail in the kit, it's just when you look at how stunning it all is, you cant help but feel it's a shame it cant be seen. Much like many other kits we have in our stashes. I am sure the WNW Lanc will be the same as are many more going to be in the future. I would rather they supply it, which gives you options. Look what Kent did with his HpH Cat....superb cutaway Stick with building the Dak mate..... although I wont complain if I see the Catalina on the bench either!
  10. Yep, I totally see what you mean...I thought the same when looking at mine again recently. My final thoughts were to maybe leave a lot of it out and put them lovely parts in my spares box. I dunno either. Opening the side 'Hamburger' door is a good option that I hadn't thought of strangely
  11. Absolutely stunning Vincent! It's so nice to see your work on here again...thanks
  12. That's outrageous and I love it! Your work and tackling such projects is inspiring
  13. Oh boy a 1/32 Vampire would just be awesome! Please please, bring us a Vampire! Oh and a T-II version as well if thats not being too greedy..... You made my day hearing this
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