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    Rebuilding a 1/1 scale Auster T7 WE552 (when time permits!),NZ Aviation in general. Trying to model in between taking care of my family responsibilities. Want to get into scratchbuilding more.

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  1. There's really only one word to describe what is going on here...EPIC! Wonderful work Jay...I am hooked for sure
  2. You're a good man Jan and your customer service and communication is first class from what I have seen. The sets I have from you are exquisite Keep producing such amazing products and thank you
  3. Hi Mike....we are all waiting mate. Everything has been done and sent to Roy to put into production. Just a waiting game for him to release it now. Hence why I am working on my FG.1 Phantom whilst I wait too Cheers Anthony
  4. Oh boy, this just keeps getting better! I'm definitely going to do something like this on a build, just looks so amazing I’ll be sad to see this finished as I look forward to each update. Although I am also looking forward to seeing her finished. Maybe go the Eduard route? I usually try the path of least resistance….not that it looks like it at times with my Phantom cheers for another great update Anthony
  5. Once again, another splendid update! Just wonderful, you sir are very talented! Cheers Anthony
  6. You guys doing ok?? Just checking in to make sure you are both ok Cheers Anthony
  7. Thanks Mathieu...Lol, no slipping past you is there haha, thanks very much Lol, yes I quite like that shot too. LOL, Ok Ok I'm on it.... Yes I know mate....There is stil a bit of work to do around there. Thought I might finish that area up when I get the lower fuse on. Then I can build the area for the hook mounting box and those smaller details....nice to know you have your 'Eagle Eye' out for me! Thanks mate Thanks again guys Anthony
  8. Just wonderful Mathieu! I enjoy seeing this thread updated, you are doing such a great job....love it! Is this the big doubler/strapping that runs along the lower spar? Cheers Anthony
  9. Does this count as starting the cockpit?? I will be using @Ali62canopy set though(these are the kit parts), just fiddling about with a few things
  10. Thank you! It's been a mission to get to this point but I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel with the bulk of the structural mods done Thanks Derek..... Save me some popcorn Mike! Yes @Derek B response was well put, thank you too, I think it will make a nice base for building up the layers Cheers mate And thanks to you all for commenting and reacting, I notice and appreciate every one. I probably would have put her on the SOD by now otherwise! Oh and @Jennings Heilig I hope all the rivets dont put you off too much buddy! Cheers Anthony
  11. Couple of wee repairs/tweaks to do and I am calling this side finished. Then on to finish the other side up Overall pretty happy with it Cheers Anthony
  12. I think you are a master at WWI models! Just superb!
  13. LOL, sounds like trying to do a Brit Toom with the Tamiya kit! Well maybe the Lightning is worse?
  14. Thanks @Derek B you have put into words what I was thinking...thank you sir! I think you hit the nail on the head. I have even seen glossy airliner engines with a bunch of 'smoking rivets' on them too. I am going to go for something similar to this in places Athough we have seen worse on operational Brit Tooms, but even XV571 before her fin got repainted got scruffy too Cheers...I shall move on Anthony
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