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  1. I dont know what it is about your work, but I am especially loving this Phantom Build. Great inspiration with the surface detail as I modify the surface detail on the FGR.2 conversion kit I have started on. Keep up the great work, I am loving it! Cheers Anthony
  2. Yep, thats a good one. I have found some great research info for my FGR.2 This site is a cracker too http://soyuyo.main.jp/f4/f4e-1.html#bottom Cheers Anthony
  3. Umm, yup..... I love your tip with the wash, helped me out enormously. I get to see unevenness in panel lines, scratches, you name it. Plus I get the satisfaction of looking at all the panel/skin work for some reason! Keep up the great work Look forward to a new update when you are back. Have a safe trip Cheers Anthony
  4. Agreed, I think for a lot of us, there is a lot of fun in completely reworking a kit. Making a silk purse out of a Sow's ear n all. And/or having that one off kit/conversion sitting in your cabinet. Nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction of seeing your handiwork finished and the efforts you went to, to achieve it.
  5. Yep....in the hope that people of influence are watching and our wishes will all come true LOL Now, did I mention I wanted a PV-1 Ventura??? What's the bet it will be an Andover...Funny?? No? Ok, I will get my coat on the way out......
  6. Phew...I will carry on with my Wild Hare FGR.2 then..... A PV-1 Ventura or Hudson would be nice
  7. Hello Andrey, I have sent you a Private Message about the proper measurements for the P-40 'N-5' (onwards) lightweight wheels Cheers Anthony
  8. Thanks John, appreciate that as I have learnt a lot watching your builds......Your neatness of photoetch assy and painting skills are much to be admired. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm going to have to work hard to maintain this standard with the rest of the kit now LOL
  9. Yes a Rapide and a Magister too. The Vampire Kit from Infinity Models might not be too far off production soon either, LOL another one to order and add to the collection. The good thing is the 24th Mosquito is getting some 'love' and I have started correcting the Wild Hare FGR.2 fuselage panels etc....all is not lost.
  10. Max, I am not even Sure Simon has even been able to send it as there seems to be no/or very little freight to NZ from Europe. Although my Andover is sitting at Tokyo airport ready for international departure All good things come to those who wait...
  11. Ooooooh, I am so much waiting for this to arrive. Postage to NZ is 'the pits' at the moment..... Eventually everything is going to turn up at once and I will be paralyzed with too many kits to know where to start....and do nothing
  12. Aaaah oh sorry.....my bad. Yup, looks like some scratchbuilding. But I have seen your skills and that wont be a problem
  13. It is Kah specific details that can be used in conjunction with the kit or Aires cockpits. It will also include antenna set up externally
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