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    Rebuilding a 1/1 scale Auster T7 WE552 (when time permits!),NZ Aviation in general. Trying to model in between taking care of my family responsibilities. Want to get into scratchbuilding more.

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  1. Hey...what about an Auster AOP-6 /T.7 Well, someone had to say it LOL
  2. Wow, that looks awesome, and thanks for the great tip with the debonder!
  3. You Sir......are amazing! Love your modelling skills and subjects
  4. Yes mate....you sure can speak for me! That would be awesome!!!
  5. Oh my, thay are awesome....that Skycrane is incredible and HpH C-47 looks stunning. Do we know any more on who built that?
  6. Now that's very cool MIke! Cant help with info, but very cool!
  7. Thanks for those! Love the 2 Mossies, especially the Sea Mosquito All however are most impressive
  8. I am lost for words...this is beyond awesome. I am in awe of your craftmanship Kent!
  9. Oh....I should add, VERY expensive as only a couple of machines in the world at the moment that can do this.....
  10. I've seen something fairly recently about a new(?) system called 'Carbon Printing" apparently its like a super high resolution and very stable
  11. Yep, that's a work of art! The more you look the more you see how accurate and detailed it is Beautiful work Steve
  12. Absolutely love what you have done here. Great scheme and awesome finish! Thanks to you and Chuck for photographing your masterpiece and posting here.... Just stunning indeed!
  13. No question.....but it's horses for courses of course Whatever aircraft spins your wheels, I say
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