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Tecnikit, mind blowing aftermarket


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  • Kagemusha changed the title to Tecnikit, mind blowing aftermarket - with a price to match!

CAD and high definition 3d printing may need a terrible amount of preparation and production time. In comparison the prices of the printer and the resin are just peanuts. For a plastic kit, the research and production hours are divided between thousands of kits. For such 3d printed kits, this is different. The business model to be break even is far tighter. This is possible (think Jetmads) but far from easy. The problem with such prices is that I'm not convinced that people who could possibly afford them will estimate they are corresponding to the value of such items. I know people who could purchase a sport car but don't do it because they consider this is not a reasonable purchase! I'm afraid here we are entering in such a case...

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31 minutes ago, Tony T said:

Why so much detail for the Su-27 when we don't even have an available canopy fix for the kit?


Reminds me of ResKit's more reasonably priced A-7 empennage. Fix the canopy issue  first please! 



Reskit canopy is coming with their full cockpit set.

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Thierry summarised it perfectly with his sportscar analogy and whilst I am sure there will be some enthusiasts of the subjects on offer prepared to pay these prices, the vast, vast majority ( even those with the disposable income to do so) will simply not identify any corresponding value or 'need' for the prices being asked. I mean, Euro 28 for a pair of Mirage III main wheels..really? Whats so wrong with those offered from aftermarket companies like Eduard and Reskit etc. for about half or slightly more than that? Are these almost twice as good?


I just wonder if they can sell enough to make  a return on their investment of time and effort and especially so in the current economic climate as this is a (very) niche customer base within a niche hobby genre (48 & 32 jets) and collectively, within an already niche hobby of building plastic model aeroplanes. Ultimately, it's their business model and I wish them well in their endeavours.



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I think another question is how much people will spend on a kit that’s so-so.  The Italeri Mirage kit has wide panel lines and dodgy fit in some areas.  I can’t see dropping the amount of money they want to really detail a specific area on a kit with mediocre surface detail.  I’ll buy stuff like an exhaust, cockpit, or wheels to improve a kit, if it’s reasonably priced, but there’s a limit on how much I’ll spend, and some of that has to do with the detail and quality of the parts of a kit that don’t get upgraded.  The old “lipstick on a pig” analogy.  I’ll only spend so much on lipstick.

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