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  1. The clear parts sprue (Y) for the new tool Hasegawa Zero kits are the same, so masks for the new tool Zero 52c kit (ST34 released in 2016) will work on the new tool 52/52a boxings. It is unlikely that canopy masks for the old raised panel line kit released decades ago will work (or even exist).
  2. Has anyone in the US ordered from Volks Japan? I checked the price of the kit on there, and it’s $162 shipped. On the Volks USA site, it’s $160 for the kit, plus you’ll probably have to add $20-$25 for shipping, so ordering from Japan is cheaper. My big concern with this is the format that Volks seem to using for the shippings address, specifically the postal code (zip code). They appear to be putting it at the front of the street address, on the same line, so the zip appears to be part of the house number. Do they really do it this way on the shipping label? My concern is that it gets returned as undeliverable because the street address makes no sense. Any experiences?
  3. The flying scenes look almost exactly the same as in the latest Top Gun movie, with Corsairs and Bearcats instead of Super Hornets.
  4. Does Volks Japan charge when you pre-order? The yen price of 14800 is only a little over $112, so it might be better to lock in that price now while the exchange rate is in our favor instead of paying Volks USA $160.
  5. Sure, with the right conversion parts. If you have the Black Knights boxings, you just need the GE engines and exhaust shrouds, and possibly a new cockpit if you want things like the Sparrowhawk HUD, square PTID, and LANTIRN control stick. Over the years, a number of companies have made conversions for the Tamiya kit. Cutting Edge and Wolfpack to name a couple, but the CE stuff is long OOP.
  6. The Yak-9 was late enough that they had likely transitioned to the AMT series of paints from the prewar AII paints.
  7. Preorders start August 6. It’s only the 1st. Date format.
  8. LOL, “Norm Loan” engines. I guess Gnome-Rhône doesn’t translate well.
  9. Bf110s had the same, although in the case of the Hs129, it was probably necessary due to the very cramped cockpit and small IP.
  10. FYI, Squadron has the latest SH hi-tech release of the ICM AH-1 kit. Like the first release, it’s the “early production” version, without the XM-35 gun system, but at $64, it’s cheaper that the ICM original base kit, and that one doesn’t include all of the PE and resin. https://squadron.com/1-32-special-hobby-ah-1g-cobra-marines-usn-hi-tech-plastic-model-kit/
  11. And one for the TF-104 too. Great stuff! Will you be doing other versions like the F-104S, CF-104, and F-104C?
  12. Very nice! I’m just waiting for the new Fundekals sheet to become available on their website before starting mine.
  13. The bay color would likely be a FS paint spec. The dark gray exterior color is a “Have Glass” color FS 36170, while the insignia and markings are FS36375. I’m not sure there is an official spec for the RAM panels, but the color seems to vary depending on the angle and lighting. Note that more recent F-35s seem to have been coated in overall FS 36170, with the RAM panes in the same color.
  14. Other than the intake and exhaust, for which there are already replacements, what are the other required fixes?
  15. It hasn’t been released yet.
  16. Arma Models in Russia (which isn’t the same as Arma Hobbies out of Poland, I think) has announced a Ka-52 in 1/48. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/325621-kamov-ka-52-148/ They are also taking a poll if people would like to see it released in other scales. https://m.vk.com/wall-114983756_344743
  17. Where does it say that it’s going to be released in two weeks? It’s listed on Trumpeter’s web page as part of the 2022-09 product update, which implies sometime in September, and even at that it may be more time before it’s commonly available.
  18. Hobbyboss did the Ka-29 Helix B in 1/72, in addition to their 1/48 Ka-27.
  19. Very cool! Always good to see another large scale helicopter.
  20. There are only two 1/32 Skyhawk kits, Trumpeter and Hasegawa, and the conversion set is designed to fit the Trumpeter. It will probably take more work to fit to the Hasegawa kit. Both kits have issues, with the main issue for the Hasegawa kit being that it’s an older kit with raised panel lines and less detail, but it’s generally accurate. The Trumpeter is a newer, modern kit with recessed panel lines, but with a few issues. There is a tweak list here. https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=2800 Note that the Trumpeter A-4E and A-4F kits are exactly the same plastic, so it doesn’t matter which boxing you get. You’ll need to source a bent refueling probe, since the E and F kits only have the straight probe.
  21. For 1/48, I remember the old Nichimo kit, and the newer Hasegawa kit. As was typical for Hasegawa, there were various boxings and versions.
  22. The Ukrainian versions also have two pylons under the wing instead of one, but if I had to bet it will probably be the original plastic with no changes or additions.
  23. Interesting. I’ve got the original kit, but it would be nice to get the Ukrainian markings.
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