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  1. I don’t see anything that they’ve done to fix any of the problems of the previous E release. It looks like all they’ve done is include the second cockpit and longer canopy, which to be fair isn’t any real surprise. Still instructions to shave down part to get them to fit. Still no sidewalls, so you still have the visible seam between the upper and lower fuselage/nose parts where the sidewalls would be. If have no hope that the fit is any better than the first release. Maybe they used a harder plastic this time, but I’m not holding my breath.
  2. What corrections are you looking for? If you’re talking the engine humps on the upper fuselages, then no.
  3. You’ll also need the Air Force style rear cockpit, refueling door on the spine, and curved inboard pylons, but I believe all of those parts are still in the -J kit as unused parts.
  4. I think there was little chance that they were going to modify the fuselage molds to make correct A model panels. Interesting if it does turn out to be the KASL tail. They also do a 1/32 Harpoon set. Given the price that the KASL stuff goes for, the price of this AFV Club boxing isn’t that surprising. That said, I don’t think the US or European markets are really the intended targets for these kits.
  5. It looks like there is a raised visible pad at the front end of that tail to cover the extra space on top of the fuselage where the longer C tail would sit. Not sure if it’s a build issue, or it just comes that way, but that doesn’t look good.
  6. Maybe. I remember Sprue Brothers had some of the AFV Club F-16s sitting for a while because of the high price. I waited until there was a sale before I picked up the RSAF F-16D.
  7. What I would most want is a resin 3D printed wire strike protection cage for the M230 cannon. Flightpath has it as a number of flat PE pieces that aren’t going to look right since it’s made of metal tubes. That would be about the final part I need to start mine. I’ve already got: Flightpath set Verlinden set Cobra Company set Flying Leathernecks ALQ-144 Brengun Hellfire missiles Master main gun and antennas Armory and ResKit wheels RFS instrument panel (ordered)
  8. Except the RFS set is 1/32 for the Revell kit, while the Academy kit is 1/35 as it’s a repop of the old Kangnam kit. The RFS set is likely too big and may not be able to be cut down to fit without cutting into some of the detail.
  9. For 89 dollars, I’d expect a complete set, and better quality too. The air bubble holes shouldn’t be there for something that costs that much. Think the 15 year old Black Box flat nose conversion had better casting quality, and was less than half the price IIRC. https://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=31
  10. Great to see new stuff for the old kits. https://rfstudio.hu/termek/228
  11. Some more info. As expected, Academy plastic, with a few added bits. Other than the new tail, it looks like you get Harpoons, TERs, and MK 82s. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10823568
  12. I guess that depends on how well you can paint and detail the cockpit yourself. https://rfstudio.hu/termek/209 https://www.hobbynutmodels.com/collections/3d-print-detail/products/1-32-f-a-18e-3d-printed-interior-for-trumpeter-kit-32080
  13. Red Fox Studio has already released 3D cockpit decal sets for all three of the Trumpeter kits, and Quinta Studios is releasing one for the E, so it’s likely to be followed up by ones for the F and G kits.
  14. Here you go. $90. https://spruebrothers.com/ppdk32006-1-32-phantom-phreaks-resin-rf-4e-phantom-ii-high-speed-recce-nose-conversion-set-tam-kit/
  15. To be honest, I thought it looked pretty sad. He may look good, but he’s not moving around too well. Yeah, he’s 90 and it really showed. When they were weightless, everyone else is floating around and having fun, and he just slowly gets out of his seat and looks out of the window like a lonely old man. And then when back on the ground, no one to greet him, unlike the other riders, so he’s just standing there by himself. The final indignity was Bezos interrupting his comments to ask for some champagne to spray around. I’m glad he got to go, but it looked very much like a giant publicity stunt.
  16. Chris did an update over at ARC. Short version is that the moving process ran into some unexpected glitches, but he’s moved and is setting up the shop and working on getting the website going.
  17. Hmm, $52 at Hannants, plus likely at least $20 shipping to the US. Seems hard to justify over getting the Tamiya D/K kit, which is still on sale for $99 with free shipping at Tamiya USA. Just remember getting the first release of the Revell kit going for $20-$25 range.
  18. In Memoriam? Kits from companies that aren’t in business anymore, like Kitty Hawk and WNW. Perhaps Monogram also?
  19. You mean the sites like Aeroscale and Armorama? I get the turn off my adblocker message, but they seem to work fine after I turn it off. I’m using iOS Safari.
  20. It only requires a model company wanting to do it and getting with the lawyers asking for permission. Revell already did a model of the Virgin Galactic ship and the White Knight Two carrier aircraft, so it likely could be done.
  21. You can use the current coupon to get 15% off, dropping the price to $509, and choose flat rate surface shipping for $20. Can’t do anything about the “EU taxman”, but doing those simple things drops the price by nearly $200.
  22. I’m not sure the decal sheet is even worth $30. They sell their decals for $27, and since they are only for a single aircraft, it doesn’t seem much of a deal compared to the multiple option, multiple sheet decals you can get from AOA and others for a lower price. Have to say, this does make one question the ability to deliver a completely new tool über line of 1/32 F-4s for a reasonable price. But, I guess we’ll see. Either it will happen or it won’t.
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