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  1. Thanks, that was the final decision maker for me as well. although, I may have underdone the weathering a bit
  2. Thanks for looking in! I've added the last few pieces (for now) to the dirty bird and am calling it completed and finally off the SOD. If I can do the same with the Flanker it'll be a red circled month! So, some "finished" images as it sits today, striving for mediocrity; Thanks for looking
  3. Thanks! Looking at Martinns pictures, I could carry the exhaust soot all the way back past the trailing edge of the wing. hmmmmmm
  4. more work accomplished on the ugly bird The kit comes with quite nice main gear. I, on a whim, chopped off the spats and went with the bare legs, thinking that if it was in winter operations it'd make sense to remove the spats...? Always seems weird to me to have such a filthy airframe with shiny clean windows but, oh well, there it is...masks off underneath dirt Thanks for looking
  5. I want(ed) a heavily worn used (but not wrecked) look to the Stuka so it got hair spray between every layer of paint. Paint and decals on; Whitewash on; weathering underway; Thanks for looking
  6. some paint laid down, not too fussy about the exact colors but still trying to get as close as possible mixing Tamiya acrylics...still having to mix Tamiya acrylics to get RLM colors...really Tamiya? Really?? Off my soap box and back to work. There does also seem to be a bit of color shift from real life to computer screen Thanks for looking
  7. My thinking as well, and a very grubby airframe, which could also be fun? agreed, that’s why I’m having so much procrastination problems deciding on the scheme Nice!
  8. I found this while looking for Flanker parts....so maybe I should try building it while currently awaiting Zacto pieces for the Flanker...or procrastinating on the Flanker? The reason I think this one ended up on the SOD was losing sight of the original idea (the snake scheme) and thinking maybe I liked the shark mouth better. In any case it's OOB Trumpeter kit with Eagle Cals decals (if it gets that far) It's only been doom shelving for a couple of years now so not really a SOD=doom as an SOD=delayed. The kit as it sits today; Very nice decals Thanks for looking
  9. slow progress but slow is still better than no right. I apparently lost the seat mounting hardware (if it was included in the kit) so cobbled up some (nowhere near true to accurate) rails from evergreen stock that the seats would slide down into the office on (like the seats in an Aires set) painted them up and slid in the crew on their seats, work continues Thanks for looking
  10. I just spent a couple hours going through this EPIC build! This is amazing and the “go to” for anyone building one!
  11. I've started...re-started the big Su-27 pilots (Ukrainian) asking each other what happened to their arms guess I should make sure they fit...yes they fit (so far) Thanks for looking
  12. My experience is with Gunze Aqueous hobby color and Tamiya acrylic. Having moved all my hobby stuff into an unheated shed (for-mentioned paints included) and forgotten about over one of the most brutal winters I've seen (-50 and more Celsius) the paints still worked the following year with no obvious ill effects...that is just my experience and not something I'd recommend...Well, the divorce was worth it but, the poor paint didn't deserve such treatment
  13. That’s some fine wine right there! time to uncork it and get into it all right
  14. I’m pretty sure “Master” makes some beautiful gun barrels in brass. I’ve seen them while shopping at Ultracast…maybe not available anymore??
  15. That’s freakin awesome!!
  16. Cold yes…damned cold! But no funnel web spiders that can kill a man in eight seconds…just by lookin’ at im
  17. Thanks! minus 48 degrees Celsius here…so I’ll be inside building till that crazy crap ends!
  18. Thanks Sooooo, I think I've found all the pieces (all the big pieces) I'll need to put this SOD kit together. Some pieces may need to be scratched, and I'm still awaiting some upgrade parts from Zacto. I found some parts in another SOD box of a kit Trumpeter 1/32 Ju-87 (maybe do that next) some comparisons; the Reskit parts left, (amazing stuff) Aires (undersize) center and, kit parts right; Reskit stuff is really nice! some parts; and some more parts; An idea of how long this kit has been on the shelf- That's an automotive OBD 1 scan tool connector Intakes (to be replaced with Zacto stuff) Thanks for looking
  19. This model has been collecting dust for over 16 years. I lost the compressor faces and landing gear during a move so I decided to build it wheels up, then found out I'd lost cockpit components (seats) as well. I bought seated resin pilot figures to add to the model, still didn't find the ambition to build it. During some farting around...I mean test fitting, I found the Aires resin cans I had bought when the kit was new were never going to fit the model being about 2mm smaller in diameter than the kit pieces. Another reason to keep in the S.O.D. then I bought Reskit exhausts, and Foxbot stencils, a submission to Scale Aviation Modeller International "Jurassic Plastic" many years ago also earned me a set of 1/32 Russian numbers/ markings for Russian aircraft and then, this group build coming up, maybe I can work up some love for the big Sukhoi. In the hopes I could get going on it, I also (just tonight) ordered the Zacto intakes and weapons pylons. Don't expect a miracle here...but thanks for looking
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