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  1. Well……damn! That’s uge! George Lucas would’ve loved to get hold of some of that structure back in the late 70’s With that many big boxes he’s gonna need a couple of cats. all jokes…all the jokes I could think of, aside, I think it’s too big for a household display piece? Looks like the kind of thing that should be in a museum or legion hall. but thanks for posting the link.
  2. Holy crap that’s a run of luck…all bad! as a buddy used to say “good thing you’ve got bad luck or you wouldn’t have any luck” About the job, all I can do is wish you all the best on the job hunt…when you get to it. I can sympathize… I was fired from my job in 2018, took a new job for 2 months until Covid 19 shut that down and got rehired back at the original job 2 years ago….at a higher pay rate and less hours…(@ my request) so theres always hope
  3. I regretted buying this as soon as I opened the box. I made several false starts at building it, a couple of times it came close to being trashed before even attempting building it. then ran with a brain fart of just gluing it together (as best I can) and do "something completely different" (to quote a line from my favorite comedy troupe) I wouldn't really call it "ready for inspection" but it is finished. Using a yard of masking tape, I filled what seams sink marks and big faults I could but did no corrections of any kind and threw accuracy to the wind...Ukrainian digital camouflage and (1/32) HARM missiles So, here it is; I hate seeing hands in pictures but, oh well There it is, please be gentle... Thanks for looking
  4. That Academy Kangnam monstrosity of an abortion kit is on my bench right now….I almost trashed it when I realized what I had bought but persevering to the finish as a “whif” Ukrainian markings, digital camouflaged with XM 200(?) rocket launchers and HARM missiles I wish I’d never bought it though…
  5. Cats and or kids are hard on models. Dogs never been much of an issue i used to build only car models (being an auto mechanic n all) during a cleaning I noticed most models had lost the steering wheels and shifters. 15 years later my daughter owned up to it having been intrigued with the thought of steering and shifting them she’d stuck her finger in the open side windows and…ya cats are a different story, they’ll F your stuff up on general principal. Especially if it’s higher up on a nice shelf they can just jump up there, shove it off and watch it fall. Other than me breaking my own stuff by being clumsy, no cats, no kids (grand kids though) the stock of built models has grown to a point where culling the heard has begun to make room for new builds. I’ve even moved a few “display pieces” into my wife’s “home office” when brought to task on it I answered….. “lebinsraum”. so long story short…yep no pets no kids = more display models
  6. Desperate act of pitiful fools at the end of their desperate rope (Jim Carrey-liar liar) that should help….a lot….maybe fill the tires with gasoline? l’ve seen tires used as fenders on watercraft but never aircraft
  7. Thanks mates! There'll be a simple ceremony this weekend a couple of friends may stand and say a few words before it's committed to the earth. A picture from happier times;
  8. I took my 1/32 Trumpeter Su 27 down off the shelf for cleaning, (not the recent Ukrainian one) as there’s a show in another city I was planning on attending next month. All cleaned up, I began sliding it (nose out) back into its parking stall, carefully watching the tops of the vertical tails were clearing the shelf above it and neatly cleaned the main gear and some other details off the bottom of the model. It’s now headed for the trash allowing room for new builds but the point is (besides I’m a clumsy bastard) watch out in all planes X,Y and Z when removing and replacing your models on the display shelves. I sacrificed so you won’t have to
  9. 2 of 2 completed. Not striving for accuracy as much as for a fun and easy build I admit to not paying proper attention to the instructions and drilled out the wrong holes on the model for the Phoenix's so had to add the unnecessary rear pallets (as empties) ibidee ibidee thats all folks
  10. Very nicely done i just finished another Tamiya tomcat as well (number 2) I could build only these from now on and be a fairly content man
  11. Going by the parameters of the rules…this may be the only place a guy could build a Ju 87 as an aces aircraft (Hans Rudel’s)?
  12. I love ‘em! did a stretch DHC-6, turboprop B-17; A-26, P-61 (partially completed) Su 27 as an AETE Canadian and have most parts in place but lacking a bit of roundtuitivness to get a start on an Me 262 with twin tails and 747 engines (all 4) my version of a 1940’s Luftwaffe A-10
  13. Well done sir, I too treat myself to my own gifts my sweetheart (SWMBO) allows anything plastic to be bought as she says it keeps me outa her hair….I think that’s a win?? in any case; Happy Birthday! And thanks for all you do for us on the site!
  14. As you’re aware the SAC gear is way to weak for the Academy Hornet. I can vouch for the Academy/ Kinetic kit gear with the metal insert though…Although it’s a bugger to make the model sit level but they will hold the weight, in my case 16 years on one build, and six years on another build. That’s two of the longest on the shelf of 3 kits built. having said all that…if Airocraft releases an upgrade I’ll be on it (I’ll take 3) like white on rice…like a hobo on a ham sandwich, like hair on a gorilla…you get the idea
  15. It’s definitely in fairly poor taste in just my opinion…but what do I know?
  16. Ventura is an off-shoot of the Hudson wasn’t it? well that makes perfect sense after building a vac Hudson last winter! Well….great now I can add a proper build Lockheed product to the pile, I bet it won’t take near the time or effort to build!
  17. I have a full box of accelerator bullets around here somewhere…just sayin
  18. Sorry dude! that’s just really shitty!
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