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  1. rolling on the build. work has commenced on adding the Robert Mrozowski resin flight deck component, which is amazingly detailed and an exact fit upgrade to the kit Beautiful resin parts! cant recommend them highly enough! Thanks for looking
  2. Completely off topic, but I laughed when I read the company name as “fish cop” which is what we commonly refer to as “resources officers”…well that and fur fuzz.
  3. I will attempt (please dont expect too much) this beast; some update stuff; Canadian decals; resin flight deck bits and Master gun barrels...somewhere in this mess
  4. Like a Caber toss but with a more satisfying bang when it lands?
  5. Can we vote more than once? Lockheed Super Constellation….first one that comes to mind
  6. Well….you paid about 2/3 less than I paid for mine so I’m gonna go with a yes. It’s a great kit, not with out a couple of issues but all in all I liked it, enjoy the build.
  7. Another model off the bench. Canadian (false so far) markings used, just for fun. Calling this one finished,the canopy is only set in place, not glued down as yet. Thanks for looking
  8. I briefly owned one as well. Still the only automatic transmission I'm aware of that could "push start" Mine had 4 doors and enough room to fit two modern cars inside it
  9. I’ll try to keep my karma from biting my ass so this kit rolls to a stash near me! I’ve wanted this thing since I first saw pictures all those…well, not that many years ago but a couple of them anyway.
  10. Agreed! seems to me, I could be wrong, someone (who’s name shall go unmentioned) who used to post here, said it’d never come to be….now he’s gone but the kit is coming. this’ll be a great kit for me!
  11. There’s a rumour afoot that Kinetic is moving ahead with their plan to release a 1/72 C-17…..anybody heard anything? if so I should start saving now, anybody need a slightly used kidney?
  12. a splash of color, a sheet of white plastic is seen at the top with some trial sample colors till I found something I liked; Thanks for looking
  13. well...ya and also why I'm putting Canadian markings on mine. If I get that far, masking those RAM panels is giving me nighmares!
  14. Wow that's nice Saaaaayyyy can I just have you build mine too? ok ok I'll try building it but it wont be this good!
  15. As mentioned above, I too have built the Sukhoi, and both the italeri Tornado and working on the lightning as we speak…well not really but, anyway the Su is (can be) able to be built from the box but….if/once you try the Zacto upgrades you’ll never go back! I added some Zacto stuff, Aires exhausts, well no, that’s a lie, I tried to add Aires exhausts, they wouldn’t fit, way to small, I ended up with Rescast exhausts (way better and fit perfect) and Aires seats with pilot as up my upgrades. But the kit is very nice from the box as well. I’m not sure if the pilots are little fellas or under scale but in real life they’d have trouble seeing over the window sills. the italeri F35 is also very nice and on the bench, I bought Eduard external details but mostly just for the outside vents/screens and a masking set for the RAM panels the kit contains some masks but nowhere near enough, (made of vinyl and not really a great fit) to kind of maintain what’s left of my sanity. A resin exhaust (the one part the kit does really need) mine is going into paint right now and have no problems with the build or fit. The only real issue is finding a color(s) to paint it that looks like the real deal. soooo basically, you’ll likely be happy with whichever one you choose
  16. Im back. enjoying the warm weather and tinkering on the Lightning in the evening. the intakes and engine are a very snug fit, a bit of sanding trimming was done to ease the fit. upper and lower dry fit in progress; upper and lower glued together; Thanks for looking
  17. I remember those “low horse power” muscle cars….my 440 6 pack charger was rated at something like 250 hp at 1850 RPM or so….who rates an engine’s power at high idle? I know it was so they could “street” the cars at insurable prices but jeez
  18. I just found this build and will be following, taking notes and listening intently! I went to the robertmrozowski website, found he has 2 in stock and promptly placed my order! Thank you all for the heads up on what is available for this kit!
  19. So, I’m thinking the code letters (or characters) will all be individual items, each one needing to be straight and level to the one placed beside it?…not impossible but, for me I think likely quite difficult.
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