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  1. Dick Dastardly and his Polikarpov Po.2
  2. Yeah, I knew this was coming... Unbelievable! Never in my wildest dreams did I believe a Gotha G.1 would be done in 1/32 scale by anyone, including WNW! Too damn ugly, I thought! Bravisimo!
  3. A fresh, new perspective, never expressed on this forum before... jk
  4. Well he let the "bloody paralyzer" get by, so I say anything is possible.
  5. ...unless they fiddle around and wait too long and another company (Copperstate ) comes along and beats them to the punch. Not trying to hijack a thread, but based on the Nieuport 17 kit they did, this seems a possibility.
  6. Could be their E-1 kit, too, that is not currently in production.
  7. ^^People, including myself, have no interest in badly mismanaged forays into 1/32 scale.
  8. It hasn't been announced, but given the releases that have been done so far by ICM and the ones that are planned, I would not put it past them to release the I-15.
  9. I'm living proof of that point!
  10. If it's done "right", I would be in for one. As is stated already in this thread, I would not get one just because it's available.
  11. ^^ Thread drift is very prevalent in here. It always starts out about the intended subject. Then someone makes a post about what they wish ZM would release and how we don't need another Bf 109G, etc. and then it becomes a "wish list" thread eventually. Seems like all threads left to their own devices start turning into "wish list" threads.
  12. Some rods and some wires, perhaps. My guess is that those landing and flying wires were probably aerodynamically flattened wires that the RFC/RAF came up with for the first time during WWI. They appear wider than normal because we are seeing them on their flattened sides. The crossed items between the wing struts and connecting the flight controls are rods.
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