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  1. The test shot of the WNW Dr.1 was in Chattanooga and it had no rib tape detail. That was likely to come later as this was no doubt an early test shot we saw last August. It could be the WNW kit. Now the next question is: what about the bloody paralyzer?
  2. Yeah, they did a pretty good job of copying the 1/48 scale Swordfish from Tamiya. Giving the devil his due, at least they did a good copy job.
  3. I think I would rather take my chances with my old boxing of the Revell "Aleutian Tiger".
  4. No, you can go back to sleep. Either that or lock this thread.
  5. You win the award for most relevant post in 6 pages.
  6. ^^ Hm, whats with this shameless attempt at hijacking a perfectly wonderful thread about Muscle cars. Mods, please delete the above post!
  7. Great day to wash a Pontiac Firebird. Have I showed you a picture of it? Got it from my grandad Think Peter Jackson might revive WNW as a modeller of vintage auto mobiles. Does Ronny Bar do car profiles?
  8. Let's just close it, then and if there are other WNW developments another thread can begin.
  9. Start another thread then. Either that or rename this one because the title of the thread has become misleading and/or redundant.
  10. Thread drift has reached an all new level in here...
  11. ^^ I never understood why only one set of markings for such a fantastic kit, and to top it off, markings from a sector (Mediterranean theatre) where the plane was engaged for a short time. Thank goodness we have those nice Romanian markings from Radu, but we need some German ones from the Russian Front!
  12. ^^Nothing is shipping out of Japan right now, so...
  13. Radu's Romanian markings are thorough in terms of the coverage of the subject and, like all Romanian markings, they are beautiful. We do need more German markings.
  14. The CSM logo has been around for a while. People who model WWI aircraft have an immediate set of expectations when they see that logo. Same reason that the Revell logo has been around all these years no matter who might assume ownership at different times. Brand continuity matters.
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