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  1. Fleet Air Arm subjects are always welcome here...
  2. What are the chances we will see Romanian markings as decals for this model?
  3. ^^This likely means we might see a Pfalz D.IIIa and a Fokker D.VII "nuke" in the future because of the previous releases of decals for those kits.
  4. ^^I for one am not waiting on the WNW offering of the HB D.I. I will be getting the Copper State offering. The CAD's of their kit compare favorably to the WNW CAD images and suggest that theirs will be a first rate kit. Their Nieuport 17 is every bit as good as anything comparable from WNW and in many ways has more detail in areas that WNW do not have.
  5. ...and likely saved the life of a fellow RFC airman and friend by distracting the Baron. That's all he did.
  6. Done already. Duelist boxing with the Felixstowe.
  7. They did. The duelist boxing with the Felixstowe.
  8. I have never been one to feel contempt for Brown, primarily for these reasons. At the very least, he was trying to, and very probably saved his friend's life. It was the British propaganda machine that foisted him into hero status.
  9. Um, I was referring to Mays' plane (the plane being chased by MVR) since Brown's aircraft has been done already. Never mind...
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