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  1. Check out Eduardo Cea's multi-volume series of Japanese Aircraft Markings from WWII. I believe two of the seven soft-back volumes deal with markings of Aircraft flown from carriers from 1920-1945. There are several examples of Zeros in there.
  2. The Zero CAD has no interior. I guess we just get the hollowed out shell.
  3. There is a huge gaping hole where decal manufacturers have seemed to shy away from markings for carrier based Zero's that served after Pearl Harbor at such places as Midway, Santa Cruz, Eastern Solomons, the Marianas and so forth.
  4. After a page and a half of "I can see it; I can't see it" posts...
  5. All four engines are portrayed in the CAD's. IIRC, the plan with the release from WNW was to offer one exposed engine and if you wanted more, you could buy them after market from WNW. Wonder what Border plans to do here?
  6. Anything Russian in 1/32 scale is very welcome and will get purchased by me. So far, their two (2) Polikarpov offerings (I-16 & I-153) are a promising harbinger.
  7. If Kotare sees this as being worth their while, it will happen. Hope it does happen.
  8. Probably right. But let's wait and see. Maybe we get a pleasant surprise. My guess is they start with the Yak-9 D, T (long and short nose versions) & the bomber version. If they really do decide to do all the various versions of the Yak-9, they could stay busy for a long while.
  9. Just saw this on Britmodeller. Too early or late for "April Fools". Big WOW, if true. Among their very first efforts were now antiquated toolings of this plane in 1/48 and 1/72 scale. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235099630-132-yakovlev-yak-9-family-by-icm/
  10. Has this page been hacked again! Another notice. Hanging around here is dangerous to your data. That will send people running.
  11. Hope not. They have done CADs, but they have not started the tooling. Hopefully provision for an added engine will be considered after this version is released as a part of some other future release(s). Ultimately "WNW quality" is in the eye of the beholder, but without provision for an engine to at least be added...
  12. Their Lancaster was provided with an engine (the RR Merlin, as a matter of fact), and plan was for multiple engines, as an option, if the modeler so wanted to buy them after market. That engine was a thing of beauty, too. Saw it in Chattanooga. Many of the guys with Kotare were involved in the R&R for that engine. EDIT: Regarding visible WWI engines, the Hispano Suiza engine was not visible on the SE. 5a or the Sopwith Dolphin, nor was the engine visible on the Ninak or the Bristol F2B Fighter. German aircraft was a different matter. 2nd EDIT: The Gotha G. IV and G. I had covered engines, too along with that other German twin engine bomber (AEG?) whose name escapes me now.
  13. This model doesn't allow for an engine, a feature of all WNW offerings, both released and planned before closing.
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