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  1. My two favorites
  2. The Belgian markings are quite a nice break from the usual red-white-blue choices that are available from French, British and Russian aircraft.
  3. ^^...and the first Allied aircraft to achieve a kill against the Axis. Pretty sure that the white "6" featured on the box art is the aircraft that has that claim to fame.
  4. The only thing I see the least bit disappointing about this is I would love to see more options for markings. Polish unit markings, circa 1939, are some of the most colorful of WWII.
  5. The arrival of this kit is so unexpected in the sense that it is coming from a little-known (to me anyway) Polish company and the detail appears to be state of the art. It remains to be seen what the actual model looks like and and builds like, but I believe we have an early contender for kit of the year.
  6. The model has a complete engine and yet it appears that the cowls will not allow for opening up, short of some surgery.
  7. That's a "bad ass" model. The only other question I have now is what markings will be on the decals?
  8. I am really eager to see this kit succeed. Hopefully that encourages them to delve deeper into 1/32 scale.
  9. Been looking forward to this release for a while now. Just ordered multiple sheets and I am looking forward to their arrival. Gonna build up one of those Zoukei Mura Hs.129's into a Romanian one.
  10. Wasn't the M-105 a licensed version of the Hispano Suiza 12 cylinder engine used on almost all in-line engine French fighters of WWII?
  11. That rendering of the Bristol Mercury engine is just incredible. It almost looks like it is made of resin. They are also planning a PZL P-24, too. Perhaps we will see some Romanian decals for this one, too thanks to Radu.
  12. If it seems too good to be true, then it is.
  13. Thanks for making that clear. It was not at all clear to me.
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