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  1. The difference between the H-0 and H-1 is the presence of fuel tanks in the wings. IIRC, this manifests itself on the model with a difference in panel lines on the bottom of the Ta-152 wing. There is an access panel, presumably allowing for access to the wing tanks on the H-0 that is not present on the H-1. Otherwise, the two planes are identical externally.
  2. On a board dedicated to models 1/35 and bigger, the good news needs to be about bigger stuff.
  3. Great points Radu. I am really looking forward to what is likely to be the best 109G ever made. As for some, gilding the lily isn't far enough.
  4. Love the engine and gun/cannon detail. This looks promising.
  5. What do they say about this Yak kit?
  6. With the outbreak and continuation of war over there, I don't trust anything. We've heard nothing from ICM since the war began.
  7. Perhaps the successful run of these will cause late model G's and K's to be produced in the future.
  8. A big amen to this. All of this unempathetic, selfish complaining in a Ki.100 thread about other kits not being released quick enough to suit everyone's schedule is tiresome.
  9. ...which is apparently planned. The CAD images are of a razorback version. Everyone use your eyes
  10. I was just thinking a few days ago how nice it would be if ZM would do this aircraft in 1/32 scale. Now the thought becomes reality. They are really doing a nice job of filling in some gaps in the 1/32 range of Japanese subjects. Stoked about this news. BTW, a close look at the CAD's reveals a razorback version is in the cards.
  11. Pro engine. I'll be waiting to see if the after-market comes through before I buy.
  12. I look forward to more Hs. 129 releases (with more marking options than North Africa) and the upcoming 109G.
  13. Copper State brand name is well-known among WWI modelers and I am sure the guys in Latvia paid for that good will for that very reason when they purchased CSM. It does look weird, nevertheless.
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