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  1. I see a clear nose piece, so we are in for additional versions, I would expect.
  2. Here is the answer. Why let us modelers put spares in our spares box; keep them back for later releases. It doesn't bug me too much, since we can only build one model at a time. How long has it been since the release of the initial Hawk 81a kit, not quite a year?
  3. So, I guess this means a different, rounded back seat for this model and what other differences should we expect from the Hawk 81a?
  4. Ebay has the Tamiya Spitfire Mk. 8, 9 and 16 presently selling for between $75.00 and a little over $100.00 all over ebay, unopened and brand new. There are a few listings higher than that, but one only need be selective in buying.
  5. I hope you're wrong, but the US dollar has been strong recently and might be due for a change.
  6. This $109.00 price tag is nearly $40 to $50 more than the Revell Spitfire Mk.II. But more significantly, it is nearly $15.00 more than what one can purchase the new super-detailed ZM Bf.109G-14 from sprue bros.. And you get a super detailed engine with that kit, too. Two months ago I paid $105 for the new uber-detailed GW Curtiss Hawk H.81a, with an engine that is a separate model in and unto itself. With no detail north of the firewall under the hood, I would expect a better price than the $109 that has been floated out thus far. Regarding the idea that this kit is "Tamiya quality", have you seen sprues of this model yet? I also recall all Tamiya 1/32 single-engine aircraft to feature an engine, too and for a price that is at least competitive or better.
  7. This is funny. Is anyone posting on here grown up? I'm not.
  8. A tall-tailed G-6, I would guess. A suppose a quick giveaway would the flat area behind the pilot seat, instead of the protruding box area.
  9. I suspect we see future subjects with some kind of connection to the CBI theatre of operations. The Hawk 81/P-40B served with the AVG. If this is a guiding principle in the selection of subjects, then other P-40's would be possible, along with the P-38. They may also re-box their Hawk 81 as a British subject or lend-lease Russian boxing, too.
  10. In actual fact, the H-0 kit did NOT have the silver plastic. All light grey in the last release, anyway.
  11. Also, don't forget the Ki-100 that they announced a couple of months ago. They already have a mock-up of the bubble-top version done.
  12. We sure could use some more Italian markings for CR.42's in 1/32 scale.
  13. The difference between the H-0 and H-1 is the presence of fuel tanks in the wings. IIRC, this manifests itself on the model with a difference in panel lines on the bottom of the Ta-152 wing. There is an access panel, presumably allowing for access to the wing tanks on the H-0 that is not present on the H-1. Otherwise, the two planes are identical externally.
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