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  1. More Soviet era stuff from WWII and before would be my preference. Round out the Polikarpov family of bi-planes (I-15, I-152, Po-2,) and then lets see some Lavochkin fighters, such as the LaGG-3, La-5, La-5FN, La-7. Also, I like engine detail, even on in-line engined aircraft.
  2. It's all good; Italian, German, Belgian, Hungarian, Swedish, yada, yada, yada...
  3. Reviewer seems to be holding out the possibility that others may still want to try their hand at a 1/32 scale Fokker Dr.1, while hinting at a Copper State Models effort.
  4. Care to post a photo of your Stearman and include some of the wings and control surfaces? Thanks in advance if you can.
  5. One thing I see on the Roden Kit that appears absent on the ICM Kit:. Rib tape detail.
  6. Hope they sell a shed load of the phantoms so as to fund the other projects announced. I'm just glad they have survived the pandemic thus far. The silence from the lack of news letters coming from them was thunderous.
  7. Just a quick note about the Meng/WNW Dr.1 and the rib tapes. When the Dr.1 was first unveiled in Chattanooga, the test-shot build was available and there was no rib tape detail on that kit. Very similar to the wings on the Roden Dr.1 . Not exactly sure when the rib tapes would have been added, but I see a lot of similarities to the D.VII rib detail.
  8. What about the good ole USA? You don't want to do us?
  9. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! I love it! The image of the Caudron seems to be a refurbished machine with modern pilot and the engine is a radial. I suppose that the kit would be of a rotary-engined machine.
  10. Regarding the CSM Nieuports, if there is someone that Roden might want to view as a "gold standard" in WWI aircraft, it might be these guys. Those Nieuports are the most detailed and finest looking WWI kits I have seen. I realize it's heresy to some to make such statements in relation to WNW, but I have plenty of WNW kits with which to compare the CSM Nieuport.
  11. I hope Roden really ups their game with these supposed new releases in big ways. Better plastic, better designed and fitting kits, decals that don't shatter if you look at them wrong, etc. ...
  12. I believe it is a reference to reports that CSM didn't sell their Nieuports like they had hoped that they would. Seems a little odd to me that this happened. Maybe there were several that were just waiting for WNW to do it and refused to buy the CSM Nieuports. I never understood that because to my eye those CSM Nieuports are every bit as good, or dare I say, better in some ways than comparable WNW kits. Well, they can go ahead and buy them now if that was holding them back.
  13. Built by the French, but chiefly used by the Italians and Belgium as an export product. Sure would have been something to have seen this little aircraft with the WNW treatment. Sigh...
  14. Apparently, all of them. All gone in under 10 minutes.
  15. Haven't built one yet, but I personally love the colorful markings of the Romanian air force. Have the very nice decals ready to be put to use.
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