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  1. Flawlessly constructed, but the painting leaves something to be desired. Some pre-shading or filters would help even for "right from the factory" vehicles. Hope that doesn't offend, because otherwise it looks fantastic.
  2. Yup (drops microphone).
  3. Fantastic. Scratchbuilders make me want to kill myself.
  4. Would love to get a review sample for Aeroscale.
  5. Superb. And an inspiration to the rest of us who have that upgrade set.
  6. Looks great, but what time period? Looks modern.
  7. Thanks, everyone. I'm actually going to put the single-seater version away for awhile. I need a break from the ill-fitting Aires resin and all the bullshit associated with making this plane look right.
  8. My favorite camo for this plane. Wish the Trumpy kits could be built with it.
  9. Maseltov! As someone already said, a stunning build.
  10. Very nice and certainly nothing that I have seen before.
  11. Gents, the kit nearly sent me to the exits of modeling, so I'm happy to see you diverge on paint if you are happy with it. The older scheme (Norm 62) does not interest me, because I like the large amount of grey and greens in the Norm 76. All I can suggest is to be sure to pick up a copy of Danny Corman's book.
  12. Sorry, I have been away from the site. The Hataka White aluminum is what I used. It gives you a bit of metallic with the dusty whiteness of the original.
  13. Un-****ing real. That's astonishing.
  14. Very realistic Scooter, and a Jarhead one to boot!
  15. Sheesh, Miroslav, you're banging out masterpieces left and right. Nifty blue nose 'Stang.
  16. Ugly little bugger. Very well-done!
  17. Nifty Emil in a very realistic setting.
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