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  1. Sorry to hear about your friend Jennings. I lost a cousin a few weeks back to Stage 4 cancer. She had originally gone in for shortness of breath and they found out she had cancer everywhere. The Dr’s told her to go home and get her things in order. Two months later she left us. She just retired early last year at 62. What a wicked disease. .
  2. Great efforts going on here Mike. Troy
  3. Lovely efforts going on here. Such a unique airframe. I love all the updates. I need to book mark this one. Troy
  4. Stuka!,, Nice efforts going on here. The painting came out great.
  5. Lovely PCM Spit MK-IX. Welcome to the forum Colin. troy
  6. I went to see RUSH several times in my youth. 2112, Farewell to Kings tour. What a loss. We seem to be losing more and more these days. RIP Neil. Fantastic memories. What a drummer. I was was driving cross country a few years back when Glenn Frey passed away. I had to stop in Winslow, Az and there was already a number of flower arrangements placed on the corner. We’re all getting older Gents. .
  7. Another great review Thierry. As a former OH-58, UH-1H and AH-1modernized driver and crew chief, I’d love to see these 1:32 Revell scale Helo’s receive some interior aftermarket loving. Especially the Loach! OH-6.
  8. I picked up the recent ICM I-153, and a couple I-16’s in Singapore for approximately $35-$40 USD. $73 USD seems a bit steep. Just my opinion.
  9. I can’t add much more than what has already been mentioned. Another epic build going on here. Troy
  10. This is turning out to be a spectacular build Andy. The engine cowlings look great
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