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  1. We need an F3F fuselage. Please, please? Japanese sheet ordered yesterday!
  2. An earlier Yak-7B or Yak-9 to the Yak-9M/T I just ordered today. The LaGG-3 or La-5, La-5FN would also be brilliant.
  3. Nice looking Fw-190 Ernest! I really like the yellow and black nose. Stands out nicely.
  4. The nacelles and gear wells look awesome Brian. I'm looking forward to seeing this in midnight blue.
  5. Coming along nicely John. Another epic build coming to an end.
  6. A great picture. Thanks for sharing this.
  7. Hi LSP community. I was a bit reluctant to advertise this safety / grinding box until now because of the limited quantity on hand. This paricular item ( D240) will be in limited quantity throughout 2021 and subject to delays in shipping and availability from the manufacturer. David Union actually discontinued this item at the end of 2020. I initially had four boxes to offer which took three months to collect. All three sold last week. I'm keeping one for my personal use. Good news however, I just received 8 boxes today from David Union this morning. T
  8. Great efforts spent on this Thierry. Just brilliant work reading on this subject above. The X-15A-2 is fascinating to read about. The aircraft is almost void of actual marking too. Thanks Thierry!
  9. I recall that video last year, Brian. Scary stuff is right.
  10. Thanks for sharing this. What a beast. The take off was amazing.
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