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  1. Lovely efforts going on here. The Smithsonian He 162 example mimics the French, Gelb 21 restoration whereby the wing was actually a subcontractor built wing assembly and painted in RLM 65 undersurfaces of RLM 70 or 71 I recall. The Simthsoian wings were the same subcontractor and painted the same way however the outer wing panels were sawn off post war and hinges applied to fold up and down for transportation edict to display city to city. Such a shame. The He is camouflage is also quite different from one contractor to the next. Lovely efforts going on here. Troy
  2. The build is looking good as usual John. I purchased the mid-wing George off another LSP mate last year and have another one built up back in the 90’s. Still like the lines of the George kits. I’d really like to see a mainstream REX someday. Fingers crossed.
  3. A lot of epic Japanese kits being built lately. Dennis you have started this cool movement. All hail Dennis!,,, Lovely efforts going on here Mate.
  4. Take care of mum Pip. Your epic Canberra can wait a bit longer for you. What’s the muscle car type? You had to mention it first.
  5. A most impressive build I recall all those years ago.. wow. 15 years ago.
  6. Just think, you’re going to cover up 98% of this nice work John. Weak attempt at a little humor. I’m looking forward to seeing the white applied
  7. Thanks mate. Hoping your toenails are all shined and chrome like? Just kidding brother.
  8. Hello LSP, fans, I received a large order this week from David Union supplying me with DU routers. I was a bit reluctant at first pushing these routers. Everyone our age will likely have a Dremel in their own arsenal of another devise of choice. I have purchased one for my own use and really enjoyed the flexibility and range I have with my D360 ACCU. I also had a lot of success this week with router orders. Maybe these routers will sell themselves like the D400 sanders????? I think so. 1. D300 Pen type grinder. This is what our friend "Sir Thunnis" is CURRENTLY using on his Shinden build at the moment. $80 retail plus shipping. This router comes with a precision pin vise head and two extra collets. There is also a large assortment of grinder /cutting bits with this set. Seriously, a good value for the money. THIS IS THE ROUTER I STILL WANT. 2. D360 ACCU. This particular router was designed to replace the D300 (mentioned above) however, it comes with only one collet. I have sold five of these over the last couple of weeks and can't honestly recommend this devise without the M201 Three piece collet set which retails for $15.00 extra. Every D360 ACCU router I have sold, the buyers have come back for the additional collet set. The largest collet in this 3 piece set is the 3.175mm which will adapt to all the Dremel bits you may already own. The D360 ACCU retails for $65 plus shipping. I have a large amount in stock but I have the extra collet sets coming in next week. 3. D360 Elite. Optimum handy router. This router is the same devise as the D360 ACCU but it comes with ten precision cutters/grinder bits. There is also a holder devise to place the router in a cradle when not in use. This D360 Elite router retails for $90 plus shipping but was rumored to be discontinued. This has been rescinded by David Union until further notice.. I sell these routers for exactly what David Union will sell them to you and there is no mark up. I thinks it's time to trade in the 70's style exsisiting (Pinto) router you currently own for one that fits in your hand like a cigar. The range of 1,500 to 13,500 RPMs is there however you wont be melting plastic on start up like you do with your current devise. Don't for get the D400 sanders either. I've sold 50 of these sanders and had two wives recently buy them for finger nail filers! I love it. Not mentioning this any further! I believe I have narrowed down the USPS shipping for these router to $10.00 USD I can also order these for the U.K.and Europe friends to have the proper wall plug in units. I just need a group order and I will make it happen for our European friends I have sold two into Europe and I hope to get these devices into the hands of my fellow LSP in the U.K and Europe. Australia too! Again, I can't thank you enough for the awesome support from our own LSP site. Kindest regards, trexxtools@gmail.com. eBay. Troy
  9. The Jedi-master has some new tools! Thanks for the mention John. Is that a future Macchi build I see? Perhaps more of a Macchi mule.
  10. Man this is looking so sweet Alex. I can now see the ever so slight color variation on the last couple pictures of the top side. This is really coming to life now for you. What an attractive looking aircraft you just don't see these birds built every day.
  11. Looking good. Another early Spit. Love to see them all.
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