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  1. Great subject and I’m looking forward to following along. The Samurai is a great book. Thanks for sharing. If your going to build an A6M2, this is the one i’d build. Troy
  2. Great update Gaz. She’s really coming along nicely. The antennas look great. Looking forward to the colors going down soon. Troy
  3. Wow, some great progress going on here. Thanks for sharing this with us. The pilot looks awesome.
  4. The P-36 Hawk is really a great looking aircraft. I’m looking forward to this build. Thanks for sharing you great build with us. Troy
  5. Hi John, I take it this will all be for the ICM kit coming out soon, correct? I’m hoping the decals might be useful for the Silverwings aircraft. Can you let us know what campaigns the decals cover? I’m interested to know... Last question. Will ICM be doing a Sea Gladiator? Thanks for for letting us know
  6. What an impressive build going on... Thanks for sharing your build with us. I really like your painting. Interior, exterior you’re nailing it throughout. Troy
  7. I certainly agree. Nice work going on here. Troy
  8. Man, Chris can build models. No doubt. The Kikka restoration was pretty awesome. Oh yeah , that 1:48 errrrr..... P-38 Lightening is pretty awesome too. Thanks for sharing the link. The weathering on the turbo charger exhaust stains are just brilliantly captured on the -38.
  9. Awesome smile should say everything.
  10. Love the Do 17. Looking good Gaz. You certainly don’t see these being built everyday. Thanks for sharing. Troy
  11. Excellent workmanship going on here Andy. Thanks for sharing this with us.
  12. Brian this is looking spectacular. Loving it for sure. The exhaust is just too cool.
  13. I couldn’t agree more. A lovely planet we share with model makers everywhere. The only place I really want to go is that little Kiwi place. I would love to see Wanaka at Easter time. Heading to Ko Samui tomorrow. Nothing is better than looking up LSP on a lounge chair on a Thai beach!
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