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  1. The first of many X 2! I'll buy this for certain. Great Wall Hobby should go straight forward with the P-51B.......
  2. That looks awesome Tom. I just read an article where the Air force is going to replace the current engine B-52 fleet and re-engine them for an additional 30-50 year service life. A 100 year bomber service life is proposed by the USAF command. A RR and American participation effort on the engine The refueling aspect will be a key factor and not require the B-52's to refuel on long missions because of the new tech engines being used. Crazy to think about this aircraft in a service life of 100 years. Fantastic efforts going on here.
  3. That is one awesome looking Claude. Well done Alex.
  4. I still love this stuff. Thanks for sharing. An SUV size rover plummets to a seven minute live or let die maneuver on the red planet through the thin atmosphere only to survive and to take pictures of the ordeal as it's happening. Now we have the first ever Drone on another planet to fly around and take areal pictures for us. Well done NASA Geeks! Well done.
  5. Anti torque pedals. . I remember vividly getting schooled by a Civilian instructor pilot while at Fort Rucker. Those aren't rudder pedals, candidate! You don't need to roll into a turn and apply rudder pedals! I had a several hours of fixed wing time before I got to Fort Rucker. We pulled pitch the first day of flight school in a good old UH-1H. All the ARMY trainer helicopters were retired prior to me getting on base and we pulled pitch the first day in a good old Huey. Loved flying that thing. I always wanted to fly the Loach however, never had the chance. UH-1H, AH-1's and OH-58
  6. Looking awesome as usual. Well worth the wait, too!
  7. Nice fish John! The stabs look fantastic too! Im heading down to Georgia in two weeks for a little fishing. My brother in law, my 84 year old Dad and I. We all have our COVID shots taken care of and it’s time to get the boat out and enjoy a little fishing together. Can’t wait.
  8. Looking good Peter. Great to see a Classic Revell build going on.
  9. Wow in the heck did I completely miss this one???? Looking good Alex.
  10. I’m really enjoying your build Dennis. I need to go back and read to find out if you have a scheme already picked out for this one.
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