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  1. Troy Molitor

    Buchon Scale Models 1/32 Hispano HA-1112 M1L Conversion

    I can’t wait to see one of these in all semi gloss RLM, hmmmm exterior semi gloss Home Depot paint with fake 1969 Lufthy-markings and fake turned brass machine gun barrels. Charge on you three immortals, To infinity and beyond!
  2. Troy Molitor

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Thanks for sharing that YouTube video TAG. Man that is a massive kit for sure. The engines were better that I had originally thought. At least they have push rods on the cylinders. An ignition harness in PE. Looking forward to seeing someone taking on this beast. Hours of enjoyment coming to someones house soon. As a kid I wouldn’t died to see this one up on my ceiling hanging up. Too cool.
  3. Troy Molitor

    New!! 1/32 Revell/Hasegawa Spitfire Mk.1a ( TuAF )

    Tolga, do your have any idea where the line up of Spitfires and Hurricanes were when the photo was taken? Obviously in Turkey, but I was curious to know where exactly. I’m also thinking the rudders were all in red? This is going to be great to see in color. Troy
  4. Troy Molitor

    Herbert Maxis' last flight - Bf 109G14AS

    Great efforts here Brian. A tragic end to Mr. Maxis no doubt. I could also imagine being on the receiving end of his weapons during the final encounter. There is nothing glorious in war. Your model strikes a balance between life and his final demise. Well done and it certainly make you think and ponder why we go to war in the first place. I like your representation here. Troy
  5. Troy Molitor

    Lone Star Models/Cobra Company news

    Thanks Mike. The seats, The corrugated cabin floor and the center consul would be awesome. I’ll see what I have in the way of references. Such an awesome little bird.
  6. Troy Molitor

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    I’m really looking forward to someone actually tackling this bird on the bench. Front engine replacements, a turret or two replacement and i’d Really like to see the actual wing root area on a real wing to fuselage hook up to make up my own mind. This is simply too big a model for my space restraints we’re I live in Singapore. Someday however, I’d love to hang one of these up in my model room with a couple bandits going after it. Im really looking forward to someone having this on their bench and giving it their all best efforts. Hopefully, they will plug in some aftermarket that will be coming out along with this monster. All the best gents. I really excited to see this one and the Lanc. Whats in the details inside The box when it’s finally opened for all of us to see. I’d also like to see one skinned in aluminum foil. Too cool for school. Carry on and don’t glue your finger together over this one. Troy
  7. Troy Molitor

    Lone Star Models/Cobra Company news

    Awesome. Sent you an order for the M-35 Cobra set last week. Would love to see 1:32 attention for the older UH-1’s and OH-6. Oh-58 too. Thanks Mike for listening. Troy
  8. Troy Molitor

    Dragon's Sturmpanzer IV- 15/Dec/18

    Too cool for school Gaz. Loving the extra efforts on your Brummbar. Troy
  9. Troy Molitor

    Buchon Scale Models 1/32 Hispano HA-1112 M1L Conversion

    I see a juggernaut of a SIG forming here! All 3.5 of you talented gents! (All in good humor for a Friday). I wish I could post pictures from my IPad. I have a good picture of me sitting in one of these donkeys back in the 80’s with a leather flying head gear and sporting some nifty goggles. I recall it was on some fun raiser of some sort for the CAF purpose. Mitchell field in Milwaukee, WI. Even back then it was an ugly farm beast. I will commit to only good praises going forward for anyone with courage to build this kit. I’d like to see if you talented gents can actually paint your donkey-birds in gloss BoB colors? I’m also hoping you find some really nice brass aftermarket cannon barrels for those really cool fake machine guns and wing cannons! Lol. All for entertainment and certainly not meant to offended anyone. Carry on and don’t glue your fingers together over this mule. Troy
  10. Troy Molitor

    Buchon Scale Models 1/32 Hispano HA-1112 M1L Conversion

    This is like putting a Vauxhall engine into a BWM. The six proud members representing this horrible model episode should be all over the moon. All the best to you gents. Enjoy! My Suggestion. I wouldn’t bring this ugly beast to the next model club meeting. This should be put out of its misery at your earliest convenience. .
  11. Troy Molitor

    Lanc has landed

    Kev, Just so you know. We can’t use your example as a box top as a future reference. You should take better care here. I’m looking forward to your awesome reviews as usual. Don’t hold back either. Troy
  12. Troy Molitor

    vintage Mirage III pilot by Reedoak

    That is really cool.
  13. Troy Molitor

    Hasegawa Nakajima Ki 84 Hayate

    Lovely efforts here Dennis. Take your time. It’s coming out perfect!
  14. Troy Molitor

    New!! 1/32 Revell/Hasegawa Spitfire Mk.1a ( TuAF )

    I picked up the same kit at about the same time last year from my oldest son. He completely surprised me over the holidays giving me this kit. This is the kit for me on a shapely Spitfire to get. Looking forward to your magic Tolga. I have the awesome decals from Fundekals for this bird too! Looking forward to your work. I’m also going to try the Aires cockpit which is for the Mk-V but it can’t be that difficult to back date. Troy
  15. Troy Molitor

    Lanc has landed

    I’m excited for you guys. Not my preference here but I’m just as excited to see you guys dive into this beast. Congratulations and I wish you all hours and hours of enjoyment going forward. Please share your work if possible. Troy