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  1. There should be some sort of trivia or quiz to ask someone how many bits of styrene make up Jedha City. Ha!
  2. What Jennings said. Best results with the surgery and recovery first. Thanks for letting us know about the upgrade.
  3. Great show. Thanks for sharing this with us. Troy
  4. Lovely efforts going on here Vincent. At first I was thinking the drop tank release was foot activated by the pilot. I thought to myself, wow that is so cool. Then the following pictures show the actual hand lever and torque tube link connection and presto! It looks like it actually will function. Just brilliant efforts all the way around here. Thanks for sharing with us. Troy
  5. 12 pages of wonderful endless banter of individual dreams. You guys are awesome. Where else can you find this in a modeling forum, eh? Carry on and hoping you don’t glue your fingers together anytime soon. Troy
  6. That was really funny. Thanks for sharing that story. Troy
  7. Love the PCM Italian offerings. Well done. The engine is amazing. I’d like to see more pictures if possible? Thanks for sharing your build with us Troy
  8. Holy smokes. This looks awesome Vaughn.
  9. Well done John. Thanks for letting us see your work. Troy
  10. Wow. This is shaping up nicely. Thanks for sharing this with us. What an impressive looking interior so far. Troy
  11. Wow this looks awesome as usual Karl. Just getting caught up on all your recent efforts. I certainly agree with the LEM kits. The fit is amazing and the close tolerance fit for a resin kit is a joy to work on. Your MiG is looking so late 40’s -50’s straight wing jet like. I saw saw one of these beast in the Chinese Aviation museum outside of Beijing. The massive cannons sticking out of the engine inlet will look the part soon enough. Thanks for sharing this with us. Regards Troy.
  12. Beautiful work going on here. Weren’t there some Ro43 fuselages recovered in Iraq a few years back? I thought I read about one being restored by a group of specialist in Roma for the museum in Vigna di Valle RM, Italy? What a museum this is by the way. One of my favorites. Lovely efforts going on here. Thanks for sharing this wonderful build with us. Troy
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