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  1. Have you looked inside the cockpit of a commercial flight lately? YIKES! Some of these kids still have spots! I have ferried commercial aircraft around our lovely planet with hired crews for the past 25+ plus years and would prefer an older crew in the flight deck ANY day of the week. Just a personal preference. When your flying from Guangzhou China to Mexico City (none stop 17 hours on a B777) with only three peeps on board, I need and experienced crew at the yoke /stick. Old dudes rule! 74 might be pushing it a bit if he doesn’t do it often. Just my humble opinion.
  2. Oh my. Back for a second viewing and then we get to see the in progress methods and structural efforts inside the lifting body. Most impressive. What’s next? The Stiletto!
  3. I totally agree the yellow would be daunting scheme to pull off. A marvelous job pulling this off so effortlessly. Awesome update mate. Troy
  4. What a tragedy all the way around. I have you beat on the license by 3 years Juggernut! Lol. I also find it hard to manipulate wiring for a magneto for what’s its worth, but......OK. Why would you even consider doing it?
  5. That is a great picture. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Brilliant efforts to follow along. The dark dirt clay wash from Flory models. Your last model you used a white clay wash I recall? I need to research this product. I love the way it comes out for you. Never over done just the right amount always applied. Thanks for sharing this with us. Troy
  7. Fantastic results and a really inspiring WIP to follow along. Thanks for sharing. Troy
  8. Lovely efforts and awesome results. Well done.
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