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  1. Beautiful job Eric. What a nice model. Wow.
  2. Some really great efforts on this on William. Well done. Love the five blade prop and spinner combination. Thanks for sharing this with us. Troy
  3. Nice efforts. Love the torque tube to cable connections going on under the seat. Troy
  4. I think Aries does a cockpit set for the Ki-61 to add to Mikes comment. What about some ZM after market items?
  5. Kick A— video. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  6. Fantastic efforts going on here Vincent. Well done. Troy
  7. Oh wow. Lovely efforts here Brent. Any additional history of this aircraft? Well done. Troy
  8. Wow, that is Awesome. Thanks for sharing this with us. Well done. Troy
  9. Hey Kev, i sincerely enjoy all all your efforts going on here however, this is like looking at a nice 1969 Jaguar XKE being hacked and re-engineered to fit a not so good fitting Daimler Benz. Maybe a VW with a Triumph engine? Just so wrong on many account man, Lol. Nonetheless, enjoying this build. (Seriously I’m impressed with the determination). Looking forward to that fictitious livery she will eventually sport. I sat inside a lot of these machines in my youth. I always remember the weight of the armored canopy pulling it down to the normal position. Heavy, heavy, heavy! I can’t imagine popping this open in a normal flight condition hence the jettison release handle. Thanks for posting Kev! Looking good. Troy
  10. Most impressive, Love the efforts going on here as others have already mentioned. Just curious! Have you seen the recent Russian movie titled; T-34, lately? I was on a flight recently and saw this movie on my flight. Total classic. If you can find this movie it well worth it to watch! Troy
  11. Looking forward to your build Larry. The 1:32scale offering just isn’t a good representative of the real thing in my opinion in the forward end of business. Just looks goofy to my eye. Commenting on Gazz comment above. The real B-17 is handsome in the nose and forward section and loaded to hilt in pronounced rivets. Too bad this is never depicted as in real realm of offers. I built a couple Monograms in my day and totally enjoyed the efforts involved. I always wanted to do a Bit o Lace someday. Thanks for sharing your build Larry. Troy
  12. Certainly agree. This looks like another must have purchase. A great looking aircraft. I kind of like the lines on the P.24
  13. I never realized the size of this beast. The picture inside the display case says it all. Thanks for sharing another epic build with us Ben. Troy
  14. Nice. I will be following this one as well. Nice start so far.
  15. Wow. The simple things we take for granted. That’s amazing. Thanks for sharing this. Troy
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