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  1. Same here. Hours of fun back then picking up a Monogram kit and spending a rainy Saturday putting it together. The dioramas back then were awesome. Wasn’t there a few more Shep did that were based on some German half tracks? Red sniper hunt was one I recall. Brilliant stuff. Thanks for sharing this.
  2. Looking good Kev. A really interesting build going on here. The aft fuselage seems to be beaten into submission. Looks smooth.
  3. Looking good Max. Just viewing this for the first time. Well done you! Awesome looking aircraft so far.
  4. Looking great as usual Dan. I’m really liking the pair of Genies.
  5. Well done Karl. Oh my. I always liked the lines on this aircraft. I will be following with interest. Thanks for sharing. Troy
  6. I can only agree with Anthony’s comment above. Unique for sure and the foliage green is also one really nice color. Looking good mate. Thanks for the updates. Troy
  7. Lovely start Miloslav. I should pick up this set sometime.
  8. This will be a must have kit. I’ve been packing up my stash for the last three weeks on and off but seeing this one pop up makes me smile. Well done
  9. I uploaded everything this past weekend while in Tennessee moving my first load from Cali. It took a while to upload but went smoothly. The multi task function is greatly enhanced. You’ll enjoy the enhanced functionality. No issues for me at all.
  10. My apologies to all. My earlier statement was meant to be sarcasm and nothing more! Sarcasm obviously doesn’t come over well on email. Point noted! I did mention the statement “in good humor”. My sincere apologies here to all. Love the jets. I’ve been blessed to take off and land B777’s, flown the B747-400 all the way down to the lovely A321’s.. I was blessed to do aileron rolls in the RR Red knight T-33 and fly Army rotary birds all in my career in aviation. I do Love rotary wing things! No regrets in my 35 year career in aviation-including leasing B787’s and lovely A-350’s and my A
  11. Wow, these instruction are light years ahead of mine. The information on the rear fuselage formation lights is also really interesting. Awesome job Mark. Mike, Thanks for the best wishes on the move. Palm Springs, PHX, Flagstaff, Gallup, Albuquerque, Amarillo, Oklahoma City, Fort Smith, Little Rock, Memphis (picked up my son) Nashville and Chattanooga back to Memphis all in Three days. I love the topography of our country and seeing it from the road is amazing. A lot of people never get to see this.
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