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  1. Hey Geoff Thank God - I actually feared the worst when you went radio silent I hope all is well and we see you back in the mix soon Super happy to see you back Peter
  2. Marcin - if this was half scale I would be saying you have done an amazing job - the fact this is 1/32 just leaves me speechless every little detail is perfect - you are a highly disciplined perfectionist and it shows ..just looking at the prop & spinner as I have that challenge coming up at some point - how did you get such a flawless finish on both? I assume the spinner is wrapped & there is an invisible join somewhere? can't tell you how inspiring it is to see such talents on show Peter
  3. absolutely brilliant ..that is such a challenge to do properly in plastic, let alone then skin in metal - you have done an incredible job of it Fabio Makes me quite nostalgic looking at the internals of the C model - I remember every single part when I made mine Really glad you posted it - thank you Peter
  4. Thank you chaps - very kind Hi Alain - thanks - no, no clear finish, I almost want them to oxidise to give a bit of age to things Gotta call that out Ben - totally untrue! I have seen what you do and it scares me - you easily have this sort of stuff in your locker I thought I might change things up a bit having been in the 'pit for a few weeks (and while I search for pics or drawings of the ammo boxes / chutes...) so thought I might make a start on the lower wings. These are more simple than the uppers (no ailerons
  5. you are a man on a mission Brian Looks absolutely brilliant - you need these rewards to keep you pushing on so glad you are back on it Peter
  6. Love this - learning lots of tips for my first bipe Peter
  7. evening chaps Hi Tom - thanks for dropping in Good question... I have a lot of the design done as I did make some for my 190, but in all honesty I can't see a way to integrate anything accurate with the HB kit - it is a bit all over the place. Maybe just a replacement panel might work, but that is a bit incongruous when is sits alongside totally incorrectly sized / aligned sidewalls & the rest.. The alternative is a full cockpit, by which time you are talking a big set which would soon get expensive and to be honest I don't think they are in any way mass-mark
  8. jaw dropping stuff Chuck... such a delicate touch - looks 100% authentic have really enjoyed this build - thanks for all your efforts in presenting it and you should be super proud of the outcome Peter
  9. quite amazing - it's like watching a magician Ben even if the parts don't work out, the learning will apply for next time and the boundless realisation of your imagination it is so cool to see this kind of thing Peter
  10. Oh my goodness, I can't possibly accept or live up to such praise , those are the kindest comments I have ever read. The thought of any comparison with my modelling heroes is really beyond my comprehension - I just try my best and set myself high standards on your behalf thank you - it is the fuel of my motivation.. so, as I said last time, I started to detail the sidewalls in which there are many bits & bobs that mainly are mini models in their own right.. starting with the R/H wall - here we have a conduit housing on the far left, a big brass ki-gas p
  11. I have two prizes to donate this year One is the new HK Lanc nose section with an airscale IP upgrade.. ..the other is the same as every year - one of everything we do in the winners chosen scale! Good luck all:) Oh, and K2 I don't want to be entered into the draw itself - I have all I need
  12. Yey!!! So good to see this back Brian - I reckon you will ace it now the hard miles are done. I am quite envious of your capacity to go back to something, as it's something I singularly fail to do... that said, i know your love for the F7F so in a way you are just stretching out the love affair ..Also interesting to see those R2800's - I did all the 3D work on them & the wheels (with the exception of the cylinders) and gifted that to HPH along with all my research in exchange for the 1/18 Spitfire GRP form - nice to see what a good job they did with it
  13. afternoon ladies Thanks Alex - appreciated! Yes, the PE I design and have PPD in Scotland make them for me, I would like to do it myself, but they make magic happen in a way I don't think I could Thanks Troy! no the Fw190 was shelved, much like the others you mention - each one has a place in my history, but I am not great at going back to them, so once a decision is made, for now it seems it's terminal... ..mind you, I count them as collateral damage as I do them and then hit on one I really enjoy every day like the Spit,
  14. I have got one I am putting into the LSP Christmas raffle Peter
  15. that 'pit looks amazing - very nice Andy love seeing our stuff in action ..also love the G version - best looking of the Ju88 variants in my eyes Peter
  16. Hi again chaps A 1/18 Charlie Brown eh, I have never done a figure (can't paint...), but I would like to try one day Thanks Derek & great to hear from you again Yes, it seems this is very much more an engineering subject than my previous builds, but that said I am really enjoying myself ..as far as cements go, I pretty much use Zap CA thin and medium for absolutely everything... sometimes, very rarely JB Weld for super strong structural joints but all teh brass, carbon rod, plastic etc is all CA.. seems to work if
  17. just so incredible Marcin, you have an exceptional skill.. I can't do what you do and I work in 1/18 which is nearly twice the size quite breathtaking Peter
  18. thanks guys been a bit busy on the Fury - much of what I started to do has been binned and remade, so while you have seen this, you haven't seen the accurate version ..first I remade the tubular framework with squared joints which was a way Hawker managed to joint tubes in this way.. here also some of the brackets are being added (with dummy ali tubes) that support the control stick / rudder pedal assembly.. ..checking the alignment again by putting both side frames together..this is crucial for everything to be true & square..
  19. Thanks guys - Rockie that article in Scale Aviation Modeller was particularly helpful - not only for a period IP pic but also for the old three dimensional parts drawings of things like the rudder bar - thank you I have been at the bench, but not modelling.. I have taken the drawings and photo's I have and have prepared the PE needed for the interior of the Fury - hundreds of parts in total. I also prepared the instruments which I will get made as decals in my next airscale stock order.. first the PE fret - this has an F4U panel in the corner for a fellow modeller in 1/
  20. need help chaps - does anyone have even one period picture of a Fury instrument panel? ..have a few of resto's & the Nimrod, but nothing like a contemporaneous Pilots notes picture showing one back in the day thanks in advance (& with fingers crossed) Peter
  21. so after an early start, I am back from my research trip I spoke to Guy Black this morning and he allowed me full access to K5674 in Hangar 3 in Duxford - anyone who knows the warbird circuit will know of Guy, he is a legend in bringing old birds back to life through AeroVintage & Retrotec and operating them. It was a real privelege for me Took loads of pictures - unfortunately a tonneau cover was over the cockpit and the security guy (probably rightly) didn't want to mess with it - but for the exterior I have everything ..these of the U/C will defina
  22. your building & painting skills are second to none! that cockpit is one of the best I have seen - so realistic excellent job on everything you are doing Peter
  23. wonderful - that engine is a show winner on it's own Peter
  24. Thanks ladies a bit more done.. ..the undercarriage legs are something I thought I might start without drawings as I have a fair bit of dimensional info off the 4 view I do have.. we can see here there is a lower aerofoil compression strut that is in a wider upper housing, with the axle (looking like a rod, but is also aerofoil) and a complex bunch of fittings either end to mount the main strut, trailing strut and bracing wires.. ..to make the aerofoil compression strut I tried a number of things, from lef
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