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  1. Steve - I think you nailed it I would love to do a late war 109 - it works on so many levels for me It's well documented, fits with my sort of theme of doing the main protagonists airframes in a Spitfire, P51 and a now a 109, is the Erla hood which I like (and means no struggling to vac form a blown canopy), and I think HpH do a 1/18 109G - it could be perfect I just need to check it is a legit NMF airframe so will need to hunt down that eagle editions JG300 book or find a pic online of red 8 Thanks a bunch, it's really got me thinking :) Peter
  2. this is genuinely at another level - the mastery of observation and reproduction is so inspiring to see... it just makes me want to pay even more attention to what I am doing simply perfection Peter
  3. Wow - thanks Fencer-1, that is a very, very helpful manual - that along with a drawing Christian uploaded on HS gives me absolutely everything I need really not sure about what's next - the same problem stands with the Firefly as it did when I stopped it - no accessible drawings for every component, and I never really was comfortable covering all the metalwork in paint... Hmmm - highly unlikely the F7F will ever get finished - shame as I have 18 months into it, but there are bits now I look at and think look pretty clumsy - especially the fuselage skinning (it was my first one..). I know it's not what you want to hear (you especially ) but it's just how I feel and I am just being honest I have been thinking about what comes after the P51 - but the rules I set myself are pretty limiting... it must be NMF, it must have a prop, should be a single engine and it must have accessible drawings- top of that list right now is this, but I really don't want to do another American bird.. if only a Fw190D could be found in NMF... I really don't know, but I think I only have a couple of months before this one is finished so better decide soon Peter
  4. Hi Jay thanks for all the help as I know this is crucial to the sit and 'feel' of the aeroplane i dry fitted where I am at and made a wire link for the link assembly 73-33313 to check the distance & angle of the door (& angle of the link) - it's all a bit loose & flakey but the gear has been shortened vs that earlier pic the bit I am more bothered about is the rake - there is definately work to do there.. ..its dark here so the pics are crap on another note - I really need help on this DF Loop thing - what bit of kit is it from (so maybe I can look it up) and what particularly is the diameter of the loop? asking anyone out there - not pinning all this on you Jay ..any ideas? thanks in advance Peter
  5. that is brilliant - you are doing exactly what I love doing and what got airscale started the cockpit is such a great place to spend time researching & detailing and you are maikng a stunning job of it I am honoured our set complements such fine skills Peter
  6. thanks folks & Jay, thanks so much for all the research I have 1 & 1/16 inch from skin to lug and the door seems to sit right - at least it does on dry runs, I will have to fettle it when I put it all together So Telford was great, really enjoyed it and we did very well on our stand - thanks to those who dropped by Since being back, I have managed a few bits & bobs - first the outer gear doors.. I made blanks of the doors in rigid nickel silver and fashioned the internal pressing shape from 3mm plastic card - it is profiled in many different directions and is actually quite a complex shape... ..these were then fitted and litho annealed and formed around them... ..and completed with the mounts for the lugs that fit to the leg, and the sealing strip along the bottom edge.. ..then it was on to some wing bits & bobs.. the guns were fitted.. ..they are just dry fitted for now, so some fettling to do.. then onto the wing nav lights - these were shaped & polished from perspex samples - the blue is a bit dark, but it's all I have... also added the wing stiffeners near the ailerons on the upper wing, though some of the alclad came off with the tape I used to mount them so they need respraying.. upper side.. lower side... ..have also finished the spinner & prepped & painted the prop blades so hope to have the prop done next.. TTFN Peter
  7. thanks gents - most helpful masks done! Peter
  8. oh wow! another astonishing project to spectate on Ben - I love the freedom of your imagination linked with your skills meaning absolutely anything is possible Peter
  9. anyone know what sizes the wing & fuselage markings were on a P51 - this one specifically? I could scale from the picture, but I assume they were standard diameters Thanks in advance Peter
  10. ..definitely worth it for us, we did over a month's worth of business on Saturday morning alone and had our best ever year in the 8 I have been attending as a trader ...and lucky model want to stock us in Asia and that likely wouldn't have happened if we hadn't met there ..all that and I get to chat to everyone, so no complaints from me! Peter
  11. ..turns out it was the Combat Models vac - brilliantly executed Peter
  12. ..this is pretty much what Richard said at Telford - the surface finishes with stressed quilting & rivets is enough to have put them off anything with that kind of structure sadly, it's a one-off Peter
  13. a beautiful 1/72 707.. and more really well done 1/32 kits.. ..and thanks to Roy, Mike & Dave manning the LSP stand see you tomorrow! Peter
  14. so stand is set up and i got to take a few pics of things i liked... brilliant revetment on the 32SIG stand.. I am curious about this - it is on the IPMS Avon stand and it must be 1/32 but whose? new Revell Harrier Radu's ZM Hs129 and the man himself getting stuck in I suspect this pile will be gone by 11am... I liked this - think its a Wingnut Wings Gotha variant new Hellcat nicely done WNW bits - these must be engines for the HP1500? Lanc pics.. and their new Tripe.. ..more..
  15. I am getting twitchy & excited now - everything is packed up and ready except the Spitfire which I will do on the day.. I will try and do what I did last year and once set-up on the Friday, just fly about taking pics of anything interesting I see & will pop them in here Peter
  16. Hi Jay - thanks for all that info - I did actually spot those door mount lugs were the wrong side when I was offering up the door to get the door / wheel relationship right, which as you say is critical for the sit of the model.. they have been reversed now - though close up some of the welding I tried to imitate looks a bit rough! the spigots in the wing that the gear plugs into are pretty solid and were done a looooong time ago so with a tight fit into holes in the gear legs they pretty much define how the model sits and would be hard to change - I think in length they are ok - the compression strut showing is 5.89mm and 0.2 inches os 5.09mm so its ballpark - the forward rake is perhaps a degree or two off, but I took this pic & transposed it onto side pics of real 'C's' and everything looks to be right enough - I can pull a degree or two of rake back when I cement them.. thanks for the brake info too - I have the bit that line goes into as part of the wheel hub, not the leg hub so will have to wait until the wheels are on to connect it.. its so good to have an expert with an encyclopedic knowledge of the drawings on my wing Peter
  17. thanks chaps Hi Tom - no, it is too near completion really, so I am going to save it for next year when it is finished... this one will be though Looking forward to a good natter at the weekend Peter
  18. ah good - a fellow fan I was out in the Far East (Changi) when I was about 3 - I wish he had some pics but all I have are logbook serials .this one will do for now Peter
  19. that is the most faithful reproduction of every doodad and widget I have ever seen, ever, anywhere.. I would almost wager it is a better representation of the real one than a real one... quite eyewatering and easy to just get lost looking at all the detail wonderful - quite simply the best out there Peter
  20. very nice - there is something about those early Hawks - I quite fancy doing one ..until then, I am loving watching you do this one Peter
  21. unreal... I remember this challenge when trying to make a 1/24 P&W 2800 for my F7F - drove me crazy just making ONE cylinder head - I would not be able to cope with the task you have ahead Jay best of british to you and hope to see you back on soon Peter
  22. thanks chaps - much appreciate your kind words landing gear then... ..I started with the lower castings as these are probably the hardest part - made a spigot for the wheel, the bent fork and the collar that is at the bottom of the strut from brass on my lathe.. ,,these were soldered as they carry all the weight and the main legs turned from brass... the compression strut was a polished steel rod I got on ebay.. ..then all the mountings for the torsion links and other bits and bobs were added - the strut assembly was glued with epoxy adhesive, the rest of the bits with CA.. ..the torsion links were made upfrom brass tube, an inner litho shape (I wish I had photo-etched earlier) and plastic card for the casting sides.. ..the ends were glued while on a quick jig from rod so there are no surprises later... ..using pins to align the torsion links so I can add the mounts to the upper strut - I don't want them fitted until after painting.. ..then both struts were prepared for a shot of a silver/white enamel mix... I didn't have the right alclad to hand so I must get some at Telford next weekend ..once painted & assembled I added the brake line, but there are two much finer rigid lines that run up the leg and down the fork that I will have to add once the gear is in place as one goes in the wheel hub (I think) and the other up into the U/C bay.. ..the 3D printed wheels were cleaned up, painted & dirtied a bit.. (thanks Tim) ..and a dry fit.. ...outer doors next... TTFN Peter
  23. 1/32 Handley Page Hastings please , that way I can do my father's first a/c as a captain... It will never happen, but one day if someone did a Halifax I am game for a conversion.. Peter
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