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  1. wow - nice work Craig you are about to enter the twilight zone and boy is it satisfying making your own parts like this is soooo rewarding love it peter
  2. Oooh, I have always wondered what was in the box having heard so much about the WH conversion following along even though I mainly like things with props on - this is too interesting to miss in such good hands Peter
  3. Hey folks Bit more Fw190 action.. I have been hopping about trying to phase things so I don’t for example do the interior then bash it about while trying to do some heavy engineering on the wings, but in some ways some of it doesn’t matter as any part you pick, ultimately has to be done sometime.. I thought I would get the tailplanes out of the way, so scaled the Bentley plans and made a 2mm card blank – let in and added a rod spar that is located where there is a tube now in the fuselage.. ..by doing it as one part it ensures alignment etc.. ..some templates were added to define the cross section and aerofoil and this was bulked out with P38 filler and primed / worked until I had the basic shapes.. ..added some litho details that can be seen if the elevators are posed anywhere but neutral.. ..drew out the rivet pattern from photo’s and made up 4 skin panels.. ..I noticed the leading edge is a real ‘bull-nose’ and pretty ungainly – it also sits on top of the skin panels as can be seen here.. ..I had made the skins slightly too wide at the leading edge so I can try and replicate this – started by wrapping in annealed litho.. ..then once fixed down it was trimmed to the slight overlap.. ..the tips were in three parts – one bent around the tip laterally in litho that has not been annealed to get a good crisp and strong trailing edge, and then upper & lower skin panels that were softer after annealing.. ..and the finished parts – also added some big fixing rivets on the tips I saw on refs.. ..then onto the wings – they needed the shapes around the ailerons correcting so correctly shaped litho strip sheet parts were cut and faired into the wing – along with removing all the moulded detail from the HB kit.. ..I also used one of the holes in each wing to fill them with expanding foam that goes rock hard inside and gives a solid core.. ..after priming and with a rivet template printed out derived from a photo.. ..then the first panel gets prepared to be laid down with tape as a hinge holding it in position and also masking where I don’t want contact adhesive.. ..the panels sit atop each other like the Spitfire, so these are the first two laid down.. ..now I need some help from the community – I have no rivet plans and have been deriving from photo’s – I have lots of photo’s of the bottom of the wings, but none of the top (without paint so the rivets can be seen) – does anyone know where I might get a good rivet drawing or resto photo’s of the top of the wing? Thanks all in advance & TTFN Peter
  4. I went to school in Chichester a few miles away from Tangmere and my Science teacher Mr Murch was an integral part of the museum back in the day - if you see any sectioned engines or interactive gadgets he would have been the guy He used to hold an after school thing where we flew electric planes around a pole - brings back memories- enjoy it Peter
  5. Well, I don't know they were fitted and in fact since I made them, a pretty convincing argument has developed to say they were not. As you say the inline D series didn't have them and while I know the fuselage of V18 was an early A model, the wings as a bolt-on unit could be A or D based I think the compelling reason they were likely not there is that there is a chuffing great big pipe that comes out of the bay at the rear spar and feeds into the big scoop under the fuselage and when I mocked this up in the bay the pipe clashes with the dimpled roof parts.. ..that said, I have made them now, I like them as a feature and to date there is zero proof they were not there so I am just going to do a bit of 'whiffery' and modify them to accomodate the pipe - I can live with that and I hope you can too and rescue yours from the SOD Peter
  6. fab job Brian, looks superb ..more importantly, you really seem to be having a good time with it after the difficulties with recent builds (not of your making I might add) - great to see your mojo back Peter
  7. afternoon my friends Something arrived in the post this week which has meant I could crack on with my favourite part of any build.. ..this stack are the custom decals for the 190 that I had in the corner of a layout sheet for an airscale restock. The good thing is they are super high quality decals, the bad thing is I have 75 copies as that was the sheet order size for one of the layouts… I only need one of any decal on the sheet as I have so many copies and it keeps the sheet size down, plus there are a few bits on there for friends ..anyways, I don’t have any WIP shots, but I have been busy – this is the V15 cockpit I am basing the V18 on.. ..and my version.. ..upper panel.. panel in front of the control stick.. lower panel.. ..and sort of how they go together.. ..and that’s that – favourite bit done, it’s all downhill from here Thanks Sky - appreciate that. You are so right, if you break this all down, it is simple tasks. I still say that if you approach each and every component as a model in itself then the quality of the output goes up TTFN Peter
  8. well Neil is sending me a sample so I can check - the set I already do has the panel & engineer panels but will see if anything else needs doing
  9. Neil just sent me some nice CAD - looks like it did on the factory floor....
  10. interesting question that one.. I have zero stash, so that's not an issue and I only finish one model every 2 years so there won't be many (as such) to have to deal with One thing i might do as i can only really display 2 in my home office at a time (they are big - 1/18 scale) is to donate or house them while I am still around. When I finish the 190 I am working on either the Spit or the P51 will need to go, so at least if I do it, I have some say in where they go - eg i would like my P51 to go with the real one when it retires from flying and maybe the Spit to Bob Jens who owns the MkXIV i did C-GSPT as I doubt museums would really want an air-racer.. my wife once said the Spitfire would make a lovely ceiling light fitting so I sure as hell have to do something with it before she does... Peter
  11. happy days Don't forget we do one of these... I was quite looking forward to researching a new kit, but this I think was one of our best.. Peter
  12. ooof those exhausts look like fun... no doubt you will be up to the challenge Jay looking forward to seeing how you go about it Peter
  13. Afternoon gentlemen ..thanks for the vote of confidence on the RLM66 colour - I will stick with this one Some Fw190 bobbins for your entertainment.. ..I painted the layers of PE for the instrument panel – there is a backplate (not shown), a layer with just the bezel surrounds and the blanked instrument in black, and the detail layer in RLM66.. The lower panel has some colour coding (thanks Roger) for the instruments that are on their way and should be here next week.. ..also made the ‘Ausgleichsgefäss’ that sits under the main panel from many punched discs (the 3D print didn’t really work..) ..and the artificial horizon, now just awaiting instruments & placard decals… ..while waiting I have been readying all the PE I will need for the gear wells and a load of other bits – using lots of pictures like this to map it all out.. Notice the dimples and the raised ribbed panel next to them.. ..after many hours of work, here you can see the mainspar, wheelwell roof and some of the wing ribs printed out, stuck to litho and being test fitted.. ..I wanted to start with the roof as these won’t be PE anyway, the drawings are just to give me working templates.. ..here printed, stuck to a sheet of Perspex and all the centres of all the dimples being marked.. ..and my first ever use of my new mini Proxxon milling machine to machine the depressions.. ..added the sidewalls and some filler to fair them in as the pressing is curved at the sides and primed to make sure all was well.. ..starting to work annealed litho into the female mould… the completed one you can see at the front is the first version I did in a video episode on my Patreon build after which I realised I had made the depressions too big (& therefore the dimples..) ..re-adding a template so I can see the panel outline and start cutting it to shape.. ..and the completed parts… ..the ribbed panel was approached in a similar way, just reversed so instead of dimples it makes raised strengthening ribs.. ..sticking templates down to mark out where the ribs go.. ..ribs added and a wash of thin CA.. ..cleaned up, rounded edges and primed.. ..litho being worked into shape.. ..and the finished panels with the rivets etc added.. ..a day’s work… ..and checking for fit.. ..happy with how they turned out, and don’t forget, if you want to see how parts like this are made and join me in the ups and downs of this build, please join my Patreon TTFN Peter
  14. You guys are amazing - thank you so much I hope you all realise you directly contributed to making it - it is my hunger to do work of a standard that will be appreciated and approved of that has moved the bar in my modelling as it means every single part must pass the 'audience test' and be of appropriate quality Thanks again folks, so kind Oh and Chuck, good spot on the tailwheel, but don't worry, it's just loose on it's axle on some pics - the whole structure is brass so inherently strong enough TTFN Peter
  15. i would probably take the B58..
  16. I am sure I recall Neil talking about 'an RAF twin' at Telford a couple of years ago I remember thinking I must keep quiet about that.... intentions are not facts, so I await with the rest of you That, or I am inadvertently stoking the rumour mill..
  17. Hi folks Eric from Aircorps Aviation who restored the real Lopes Hope 3rd has been in touch asking for some pictures for the current owner – I thought as I had them, I might share them as I haven’t done an RFI post It’s not actually finished yet as I am waiting for the display case to be built so it can go in there dust free and safe, but there are only a few things to do like aerials, fix the canopy parts properly & detail them, and the drop tanks & mounts The final pic is with a US aircraft compass to give a sense of scale TTFN Peter
  18. those quite literally look like real parts on a hangar floor.. brilliantly convincing! Peter
  19. hello again my friends thanks for all your kind comments Thanks Vincent - makes sense and it gives me more confidence now you have said it Thanks Rick - you should restart it - it's a fascinating bird and I am finding out more and more as I go. I am not conditioned to make assumptions as I really like working from drawings and facts, but with this model I have had to learn to start to relax a bit and just go with what would make sense in the absence of those facts They are hugely helpful Mark - thank you. I do have the D model parts manual but just couldn't find those drawings in the 600 odd pages while scanning through them A little update on the 190… ..added the PE part to the seat pan and made up a buck to vacform the seat back – I tried it in metal but it was not only too thin, but the folds were too straight, that is to say the seat back has quite radiused corners where the metal was folded / pressed to make it.. ..this is before I cut the back down as it was too tall.. ..then made up a little jig to add the mounting lugs.. ..and assembled & painted.. I am using MRP Paints RLM66 and am really struggling with it – it seems to dry and go syrupy in the airbrush paint cup almost immediately and the finish is quite rough – I might redo it and try thinning it.. I am also not sure about the colour – it looks very dark to me… ..next up are the two small bulkheads that are mounted to the seat rails – the left hand one has the round oxygen thing that the pilot whacks with his elbow if the cockpit depressurises and it creates an oxygen mist.. ..I made up the seat rails from brass ‘I’ beams with the sides filed down to the two different widths they are in reality, and added the PE bulkhead laminates… I also made up the oxygen thing.. ..and painted them… ..in readiness for fitting them, I made up the canopy rails from brass square section with a slot cut into it and fitted these to the sidewall parts so I knew where the seat rail bulkheads needed to integrate with.. ..also added the rear cockpit skin with the riveting to the pointed part under the canopy.. ..then the cockpit area was painted as I worried I wouldn’t be able to get in all the nooks and crannies and the bulkheads added.. ..and with the seat dry fitted.. ..still not sure about the colour… Has anyone got any recommendations for an idiotproof RLM66 that is maybe a bit lighter (& bluer?) TTFN Peter
  20. Touche -very kind of you to say Oliver but utter bollocks as you have it the wrong way round It is I who want to model like you... I think of you every time I try to work with plastic and my blade wanders, my edges are out of square and I have rounded corners where I don't want them - what you do as witnessed again above is witchcraft and I think we are lucky we don't live in the 16th century or people might want to set fire to you... I visit to be humbled and it works every time... Peter
  21. You should be happy Craig - they are excellent! really tough to get right but these look bang on for me - love the mods you did after too this build continues to thrill and amaze and i love every minute of it Peter
  22. bloody hell - that all looks so right really nice job Brian - looks a cracking kit too Peter
  23. Evening all Not a huge amount to report as only had limited time at the bench in the last few days, but a few more bits done.. First the rudder pedals – here are the main parts from the PE I designed.. ..these were folded up and can be seen at the top, while all the other components that make up the complex casting and the two layers of heel stop are below.. ..these were assembled so that the main bits were all together.. ..and then assembled with some footstraps from lead.. I need to find some better references for the pistons and brackets that these fit to before going any further.. moving to the radiator – you can see on the front face there are some kind of structure at top and bottom, with the upper one having some kind of thing on it – I thought it was maybe an engine logo, but settled on some sort of filler cap.. I sound vague, because this is all I have to go on.. ..I painted and added the PE radiator fronts and the spoke type things and made up the upper and lower shapes as best I could from tracings from that photo.. ..they look a lighter colour to me so tried to make a sort of anodised / RLM 02 style colour.. ..and what they look like on the model.. ..and that’s it – told you it wasn’t a lot TTFN Peter
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