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  1. Another vote for Quinta. I like them the best.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving all! Enjoy the day.
  3. Considering how many issues with the Tamiya F-4's I hope this one is a better starting point.
  4. Here's another link. It seems the P-63 pilot lost situational awareness of where the B-17 was unless he had a mechanical issue.
  5. I'd say a B-26B because of Flak Bait's fame.
  6. Looks nice. I just hope those panels on the nose look ok when closed. looks like they got the panels correct
  7. My wallet is already looking for a place to hide. I would be in for at least three.
  8. They look nice. I really wish someone would give us a SH-3 Seaking, Seaknight, Seastallion in 32 scale.
  9. This is definitely real. You can tell from the parachute risers and parachute on the ground.
  10. Well I hope they improve the surface of the plastic as their Hellcat had a rough texture to the plastic on the fuselage and wings which is the main reason I didn't buy one. I'll stick with the Tamiya Spitfire but happy for those that build 1/24 scale.
  11. There will be nothing new in /132 scale. Tamiya have moved on from 1/32 scale.
  12. Nice work mate. You have me thinking of what an LVPT-7 would be like in 1/16 scale. I have just bought a Photon M3 Max which could handle it.
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