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    Models, what else? I am a closet propeller head even though I'm a contributing writer at Armorama.

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  1. Un-****ing real. That's astonishing.
  2. Very realistic Scooter, and a Jarhead one to boot!
  3. Shockingly good. Deserves its medals.
  4. Sheesh, Miroslav, you're banging out masterpieces left and right. Nifty blue nose 'Stang.
  5. Ugly little bugger. Very well-done!
  6. Nifty Emil in a very realistic setting.
  7. Can't have too many jugs. And that's a honey of one.
  8. Even more than John B. you are the "King of the Corsairs." How many so far? How many more are coming?
  9. The photo looks pretty good to my old eyes. The flesh tones are still warm and haven't lost the red tones. Same with the US national insignia. I would hazard that there are two greens used here, one a dark green, one closer to OD.
  10. Kodachrome was highly-stable, so much so that its yellow dye was calculated to fade 20% in 185 years. If you mean color film in general from the period, then I agree. Ektachrome and other color films were much less-stable and tended to fade quickly. The color shift, however, is more towards blue.
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