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    Models, what else? I am a closet propeller head even though I'm a contributing writer at Armorama.

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  1. Bill Cross

    HpH L-39 Albatros Czech Air Force.

    When I saw "Albatros," I was expecting a string bag. It's both a fine build AND a model I've never seen before. Well done.
  2. Bill Cross


    It's a hobby, Jerry, and you're an excellent builder. I hope you don't mind my opinion, and I hope you keep building the way you want to.
  3. Bill Cross


    Very nice, but a bit too clean for my tastes.
  4. Bill Cross

    ME-262 Trumpeter 1/32

    Very nice.
  5. Bill Cross

    Lavochkin 7

    Really nice.
  6. Bill Cross

    Ever forget a paint mask?

    Carl, my kids went to Sunday Chinese school until they were teenagers (long story, but my two girls are adopted). They hated every minute of it, LOL. I'm def impressed that you learned. It's a hard as **** language, not to mention the tones.
  7. Bill Cross

    Turning Japanese Again- I am your moment of Zen

    Thanks to Maru for wishing me well, and to everyone who has said to have a good time. I'm really looking forward to it. I DO know what "turning Japanese" is supposed to mean, but I figure it might be like the Dirty Sanchez and simply be young folks fooling the old fuddy-duddies. Still haven't heard confirmation from Luckymodel, so I'll walk over the Fat Frog Models which is run by Hobbyeasy.com and see what they have in stock. See y'all when I get back.
  8. Bill Cross

    Turning Japanese Again- I am your moment of Zen

    I'll bring y'all a charm against the Stash-Eating Devil.
  9. Bill Cross

    Turning Japanese Again- I am your moment of Zen

    What Grant said. It's easier in the cities than in the countryside, but Japan has come a long way since I first traveled there in the 80s: signs in English (and Chinese), announcements and postings on the trains in 3-4 languages, and in Tokyo you may never need cash money (the Pasmo and other transportation cards can be used to pay for almost anything and reloaded easily from machines). The only caveat to that is eating: only 20% of restaurants have menus in English. If you don't mind pointing and eating whatever it turns out to be, you'll be OK. Pocket WiFi is really useful: you pay about $5/day for yuuuge bandwidth and unlimited data. You can even order it from Japan National Railway delivered to your hotel. And the Japan Rail Pass is GREAT and well worth the price if you plan to travel around a lot. Just be sure to say you are visiting as a tourist or you won't be able to activate the Rail Pass even if you have paid for it. I once had to go to the other side of a train station to eat, and rather than walk around, I flashed my pass and walked through the middle of the station.
  10. Bill Cross

    Turning Japanese Again- I am your moment of Zen

    Thanks, Jim, I will once again have pocket WiFi so I can use Google Maps to find it if I can find the time. A Mossie might be a nice thing, though I don't know where I will put it AND the F-104 I hope to pick up in Hong Kong.
  11. Bill Cross

    Turning Japanese Again- I am your moment of Zen

    There is almost no downtime on the trip: four factory tours, tasting sessions, and preparing for a major press conference to launch our client's food products in Japan. But the Tamiya store is only 15 minutes walk from one of my 2 hotels, so I'm going to give it a shot. Are the prices better or the usual high Japanese fixed MSRP?
  12. Bill Cross

    Peddinghaus decals

    I used their set on my Revell Bf-110 G-4 and on a Kriegslokomotiv I never finished (partly because some of the decals balled up or otherwise got funky on me due to carrier film issues). I wouldn't buy anything from them again unless I absolutely couldn't get the thing anywhere else.
  13. Bill Cross

    Turning Japanese Again- I am your moment of Zen

    Because she's a knock-out in that mini and thigh-high stockings.... The Vapors have the better music, so here's that one, too. Dunst uses the same music track underlying her vocals.
  14. Leaving on a jet plane Sunday morning for three weeks in the Land of the Rising Sun, Hong Kong, China (just Shenzhen, keep your shirts on), and Australia, all for work. But one LSP thing: I hope to pick up that Italeri F-104G/S from LuckyModel at my hotel in Hong Kong. That will make the long, strange trip worthwhile on a personal level. Already ordered all the AM **** to do it up crazy except the DACO decals.