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    Models, what else? I am a closet propeller head even though I'm a contributing writer at Armorama.

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  1. Lovely weathering. Nifty job.
  2. Put a pagoda in it and we'll think we're in Kunming. Very nifty Flying Tigers build.
  3. Bill Cross

    Decals for VF-154 Black Knights F-4J Phantoms

    Let me check my stash and see what decals I have for the build.
  4. Bill Cross

    F-15I Ra´am 1/32 Tamiya

    Wow, very nice. Kit ordnance is often spotty in quality.
  5. Bill Cross


    Really nifty!
  6. Most unusual subject matter well-executed.
  7. Bill Cross

    Decals for VF-154 Black Knights F-4J Phantoms

    Nifty. I already built my J. I'll need B decals once I tackled GT Resin's conversion set.
  8. Bill Cross

    F-15I Ra´am 1/32 Tamiya

    Phenomenal. Masel Tov! Are those Zacto missiles?
  9. Bill Cross

    Aires Cockpit Fit Issues???

    Eminently sensible in my opinion. I'm looking to purchase something that will make the building experience enjoyable. I will be very careful before buying any Aires wheel wells, cockpits, and other add-ons that could have fit issues.
  10. Bill Cross

    F-15DJ Japanese Adversary

    Fantastic with AMAZING camo scheme.
  11. Bill Cross

    Aires Cockpit Fit Issues???

    I appreciate accuracy, but at the end of the day, the 'pit needs to fit. I'm not sure it really does. Certainly I regret buying the electronics bay, and if I had it to do over, would have the closed up. The value of this thread will be for those who are contemplating an Aires AM purchase to make sure they are up for the slog. It's a little like planning on hiking across Antarctica: you might think you're up to it, but you'd better be sure. If I could rewind the tape, I might not have gone for the Whole Monty on this build.
  12. Bill Cross

    Aires Cockpit Fit Issues???

    Slowly. I can't work on it too much as it depresses me.
  13. Bill Cross

    F-14B VF-103 "Jolly Rogers" 1/32 Trumpeter

    Sounds like this isn't one I should put on my "to get" list, haha! My F-104G is about killing my enthusiasm for this hobby.
  14. Bill Cross

    Aires Cockpit Fit Issues???

    Some of you asked to see the shaving that was necessary to make the Aires cockpit fit. Notice the places where the sanding broke through. Some Scotch clear tape worked well to cover them over underneath. And the amount of filling from the poor fit has been a nightmare:
  15. Bill Cross

    Fisher's F9F-2 Panther

    Load up "The Bridges at Toko-Ri" in the DVD player!