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    Models, what else? I am a closet propeller head even though I'm a contributing writer at Armorama.

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  1. Bill Cross

    TF-104G Mask set for Italeri kits

    **** me after I just finished mine! The Eduard masks are OK, so I'd love to try these.
  2. Bill Cross

    "Double Widow-Maker" (T)F104-G

    Thanks, Alan. Sometimes we eat the bear and sometimes he eats us. This time the Italian bear (Italeri) bit me but didn't take off any limbs.
  3. Nice work, and I like that it's a specific aviator's plane.
  4. Bill Cross

    CAUDRON 714 C1

    Ditto, a unique subject I don't recall seeing here before.
  5. Bill Cross


    Nice pair of cats.
  6. Bill Cross

    "Double Widow-Maker" (T)F104-G

    Here are the updated images with the ****ing canopy mask removed.
  7. Bill Cross

    1/32 Hasegawa Fw 190D-9 "Red 1"

    Wow, a condensed build thread and RFI all in one! Impressive. So good I want to toss the one I have in the stash out the door as it's never going to measure up to this one. Amazing wiring detail especially.
  8. Bill Cross

    1/32 Hasegawa Focke Wulf Fw-190A-9 "Red 22"

    Very slick, thanks for sharing.
  9. Bill Cross

    Academy MH-60s

    I only wish the photos were larger. Can't have too many helos here.
  10. Bill Cross

    AIMS 1/32 Bf 110 G canopy in clear resin

    Ah, thanks, I didn't think I was losing my mind, though every day is a challenge in that regard.
  11. Bill Cross

    "Double Widow-Maker" (T)F104-G

    Thanks, Ron, it was a wrestling match with the kit, but it was a series of photos of F-104Gs in Luftwaffe service I saw here on LSP that captured my imagination. Good kits in the stash went un-built so I could turn my attention to this one. I was lucky, also, that Aeroscale gave me the kit to review and build, otherwise I would still be wrestling the single-seat version I embarked on first. It was a pleasure to do this one more or less OOB.
  12. Bill Cross

    Hornet vs. Super Hornet?

    How do I do that? Get AM metal gear?
  13. Bill Cross

    Hornet vs. Super Hornet?

    Thanks, I think I will go for the Legacy Hornet and thought I might have a trade for one of the BATS kits here on the forum, but didn't have enough to temp the seller into a trade.
  14. Bill Cross

    AIMS 1/32 Bf 110 G canopy in clear resin

    Is it the flu meds or did I not receive a resin canopy after ordering it separately?
  15. Bill Cross

    "Double Widow-Maker" (T)F104-G

    Thanks, guys. I have the flu so haven't felt like setting up the lights and light box.