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  1. The only thing I have to lose is time, so there it is.
  2. Excellent work on the cockpit, Tim. Especially like the color you chose. Cheers, D.B.
  3. Picked up a HB 1/32 P-61 for $80 incl shpg from the same guy. Have had Harold's props forever, so couldn't pass it up. Won't be here til May, no rush to get it, though. Seller has an eccentric selection of items for sale, that's for sure.
  4. Look how clean those gear doors are. Kudos to Maintenance Division.
  5. Common colors used on aerodrome structures appear to be the very similar to 81 Brown/Green, 82 Lt. Green on Luftwaffe aircraft with a different paint formulation, of course. I have a color photo of a building on a Luft airbase using close to those 3 shades. Color is not perfect, but it gives one the idea. Source: Die Flugzeugfurer-Ausbildung der Deutschen Luftwaffe 1935-1945 Band II, by Sven Carlsen & Michael Meyer; VDM (Heinz Nickel Verlag); 2000; p. 569, top. Cheers, D.B.
  6. Cost to clean that up will be astronomical.
  7. I've heard their next 1/32 kit will be the Bf 109G, however no date as to release. Not at liberty to name source, but has proven reliable. We'll see.
  8. The AS modification was for increased motor performance, especially at high altitude. If I recall correctly the designation DB605 AS(M) is as follows: DB 605 A - Motor, was used in the Bf 109G series. S - Sonder (Special) Supercharger from DB603 M - MW 50 (Methanol/Water 50-50 mix) There were other designations as well: DB605 ASB(M) for B4 87 octane fuel + MW 50 (Methanol/Water 50-50 mix) DB605 ASC(M) for C3 100 octane fuel + MW 50 (Methanol/Water 50-50 mix) The DB605 D, used in the Bf 109G-10 and K-4 series, had two common variants, too: DB605 DB - B4 fuel, MW 50 standard equipment DB605 DC - C3 fuel, MW 50 standard equipment As Ringleheim stated above the Supercharger is from the DB603, thus Sonder(special) to the 605. HTH, D.B.
  9. Reminds me of the expedition to Venus on "The Expanse". And no, they weren't flying a HP 0/400.
  10. To complement Mark's post the guns were MG 131's, which led to the cowl bumps on the G-5 through G-14.
  11. Wow!! It's like every Christmas wrapped up in one!
  12. What sort of AM are people looking for?
  13. Wish we in the US could see as well. Considering what was written I'll do my part and buy an F6F, not much of an impact, but every bit helps. Cheers, D.B.
  14. Tim Try here: https://www.luftfahrt-archiv-hafner.de/ Click on Junkers, then 6th one down. Includes all Ju 87 variants including G-2. 5,010 pages! I have several of his products, excellent reproductions. Cheers, D.B.
  15. I believe the ammo belts in the top left photo are on both sides of the MG's as you see two ejection chutes for the brass which empties below the weapons...the belt on the right is in deep shadow. HTH, D.B.
  16. Not a lot of info in these, but it's all I have: Junkers Ju 87 "Stuka", Part 2, by Manfred Griel; Air Doc, ADC 009, 2011; ISBN 978-3-935687-48-5; page 19. Cheers, D.B.
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