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  1. Hasegawa Bf 109F-4 to F-2 Conversion.
  2. Hey Ernest...thanks. Not familiar with the SBS acronym, though. Cheers, Damian
  3. Please do!! Cheers, Damian
  4. Economics explained Alert: Contains humor!!
  5. Due to health issues production has been very slow, as you might have noticed. The Trumpeter A-4 sets are slowly working their way to shipping. I don't know if I would have been as patient as you fellas have been. On 15 Dec 2022 S.O.W. will introduce, in limited quantities, the 1/32 Hasegawa Bf 109F-4 to F-2 Conversion Kit, the 1/32 P-61 Black Widow(HB) and the 1/48 B-17 Flying Fortress (HK) landing gear sets. Restock of existing sets will proceed at its present pace. Thank you for your interest and continuing support. Damian
  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Tim! Looks like you both won the aviation lottery.... lots to give thanks for! Cheers, Damian
  7. I've been very happy with the following MCW lacquer products: Light Sheen Dead Flat Their camouflage colors are glossy so no gloss coat needed. Very user friendly paint. (Not affiliated with MCW.) HTH, Damian
  8. This gives me a motive for breaking out that Ki-84 and actually building something out of the box(except for the L/G, of course). Cheers, Damian
  9. WW II Insignia White has a slightly "warm"(yellowish)cast to it. Most white model paints I've used have been "cool"(blueish)in appearance. YRMV, Damian
  10. The gear legs on the Trumpeter P-47's are a very snug fit. If one doesn't push them in with gusto the legs will flop around. Don't paint the mounting lugs or you'll have problems. I usually mention it when sending out the L/G sets, but not always. My bad. HTH, Damian
  11. The faster I hurry the behinder I get! Thanks, Tim, appreciate you. Cheers, Damian
  12. Take a look at the kit elevators, they have pinked round patches where the drain holes are located on the underside. The odd thing is Revell has put the patches on top as well. The holes would not be covered, otherwise no draining. HTH, Damian
  13. Personally, I like the Gunze OD & NG. The AK's are good as well. but look lightened for scale effect. Cheers, Damian
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