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  1. Decided to move my discussion in Pastor John's Erla G-10 thread to give him some breathing room.
  2. D.B. Andrus

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    What a beauty, Iain! Cheers, D.B.
  3. D.B. Andrus

    B-24 Liberator Lead Ship aka Judas Goat

    Interesting wear on the back side of the prop blades.
  4. D.B. Andrus

    Late War RLM usage of 81/82, etc.

    On my monitor it comes across a clean blue/gray. Can't buy NMF on fuselage. RLM paints tended have a sheen (depending on manner of application and/or how much flattening agent was added by the manufacturer) to them when fresh. There also was a topical product applied to flatten appearance (Michael Ullmann), but I don't have access to his book at the moment. HTH, D.B.
  5. D.B. Andrus

    Late War RLM usage of 81/82, etc.

    John1, stepping way out on a limb, with saw firmly in hand, my quick take based on this image. From the nose: Cowling, armor ring - 76, light; 74 Cowling ring - 66 or 22; 74 Cowling top - 75 Cowling sides - 70; 76 Cowling underside - 75 Gun cover - 70 Wing root, front - 70 Undercarriage cover - 76 Fuselage upper - 81 (front of windscreen to just past end of canopy); 82(?), thin, to base of fin. Fuselage sides - 81 (overspray); light blue green Tail section -81; 76 Rudder - 65 Your mileage may vary. Cheers, D.B.
  6. D.B. Andrus

    1:24 Trumpeter Bf 109G-14

    Beautiful work, K2! Cheers, D.B.
  7. D.B. Andrus

    HobbyBoss 1:32 Liberator GR Mk.VI - RAF Coastal Command

    Might be a perfect offering for "LSP Productions" . Cheers, D.B.
  8. D.B. Andrus

    Late War RLM usage of 81/82, etc.

    Interesting "Ultra" intercept- Nick Beale's Ghostbombers website: 15 June 1944 CX/MSS/T221/70 From (Roman) I./KG 66, Abt. IT to Feldluftgau W. France, QM-QM 1 arms and equipment, (smudge) 4 on 15/6: For repainting newly allocated a/c (13 Ju 88 S-3) the following is required: 100 kg. thinning, 7200.00 40 kg. a/c paint (black) 7160.22 30 kg. a/c paint (blue) 7160.24 For ops, immediate allocation (collection by receiving authority) requested. NOTE: This appears to establish that (Roman) I./KG 66 is re-equipping on to Ju 88 S-3. Compare T220/131. T221/26 also mentioned Ju 188. That's a lot of blue paint for only markings. Another conundrum? Cheers, D.B.
  9. D.B. Andrus

    Me-262 1/32 details

    Interesting and I'm interested. Cheers, D.B.
  10. D.B. Andrus

    1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a "Yellow 3"

    Masterful work, John. Looking forward to more. Cheers, D.B.
  11. D.B. Andrus

    Your favourite paints?

    Airbrush: Mr. Color MRP Alclad Brush: (All for detail and touch-up) Agama acrylic Vallejo Air Testor's enamel
  12. D.B. Andrus

    How would YOU do this camo?

    Kevin, I have a bad cough, please stop making me laugh so hard!
  13. D.B. Andrus

    Mr. Paint (MRP?)

    Yes, it was 0.10 for me in the mid- 50's. Used to buy at Kress 5 & 10, with the wooden floors and Woolworths in Crowley, LA. Before that it was Monogram dope, only available at the hobby shop in Lake Charles, with that wonderful smell - along with banana oil, mmmm good. The product that changed everything for me was Pactra's flat enamel. They had a flat green, red, etc. it made military models much more realistic as opposed to unreal high gloss paint finishes. Ever tried adding talc to gloss enamel to flatten down a finish? What a chore! Cheers, D.B.
  14. D.B. Andrus

    Late War RLM usage of 81/82, etc.

    Excellent question, Matt. Research has been done regarding camouflage patterns from different factories, ie. Jerry Crandall - FW 190D & Tomas Poruba -109G-10/K4 - FW 190D, however, research regarding hues, if possible, is still yet to be pursued in a thorough manner. Beginning with Poruba's "Green" paint in a can marked 81from the WNF/Diana facility and Crandall's still of the power egg with unusual blue, green, etc. colors, we may have a start in winkling out which factory used which hue when. Thanks to those with primary sources, a/c parts and a love of the subject more clarity may be forthcoming. Cheers, D.B.
  15. D.B. Andrus

    Revell 2019, 1st Quarter(+)

    Bestellnr. Produktbezeichnung Maßstab Monat Status 03888 Bell X-1 (1rst Supersonic) 32 02/2019 Re-issue 03886 Bücker Bü131 Jungmann 32 02/2019 Kooperation ICM 04994 F/A-18E Super Hornet 32 01/2019 New Tool 03874 Fw190 A-8 "Sturmbock" 32 Neue Variante 05690 Hawker Harrier GR Mk.1 32 Re-issue Gift Set 03875 Me262 A-1 Jetfighter 32 Neue Variante 04961 Messerschmitt Bf110 C-7 32 04/2019 Kooperation Dragon 05688 Spitfire Mk. II "Aces High" Iron Maiden 32 Re-issue Gift Set
  16. D.B. Andrus

    Late War RLM usage of 81/82, etc.

    Sorry for the wrong attribution, Jerry. Cheers, D.B.
  17. D.B. Andrus

    Late War RLM usage of 81/82, etc.

    I'm very interested in any new documentation of a light green that Eagle Editions might publish in the upcoming book authored by ____?____. D.B.
  18. D.B. Andrus

    ICM 32003: Polikarpov I-16 Type 29

    Well done, Mike! Will look forward to more 1/32 ICM releases in the future. Cheers, D.B.
  19. Something especially for K2. http://vintageaviationecho.com/hawker-typhoon-rb396/ Cheers, D.B.
  20. D.B. Andrus

    Late War RLM usage of 81/82, etc.

    Thanks, Jerry! Can you give a time frame on publication? Some of us aren't getting any younger. Cheers, D.B.
  21. D.B. Andrus

    Late War RLM usage of 81/82, etc.

    Sachtleben Chemie, a German chemical company is affiliated with Pori, I believe. Connecting the dots. I've don't recall reading that 65, 76 and 78 were the priming/camouflage combos, only 02 and other colors were not. Makes perfect sense, though. My fog is clearing somewhat, thanks for that. Cheers, D.B.
  22. http://soyuyo.main.jp/ki43d/ki43e-1.html
  23. D.B. Andrus

    Late War RLM usage of 81/82, etc.

    I'm not quite sure anyone has attempted to do that in this thread. Just trying to make a little sense of a very complex subject. Cheers, D.B.
  24. D.B. Andrus

    Hasegawa Ju87G Kanonenvogel - a bit of progress!

    Sure can't tell you have trouble with small PE....looks perfect! Cheers, D.B.