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  1. Since water doesn't compress, looks like a good bit of damage. Many $ to repair, but it looks like it can be done
  2. Excuses, je suis en retard sur le fil. Vous faites un travail magistral, Sweety. Bienvenue sur le forum. Santé! Damian
  3. No harm, no foul. Woulda, coulda, shoulda cuts no ice.
  4. Wow......wonder if they're giving any thought to 1/32? A Hs 123 would be very nice. Cheers, Damian
  5. It could be a house of cards. Cheers, Damian
  6. It'll be at least a month as I have a backlog of orders and some new products to get ready for production. I'll make an announcement on the Sponsor Forum when the 190's are ready to go. The changes to the masters will add a bit of needed detail to the original donor legs. Work proceeds apace. Thanks for your interest. Cheers, Damian
  7. I do, too! Don't imagine they ship to Texas, probably be soggy by the time it got here anyway. New Mexican food is the one thing I miss most about being there. Tex-Mex ain't the same. Cheers, Damian
  8. What a beauty, Alex. Looking forward to the finishing touches. Cheers, Damian
  9. Ahh, I thought it was "H Bomb" as opposed to "H" bomb. Looks really neat. Cheers, Damian
  10. If I told anyone my production and development process you'd be able to hear the laughter on the moon. Juggling has nothing on running your own production facility, large or small. As others have said, patience is the order of the day. Cheers, Damian
  11. Very happy to see you back on the B-17. You're doing a bang-up job on this baby! Cheers, Damian
  12. Thanks, Peter - brings back so many good memories. Cheers, Damian
  13. Too true, Kevin. woefully inaccurate movie. Hollywood has the ability to turn silk purses into sow's ears with remarkable ease.
  14. I've been looking forward to your return to this build...welcome back, Bernd! Cheers, Damian
  15. Oooh, those toothpicks.....ouch. Great work, as always. Cheers, Damian
  16. Fantastic build in all respects, Pete! You da man! Looking forward to the Little Bird. Cheers, Damian
  17. Hey Matty The Fat Man welds are faux. I had my welder run about a 3 ft MIG bead on .375" plate, then made a RTV mold and cast up as much "bead" as I needed. It was hard to get him to do a "not too neat weld" per the original. Couldn't bring himself to be that original. The ballistic case looks steel, my intention, but is made of fiberglass in 4 longitudinal sections. Learned enough about laying up fiberglass to not want to do it anymore. The tail is as original - all 3/16" aluminum riveted with 1/4" Modified Brazier Head rivets, several thousand of them. Enjoyed that part - t
  18. Thanks, Matty. Will take a look at youtube. Here are two of mine at the Flying Heritage Collection:
  19. Sure is. Have many photos, unfortunately, not able to share. The shots Jennings posted are from 4 x 5 negatives, excellent resolution. Cheers, Damian
  20. Beautifully subtle, Matt. Looking forward to more. Cheers, Damian
  21. Very reasonable cost, especially shipping.
  22. Thanks, Michael. Don't have the kit - was based on hearsay.
  23. Does the Trumpeter 1/24 Hurricane have a decent engine?
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