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  1. I received a reply from Border asking me to contact the store I purchased from, so they can deal with it together.
  2. Looks magnificent already Tom, great back story to the ship, needless to say I'll also be following along with great interest.
  3. The outer box was also from Border, and a correction, the lid part of the box isn't deep enough either. I originally had surface post, but after watching Nige's reviewand seeing the box, I switched to air...
  4. It was pretty much the same box which Nige received, not sure about the postal cardboard outer, which was specific for the kit, but not a snug fit, there was a bit of give, so if it takes a hit... and the clear parts are at the top, I hate to be a doom-monger, but I think the majority who have bought the kit will have the same experience.
  5. Received my copy a couple of hours ago, sadly the flimsy inner box isn't as deep as the flimsy outer, so the prevention against parts being damaged is severely lacking, the main canopy is smashed, as are a couple of other parts on that sprue, and quite a number on that and the other clear sprue have what look like faint stress fractures, have emailed Border for replacements. It's a great shame that such a kit has appalling packaging.
  6. Just put a big coat on, and go on endless bus rides, to nowhere.
  7. Grave of the Fireflies is also worth a mention, based on a semi-autobiographical book.
  8. I think that one's painted extra dark sea grey/dark green, as they were originally painted, if I remember correctly, the extra dark sea grey was over-painted dark earth when they were transiting Egypt. Great film, thanks for posting.
  9. Old Man Blog no. 119 is published in Japanese here
  10. I can't recall seeing these photos from the recent Shizuoka Hobby Show 2022
  11. My Lanc had the "Sender is preparing item for posting" status from May 5th until today, where it's actually been posted, processed, and "Process completed for departure" from HK, I've been using HK Post tracking.
  12. Review There is a completed model on their facebook page, which is thankfully viewable to everyone.
  13. Really nice model, I have the conversion on order, though mine will be a Belgian 5BD.
  14. I can also see them, but it seems you can only share Google photos to an app. Nice work!
  15. I've got pretty much a full set of Zotz ZTZ32/027: F-8J VF-24 Crusaders' "Nose Art in Vietnam", I'll send you a pm later...
  16. I tried myself, but failed, doesn't look like it's set up for anything beyond vacuous social media.
  17. I think it also shows the effectiveness of the armour plate, and luck, lots of luck!
  18. I've posted a request for help in General Discussion, hopefully someone will be able to provide a solution.
  19. Any tips on how to post on the forums? Asking for a fellow member having problems.
  20. What a brilliant story, and no doubt your wonderful model is now a priceless family heirloom, doesn't get better than that.
  21. Must be the latter, I had a look last week and they were in stock, no doubt they'll have more available soon.
  22. Absolutely outstanding, some great tips, not to mention inspiration for anyone with the kit, great work on Herr Voss.
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