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  1. Now that's a plane we need in 1/48 and 1/32. The Vautour is such a pretty plane Matt
  2. If you want to get crazy with Formula 1 styled schemes, Japanese companies have been long time sponsors. Mild Seven, Leyton House, Footwork, Yamaha with the blue and pink Brabham, even Tamiya was a sponsor for Lotus in the early 90s. Maybe a late Bennetton scheme in the Mild Seven light blue? Matt
  3. Or, the split BAR scheme from 99 with the Lucky Strike/555 scheme.
  4. If you want to get really crazy, try to copy the 2007-2008 Honda Formula 1 paint job, the EarthDreams scheme.
  5. Then it would be white, with a bit of red added in. Matt
  6. Everybody homeschooling is going to come back with a huge respect for teachers Matt
  7. I've always wondered about how to remove those little pips from the surface. That's what stopped me from finishing a Dynavector Wyvern, couldn't figure out how to remove those without putting little holes all over the surface. Matt
  8. As always Oliver, your work is incredible. Make the rest of us mere mortals feel inadequate. How do you even work with all of those little pieces for the switches? Matt
  9. Yep. Been deep cleaning my place in this time off. I'm guessing I'll have it cleaned to a molecular level by the time I go back to work. Matt
  10. I think I've got some interior and exterior photos of ones in maintenance floating around. Had a friend that flew in them, and she took me around the hangar a couple of times. Took a bunch of pictures, but they may be on an old computer. Matt
  11. As a teacher, it's looking more and more likely that we're down until schools start back up in August. Surreal feeling honestly, and I'm very worried about my students. I teach in a pretty poor area, and school is the only safe and comforting place for a lot of the kids. Matt
  12. That's the exact display case I've been looking at. And it looks more than large enough to hold a bunch of 1/32 stuff. Matt
  13. scvrobeson


    The Wingnuts boxart is top notch. The upcoming Lancaster one needs to be framed. Matt
  14. IIRC, it's the middle pylon on each wing that's too long. Or it was mounted too far forward on the kit. Can't remember which one. All I remember was that instead of forming a straight line across the leading edge of all three pylons, the middle stuck out way too far. Matt
  15. Looks like trying to apply carbon fibre decals to Formula One models. Whole thing is more decal than paint by the end. Matt
  16. And Lotus was the first time that Camel appeared in Formula 1. They spread around the grid in 1988, but the 87 Lotus was the first appearance of that bright yellow on the track. Matt
  17. Before getting too far, you may want to check the length of the pylons in the Hobbyboss kit. The ones in the Trumpeter kit were way out of length. Matt
  18. Look the work so far on the Wessex. I know it be brilliant. What was that seat you showed in the very first post? Looked to be all done and ready for some build. Still hope you'll get back to the Frelon at some point, that was one of my favorites. Matt
  19. All schools are shut down until mid-April, and I'm isolated because of being immunocompromised. Guess it's time to crack on with all my Wingnuts stuff. Good thing I'm well stocked on PC10 and the wire terminals. Matt
  20. And the Lotus 99T which was completely Camel Yellow Matt
  21. Okay, now how long before we get the Swiss FB.6 nose? A striped Vampire just sounds right. Matt
  22. Not 100% sure on the shape of those cannon barrels, but the rest of it looks pretty great. Can't believe we're getting a 1/32 Vampire in plastic. Matt
  23. Airfix 1/72 Lancaster from it looks like 1973 according to the box art. Matt
  24. Fantastic kit. Did one probably a decade ago, it was great. Needs Eduard masks though for those greenhouses. Matt
  25. Great looking build Nic! Looks like Aeries got the instrument coaming almost right, just missing a couple of the facets from the original. Your scratch work is always top notch though, especially that engine bay. Matt
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