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  1. Wow Carl, those are some excellent deals on both kits Matt
  2. There was a recent article in Meng's Air Modeler magazine that features the B-26K, they add the extra armor using thin plastic sheet. Matt
  3. The work already done on the masters for the clear parts is stunning, I'm sure they'll turn out great. The rear canopy on the Firefly is such an iconic part of it. Matt
  4. I always tell myself that I won't be blown away by Oliver's next update, but then he goes and blows me away every time. It's watching a true artist at work here. Matt
  5. Looks excellent! The Viggen just has such a brutal look to it, and you've pulled it off brilliantly. Matt
  6. You've got the patience of a monk doing this panel by panel. It looks fantastic though, it will be spectacular when it's all finished. Matt
  7. Oh, that's one way to make a slow Thursday better. Great news for both releases. Matt
  8. Sorry to hear that. I've had that happen before, even had to resort to the super-strong stuff to get rid of some of it. The rest of your build looks fantastic, I really like the figures. Matt
  9. It might not be too late to go back in for that silvering. Some extra setting solution might be able to fix it. Might be able to poke some tiny holes in it to allow the setting solution under the decal. Completely optional though, of course. Matt
  10. Wow! That broken ice looks perfect to me. I think you've found your solution Matt
  11. I still want the SM.79 that they had shown a prototype of. I think the A-20 was sent off to HGW for finishing. Matt
  12. Might be different with this one since it's a ground-up design. The Infinity Helldiver was swapped over from the resin one. Matt
  13. Your pursuit of excellence is definitely something to be applauded Anthony. Matt
  14. Looks awesome Mark! How are you finding the printed parts? Do they require much clean-up, or are they relatively fine with just a coat of primer and paint? Matt
  15. Thanks very much! Glad you liked the work on it. Matt
  16. That looks fantastic Dan! Definitely could convince me that this one came directly from a Hasegawa or Academy box Matt
  17. Looks fantastic! Really jealous of what you are all able to pull off with CAD and 3D printing. Matt
  18. Great start! Really like those Miniart kits, really like the weathering on the wheels so far. Matt
  19. I mean, WnW had announced that before folding, so hopefully Border follows that plan. Matt
  20. I don't think you really need to worry about that, it looks excellent Pete. Matt
  21. I'm just glad that everything is okay. Was very worried about Rowan's health, and then the website went dark. Matt
  22. Dang it, I forgot that Orange-Con was this weekend. I thought it was next week, I had planned to go down for it. Oh well, guess I'll go next year. Great photos, looks like some great stuff on the tables. Matt
  23. Excellent progress! It's really coming together in the cockpit and windscreen. Matt
  24. Great start on the Seahawk! Look forward to see the next printed bits. Matt
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