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  1. I did not drill into the mirror, I glued theme with epoxy glue. After a lot of "try and error" i did find the wright postions for theme.
  2. Hi Alain, They are out there. F-4E AUP ROUNDERS AND SQs SPECIAL MARKINGS 1/32 + RESIN SET | eBay
  3. Tamiya,s corsair is the way to go. Ill bet you during building you will reconsider about hanging it at the ceiling. If not you can easaly change between flight or landing gear options.
  4. The first part of the display is finished.
  5. Nice start. I always really enjoy building a 1/32 Academy Hornet.
  6. I wish I had your skills.
  7. I repaired the canopy with some styrene sheet and putty....
  8. When I noticed this beauty on Ebay i could not resist myself. From the moment HPH launched this model it was on top of my wishlist. But the MRSP kept me from buying it.
  9. Hi Niels, I don't like it... I love it. This is a real winner!
  10. A perfect looking Flanker! love the paintjob.
  11. No, the canopy isn't glued yet. Just orderd the Aero bonus flight crew.
  12. I made the base myself, went to the local hardware shop and bought a 60 x 30 cm mirror, some plywood, a L-profile and a Matt black spraycan. I orderd the coffer at a German webshop (sora-shop.com). It was relative easy..
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