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  1. We all have a bit of hoarding in us. I've been reacantly confronted to that fact when I packed all my stuff and stash preparing for moving to a new house. But I will have a brend new moddeling cave in our "new'home.
  2. I'm sure to follow this one, Thanks for sharing!
  3. it's becomming a real piece of art!
  4. Hi Tolga, a really beautiful Starfighter. I lover the shape of the fuselage so mutch I have 4 in mine collection......
  5. It's a realy nice kit to build.
  6. Very beautiful!!!!!!
  7. Hi Chris, I enjoyed building mine very mutch. I'll be following your progres because I have another one in my stash Cheers Otto
  8. I did not drill into the mirror, I glued theme with epoxy glue. After a lot of "try and error" i did find the wright postions for theme.
  9. Hi Alain, They are out there. F-4E AUP ROUNDERS AND SQs SPECIAL MARKINGS 1/32 + RESIN SET | eBay
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