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  1. WHOAMG! So that's how they work! Simply amazing stuff ya got here- cheers, Jay!
  2. Well done indeed, my friend- well done!
  3. That's just heartrending, Mike- my most sincere sympathies.
  4. Sending you both strength, courage and positive waves!
  5. I cut all my etch with an old Xacto knife with a blade I've used for, well, seems like forever. I periodically sharpen it with fine whetstones. It never gets really razor-sharp, but it works well enough. I carefully hold the belt by the buckle in a small flat-jawed pliers to sand the burr off. Nothing fancy.
  6. I have used an ultrasonic cleaner on my Custom Micron B for years now- add a 1/2 cup of Simple Green or so and run your unassembled airbrush through. Reassemble with care you're good to go.
  7. I don't crumple mine, but fit the buckles and such while the etch is still on the fret, I glue them down on the painted seats, posing them as I go. I use Cemedine, a Japanese clear canopy glue, or CYA. Once on they get a clear coat, and I use oil paints with a little Winsdor & Newton Liquin Original medium added. It speeds drying time and makes for the smoothest, perfectly fading effects. Dark colors for the shadows, and pale buff or gray for the highlights. When dry give a flat coat and touch up the hardware with a silver Prismacolor pencil.
  8. Sending strength, courage and positive waves to you!
  9. It's been a while, but my 1/48 Revell (ICM) Dornier Do215 B-5 Night Fighter is being published- right now! I'm absolutely pumped. That radar is soldered bras(s) , and the cockpit is 85% scratchbuilt. Here's a couple of images from my article:
  10. Haha! I did storyboards for one of the Red Alert games- for the live action cut scenes. Kind of a bizarre experience- flown to Vegas, put up in a La Quinta, and sequestered in a lonely room at the game offices. The only freelance job I ever did where they kept the physical art (which they had promised not to do.)
  11. Lovely work, impressive scale- and a real hot rod of an aircraft. Cheers, Angelo!
  12. Hi, Woody- I'm not too high on GSB myself. I used Tamiya Deck tan to to lighten and blotch it up on my venerable Helldiver build. All paints fade and develop distress, especially in tropical maritime environments.
  13. What mark is the first 109 on that sheet, with the tall taikwheel? Can't seem to find it.
  14. Hello, all- I've been working on a quick(ish) build for Volume II of this worthy publication. The first raised over 19,000 British Pounds for humanitarian relief for the embattled people of Ukraine- all profits donated. I've been honored to be invited to not only write a chapter, but again provide the cover art. Please consider ordering a copy at https://www.insidethearmour.com/ The first volume is sold out, but stand by for pre-orders of Vol II.
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