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  1. https://scalecolors.com/ Here's a handy link to Jeff's site.
  2. The wash done dood it, dude! The detail pops out just right- cheers!
  3. What kind of 3D scanner are you using, Norbert? Excellent results!
  4. I'm truly enjoying your article, Kent- cheers! One question- the canopy framing was internal, with the plexiglass panels attached with screws. Do you really want raised frames? Cheers- chuk
  5. Thanks, Wolf and Max! Little details like this fascinate me.
  6. Great photo, Max- cheers! I'd like to know what that inverted-pyramid thing is, and why does it have a line of tubing running into it?
  7. That's an elegant solution to a sticky problem, Andy- cheers! That one-piece casting is really quite a feat and spectacularly executed, but my first thought on seing it was, "How will I ever paint it properly? " You now how full freedom to work freely and get the most out of all that detail.
  8. chukw

    NATO"s LanceR

    You've got my number, Dave! I'm Marcus' worst reviewer- but I'm building a pretty nice model for him! Thing is, freelance work keeps popping up it's ugly-yet-ever-so-necessary head to pay our bills but keep my bench time down. Thanks for the nudge- I'll see if I can't post a teaser or two.
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