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  1. Thanks, everyone! Friday's the big day for my 3-second laser-beam eradication of the secondary cataract in my right eye. Wish me luck!
  2. Thanks, Marus! Well, I'm back at last. My eyes still aren't fully healed, but here's what I've managed to get done in the past several months- cheers!
  3. Wonderful! The stitch embossing tool in a stroke of absolute genius- cheers!
  4. The Hairspray Technique. A layer of color(s), a layer of aqueous hairspray (or commercial 'chipping fluid'), and another layer of color(s). Dampen the top coat with water and with the paint thus softened, scrub away with a damp q-tip and toothpick, etc to strip the top layer away for a ragged, chipped effect. I used it with laquer Hataka colors on my MiG LanceR- could even do chipping after 24 hours.
  5. I have a lovely set of Aires wheels for my Mohawk- absolutely no flats or bulges, but... The same with Reskit P-61 wheels.
  6. Congratulations, Peter- another triumph. Cheers!
  7. C'est magnifique! Cheers, Chuck
  8. Those straps/bands may well be covered in strips of doped-on fabric to streamline them- or maybe even putty. Just guessin'...
  9. Hmmmm- those wheels in 1/48 on Shapeways, maybe- as well as that wonderful figure?
  10. Cмерть Путіну! Glad you and your family are safe. Give those bastards sunflower seeds!
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