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  1. Thanks, Maru! I appreciate your kind words and yeah, Matt was a good man and a great friend. I have so much planned for this little kit- and I hope I can make it all come true. Stay tuned!
  2. Thanks everyone- Matt was a member here- Scrodes: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/profile/2413-scrodes/ He was a damn fine modeler and a good friend. Thanks, LSP_Kevin! I never really left. James Rademaker- I think they're sometimes the best part. That's very much appreciated, Tom- thanks. Thanks, Troy- I think I'm finally back from my long recuperation- cheers! Thanks to you as well, Rich! I'm currently stretching my skills by sculpting all-new upholstery on the bang seats from Magic Sculpt epoxy putty. Not looking too terrible so far!
  3. Wonderful stuff, Ryan- it's the Primer Directive!
  4. Love the modulation, Oliver- cheers!
  5. HI, everyone! Here at long last is Episode 4. I've been taking things slow for a variety of reasons, like family, health, work, home and garden, and friends. Modeling has taken a back seat for a couple of reasons- mostly because my mojo has gone into a slump. A big part of that was the loss of my good friend and modelling pal Matt Odom, who recently lost his 13 year battle with brain cancer. He was a brilliant 1/32 scale enthusiast, a Canadian cop and loving family man. We communicated mainly by text and sometimes, phone. It was just too much to sit at the bench and not be able to text him a pic of my newest dumb idea, or answer a question from his ever-inquisitive mind. Add in the slow recovery from my heart surgery- which included a measure of brain fog (or 'pump brain') from the heart/lung machine. To top it all off I'm developing cataracts, even as my eyesight begin to regress with age. The latter is curable, the former demand patience and perseverance. I'm not giving up- no way! I'm just taking my time, and I hope to continue to keep sharing the joys and tribulations of this hobby with all my fellows around the globe- cheers!
  6. Here's to an easy surgery and a swift recovery!
  7. Fantastic as ever, petter- cheers! BTW, my shipment came through perfectly, and will be a great help in my shuffling Mohawk build. Thanks!
  8. That is the absolute bomb, Oliver- cheers!
  9. There's a global shipping crisis as well- ports can't handle the flow of container ship traffic. Here on Whidbey Island we've had up to 4 large ships moored in Holmes Harbor waiting for space to open up in Seattle, Tacoma and even Vancouver, BC!
  10. Thanks, Timmy! That video is a treasure trove of info- cheers!
  11. Thanks a bunch, Pete! I'll think of your post while I'm swearing my way through the main wells (again.) Wow, Timmy!- I'd better mine done before a REAL modeler steps up! Where can I see more of that )V-10 in the header of your crazy-good web site? I MUST SEE MORE! Quick question for the cognoscienti: Would Vietnam-era hydraulic lines have the colorful anodized connectors? All the refs i have are restorations. TIA!
  12. Thanks, guys! I have hitch up my britches and get some paint in that compartment and the wheel well. I'm pretty sure the compartment would be in white, but the well could be OD or maybe white. I'm still looking for color schemes for a dull, faded OD bird. I have the Squadron books and that's about it. Any other references or sites I could consult? TIA- and cheers! Chuck
  13. Thanks, Jack, Sepp and Troy! Well, friends- sit down to tale of modeling adventure, styrene feats of derring-do and cold brass tragedy... if you dare!
  14. Beautiful, Gary- cheers!
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