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  1. Thanks, Mustang! Here's the latest shagadelic update!
  2. No worries, troy- I didn't receive that message, but I have been using both tools with great satisfaction- cheers!
  3. Many thanks, Turbo! Hope you get thawed out soon, Troy- stay safe!
  4. Question: what is the long steel pin with the fine slot cut in used for? Thanks! BTW, I'm deliriously happy with my -400 and the 550 Elite- cheers!
  5. Glad you've locked the problem down! You'll be better in no time- cheers, John!
  6. I have a lot of pics of this aircraft taken at the NAS Whidbey Island Open House- let me know if there any areas you'd like to see. The cockpits were not avaiable, nor were the engine nozzles, as might be expected. We live in the one of the approaches to the Outlying FLCP Field and get our treetops mowed all too often.
  7. Thanks, LSP Mike and Mustang1989! Wow, Mark- you really came through! I've downloaded a lot of those cockpit pics already, and found one of a derelict with very interesting IP coamings. On the pilot's side it has a circular opening for the sight, and it protrudes outward over the IP. On the co-pilot's side is a rectangular opening. I also have a pic of a bad copy of an nth generation xerox and you can just dope out a flat box with rounded ends fore and aft- like certain cameras. What the lens at the front looks like I do not know, but it seems to have filmed through the windshield
  8. Love that numbered series of fixes, Chuck. My MiG LanceR was my first 'serious' jet model, and I was impressed at the amount of surface details that needed to be authenticated and added for this revised version of the venerable machine. Sympathies!
  9. Thanks, Tom! It is a fascinating little thing, isn't it. Photos of the originals look to be so nicely built, like a premium car. Appreciate that, Brian- cheers! Oh, I've got a lot to go and am having a blast with it. That's very kind, Shawn- thanks! Mark, if I ever start a 1/32 build I may crawl into it and never make it out. I am indebted for that manual- a million thanks! Not to be greedy, but do you have any info on the gunsight and gun camera mounted on the IP cowling? Stay tuned, Noe- same chuk time, same chuk channel! I laugh e
  10. https://www.chukw.com/Hobby/Mohawk/Mohawk_Only.jpg
  11. Thanks, John- do take care in these perilous times- and best of luck!
  12. Will you include the nitrous oxide booster equipment?
  13. Magnificent build, Chuck- and thanks for highly educational and thoroughly enjoyable SBS- cheers!
  14. I anxiously await your sunbathing bikini-clad woman!
  15. Just got here- fantastic as ever, Peter- cheers!
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