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  1. I anxiously await your sunbathing bikini-clad woman!
  2. Just got here- fantastic as ever, Peter- cheers!
  3. That will make it the best ever issue of FSM- I'll definitely look for a copy. Congrats, Oliver- and cheers!
  4. Thanks, Shawn! Healing, resting and modeling are under way!
  5. Just went through this thread and my brain. just. melted.
  6. Thanks, Gazzas! Problem solving is my favorite part of modelling- cheers!
  7. Thank you, my friends- I am humbled. Finishing this long-stalled build has been a goal during my long recovery- so glad you've enjoyed it! The other day I was taking a nice 5.6 mile hike, and decided to try a bit of a jog going down a hill. While it seemed okay at the time, it was a very poor decision. I awoke at 1:30 am in terrible pain, as if my rib cage had been used for batting practice. The good folks at the ER determined my heart to be sound, and the nurses at cardiac rehab took me to task for trying jogging before I had been one whole year out of surgery. Sometimes you ARE
  8. Who produced the resin cockpit? I'll be watching with interest- cheers!
  9. Peter, I had problems getting my pics to work- and found out why. I've been using the mail program Thunderbird, and have been writing the actual post in an email, which I save to Drafts. The thing is, the url locations for the photos get automatically saved as Rich Text, which buggers everything up when I tried to post them. Rich Text displays as blue lettering, and when you right-click and highlight it show an option in the drop-down menu to 'paste as normal text' or some such, getting rid of the rich text. Worked for me, but I host my own images- you may be at the mercy of everyone's best bu
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