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  1. Who produced the resin cockpit? I'll be watching with interest- cheers!
  2. Peter, I had problems getting my pics to work- and found out why. I've been using the mail program Thunderbird, and have been writing the actual post in an email, which I save to Drafts. The thing is, the url locations for the photos get automatically saved as Rich Text, which buggers everything up when I tried to post them. Rich Text displays as blue lettering, and when you right-click and highlight it show an option in the drop-down menu to 'paste as normal text' or some such, getting rid of the rich text. Worked for me, but I host my own images- you may be at the mercy of everyone's best bu
  3. Thanks, guys! In this thrilling episode, we take a long, hard look at the ejector seat trolley- read on!
  4. Here's an update- enjoy! I have enough material to do another, but I didn't want to flood the system.
  5. Thanks for linking me, Maru! My website's disc is full - this is the update that broke it! I must wait until tomorrow to get more space- but I hope you will think the wait worthwhile.
  6. Thanks, my friends- I think I've found the problem. I host the pics on my own website, and I have used up all my disc space! I host with the Canadian firm Doteasy, and won't be able to contact them until tomorrow. Sorry to make you wait! You can see it on Facebook if you're a member there. Cheers!
  7. I could use a little help here. I tried loading the images by html text and get this.
  8. Here's your COVID19 update! Hope you are all well and keeping safe. I still have a couple of weeks work to finish my current freelance job- and then, well- I'll have a lot more modeling time. As Starlord might say, "Something good? Something Bad? Maybe a little of both?"
  9. World's Greatest Modeler! Brilliant!
  10. Thanks for the info, Gazzas! And to think, I've soldered two sets before these came out.
  11. A lovely conclusion, Gazzas- cheers! Tell me, what are the Gaspatch antennae made from?
  12. Super-cool- and beautiful craftsmanship, Bruce- cheers!
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