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  1. I love the Tigershark......
  2. it fits perfect.....
  3. the Seat of the F-20 was a lot of work in CAD....Thank´s Torben belts will be added later...
  4. thanks to my fried Eduard, who add also the Version for making N3986B here how the final Layout of the decals looks like..
  5. can be shown with open or closed doors, here in its position..... So stay tuned Regards Bekim
  6. the quality is superb....
  7. the last Part is the rear wheel well with its integrated weapon bay.....
  8. that will be a big model....
  9. cockpit unit assambled .....
  10. wall thickness is 3 mm , so a metal landing gear will be required....
  11. and from the another side....
  12. here is the back section, that is a beast , made of three parts.....
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