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  1. As the title states... Does anyone have a good link to be able to purchase this book? I'm guessing it is out of print? But was hoping it maybe still out there. If any one has one that they would be willing to part with...I would walk hundreds of miles thru a blinding snow storm uphill both ways to get it... Thanks in advance guys.
  2. CODY

    HK B-17E/F

    Thierry, roger that on the difference between F and G nose's. I'm buried in B-17 reference material...It is going to be hard waiting to start this...But from the responses, money wise it will probably be smart to wait for the "Interior Stuff" to surface... I'm kicking myself for not picking up up a couple "G'S"... Guys thanks for the fast answers....
  3. CODY

    HK B-17E/F

    Most of the interior aftermarket bit's from Eduard (B-17G Interior 32774) should be usable for now, correct? I'm sure there will be new stuff coming from them down the road. And all of the outside bit's should good to go also?... Mine will be here on Dec 6th...I can't wait.
  4. It don't make no never mind about grama checking yer math-matical stuff...just keep going...I'm luvin' this!...
  5. Amazing! Tiny details, Paint and sublte weathering.... You are either shrinking down museum aircraft or have super vision.
  6. Whew...Long week! O-kay fired off an order today. Guys I'm looking forward to this...I must admit playing Rise of Flight hasn't helped much. Lawman56 "Joe" good to hear about the quick delivery. I'm guessing I'll fumble my way through it like noob...But that is going to be half the fun. "Ron" I really was fired up about the DVII and some decals but looked around here and figured the SE5 was the safest bet. More to come.... Thank you every one for all the input.
  7. Did some searching around...Guessing Wingnut's is the best place to buy? Saw a few kit's on E-Bay, and about fell over! Delivery time from NZ. doesn't seem to bad. Might make me do 2 planes at once on the order... Lee...My girl (Piper) will sit with me for hours while I model...as long as I "Play tennis ball" with her! They are great companions.
  8. Greetings... I would like to begin by saying hello! I am amazed at the quality of work here, I've browsed thu a bunch of threads and seen somethings that made me say no way! I have dabbeled with 1/48th scale all my modeling career. but as age catches up with me I find it harder and harder to enjoy the fiddly bits of the scale. So I guess I'm crossing over to the dark side. I do have some 1/32nd scale kits in the stash that I was keeping for this point in my life. But they still don't seem to be yelling at me loud enough. So my thoughts have been WWI, mainly Wingnut stuff... I've been contemplating the "SE.5" or the "The Pup". So if may ask for suggestions on after market bits for these, it would be surely welcomed. I've looked at some threads and see that there are a bunch of after market things, I know it comes down to how far I "Want to Go" but I would like to make a decent show piece of it. I've horded a few books and such on several planes from the era, so that won't be a problem... Thanks in advance.
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