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  1. Incredible! Can't believe how quickly you finished it either! Craig
  2. Soooo good Jay! That engine and those bomb braces are epic! Craig
  3. Love it Ben! I can imagine how long it would've taken to draw that up! Craig
  4. Looking great Peter! I wonder if the foil you're using is something similar to this? https://www.hobbytools.com.au/nutter-set-extra-foil-6-x-6/ It's very soft and cuts easily. If it is then it is readily accessible so you don't have to worry about running out of it! Great idea about overlapping the leading edges then sanding back...... I'd never thought of if, but it makes perfect sense and the results speak for themselves As Mark said, it'll still look ace under paint! Craig
  5. Looking really nice! I didn't realise the E/F kit had such horrible marks where the staggered windows were filled! The interior work is really good, I'd say styrene is the way to go for your gunner's platform. I'd agree with acrylic for the windows, if you're familiar with Paul Budzik's work he uses the stuff to great effect.... especially if you cut it a bit oversize so you don't see the joins. That's how I'm planning on doing the nose ones for my C model. Craig
  6. Really amazing work you're doing here Guy! I too have been inspired to do a production line version using the corsair. I really like the green you've used; looks much more appropriate than the brighter yellow I've seen in this case! Good work on the wing mod..... I know how stressful cutting into a perfectly good model can be! Cheers, Craig
  7. Oh nice! That metallic MRP looks stunning! I'll have to get some of that. Your work in the bays looks really good...... can't wait to see the "greyZC!" Craig
  8. Oh mate you nailed that! I could only dream of getting a finish like you've done here, great work! Very inspirational, I believe this might be the first finished one here! Cheers, Craig
  9. Congratulations Jay! All told for the amount of work you did, three years is actually pretty good..... The -47 looks just right sitting there on its legs. You certainly have a penchant for bringing these big toys to life Well done Sir! Craig
  10. You know I thought Tamiya had done pretty well in detailing the cockpit and it couldn't really have much added to it. How wrong I was! Very impressive detailing Craig
  11. Beautiful Oliver! What did you make the silver reservior thingies out of, or are they just painted? Cheers, Craig
  12. The primer looks great and the wingtips came out perfectly. Did you use pewter sheet for them? They look a little shinier than the rest. That lip for the front of the gear bay is very nice too... As always Peter, highly inspirational! Cheers, Craig
  13. I knew I'd seen it somewhere! This link is to a study about powered turrets and contains some really good info about the remote ones as fitted to the early E's. Enjoy reading! https://www.afhra.af.mil/Portals/16/documents/Studies/51-100/AFD-090529-108.pdf Craig
  14. Great work mate!!! I think I miss quite a lot of the GB stuff and there's some cracking builds going on here, yours included. I too have seen the ghost at her home in Pearl and it is a shame you can't get all the way around her to see the details, but she's the second closest B-17 to me (ironically I actually work at Garbutt Field!) aside from the one still on the side of the hill at black cat pass in PNG. Tom Probert does have a wealth of experience about the B-17, and I'd like to think I've learnt a bit about the early ones on my C model journey. I am also looking to eventually make an E with the remote turret, so I'll see if I've got anything I can pass on to you.... Just a note for you before you get too far into the build..... I'm not sure how far into the war it was, but the C, D, E and even some of the early F's never had ammunition chutes and separate ammo boxes, except for the powered and tail turrets. The nose, radio room and waist guns all had ammo cans that hung off the guns (I think maybe only 100 round capacity in most cases). I'll see if I can find a photo of what I'm talking about Great build though, following on for sure! Cheers, Craig
  15. Sure thing Terry; and a little "Tripoli" in an oxygen mask too! Well the last two months have been absolute chaos, but I did finally manage to slip in a few days at Easter to regain my sanity and do a little work on the Fort. I was at a classic procrastination point. The bathtub needed the internal walls so I could start detailing the gunner's station but the internal walls also formed the basis for the floor near the entry-way into the rear fuselage. The internal walls needed to be positioned so I could make the gunner's cushion, but the bathtub couldn't be positioned permanently because I hadn't closed up the fuselage, and wouldn't be doing so for a long time....... After much dry fitting and fettling, I made the two internal "walls." These were painstakingly shaped to fit and lined with litho. They also had lightning holes which also had to line up with the outer observation window when everything was together..... No pressure.......total chicken and egg scenario! Like the radio room, I made a slot of the gun ring to slide in and did my best at trying to simulate a cushion (sculpture is clearly not my strong point!) Each side, once lined and detailed had to be glued in place using the bathtub taped in position to ensure alignment.... never have I wanted another hand and smaller fingers than now!!!! After a fair amount of effort, I had both sides in and glued. Surprisingly, both the bathtub AND the left hand fuselage could still be removed! Win!!!! Now for a few shots to show you how it all fits together.... Note: Bathtub position can still be adjusted to line up the holes better This one is from the radio room hatch looking down.... And it's still all removable! Pretty happy with that! Now I can finally get to grips with that floor, which will led to gun mounts and all the other details that I've been needing to do but couldn't until I sorted this! I'm taking some time off work soon, so hopefully I can get a good run on this and edge her a bit closer to the end! Cheers, Craig
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