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  1. Great work Kev! Certainly a unique version of the tiger moth! Craig
  2. Nice job around the chin windows Pete. I remember how challenging those areas were when I did my Chinook! Craig
  3. Nice! I've not really had much to do with PLA, but the finish on the parts seems very smooth. Much smoother than the finish I get in ABS. Good luck with the project! Craig
  4. Thanks Pat! Can't wait to see some more progress on your D model Thanks Terry! It is true, but as we've discussed many times before, half the fun for me is the R&D! As long as I learn something from each time it goes wrong, it wasn't wasted right? Yeah the rivets are a lot of work, but the results are worth it, regardless of how long it takes me to get it done. Hopefully as I refine the process, the speed will also improve. Thanks mate! Cheers Kev! You know me, I love to challenge myself Thanks very
  5. Hahaha! Thanks for the reality check as always Terry And yes, it did seem like a bit of an oversight on HK's behalf not to include them. Perhaps they'll fix that when they bring out their C model.......... Thanks Tom, at least you have the benefit of experience the second time around right! So another 6 weeks has flown past, what have I been up to? Lots of R&D, not so much progress towards completion though... Armed with Peter's (Airscale's) Patreon videos about skinning with litho, it was definitely high time to try my own. From my early ex
  6. And that's exactly the reason I'm considering converting my x and y axes on the mill to be stepper driven with button control...... it takes the "me" out of the equation! I actually have the complete CNC conversion kit, just need to find time to actually make it happen.
  7. This is absolutely incredible work! What material did you turn your master for the engine cylinders out of? I also don't suppose you have any more "in progress" photos of how you made the propeller? Can't wait to see more! Craig
  8. Nice work Jay! If that was me I totally would have turned the hand-wheel the wrong way at some point and stuffed the whole part up! Getting closer with this one. Craig
  9. The turret looks like it's always been part of the kit! Nice Craig
  10. Absolutely beautiful Kevin! Congratulations on seeing a very long project through to conclusion. Craig
  11. Lucky you did, otherwise I wouldn't have realised that was your model as opposed to the real thing!
  12. Beautiful work as always Eric! And I love the personal background stories to your builds as well. I thought the editing in of Alan was amazing! Craig
  13. So I finally reached a significant milestone....... 6 years into the build and I have glued one wing together!!!!!! But of course it wasn't straight forward. There was still lumps and bumps that were not present on the early wings that had to be removed and filled, then there was still a significant amount of dry fitting to make sure my redone outer nacelles would fit without causing the rest of the wing to deform etc. I also had one of those modelling moments where something seems so easy to do, but yet you struggle to the point of questioning
  14. Great job on the nose turret Pat! I totally would have made the mistake of lining up the decals with the vertical stab..... good advice Really coming together now. Craig
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