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  1. Incredible job Craig! I never knew the cable ran on the outside to the cockpit for the mine. Learn something new every day! Well done Craig
  2. That is some damn fine work on the wings Sean! Very subtle effect, looks very nice indeed! Craig
  3. I certainly have Jay! And some tighter ones to come yet . They're quite the challenge, especially trying to get some of the smaller creases out..... I have no doubt from what I've seen you do so far that you're more than up for it, but Pewter may be a little more forgiving in certain situations. Whichever way you choose to go, I know it's going to look awesome! Craig
  4. Awesome subject! I've always wanted to do another one of these after totally destroying my Revell one years ago. Can't wait to see the masterpiece that will come off your bench Craig
  5. Man that is intense! You have been busy Jay . The aft fuselage is rapidly coming up to par with your forward fuselage effort. Yeah those little fillets will be interesting. You may even want to resort to some pewter sheet for those bits instead of litho.... It may just be a little easier to work the tight curves. Craig
  6. Congratulations on getting to the end! And what a great result it is! Sometimes things take a lot longer than you first thought, but well done on seeing it through. This December, my B-17 build will enter its 9th year, so being "slow" is relative . Well done, Craig
  7. Thanks Jay! When I redid the nose, I made the new fuselage match the kit supplied piece. It'd just taken me lots of procrastination to get the framework done . Definitely looks a bit more complete now!
  8. Thanks Jim . It certainly has its uses, although it can be tricky to handle. I think I'll stick with the litho the big sections. Looking forward to seeing the next stage of your bearcat!
  9. Hahaha! Very true! Maybe I should rename the post Thanks Matt
  10. Incredible Sean! I love the in progress pics but they definitely belie the amount of work you've invested to achieve that subtle effect. Craig
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