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  1. If the tail wheel was fitted I'd almost swear I was looking at my Oshkosh pics again! Amazing work Peter Craig
  2. Exactly! The idea is to force the illusion of a shiny or otherwise, metallic surface without using metallic paints such as alclad etc. The way an artist would paint a metallic object on a 2 dimensional canvas. A mixture of blacks, greys, whites and blues combines in such a way to represent a light source that doesn't exist. It's in much the same way as Fancherello has done on his exceptional black and white Mustang and Corsair. I'm going to try it on my next model (as much as that will be sometime away). Just wondered if anyone had ever tried anything similar? Craig
  3. Well done on your progress Iain! I know these things take a huge amount of time to get right. Always keen to see your updates. Craig
  4. Just curious, has anyone here ever done or contemplated trying the non-metallic metal painting technique on an aircraft model? I know it has gained a lot of interest in the wargaming fraternity.... Like this..... And this.... I'm interested in trying it sometime. It'll be challenging to stick with a rigid light source, but I'm sure it can be done. Craig
  5. Great job! She really came out looking amazing. Love your work on the remote turret! Craig
  6. If it wasn't for the blue background those pics could've been taken at the NAA factory! You make complex castings look very straightforward Peter Beautiful work as always. Craig
  7. I've just caught up on this. Brilliant work Alex! One day when I get to my B-24 I'll try out your drawings...... many thanks!!!!! Craig
  8. Fantastic work Tom! So glad you are doing this. As you know I love the early ones so I can't wait to see you do this. I'm assuming you're going to do an RAF plane? Craig
  9. Congratulations Dennis! that is one veeeeeerrry nice looking Fort. I’m super impressed at how neatly you joined that turtle deck on. You should be very happy with this! Craig
  10. You are a filleting master!!!!! Just let me know when you're available to do my B-17's ones. Craig
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys. It does seem there is some genuine interest out there. Unfortunately with an international move rapidly approaching, it'll probably be the best part of about 12 months or so before I can progress this any further. The resin one out of the Photon looks much better (check out the WIP section), and I think may end up making more out of normal cast resin, as it will be a lot more predictable and reliable than the printed versions. I'm also looking forward in the future to doing a bomb bay gas tank for my E model, so keep a look out Cheers, Craig
  12. Hey guys, So here's the resin version of the same .stl file done in the photon..... it just fits!!! BTW it took 13 hours to print this!!!!!!! There's some slight dimensional creepage/warpage going on with it, but the overall finish blitzes the FDM version, although it's still very useable.... And side by side.... And lastly....... For those who think 3D printing is easy and hassle free...... Human and machine error is always a possibility and the process is definitely NOT straightforward. For every successful print you see, there are likely to be an equal or greater number of failures. This one was on me; I didn't tighten the build plate securing screw properly as I was in a hurry to get the left side on to print. 13 hours mostly down the drain, although there's some salvage potential here. Nothing for it except to try again!!! It's actually a credit to the Photon that despite my best efforts to sabotage myself, it still managed to give me a mostly workable print! p.s. the stuff at the back is the supports. This has come straight out of the printer so I haven't cut anything off yet...... Cheers, Craig
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