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  1. Looks awesome Brian! The nacelles are the business. Good luck with the gluing. Craig
  2. Really nice Brett!!! Your addition of the rivets certainly looks the part, although helped in no small amount by your beautiful paintwork and weathering!. Well done! Craig
  3. Love the way you just totally nailed vacuum forming. Hand carved master and everything just lines up!!!! Hahaha, well done again my friend. Top effort!!! Craig
  4. very nice!!! I remember brush painting one of these when I was about 11. I'm pleased to say that yours in no way looks like that!!!!!! Craig
  5. Hey Pete, Thanks very much for the reply!!! Makes perfect sense!!! Consider my curiosity satisfied Craig
  6. Well how nice is this!!!!!! Love the metal work..... well actually the whole build!!!!! soooo good!!! Craig
  7. Absolutely stunning Pete! I don't know if it's been asked before but how are you going to depict the rotors? Like a "snapshot in time?" I'd imagine it's a bit hard to "prop blur" a main rotor!!!! Also, definitely not picking fault, more just curious as to why the guy on the hoist is using his left hand on the cable? In most helicopters the pendant control is usually mounted on a bulkhead so it can be used but not get in the way........ Can't remember specifically how the blackhawk one went though.... it's been a few years! As I said, certainly not taking a
  8. Well from one CraigH to another, very nice indeed! Well done Craig
  9. 21 in a year?!!!!!!!!! That is sensational! I'm more like 21 years for one! Craig
  10. You and me both Jay! I've learnt a lot already, learning more as I go! Absolutely Brian! Brass is just so versatile! A little more for you. I've finished most of the retraction mechanism, apart from the gearbox and motor mount. Still lots of little pulleys and control cables to add as well but the bulkhead is looking pretty busy now. This is super fiddly even to put together.... at the moment all the parts are being held in place by brass pins that are bent over at one end (they will be replaced!). Once I get my scale hardware I can assemble it for good. For n
  11. Hi guys, I don't know if anyone else has been using imgur here, but recently I've been unable to obtain a direct link from the site to post pictures here. It used to do this every once in a while but this current time seems to have been going on for more than 3 weeks now. I can still obtain the old BB code, but can't paste the direct link into any of my posts. I'm pretty much at the stage of abandoning imgur and using flickr unless anyone's got any ideas? Cheers, Craig
  12. Thanks mate, I appreciate the tip, however in my particular B-17's case I'm not entirely sure it's going to be that easy..... https://imgur.com/IfDQ01u In any case, yours is looking great!
  13. Well done Dennis! The fuselage seam line looks super neat! I have yet to reach this milestone on my B-17, but I doubt it's going to look as good as this does all together Craig
  14. Man that looks good... that dust accumulation is spot on!!!! Craig
  15. Very nice! The colouring looks suitably worn for a hard working bird Craig
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