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  1. You're welcome. Not sure why the full link doesn't work. All I did was copy and paste the part of your links from "https" to "jpg".
  2. Package shipped. Rick, please check your pm's.
  3. Sincere condolences, Theo. I have several Hasegawa Spits in my stash. If there is no objection I would like to send one to Rick.
  4. Thanks to Modelpig, and Happy New Year to all.
  5. I've found that it's best to freeze and thaw 2-3 times before trying to separate parts.
  6. Stick it in the freezer for a few hours: "Freezing causes the water molecules trapped in the superglue bond to expand, creating microfractures which weaken the bond enough that simple torsion is often enough to break the bond."
  7. Thanks to Kevin and everyone who participated. Merry Christmas everybody!
  8. Any interest in a generic German WWI pilot? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-32-WW1-German-Austro-Hungarian-pilot-PJ-Production-resin-Albatros-Fokker/293783071502?hash=item4466d5eb0e:g:GZoAAOSweENfGuwi
  9. Last lot: 1/32 Hasegawa N1K2-J ShidenKai. Box is a bit rough, contents are near mint.
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