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  1. When the WWII RN is rejecting a carrier plane, you know it's got some serious issues...
  2. Logged in just now to discover that my wishlist is gone.
  3. And you thought your man cave got cold...
  4. Criterion Collection restoration of Sergei Bondarchuk's War and Peace
  5. Tamiya A6M2b (Mitsubishi) Tamiya A6M2b (Nakajima)
  6. 1:1 Subtitles: 1. click "CC" at the bottom of the screen; 2. click the icon next to CC and click Subtitles/CC; 3. click auto-translate and choose the language you prefer.
  7. Demand outstripped supply because a substantial % of our non-winterized electrical generating facilities failed...again. We had a similar situation back in 2011, but the powers that be decided the chances of that happening again were so remote that the cost of of improving the plants wasn't worth it. #smdh
  8. I picked up one last night, as I write this they still have one in stock. https://www.victorymodels.com/products/silver-wings-1-32-kit-32-021-yak-9-m-t-with-markings-for-russia-france-poland?_pos=3&_sid=4e565e496&_ss=r
  9. Quinta does separate sets for the AM and Tamiya IL-2M's, as well as a set for the Zvezda single seat IL-2. Accurate Miniatures Tamiya Zvezda
  10. Design Analysis of the Zeke 32 (Hamp) This states that the elevator tabs could be adjusted in flight, while the rudder tab could only be changed on the ground. Does this apply to A6M5's as well?
  11. I did not know that. Were the elevator trim tabs adjustable?
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