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  1. Real estate wasn't an isssue until I added two 1/200 scale battleships to my collection. Call it a self inflicted problem.
  2. And, no, I don't have an advanced copy of the soon to be released Airfix 1/24 Spit IXc. I do, however, have one on pre-order. Years ago, I converted the Airfix Mk.1a and thought you might be interested in seeing what the new kit will look like beside their Typhoon. The pilot figure is that offered by Imrie Risley.
  3. Grizly


    Regarding the ROI (return of investment) in re-releasing kits, I would have thought that posed minimal risk given the bulk of the cost is in design and mould making which would have been absorbed in the initial release. As for competing kits, given a choice between a Hasegawa P-40 or a Trumpeter P-40, I'd pick the Hasegawa kit. The same is true for the 109F-4 or P-47. Then again, maybe I'm missing something.
  4. Grizly


    On the LSP home page it is great to see the pictures of completed models all of which are done to a very high standard. Conversely, it is frustrating to see that a high percentage are 1/32 scale Hasegawa kits most of which can now only be found on the likes of EBay at inflated prices. It completely escapes me why the company doesn't re-release those kits such as their P-40 series or 109F-4 or P-47 that are obviously appreciated and undoubtedly wanted by the modelling community. Am I missing something?
  5. Isn't the Kinetic kit the same as that from Academy? While it too is no longer in stock, you might be able to find one on line (EBaY?).
  6. As I have posted before, with a little work, the Hasegawa/Belcher Bits conversion combination can be built into an attractive model. I know I'm more than happy with my build.
  7. Regarding the still advertised 7 - 21 business day air mail service offered by Lucky Model, I placed a purchase with air mail delivery mid March and while it apparently was shipped the following day, the tracking number with Jersey Post still shows "Awaiting item from sender". Indeed, as far as I can tell, it is still in Hong Kong and two messages to Lucky Model have made me none the wiser.
  8. I guess I'm too easily satisfied as I am quite happy with my 1.32 Trumpeter 21MF (and Mig-19).
  9. Whether it be Hobby 2000 or simply Hasegawa, what I'd like to see is the re-release of the Hasegawa P-40E and P-40K in a single boxing in which parts for both tails are included as per their previous offering in kit # 08226 and a single boxing for a P-40M and P-40N. They (Hasegawa that is) already have the molds and from a marketing perspective, it would certainly fill an existing void. I'd certainly open my wallet for a couple more 1/32 Hasegawa P-40s that I could add to my existing collection.
  10. The Delux (?) Hasegawa Sabre kit (has metal landing gear) with shortened wing tips, Cutting Edge drop tanks, a resin cockpit, some Eduard and Leading Edge decals certainly fit the bill for me.
  11. While I realize a 1/32 T-33 is offered by Special Hobby, the kit is lacking. A new kit with a detailed cockpit, flaps, wheel wells and speed brakes with the option for Lockheed or Canadair versions would be, as Tony the Tiger would say, "Great!". A detailed avionics bay would be nice but not essential. I think such a kit would sell well, despite the available Special Hobby kit, as T-33s were used globally. Such a kit would also facilitate a new model of an F-80 given the T-33 was simply a stretched F-80 with many components in common.
  12. Uncarina, As I indicated, it's the Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1D Corsair with Ventura Decals. To be more specific, I used the kit decals for the stencils and walkways, Quinta Studio 3d decals in the cockpit and Ventura decals for the subject RNZAF markings. I did not use any commercial masks for the markings. I did, however, use the Eduard pre-cut masks on the canopy.
  13. KiwiZac, According to one reference I have, "No 23 Squadron, when forming up at Ardmore in 1944, was dubbed "The Ghost Squadron" by nearby Papakura residents who were unable to see pilots in the big Corsair as they landed and took-off. The name stuck and No23 Squadron adorned their aircraft with the White ghostly figure seen below the cockpit."
  14. It's the Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1D Corsair with Ventura Decals and sliding canopy and drop tank from the F4U-1A kit completed as "Kohimarama IX" of 23 (Ghost) Squadron, RNZAF. The only other after market stuff used were the Quinta Studio 3D decals for the instrument panel and consoles which I would guess are (going to be) hard to come by given they are from Russia. Too bad as they sure are nice. Paint was from AK. Finally, a special thanx to Jeff W (aka NZTempest) for his help.
  15. Nothing has been said about the engine included with the Mk.1a kit - it's terrible. Fortunately, if you can lay your hands on an Airfix Hurricane kit, the engine can be made to fit with not too much trouble and is a vast improvement.
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