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  1. The first, AC*U is the Dragon 1/32 P-51D and was built with the help of Eduard's colour etch instrument panel and seat belts, some Mr. Surfacer to tone down the wing rivets, finished with Alclad II Aluminum, Model Master enamels and topped off with the excellent Leading Edge decals. The second aircraft represents a later squadron aircraft as it would have appeared after the avionics upgrade performed by MacDonald Brothers. It is the Tamiya 1/32 P-51D kit to which I revised the starboard side of the cockpit and the nav/com units behind the pilot's seat and moved the battery into the engine compartment in accordance with the afore mentioned upgrade. I also enhanced the engine compartment with Eduard's etch set, scratch built the ignition harnesses, added the Eduard Brassin instrument panel and seat belts to the cockpit and the Brian L Fawcett Models and Patterns zero length rocket rails. Again paints were by Alclad II and Model Masters and decals by Leading Edge.
  2. Further to my last, an abbreviated narrative of my build can be found here in LSP. See https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=667
  3. When I built my 1/24 Mk.IXc, I used/modified the exhausts from the Airfix Stuka kit. The build was the subject of a two part article in the Nov & Dec 1996 issues of Scale Models International. The following are two photos of my model and the last page of the article which lists the parts used.
  4. Once again, I learned something new. Thanx Richard. As an aside, it is not my intention to model aircraft 273 pictured above which has the vented panel aft of the wing. Instead, I'll pick an aircraft that didn't have the vents such as 297.
  5. While I can't give an example of a Mustang loaded out with 10 HVARs, my particular interest is an RCAF 402 Squadron aircraft which had six mounts.
  6. Kagemusha, Many thanx. An order on the way.
  7. The subject I am modelling with my Tamiya P-51D carried underwing 5 inch rockets and there lies my problem - where to find the zero length rails. I purchased the Isradecal rails but, unfortunately, they are of a different pattern from those normally installed on the Mustang (see below for the required type). Anybody out there have a suggestion as to where I might find six sets of rails (don't need the rockets)?
  8. It's the Tamiya 1/32 kit with the Eduard Brassin port engine, Xtracolor paints and Aviaeology decals. The aircraft represents one flown by Squadron Leader Vic Cherry, a Texan who flew with the RCAF's 418 Squadron.
  9. Bill, Here's my 1/24 Airfix grey/green/grey duo - my newly completed Typhoon and 23 year old Spit IX build.
  10. Anthony, I simply sprayed the spinner Xtracolor Sky Type S then Tamiya NATO Black and chipped some of the black off with a number 11 XActo blade. Bill, the leading edge of the prop has paint removed on the outer leading edges. It's just not evident in the pictures. I might add (some) 'chipping' on the wing leading edges. I just haven't decided yet.
  11. It's the Airfix 1/24 scale bubble top Typhoon with the Yahu instrument panel, Xtracolor paints and Aviaeology decals.
  12. Richard, If you can, could you post pictures/drawings of the right side of late RCAF Mustangs which had the revised radio and electrical junction panel. Specifically how the radio and ARC control heads were positioned and if the oxygen regulator was updated/relocated. I still have the drawings previously provided but have since been unable to clarify the latter mentioned details.
  13. Since I used the Aires resin wheel well set in my build I was somewhat concerned that the plastic/resin gear joint might not hold the weight so, to be on the safe side I added a piano wire support between the main gear aft of the center line tank. While it can be seen with close examination of the attached, it is virtually invisible when the model is sitting on the gear on display. As an aside, should you wonder, the pylon bombs are interchangeable on my model.
  14. If there is anyone out there in LSP land who is willing to part with their surplus Italeri Matra Magics (for an appropriate fee of course) I'd be most grateful. It would fill that one remaining void in my build as posted above.
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