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  1. Also the rocket firing Stuka Fw 190s
  2. haha yes I have a C-6 booked for this year
  3. Hi everyone, with the advent of my Bf 109 'Tulip' decal sheet I have been working on a conversion set for the 'Graf Special' decal option. Sadly I have not had time to get on with it as quickly as I hoped but the test PE parts have gone off for printing and the canopy is half done and the rockets are in stock. The set will be available either for the Revell or Hasegawa kits as the canopy dimensions are sadly different Also test PE for Pressurised Bf 109s has gone off and this will be a new conversion for Revell and Hasegawa kits including decal option and resin parts. I imagine 1x set for G-1 and 3 for Revell and Hasegawa and a set for either the Revell or Hasegaw kit to make a G-5. So PE tests sent, canopies in progress and pressurised 109 decals in progress. Thanks as always for everyone support
  4. Hi everyone my Bf 109 Tulip decals have arrived £14.00 (double sheet sorry) + p&p. email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested. Please note Red 2 was changed to Black 2. Thanks
  5. Perhaps my English is not good. I am not saying I do not have them and can never supply them, I am saying that they are too difficult and expensive to include in the kit at its original price 'selling the resin canopy as part of the kit economically impossible' Thanks
  6. Hi Everyone, on the 18th Sept 2018 I stated that the Bf 110 G conversions would now come with 1x vac and 1x resin rear canopy section. Sadly this never came to fruition due to the high reject rate making selling the resin canopy as part of the kit economically impossible as I had already made the kits as cheap as I could. Sorry for any disappointment caused. I really thought I had already wrote this but could not find it when prompted by a customer wondering why there was no resin canopy in their order. I never did change my website to show the resin canopy so that is one thing but apologies again for failing to provide the correct information at the right time here on LSP. Best wishes John
  7. Thanks guys, Jeff sorry I meant AV not AK and sadly it did not work, no problem as it adds to the general non-monotone Monotone finish haha. Its worse if you use flash photography or too much ISO, normally just looking at it as I pass by (finished model gets looked at very often for first few weeks of its life!) it looks fine so that is good enough. Its not a competition model by any means - there are damaged decals everywhere and all the hatches were a post build idea so there is hardly anything inside. But I like it and that's the bottom line. Thanks again everyone. No one spotted (or said out of politeness) that I forgot to add a FuG 25a IFF antenna or that I stupidly placed the flap indicator decals in the wrong place!!!!!! both issues are now fixed. Till next time, best wishes John
  8. Hi everyone, thanks for kind words. Hope you do not mind me posting more pics - when you do so few models you get over-excited! I spent some time trying to carefully airbrush out some of the bleaching too much AK Matt varnish had caused. I also added a little more exhaust stain but I did not want to do it as I can not imagine this bird got much of a service life. Photography is crazy - every time I take a picture the green is different depending on lighting conditions and ISO. I did not use a flash this morning - just lower F number so not so much focus but more light - result lighter green than with flash?????? Lower Focal plane beats Flash paper scissors game! - New one for long journeys in car with kids.
  9. All done. Too much AK varnish has meant many areas bleached out and I might try going over these areas with a little spray paint but apart from that she is done and I am feeling very prolific having now made 2 models in the last 24 months! Hope you like. If I might share a summery of the work and some reflections... In short throw money at any kit designed for a mass market and you can turn out a nice model - this kit is no exception, all well as designing no less than 5 new AIMS products for it (Upper gun cowl, lower engine and cowl, Gear Bay PE, Hatches and latches PE, Late War decals) the kit used the beautiful Barracuda Studios spinner/props, super charger intake, exhausts and oil cooler. On top of that I used Eduard's Brassin Main gear legs and covers and some parts from their PE set for the Hasegawa kit. I also replaced the terrible Revell head armour with spare from Hasegawa kit and DF loop base from Trumpeter kit. Not forgetting the wonderful metal stamp decals from MDC and Master MG 131's and HGW seat belts If I wanted to make another with the most essential extra's I would recommend the Barracuda Spinner/prop set and oil cooler, My AIMS oleo leg housing PE and a replacement head armour item from spares box. Painting was a headache as the RLM 83 (old name) that I had from Polyscale was too light in my own opinion, my Alclad aluminium would not stay on the Black Mr Hobby primer - even at the closing stages some came off and I back filled with some red/orange putty to look like a repair! And finally as already mentioned I used too much flat varnish - mostly due to rapidly failing eyesight (no joke - its bad) which had significantly changed the colour but o well its certainly not monotone haha. Thanks for all the kind words over the build and thanks for pointing out errors also. I enjoying finishing this as I just love the small details that bring Monotone subjects to life. Best wishes PJ
  10. Hi everyone, apart from nav lights the bottom is all but done so I can now spin it over and start on the top. I am really enjoying finishing this build.
  11. Hi everyone, for your interest here is my inspiration for the manufacturer stamps on the 'outside' of the sheet metal - showing through the thin layer of RLM 76 on a 109 G-6 belly section
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