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  1. Not yet I don't - not even at the printers yet lol but thanks in advance haha
  2. AIMS Bf 109 Late War 109's Vol. 2 Hi everyone, hope you are all safe and well. As you all know there is a terrible shortage of Bf 109 decals on the market lol so with my 1/48 Late War 109 decal sheet selling out last week I thought I would get on with my Volume 2. After the Spitfire decals are printed then this lot will be sent off. Hope you like, I know some are available in kits, some have been available in kits - for better or worse but it is the selection I wanted regardless, perhaps there is still something there for you - I hope so. Best wishes, John
  3. It is a Mk IX not a PR XI so apart from oblique camera it is a standard Mk IX with narrow gun blisters - no cameras in belly or otherwise I would have drawn them!
  4. Hi all, hope you are safe and well. I can hardly believe that in the 20 years of AIMS as an English guy I only now get around to designing some Spitfire decals! I know I am very late to the party and some of these options may have been done in the past but hope you like anyway. I have ordered some Spitfire kits and will start designing the PR parts needed. As for these decals the files have only just gone to the printers in last few days and he is busy so I imagine a month or two before they are available. So as a Luftwaffe modeller on the whole I can finally say 'Achtung, spitfire.' BTW igno
  5. Hi John simple a masterpiece in every way imaginable, well done and thanks for using my decals. I want to build it my self one day - dream on!
  6. Last years Christmas present finished! 1/48 Eduard Hawker Tempest of No. 3 Sqn RAF flown by Sqn Ldr Charles H. Macfie, late 1947, Germany. Thanks for looking
  7. Only had 4 already but too many models to build - I will end up looking like a patch work quilt!
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