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  1. Hi everyone, I have been very quiet due to my bad hands - no improvement at all sadly. Pressing on..... the RAF Camera sets in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 are ready now and I also have a new 1/32 Gloster Gladiator Exterior Detail set available. anyway to save me typing too much just have a look at my updated website please and email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if you need anything, thanks http://www.aimsmodels.co.uk/
  2. Hi everyone 32D028 Ju 88 External Placards has just arrived - retail £5.00. Email me if interested - aimsmodels1@gmail.com thanks
  3. Hi everyone, just finished my ICM Gloster Gladiator / AIMS J8 conversion, hope you like it. I am obviously not a bi-plane modeler as I went for the option of directly placing on top of the main wires a length of 0.5 rod, believing life was too short to try and drill into it 0.15 by 0.3mm back to back slots and then again in the middle and at the end - twice over - shoot me! Kit was built using the following.... AIMS Mk 1 engine set, upper ailerons, decals, Cockpit PE, bracing wires and external details PE, landing flaps PE, J8 conversion set, Gas Patch RAF turnbuckles x4 and a lot of scratch building. Model was finished using Xtracolour WWII Olive Drab and RAF Barley Grey and as indicated my AIMS decals. I will take some nicer photos once I have it on base, Thanks for looking -John
  4. Hi Kev no sadly, hands terrible, back in hospital tomorrow, thanks
  5. Hi everyone, almost finished my 1/32 ICM Mk Gladiator/AIMS J8 conversion that uses nearly every AIMS Gladiator product I do! Adverting haha. It has taken a long time to get this far due to my hand problems but nice to see it coming along. In the next few days I will add my AIMS bracing wires. Issues - left main wheel wants to splay out - very weak and will need pinned to a display. Tail plane very fragile and I dare not take it on a Hungarian road! Also rudder 0.5mm wider than tail fin?????? As for my decals - the White 8's at the front need cut in half and the gun trough painted in and the fuselage roundels just cannot settle over such a raised angular hatch with a prominent corner in the middle of a 2 dimensional decal - you need to slice around the hatch asap and then babysit the decal. O and just before the photos were taken the left rear cabane strut bottom popped out causing a mess and the temptation to use bad language! Also be aware that even with a well printed white you will see a high contrast demarcation line underneath the ghost decal so be prepared. Points of interest - note the fuel level indicator and missing hatch added to the fuel tank area, then behind that the thin aerofoil bracing (which I had never ever spotted on the Gladiator till a week or so ago!!!!) and then behind that the Swedish Iron sight seen on this aircraft and a few others. The gun sight inside is a German Revi 12. On the left side in front of the hatch is a flight maintenance card holder. My AIMS J8 conversion includes the different weapon barrels, different clearance blisters, Radio equipment and the Gloster Gauntlet propeller and hub (if needed). Also note the J8 does not have the belly shell and link ejector ports which will need removed and neither does it have the underwing gun fairing side openings which will need filled. To the rear lays the only non AIMS after market product in the form of the Gas Patch RAF turn buckles used as a pair on each rudder pylon. Paint - I confess that I just could not find the paint colours I saw recommended on the internet and so used what I had and so the Olive is Xtracolour WWII Ovlive Drab X112 and the lower colour is Xtracolour RAF Barley Grey X17. The inside of the cockpit upper is RAF Interior Green with the seat and the area normally silver in an RAF machine painted a shade darker than the RAF Interior Green. The inside of the AIMS landing flaps is Mr Paint silver and the exhausts and exhaust collector ring is Alclad Jet Exhaust with a faint highlight of Alclad Pale Burnt Metal. The whole model has low lights with Tamiya Smoke and a little Raw Umber oil paint run into to panel lines to leave an otherwise well cared for J8 as per the majority of photos. OK if you see something that interests you that I have not thought to mention please let me know and I will try to help. I see ICM are releasing a J8 boxing which was an obvious choice and was why I did not pay to get 3D designed and printed skies done for my J8 conversion but to do the J8 correctly you need to change many things - hence having a conversion set available! Hope you like it so far and hope some of what I have tried to write helps you understand the J8, thanks., John
  6. I could have just done little silver blocks that would survive better the printing process but it is not in my nature so just copied the damaged plate photos as best as possible with correct measurements provided by the museum in Oslo
  7. no - printed plus no point changing spelling that will disappear or never be able to read even under a microscope
  8. Hi again, 1/32 Spitfire PR 1G and PR IV conversion for Revell Mk II kit - coming soon. Cameras designed and printed already and as per stand alone contents below, awaiting test shot of PE, decals at printers plus awaiting new canopies designed by Tore Martin of Falcon canopies. Photo preview show 1/32 parts (PR XI canopy and set also being worked on for Revell Mk IX kit) 1/32 RAF camera set - 2x F 52s, 2x F8s and 1x F24, control box and heater box, plus decals and PE Best wishes John
  9. Future products 32D028 Ju 88 External/visible Placards
  10. Hi everyone just an update from me, as always email me at aimsmodels1@gmil.com if interested. All resin work suspended for the time being due to my carpal tunnel flare up - 7 weeks now resting with no sign of improvement - nerve root compression test this Wednesday so will take it from there - I have really been in the wars this last 13 months but many have it much worse! Not available obviously but thought you might like a pic of my painted 32F005 (painted by László György) Sopwith Snipe bracing wires are now available Late War 109s vol 2 has just arrived
  11. Hi everyone I am very happy to announce that my AIMS Bf 110 G-2/R1 conversion for either the Dragon or the Revell C-7 kit is now available (also in 1/48 hehe - sorry for bad language). If interested email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com and tell me where you live so I can calculate shipping, thanks 32P024 £82.00
  12. 1/32 ICM Gloster Gladiator - AIMS J8 conversion - getting there! Until doing the lower details I had never before spotted that the Kulspruta weapons used on the Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian machines do not have the belly spent cartridge ejector chutes.
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