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  1. Thomas - i am no longer doing private orders due to the work involved with very bad hands so I no longer have a website - please go to Hannants. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, all done, many many thanks for looking - need to rest my hands a long time now J
  3. No sadly Damian - not by a long way - just keeping on going as best I can. I will advertise when they are printed and ready thanks for the encouragement
  4. Thanks Thomas - as I said the small writing will disappear almost completely - I just needed an approximate but wanted the writing for the wheel which is great thanks J
  5. Hi everyone, I am working slowly on some 109 data plate decals for 1/32 and 1/24 (as my hands allow) - they are not to scale yet to each other - just a work-up but I just cannot find any photo in high enough resolution to be able to read the text in the solid wheel hub stencil box underneath the Achtung! Can anyone help? I have just written in some nonsense for now. Please ignore the small mistakes as 80% of this text will disappear forever in printing but I like doing the work, thanks. I also just do not know anything about the engine block WNr.s and have just copied some from museum photos but would be great to have an example from different 109 sub-types - any help would be appreciated thanks - email the help to aimsmodels1@gmail.com thanks J
  6. Sadly Troy I am in a bad way - I can hardly click the mouse control or hold a glass of water today - tablets all day everyday - full spinal MRI next month
  7. Hi Chukw, thanks for that pointer - much appreciated - it is a G-6
  8. Hi guys I am still here surviving.....just lol. Some stuff has just arrived and the 109 sheet has been sent off to the printers Arrived 32D031 He 111 P-2 single decal option for Revell He 111 P kit 32D032 Spitfire PR XI USAF single decal option for use with AIMS conversion 32P027! Future 32D033 Foreign Bf 109's The keen eyed amongst you might note that this sheet allows you to use three different 109 kits from the stash haha Enjoy John
  9. Thanks Thomaz - great clear pics thanks - yep hatch and panel line just as I have done them so that is good news - they went yesterday to SBS for casting - as did the props and spinner, thanks again
  10. AIMS 1/32 Spitfire PR 1G conversion (using Revell Mk II kit) with Barracuda details update. Well things are slow because of mistakes I have made as well as my hands. Tomorrow I see a professor of neurology in Budapest. i have waited a year to see this person. Anyway I had been concentrating so hard on my PR 1G being a conversion from a Mk I airframe that I forgot to double check the correct oil cooler and of course it is supposed to be the Mk V style one for the Merlin 45 that the PR 1G had and so it was carefully popped out and Roy Sutherland is kindly sending me the replacement part I need, thanks Roy. I have finished the kits spinner and prop corrections as best I can and I hope you like. I will let you know when available. I also will have available at approx the same time the Mk I upper Cowl and the Mk II upper cowl. The differences are slight but it is up to you. Thanks for looking J
  11. AIMS 1/32 Spitfire PR 1G conversion (using Revell Mk II kit) with Barracuda details update. Well it has been a terrible week for my hands and I have hardly been able to do a thing and but I was able to cut the clear acetate - cutting it much bigger than just the 6mm circle that I needed - then flex it and then superglue it at the edges to avoid any fogging closer to the centre. The wooded camera box once again came to my rescue as I simply needed to cut a piece wide enough for the rear portal so that the acetate could not un-flex and was trapped in place and in shape. I added some future floor varnish to the outside windows so that it will creep into the join. Thanks John
  12. AIMS 1/32 Spitfire PR 1G conversion (using Revell Mk II kit) with Barracuda details update. Spinner reshaping coming along (third layer of thinner) still lots to do. A layer of Mr Paint Fine white surface primer confirmed that I had deleted the kits sink marks well enough and helped me to see that I was very happy with my reshaped wheel clearance blisters. Thanks for looking, J
  13. Dennis great photo - not the Science Museum but the Imperial War Museum actually but amazing photo thanks this is a Mk Ia with hatch that matches style and position os the clearest Mk I wartime photos - and in every case no panel line. But the question remains - what style and location was represented on the Mk II? If the Bof B Memorial flight cowl is original and from a production Mk II then the problem is solved - i.e the same as Mk V but if the said aircraft's cowl is fabricated then the question remains open but I think it is correct as the Mk II standardised the different features of the Mk I and those standards were passed onto the Mk V and so it was make perfect sense that the style and position of the hatch on the MK II and V is the same. So far it also appears that no Mk I or II had this panel line and so I think it is safe to delete it regardless of some warbirds having it now
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