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  1. Hi everyone, these sets are available if anyone interested? £17.00 + shipping. If you do not want the rockets because you already have that covered price is £8.00 plus shipping. Please email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com thanks
  2. Dean please email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com and please visit the 1/32 resin page of my website where you can see from the photos what you get in the different sets. http://www.aimsmodels.co.uk/Resin/1-32-Resin/1-32-resin.html
  3. Hi everyone, I now have the prices minus shipping and remember not ready till after Moson model show where I will have some with me. So... The full G-6 kit is now £100.00 The full G-1 kit is now £95.00 The G-6 update set with Master products is £25.00 The G-6 update without Master products is £17.00 The G-1 update with Master products is £20.00 The G-1 update without Master products is £15.00 The new parts obviously also effect the Ju 388 J and so............... The Ju 388 J full kit is now £160.00 The Ju 388 update set is £15.00 Thanks for your interest PJ
  4. The engines have been hollow for years and as I wrote in the first post you can use the A-1 kit so no need to hunt for an A-4 kit. The canopy is still vac obviously - just no way even doing just the front section and the rear window is workable and the area and curve is too much for clear resin even at 1mm thick. The spine EZ 6 window is also vac but in both cases guys the cuts are simple - come on try and get back to the days when modelling was hard work - deep breath and lots of shallow cuts with new blade - easy as pie! It is not a question of just buying the belly part as the cockpit floor was also vac so you need both - in fact if you are updating an older set it is best to buy all of it - that is why I did the parts i did addressing anything that required work for bunch of lazy good for nothings! Joke! Not joke....o I don't know? Anyway - I wanted to do this update for years but lost heart with Revell pulling kits from underneath me. Its only because my vac belly needed retired due to now really soft panel lines that I had the motivation to do this. Stay tuned for a price, thanks guys PJ
  5. I think I have the perfect answer - resin shells - they will weigh next to nothing then it is only the weight of the brass tubes. So there you go the set will also include 2x resin shells.
  6. I need to think of how this problem can be solved - where the best features of the Profimodeller product can be utilised
  7. I have heard the Eduard parts are easier to use as they also include a template and are lighter but they are hardly going to supply me so I need to include The Profimodeller product! Anyway obviously as always I tailor make orders so no problem, what I mean is if you do not want the Profimodeller parts in this set or already have the Eduard product then it is no problem - I just supply you what you need as I always try to do.
  8. Hi everyone, yes obviously the canopy in the picture is solid resin and I hope to have clear examples in 1/48 and 1/32 for Moson but just wanted to give you an idea of the set - depicted is the 1/32 set showing Profimodeller W.Gr 21s, photo etch for the Flettner aileron tab actuators and out gear door hinges plus the outer gear bay doors. £TBC
  9. Hi everyone I have been working on a pressurised 109 conversion sets in 1/32 and 1/48. Just received the 3D prints of the cockpit parts to go with the photo-etch test shots I had already received a while ago, everything looking good (yes I know there is a pump on both sides of the seat - this is just showing what I have!), just the simple cowl scoop and the decals to do plus F-4 style upper gun cowl for Revell and Hasegawa kits. The Revell G-6 will also need new wing parts without wheel clearance bulge. I will do the decals in May. Thanks for looking
  10. Well I have retired the vac tool for the lower belly/gun pack and cockpit floor details, replacing them with resin. I also have included resin spinners so that if you only have the Ju 88 A-1 kit you no longer need to worry about using the vac form spinners I used to supply. Also included now is new front section - so no filling in of the kits windows as well as new upper nose decking with as increase of 0.2mm to represent the armour. New FuG rack is included as well as FuG 220 and 218 box and Master FuG 220 and 218 dipole/receiver sets plus 6x MG 151 barrels. The Ju 88 G-1 conversion has also been updated in the same way. Obviously the considerable extra resin as well as the Master products changes the price tag and I have not yet had the time to calculate that with the new moulds only being ready this morning and Master products arriving yesterday. The updated parts will also be available to customers having earlier examples of the kit. Thanks, John
  11. Also the rocket firing Stuka Fw 190s
  12. haha yes I have a C-6 booked for this year
  13. Hi everyone, with the advent of my Bf 109 'Tulip' decal sheet I have been working on a conversion set for the 'Graf Special' decal option. Sadly I have not had time to get on with it as quickly as I hoped but the test PE parts have gone off for printing and the canopy is half done and the rockets are in stock. The set will be available either for the Revell or Hasegawa kits as the canopy dimensions are sadly different Also test PE for Pressurised Bf 109s has gone off and this will be a new conversion for Revell and Hasegawa kits including decal option and resin parts. I imagine 1x set for G-1 and 3 for Revell and Hasegawa and a set for either the Revell or Hasegaw kit to make a G-5. So PE tests sent, canopies in progress and pressurised 109 decals in progress. Thanks as always for everyone support
  14. Hi everyone my Bf 109 Tulip decals have arrived £14.00 (double sheet sorry) + p&p. email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested. Please note Red 2 was changed to Black 2. Thanks
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