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  1. Why would I base my product on someone else's? No it is new and it is AIMS in origin
  2. Thanks guys - LSP members are the backbone of my 1/32 sales so thanks as always for your encouragement
  3. Nick I supply the measurements already in the set as it was, all that has changed is the weapon and tube but thanks anyway
  4. Indeed! I have also in 1/48th - whoops did I use bad language?
  5. available now - AIMS 32PE008 Polikarpov I-153 Čajka bracing wires for 1/32 ICM kit £10.00
  6. 32D014 Bf 109 G-5 for Revell or Hasegawa kit £9.99
  7. 32D013 Bf 109 G-3 for Hasegawa kit (same instructions and extra PE as above) £11.50.........note the G-3 kits have early wheel hubs with the correct larger tyre
  8. Bf 109 G-1 for Revell kit £13.50 Same instructions and extra PE picture plus......
  9. Hi everyone, I am 1 week away from being able to sell these sets. Just waiting on an additional Pe set - the details of which I had over-looked when designing the first PE. Anyway due to designing for both the Revell kit and the Hasegawa I have 5 different new products for just 3 aircraft types haha. So I do as separate posts and hope it is not too boring for you! 32D010 Bf 109 G-1 for Hasegawa kit £11.50
  10. Hi everyone, well it has been an interesting time since April when these sets became available. I only ever received half the amount of Profimodeller W.Gr 21s I paid for and never got answer to any of my emails since asking for the other half. I contacted Eduard to see if they could supply me and still no answer so I have done what I should have done from the very beginning - make my own bloody things! I love the detail of the Eduard set and the PE template for locating onto a Bf 109 was a great idea but I do think all the measurements of their tube are wrong as well as being too thick which helps casting obviously but looks wrong. Profimodeller measurements I believe are better and the brass tubing is perfect for looking thin but there is no detail and the part is heavy. So I have detailed a brass tube inside and out and filled it so only the top 8mm or so is hollow and I have a 98% casting success even with the top end being so thin. I am not doing the support arms - much better to scratch build these with wire - much stronger than the resin ones I did a test of. Photo etch will arrive at end of next week and it includes a locating plate using same idea as Eduard. Answers on a post card please!
  11. Hi everyone, these sets are available if anyone interested? £17.00 + shipping. If you do not want the rockets because you already have that covered price is £8.00 plus shipping. Please email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com thanks
  12. Dean please email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com and please visit the 1/32 resin page of my website where you can see from the photos what you get in the different sets. http://www.aimsmodels.co.uk/Resin/1-32-Resin/1-32-resin.html
  13. Hi everyone, I now have the prices minus shipping and remember not ready till after Moson model show where I will have some with me. So... The full G-6 kit is now £100.00 The full G-1 kit is now £95.00 The G-6 update set with Master products is £25.00 The G-6 update without Master products is £17.00 The G-1 update with Master products is £20.00 The G-1 update without Master products is £15.00 The new parts obviously also effect the Ju 388 J and so............... The Ju 388 J full kit is now £160.00 The Ju 388 update set is £15.00 Thanks for your interest PJ
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