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  1. Reconspit - you have to buy another 2 kits plus the new decal sheet plus the remaining Gladiator sheet that you have not purchased! Honestly some people can not do maths haha
  2. Hi Folks, me again, just wanted to make another UK Gloster Gladiator decal sheet - I hope you do not mind? Sending this off to the printers in next few days. Will do my Finnish and Swedish sheet in next month or so. Thanks for looking.
  3. The turn buckle is part of the design - can hardly be seen and not the best for realism to be sure but the only way to do it in 2D! They are measured precisely requiring a small pilot hole where WNW stipulate and into that goes a small part of the connection tab at the ends of the parts. It works guys - done it on my Eduard 1/48 Gladiator, all off SBS product test shots, my Airfix Walrus and 1/32 ICM 153. All sets have a test shot first - it is needed as the parts need to fit to perfection. Obviously drilling as deep as one can go as well as keeping as much of the connection tab increases your flexibility - no pun intended but the designs are done in Stainless so that they are not flexible! Drilling into the kit in same direction as travel of bracing wire is essential due to the rigid stainless material.
  4. AIMS 32P018 Gloster Gladiator Mk I engine and cowl set for the ICM kit coming soon - just a few build photos to show you. Thanks for looking. Set will be £18.00. email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested
  5. The J2 needs much more than just the different filter - I am planning to make a complete J2 conversion along with decals as soon as I can
  6. Hi everyone just to wish you a Happy new year and to let you know that both the 1/32nd Gloster Gladiator decal sheets are available for sale now, each priced at £10.50. The upper aileron correction is also available at £5.00 and the engine set will be ready in a week or so (ran out of silicone for the Mk I engine cowl over the Christmas holidays) The engine/cowl set is £18.00. Photo etch bracing wires and landing flap sets should be a few weeks away. Enjoy and thanks for looking. Email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested in anything
  7. Hi everyone - I have posted these before but with the ICM release perhaps it is good to have a fresh link to easily find. The album is on my AIMS FB page - enjoy https://www.facebook.com/pg/AIMS-1246247558760457/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2818460878205776&__xts__[0]=68.ARDfb4pheswdcJxud_PaAwqHlQwQisg8aM9MGhaNg9B1Ab0mQBTsbbmN_xk6xOWlS9Ym5sf35AgwaJt3JkfKK85ClUEUTuhzz9LN63CsbLidZdXkw_HxgNg0782EMwdGuttjAPqwJ2lzhUSdODMjY_mIePg8Tg_uf0cWvzfEyteBz0rzrki3O0p-aG9dH9VBegWi5DDfYLuu4fepvA1ekbqzGw_Ct_ZWUdvQH98OLJA3jC65hucttbxmOKkyy9XsZbA88J-kQCrTnkIc7drmXaQFXzIvDaD86HwBTqVOwKsAD0aqF8Vkkd38JJu6GlzJEtyDbbIMJnDbwWTW9Hc_xfEdM_YJ_wXED-hvXL5vKOE8L_aj-aX_-8FmmYL7k9K0eV8kffSIiHag18LVgyMvOF_qL-FGWl5-zOscDiogdRd4YL4cAE2520r-pvqIlIY-v6Q_EPznrNAI2CuoaKMPg_OQoQ&__tn__=-UC-R
  8. Yes the kits engine/cowl are lovely. My engine is a complete set - cowl and engine
  9. Hi everyone AIMS 32P019 Gloster Gladiator upper ailerons correction finished, making silicone moulds tomorrow. Note that ICM represent the centre hinge just as big as the lower wing aileron when in fact it is narrow like the inner and outer hinges. Easy to fix yourself or buy mine when it is available, thanks for looking. Also 32D018 now here! £10.50. email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested.A Happy Christmas to you all and a peaceful New year to all my customers and friends
  10. Hi Guys please remember this thread is about my forthcoming products - thanks - but to shed some light as well as advertise the fact that it is a part on the Bracing wires and other external details PE set - you can see here that the ring sight is outside - as it is in most photos I have collected.
  11. Hi everyone here is a preview of 32PE011 ICM Gloster Gladiator Landing flaps, thanks for looking - available mid January
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