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  1. Big thanks to Robert Lane of Elan13 Minitures for sculpting my first AIMS figure product, and to Sándor Fülöp to for painting him in record time so I could get my box label done.
  2. The Revell kits cockpit opening - the sill - is 1mm too narrow in 1/32 according to the factory Blueprints. This is not the case with the Hasegawa kits. Obviously this has knock on effects which do not concern me in the slightest as I like the kit very much. Why a Hasegawa windscreen can fit I have no idea - mine do not. I would not have even known this but for needing to make parts for AIMS products only to find I needed unique parts for both kits as there is so much difference one part would not fit both and so I looked into it. I am not in any way trying to slate the Revell kit, nor do I assume the Hasegawa kit is more accurate I am just stating one single fact. Thanks
  3. As has been said I do both a simple G-2 and G-4 sets complete with decals in my AIMS range. email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested, thanks http://www.aimsmodels.co.uk/Resin/1-32/1-32-pur/1-32-pur_86.html http://www.aimsmodels.co.uk/Resin/1-32/1-32-pur/1-32-pur_90.html Please note the sets are conversions not corrections! That is a waste of time to be honest as the knock on effects from Revell making the canopy opening 1mm too narrow are massive - in my opinion best to either use the Hasegawa kits or do so much to the Revell kit that the eye is tricked away from seeing the issue - just my opinion you understand
  4. Hi folks - when I get the chance I love to build something that is nothing to do with AIMS and so calling time on my Airfix 1/48 Sea Fury that I have been working on the last 10 months - using most of the after-market products available. Hope you like, thanks.
  5. A wonderful finish to be sure, well done. Guys remember that the only turn buckles that can be seen on a Gladiator are on the bottom wing near the fuselage and even then just the top reverse lock nuts, all the rest re under the plates. This is not a criticism of this build, doing that does not interest me - just trying to help
  6. 32PE012 is for Mk I and Mk II and contains both instrument panels
  7. New arrivals! 32F001 Pat Pattle 1/32 figure £12.00. 32D022 Gloster Gladiator Mk I decals £10.50 and 32PE012 Gloster Gladiator Cockpit for ICM kit £9.99. Email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested and remember if you want a total to pay you need to tell me where in the world you live so I can calculate postage! Thanks for looking
  8. J-8 weapons, radio and weapons fairings and Gloster Gauntlet propeller are being designed at the moment but no skies sorry - maybe they will come in the ICM 'Foreign service' boxing. Please see decal sheet 32D023 for J-8 options
  9. Hi everyone - very excited to have received today my 32PE012 Gloster Gladiator cockpit test shot (for ICM kit) A few things to change but hope you like. Hopefully have available by mid February - thanks for looking. Will post when available and then you can email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com Best wishes, John
  10. Hi everyone, it has been a busy time getting so many new products ready - all done as a one-man-band! Here is a breakdown Decals 32D018 Gladiator MK I/ Mk II/ Sea Gladiator £10.50 32DO19 Gladiator Mk I/Sea Gladiator £10.50 32D020 Felixstowe (Zebra!)£10.50 32D021 Felixstowe (White snakes) £10.50 Photo Etch 32PE009 Gladiator bracing wires £18.00 32PE010 Sopwith Camel bracing wires £12.00 32PE011 Gladiator landing flaps £8.50 Resin 32P018 Gladiator Mk I engine/cowl set £18.00 32P019 Gladiator Upper Aileron correction £5.00 Best wishes and email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested, thanks
  11. The Mk II kit is due any week and so the Fairey reed prop should be in there but I provided Mk II dash also as many Mk Iis are seen still with early Watts prop
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