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  1. Hi everyone I am very happy to announce that my AIMS Bf 110 G-2/R1 conversion for either the Dragon or the Revell C-7 kit is now available (also in 1/48 hehe - sorry for bad language). If interested email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com and tell me where you live so I can calculate shipping, thanks 32P024 £82.00
  2. 1/32 ICM Gloster Gladiator - AIMS J8 conversion - getting there! Until doing the lower details I had never before spotted that the Kulspruta weapons used on the Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian machines do not have the belly spent cartridge ejector chutes.
  3. 1/32 ICM Gloster Gladiator J8 conversion update - well got the lower wing on and UC legs and a few issues are apparent. 1. Remember to fair in the upper UC spats to the engraved join line on the fuselage halves (would have been easier to do before attaching the lower wing!). Also regarding join lines remember that the lower wings forward fuselage belly join line is in reality a solid panel so ignore the painting diagram that still shows a panel line and fill it. Finally - something I was already aware of from the beginning but there is not much you can really do about it - the fuselage at the
  4. Hi everyone, a little more work on my ICM Gloster Gladiator converted to a J8 using my AIMS conversion. I have been changing some of the smaller front end details - some of which apply to all Gladiators and some just to the J8. Still need to do a German Revi gunsight with additional padding and external bracket for the back up iron sight but that is way down the line along with the other changes to the windscreen which are needed. For now note the change to the contour of the oil tank just above the filler cap, the removal of the kits gun cooling aperture shields and instead just some wire mes
  5. Hi guys - about 80% better - strong antibiotics! Thanks again for all your support J
  6. Hi everyone just to let you know that I have completed measuring up for the WnW Sopwith Snipe bracing wires and will soon be ordering a test shot. I will let you know in due cause when it is available and the price but for now thanks for looking, John
  7. Thanks everyone, much appreciated - three antibiotics left to go then review J
  8. Hi everyone, I am making my ICM Mk I Gloster Gladiator as a J8. The kits cockpit was already started as it was my display model for advertising the AIMS cockpit detail set so trying to paint it up nice as an afterthought means it is by far my best work. There are some more bits to add to the right side but these cannot be added to until the halves are together. Also on the J8 the IFF control on the upper left side was changed to underneath the Flygradiostation type III device but mine was glued solid as had not intended making the kit! Anyway apart from my mistakes I hope you like. thanks.
  9. Hi everyone thank you all for the lovely messages of care and support, they mean everything to me. I am feeling much better and have one more packet of antibiotics to take. Thanks again everyone, J
  10. Hi everyone, many of you will remember that I have been very unwell for a while - in fact since the middle of October. Well after expensive CT scans, chest X Rays, two different anti-biotics, loads of different decongestants and two stays in Accident and Emergency I finally got lab results this morning - I have pneumonia! Lab results say I have anti-bodies in my system from a prior illness and I had been ill for 1 month last March and had no idea what was going on but it went away. Pulmonary doctor thinks I had covid back then and as a result I got the pneumonia latter as she is seeing hundred
  11. Hi everyone, hope you are well. Two new 1/32 products to share with you that are available now 32F005 Luftwaffe Pilot in winter gear £15.00 32PE017 Exterior Details for Roden SE5.a £18.00 As always if interested please email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com and remember to tell me where int he world you live so I can calculate shipping, thanks Best wishes John
  12. Just fantastic, love the diorama, problem solving and the interesting paint scheme, well done Sanyi
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