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  1. I must of got lucky on that one!
  2. They should not have to! If I can use more expensive platinum cured resin and silicone with its minimal to zero shrinkage due to less exothermic reaction and as a result have a smaller profit margin then so can other people!
  3. Hi everyone, hope you are all well. I started a model for myself half a year back - not getting off to a good start with four of the six Aires/Quickboost sets I bought not fitting, all having 1.6mm shrinkage and as to date they have still not replied to either my emails or Hannants emails politely warning of the problem so I do not feel too bad about sharing now to be honest! Anyway I enjoyed painting their cockpit set - rear shelf having been lengthened by 1.6mm to fit! and their perfectly fitting gear bay product. I do not really have too much time to do builds with lots of photos but enjoyed fitting me new AIMS PE details. So everything coming along and soon able to close it up and I ended up changing the kits upper gun cowl myself and am very happy with it so will go with that like I should have done from the beginning!
  4. Hi Ernest I actually received a promise of the 3D parts being sent to me some time this week. Once I know all is ok then there will be the short wait for decals to be printed so I imagine we are talking late summer. Thanks, J
  5. AIMS news. Hi everyone, just to let you know of 5x new products ready for sale 32PE013 0.3 and 0.45 mm generic bracing wires £15.00 32PE014 Fw 190 hatches and latches for Hasegawa A-8 and D-9 kits £18.00 32PE015 Fw 190 hatches and latches for Revell A-8 and F-8 kits (including A-5/6/7 lower hatch for conversions) £18.00 32F002 Hans-Joachim Marseille £12.00 32F003 Rev Keymer RFC staff chaplain to 40 sqn. £12.00 (Keymer did not like to wear his clerical collar but an additional head complete with clerical collar is also provided). So just email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested and remember to tell me where in the world you live so I can calculate postage, thanks.
  6. Hi everyone, hope you are all well. 24D001 Fw 190 Oleo leg markings plus extras arrived a few minutes ago £6.00 plus shipping. Please email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested thanks J
  7. So sorry Jennings. It is a hard life to be sure
  8. Just to note everybody that the decals are printed scheppen not schlepper - i just did not change the jpg image of the decals - thanks
  9. Hi Everyone 32D024 has landed £5.00. email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested, thanks, John
  10. Thanks Mark, work in progress haha
  11. Hi folks, I was trying to keep this a secret and surprise you all haha but a few months back I started work on a 1/32 bf 110 C-6 conversion for the Dragon kits. Here are the profiles for the decal options offering a nice variety of paint schemes. The pod is nearly finished. Anyway I will post as and when I have something to show you all. Thanks for looking, J
  12. Yes I have news on the Bf 110 C-6, I post soon
  13. Hi everyone, hope you are all safe and well. here are some future products, thanks for looking and I will post when available, Best wishes, John 32PE013 0.3 and 0.45mm Generic Bracing wires in Stainless steel (perfect for splicing into Gaspatch turn buckles) 32PE014 Fw 190 hatches and latches for Hasegawa A-8 and D-9 kits 32PE015 Fw 190 hatches and latches for Revell A-8 and F-8 kits (including A-5/6/7 lower hatch) and,,,,, surprise! 24D001 Fw 190 Oleo leg stencils
  14. New 1/32 figure on its way - AIMS 32F002 Hans Joachim Marseille - having a bite to eat in-between kicking our arses (speaking as an Englishman). Enjoy
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