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  1. For all the little BS setbacks that is still one Nice looking Crate!!
  2. I am seeing that technique more and more in use to which I like the results over all others yours was just Right!
  3. By far the best paint I have ever seen on a Trumpy Wildcat and excellent work on painting the insignia!
  4. Nice work thus far!The Quinta is the gig I used them on a SH Yak 3 made the pit pop.
  5. Got to say John like your attention to details!
  6. That is some well laid paint Sir Kevin
  7. Mark that came out Very Nice Sir!! and you have a nice skill set that pulled over from your armor. Kevin
  8. I pick up one of these kits and built it and fell in love with the design bought two more yours is looking really Nice!
  9. Tom have you decided on the amount of weight you will be using?I made a box to go behind the IP filled with lead I can see some other areas I can use.Kevin
  10. That is Very Nice Tom! Looks like the real thing to me and it's not in a Dio!
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