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  1. That is some well laid paint Sir Kevin
  2. Mark that came out Very Nice Sir!! and you have a nice skill set that pulled over from your armor. Kevin
  3. I pick up one of these kits and built it and fell in love with the design bought two more yours is looking really Nice!
  4. Tom have you decided on the amount of weight you will be using?I made a box to go behind the IP filled with lead I can see some other areas I can use.Kevin
  5. That is Very Nice Tom! Looks like the real thing to me and it's not in a Dio!
  6. I need to build more of the WWI planes esp. the German kites so colorful.Some Very Nice Builds by the way!
  7. Really Nice I was about to make a preference for the ETO crate but hell the ME /Africa crate looks awfully Nice also
  8. Fabulous work Peter ! ( now back to scrapen/gluen frig'in plastic)
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