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  1. Any other markings? Swiss? Civil? ok, ok, I am going to laugh on my own…
  2. That’s exactly my opinion, too. If you put Border‘s 1:35 scale 109 G-6 next to Revells 1:32 scale G-6, you‘ll definitively see a difference. But I‘ve seen many dioramas with 1:35 scale vehicles next to 1:32 scale planes. They didn’t look weird at all — you only knew a difference because you knew that they were of different scale. by the way: I never met a 1:72 scale modeler who had problems with using 1:76 scale stuff… You‘re not alone, Paul! When I build my first 1:32 scale plane, I still thought „Is that HUGE“! Meanwhile I don’t think that any longer. I only kept these 1:48 kits that had no 1:32 scale equivalent, like the Classic Airframes Fairey Battle or the Accurate Vindicator. kind regards, Andreas
  3. I know… I was just kidding… I didn’t mean to offend anyone, I just wanted to keep the newly lighted up little fire under the „team 1:32 vs. team 1:35“-pot alive… I for myself gave up 1:48 when I realized it just didn’t feel „right“ and switched to 1:32. I sold almost my whole collection of 1:48 kits to build only 1:32 airplanes. So I am also definitely scale-focused to a certain extent . But as I am also a tank/soft skinned vehicle/diorama builder, I always disliked the 1:35 - 1:32 problem. So when the first 1:35 aircraft kits were released, I was very happy. I personally don’t mind at all building 1:32 and 1:35 planes side by side, I like to enjoy the advantages of both worlds. But I can also completely understand those who just don’t want to do so and keep things just on the 1:32 side. I just can’t keep away from nettling a little bit…
  4. hey folks, there are nice vehicle kits in 1:35 from Gecko Models, Tamiya, Bronco, ICM, IBG, Airfix, Miniart, …
  5. But that would cost around 1500€ from HPH I think ….
  6. Getting better and better! these stars came out lovely (although I completely understand ICM‘s unwillingness to portray them).
  7. Well, I am keen on this model and look forward to it in anticipation. I am sure it is as nice as the other Border kits and 1:35 looks for me as a perfect scale for models. As I am no rivet counter I am sure I’ll be able to live with minor flaws, if there should be any.
  8. Fantastic! You never get wrong with a Halberstadt…!
  9. Here‘s a two-part comparison between eduard‘s E-1 and Trumpeter’s E-3, sadly only in German. But the pictures might come in handy: http://originalundmodell.de/bauberichte/bb_bf-109e_1.htm You can see a weird front windshield on the Trumpeter’s E-3. The angle just isn’t right. I have a Trumpeter g-2 kit and the clear parts including windshield look just fine.
  10. Same here… Can‘t say how many traps I build myself for me this way…
  11. That‘s an important Austrian-Hungarian late-war bird and I am looking forward in anticipation to this release . Brumowski on the other hand preferred the OEFFAG Albatros fighters over the Phoenix.
  12. You need to check carefully your references. Many detail are wrong for the versions written on the boxes. But nothing a modeler can’t handle. Trumpeter kits generally receive in my opinion worse press than they actually deserve. but I‘ve seen an early model (E-3?) which had something really oddly looking on the windscreen. So you should carefully read the reviews online, even if they’re more critical than it would be necessary.
  13. That‘s easy: 1) SB2U-3 Vindicator 2) Fairey Battle 3) Lagg-3
  14. Interior mostly painted and weathered. I kept weathering to a minimum. That was hard. … Kelik 3D printed instruments are a joy to use and fit perfectly. Andreas
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