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  1. I‘ll be following curiously, I have this kit in the stash, too. Andreas
  2. A really nice one! Thanks for showing that a Trumpeter kit actually can be built into a really nice model. after reading many reviews online one could come to the opposite conclusion. It’s sometimes as if everything on a Trumpeter kit needs to be bad, because it’s a Trumpeter… Great to see clearly that this is simply not true. Andreas
  3. Thank you Michael! I will. I am keen on seeing your G-4 and E-3! Andreas
  4. „everyone has to do a 109“ — I completely agree . Thanks for your kind words! Andreas
  5. Thanks a lot, Jbolt! You won’t regret building a WNW! Andreas
  6. Thank you very much for your kind words, Maru5137!
  7. A really great one! A Bf-109 but something you don’t see everyday. best regards, Andreas
  8. Hi all! Finished in February 2019, this is my Wingnut Wings DFW C. V. It’s one of the best engineered kits I ever had the pleasure to build. I replaced the kit‘s struts with brass ones and made a prop from real wood, otherwise this one is oob — besides of the markings (the Names of the mechanics that served this plane)which are printed with my printer on clear decal film. Figures are conversions from custom available plastic figures and Hornet resin heads using green stuff. The strange fixation for the additional forward firing Lewis was made according to a contemporary photo of this machine. getting home without being shot down didn’t always mean that everything was alright… best regards, Andreas
  9. Hi Nick, you’re completely right. But I must add I am a lousy photographer (always wanted to be a better one but not willing to invest the necessary time to learn it). Ido all my model shots with my iPhone camera. In reality these effects luckily are less visible. kind regards, Andreas
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