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  1. I'm not an engine guy but this has to be most detailed one I've seen out of the box. Certainly a good omen for this kit.
  2. I do not think you get shrinkage with 3D printed parts like you do with resin products. If the item is designed for a certain kit it should fit perfectly as a replacement for the kit part.
  3. That certainly is an appealing idea but I also wonder if the presence of a Merlin in the Tamiya and Zoukei-Mura kits would mean a lessened interest in your product. I know I would buy one for the Tamiya kit for sure. I fully agree with CBK57, a potentially better selling product might be a plumbing set for the P-51D wheel bays or maybe a fully detailed drop in replacement.
  4. Superb work, the painting is dead on! Your skills compliment Tamiya's great kit beautifully.
  5. Wow, what a spectacular build! First class all around, very inspiring.
  6. I had somehow missed this thread, what a great surprise! The CADs look really good, I'll get one for sure. Quick question: shouldn't the trim tabs be visible on the ailerons?
  7. I think most of us would agree with you but when the time comes to put paint in the airbrush you have to make a choice. Trying to figure that stuff out in a way that satisfies each of us individually is part of the fun.
  8. That's great, let’s hope the NASM comes through with document No. 520, it could really answer some old questions. I do not think the repaint of 44-32691 is a factory job, the DDG paint looks to have been applied quickly around the placards, switch-boxes etc… Most of these elements would have been installed at the factory after painting, not before. There's even some overspray on a few parts and cables. I do disagree with one thing; in my opinion the color seen underneath is not YZC. While a few small YZC parts can be spotted in the cockpit, the color under the coat
  9. Juggernut, I've had the Kinzey book for a while and the photos you kindly posted show what I was referring to earlier; it looks like the DDG was sprayed over a lighter green, not in a way that makes sense for a factory paint job. 44-32691 had a long career before going to the NASM, it looks like the cockpit was repainted somewhere along the way over something that's not DDG. I think it's worth paying attention to considering this plane is often used as an example for stock DDG in a P-47 cockpit. Stock from the late 50's is not necessarily the same as WWII stock.
  10. Hi Dana, thank you very much for your comments. I am the proud owner of several of your books and you can be sure that I'll be first in line should you decide to produce a volume on the P-47. Still, based on different photos (and the variations they show) of known DDG samples such as seat of the NASM P-51D (44-74939), I continue to not see DDG in Dottie Mae and 42-22687 but something closer to Medium Green. I'll have to take another look in the context of your response. The subject of the P-47 cockpit color is not as clear cut as I had hoped it would be.
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