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  1. Looking good but I think I'll wait for the G6. I wish Mr.Shigeta would mention the P-51B he announced a while back.
  2. Sweet pic. I sure would like to see a 1/32 Rafale to go with my Tamiya F-16!
  3. I shouldn't, I have too many unbuilt kits and no room to put them... AAARGHH... OK ordered!
  4. It's just my opinion but I do not see a political slant. It would not be an anti Russian GB. There have been group builds such as British or Italian planes, why not Ukrainian?
  5. About the P-38J, I was really pulling for a 1/32 scale kit but I'll probably get this one. Mr.T is hard to resist!
  6. There will be a very nice Allison engine in the upcoming P-40B. Didn't Verlinden make a 1/32 resin Allison years ago?
  7. I'm not an engine guy but this has to be most detailed one I've seen out of the box. Certainly a good omen for this kit.
  8. Beautiful plane, beautiful build!
  9. I do not think you get shrinkage with 3D printed parts like you do with resin products. If the item is designed for a certain kit it should fit perfectly as a replacement for the kit part.
  10. That certainly is an appealing idea but I also wonder if the presence of a Merlin in the Tamiya and Zoukei-Mura kits would mean a lessened interest in your product. I know I would buy one for the Tamiya kit for sure. I fully agree with CBK57, a potentially better selling product might be a plumbing set for the P-51D wheel bays or maybe a fully detailed drop in replacement.
  11. Superb work, the painting is dead on! Your skills compliment Tamiya's great kit beautifully.
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