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  1. Truly an excellent model, terrific all around. When I grow up I wanna make one just like it!
  2. I'm more a propeller guy but I think I would buy a 1/32 Rafale. Pretty airframe indeed.
  3. Two days for me... I also wish these were in 1/32 scale but I can see where these guys are coming from and I think it may pay off.
  4. Do you build a Zero every day before breakfast and then start with the rest? Stunning builds, all.
  5. Until proven wrong I'm gonna imagine a brand new 1/32 WWII plane. P-51B, P-47D or 109G-6, yes please!
  6. Too big for me. That being said, out of curiosity, I'd like to see one made.
  7. Nice start, this is a very interesting project. Just a question, you showed us the box of the Tamiya kit but you use Zoukei-Mura parts. Any reason?
  8. I really hope Mr. Fisher's insurance comes through for him and that he gets a chance to land back on his feet. I should have pulled the trigger on his beautiful Panther kit when I had the chance!
  9. I wish Airfix would retool their classic 1/24 kits and bring them up to the standard seen on their latest 1/24 releases. The subjects were all iconic planes that should provide the highest possible return for Airfix. I understand they still sell some of the old kits but it's time to renew things now that they (again) own the 1/24 scale. They could of course expand the line with variants not done before (P-51B, 109F or G, Spitfire IX etc...), not to mention other classics such as Corsairs, Thunderbolts, 262s etc...
  10. Yes, a masterpiece! I love everything about it, it is first class modeling all around and your pictures are great. Inspiring stuff, really.
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