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  1. I hate contributing to the hijacking of this thread but I will not withdraw anything because I tell the truth. Should I post here the PM you sent me where you detail your personal dispute with Richard Alexander, accusing him of all sorts of things and confessing it was personal for you? You certainly failed do disclose this conflict of interest when you started to bash their Spitfire kit here, that makes you less than "fully honest".
  2. At least now everyone knows you weren't fully honest when expressing your... opinions. Back on track; I welcome Eduard's possible return to 1/32 scale. I just hope they'll make an effort when it comes to engineering, some of it can be fiddly on their 1/48 kits.
  3. Just fabulous, I don't know what else to say.
  4. At this point I think I have to let everyone know that you confessed in a PM that you had an axe to grind with Kotare. The folks here have a right to know about this conflict of interest when reading your posts. The fact that you hijacked a thread about Eduard to dis on Kotare isn't helpful. No kit is perfect, the tiny errors you mentioned in a previous thread about the Kotare kit are negligible by any modeling standard and can be corrected should one desire to do so. I think the Kotare Spitfire is a terrific kit, accurate, well engineered and you are trying very hard to find tiny faults out of spite.
  5. I'm not sure how this could NOT become a wishlist but here's my take. Kotare seems to be making the lesser known and/or produced variants of iconic planes: Spitfire, 109, ??? It's a smart move that makes perfect sense. For this reason I would think a P-51B, F4U-4 or Hurricane Mk.IIc are obvious contenders and let's not even mention the Hellcats.
  6. Terrific NMF and overall paint job! That is one inspiring build.
  7. People can grow. Your knowledge is clearly much appreciated but you should refrain from assigning intents to others, you just don't know what happens in people's minds. Please, try to assume that the folks at modeling companies strive to do their best. Do you seriously believe the guys at Kotare wake up in the morning thinking: "how can we disrespect Spitfires and Mitchell today"? Come on. Take Edgar's advice and stick to the kits, I know I would appreciate your input even more.
  8. A Hurricane Mk.I or a P-51B would definitely help Kotare move into the future with more bucks in the bank. The P-51B would pretty much outsell anything else I can think of at this point, I'd buy several. That being said, I'll probably get whatever they come up with, they've proven themselves with their first releases (as we knew they would).
  9. I too would love to see a windshield and canopy set for the old Airfix P-51D.
  10. I just got the mail from Squadron, like Sprue-Bros they have a Trumpeter sale going on. The Squadron prices are much lower so I thought I'd mention it.
  11. Your Mustang products are great (I bought all your 1/24 P-51D parts). My suggestion would be for the main gear doors for the 1/24 Airfix kit since the ones included in the kit are terrible. A windeshield/canopy set would also be a must.
  12. Man, a thread like this is such a treat! Thank you Thunnus!
  13. I'd love to see Airfix tackle a 1/24 Mustang Mk.I. It might not be as iconic as the Spifire IX, a 109 or a P-51D but I believe it would do rather well. Such a good looking plane, with something for both Brits and Americans. Obviously I wouldn't spit on a P-51B or D, a Corsair, a Thunderbolt or a 109!
  14. A masterpiece! You keep raising the bar with every build, it's really inspiring.
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