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  1. Is that so...glad I didn't attempt then lol! Thanks for that bit of information as I didn't pick that up in my research.
  2. Hello all, I managed to pick this kit up from a bootfair so i was expecting some issues with bit missing....and it turned out the most of the engine was missing, which wasnt a major drama but it would have been nice to be able to have this opened up. I used Tamiya paints for this one with MLT and they worked like a dream, then used Mr Colour varnishes to finish it off. It was straight out of the box with no additions. All comments are welcome but of note is there is no wire aerial attached due to travelling issues i.e. keep falling off :-)
  3. Thats some great information, I'm trying to build my skills up to a point where I can do a very battered aircraft but the worry is...how much is too much, or should is say 'looks stupid and poorly done. So, you information is very welcome, thank you
  4. They do seem to always make the model look better for some reason, maybe it gives it a bit of realism. Thanks for your kind words
  5. Holly molly! Thats something special for sure, the paint job is magnificent. Well done Zola!
  6. Mud Hen?? I've never ever heard that before....what a description lol ! Thanks for you comments and service Ron, what i've always wondered about the 'E' is the commonality of parts with the 'C'. I guess there maybe quite a few non structural fairings and panels that can be swapped out, but i wonder how far that goes......hmmmm Thats some praise, thank you so much MARU
  7. Top bananas Dennis, this is bit of a pig of a kit to get to fit and look good, certainly the canopy....you managed it very well and turned out an impressive model. Well done and lets see more of these builds.
  8. Hello all, hope everyone is well. This is my F-15E by Tamiya, its a nice kit to build....well its Tamiya isnt it The Cockpit got the Red Fox Studio upgrade, plus i added the Reskit (RSU32-0030) kit to upgrade the rear burners. Painted mainly with MRP 040 for the gunship and some low-high lights with other various greys. Thought i'd go for a Desert Storm #6 load out of 4xAIM-9L's 4xGBU-10's and fuel tanks. Hope you all like it.... All comments welcome
  9. Thanks for all the kind comments on what was a bit of a tricky build. As others have said MARU5137, the P-47 took the nickname of 'the jug' as it was such a large and bulky aircraft, certainly if you compare it to the P-51 sleeker lines. To me, the RAF had the same with two of there fighters namely the Spitfire and the Hurricane (and the Typhoon later on)....its in the eye of the beholder as to what one is better but i'd always take chunky and rough an ready looking aircraft.
  10. Hello all, Happy New year and thank lordy 2021 has right done one...Lets hope 2022 is a lot, lot better for us all. This was started in 2021 so i cant really claim this to be a 2022 build, but one that rolled over into 2022. The Trumpeter P-47D kits seem to be a little hit and miss as i've built a few and this one was a real tricky customer which need a fair amount of filler, sanding and re-scribing (replacing panels that was destroyed in the sanding exercise) to look half decent. I'm working on a few more weathering processes to make my aircraft look more realistic, so if there are any comments on the weathering that may need improvement please leave a comment as all comment are welcome. This aircraft is: P-47D-30-RE Sno 44-20344 #54 ‘Norma/Little Bunny/Helen and flown by Lt. William "Willy" Lyke and shared with Lt. Brad Muhl. The Aircraft is finished in RAF Green upper surfaces and Medium Sea Grey lower surfaces. The aircraft has the Leading edge of the nose cowl finished in red while the tail and wings have yellow identification stripes. the aircraft was an ex-Brazilian aircraft that was turned over to the 57th FG who painted over some of the markings resulting in a patchwork Olive Drab/RAF green finish. The name Norma was added by Lt. Brad Muhl and this was to impress his girlfriend who was a nurse in Pisa, Italy. Paint: I tend to stick with Gunze as much as i can and went for 303 for the cockpit interior. 27 for the wheel bays, the main paints were 13 (medium grey) and 23 (RAF Drab) with 38 (US tank Drab) for the camo scheme. Aftermarket: Only added Master 32004 1/32 Gun Barrels, Brassin Wheels and Eagle Cal's EC#104 set. As ever Eagle Cal do a great job on their decals but i wish they included the prop markings in this set. Seat belt are scratch built with tape and spare buckles. As i said, please comment on the weathering is there is anywhere i can improve on this. Keep safe folks.
  11. Hello all, I've been working on this one for a while now and i was hoping to get outside and get some photo's on a diorama and in daylight, but the weather hasnt been playing ball. So, i thought i'd get some indoor pics done and then update this later. The build includes Red Fox Studios instrument set and all the weapons are attached with magnets for ease of transportation, paints were from Gunze and oil washed with Abteilung Starship filth for the most part. All comments welcome :-)
  12. Thanks for the kind comments, it seems we're going through a Phantom stage here on LSP.....and I've got another one nearly finished. I wonder if this an effect of the recent tamiya 48th release?!
  13. Thank you Jerry, great additional information on the a/c there. I take it you're a part of the EagleCal team, having these extra decal versions allow for modellers minds to wander from the 'norm' the kit offers and i'm sure many are grateful for this, I've tried other brands of decals and there haven't been many sets that i could compare to the EagleCal standards and that's why i always use this brand if there are sets for the kit i'm building, so thank you for the great products.
  14. Of course you can Ray, no problem at all. Here's a picture of the same aircraft in a 'vintage' pic :-)
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