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  1. You had me looking to see if there was one that had decided to get into the photo shoot lol
  2. Hello all, I picked this kit up a while back and only just got round to it.....thank you lockdown. This is the Special Hobby kit of the Hawker Tempest, soon to be released via Revell again so I'm told. Its not a bad kit but has a few fit issue so I'm not sure if Revell will be correcting these issues, but they aren't nothing major and can easily be fixed. As with all my builds, the paints I use are all Gunze Sanyo. On this build I tried to keep the weathering to a minimum and only really added some weathering to the wing rout walk way areas.
  3. Weathering one of them personal choices, I like mine to look like they have been on a few missions and that's where I find it hard to stop....but sometimes, less is more. Thank you all for the kind coments
  4. Thank you for your kind comments, the base is pretty simple.....if you have the tools. Its a large 20mm thick floor insulation foam square, I cover it with a brown tile grout mixed with real soil and cover with PVA. Then its a simple task of putting random sized static grass down with a static grass (old fly zapper modified) to get the grass to stand up, there are many videos on YouTube on how to do it....hope that helps. Many thanks to everyone else for the kind comments
  5. Blooming heck, thats a bit special! Well done, could I ask what paint you used for the light blue/grey as I can't ever get it to look right. Many thanks
  6. Hello all, I hope you all have been surviving lockdown by modelling-on.....this is the second Jug of lockdown. I set about Trumpeters P-47D Razorback version this time and found that the Razorback was a bit more of a drama than the Double top version, I think it maybe a different mould completely. Its a little tricky to get together and line up, but as long as you proceed slowly with the build, you should be fine. I added a few aftermarket pieces, these were the resin wheels by Brassin and the gun barrels set from Master (32115) and I get rid of the metal seatbelts and made
  7. Thanks for the kind comment, the paints I used for the NMF were 218 (Aluminium) and 213 (Stainless). The majority of the plane is 218 but I used the 213 for adding scratches on the NMF to distinguish the marks. Well the first step is to paint the prop Silver and cover that with a very tough gloss lacquer varnish and then scratches are built up in the subsequent lighter paint layers, I use 240 grit sanding stick lightly on the surface (in the airflow direction) then build the paint up and repeat the scratching with a lower grade sanding stick till you get the effect you'r
  8. Hello all, I hope you all have been surviving lockdown by modelling-on.....I have. I set about Trumpeters P-47D bubble top version and I was pretty pleased with the kit, I have but the Razorback version and that game me a lot of issues, so this was a surprise and a pleasure. I attempted for the first time a natural metal finish (NMF), so I tried using extreme metal paint by AK and I found them very fragile and had to have a change of plan. I opted for the Mr metal colour paints by Gunze and these were fantastic and very durable when applied. I added a few aftermarket pi
  9. Hello all, I hope everyone is keeping safe in these crazy times. While I have been off due to this enforced lockdown I started the Trumpeter ME262 A-1a heavy armament kit and wanted to do it in the colours of yellow 3 from KG(J)54. The kit decals seemed a big 'off' so I invested in Eagalcals #95-32 sheet and the colours seemed much better than the kit originals. I have been my best to get the scheme right, but even I will admit that its not quite right, but I think it looks pretty good, certainly a good learning session for sure. Painted with Gunze Sanyo (
  10. I was planning on getting some chokes and RBF tags to set the diorama off, but I couldnt find many photos of where I could place the tags sadly, getting them wrong would look worse than none at all. Tha is for everyone's kind comments on my aircraft, much appreciated :-)
  11. Hello all, I have been rather busy working of late but I have found time between working with real aircraft to finish my F-4D. Im sure many are aware that the Tamiya kit is a dream to build and goes together very well, I used Mr Colour paint which I believe are the best on the market at the moment, the colours I used were 303 (FS34102), 310 ((FS 30219) and 320 (Dark Green)……….and black for the bottom :-) Sadly the decals were in a poor state and fragmented as soon as they hit the water, so I purchased the Warbirds Decals set (32009) which were superb and set well
  12. Thanks again for the kind comments, I think I will now try and dirty up my next builds to get them looking a bit more used. As some have said, they look nice and clean, so the next step is to get them looking more realistic and used. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks everyone for the kind comments. The dio is something I'm working on to display my tanks and planes on for scene settings. Once it's done, it will be a repair/servicing base. Thanks again for the comments :-)
  14. Second one completed of 2019 is the Focke-Wulf Fw190 A5 from Hasegawa, this again (same as the Bf-109 G10) is a great kit, with no issues at all. Painted with Mr Colour paints and thinners (amazing products in my opinion). My choice of aircraft was quite easy as the Stab/Jagd-Erganzungsgruppe aircraft of Ost, Maj Herman Graf was so colourful and different, this was based in France 1943. If anyone can enlighten me on the markings, id be very grateful of the knowledge.
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