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  1. Great subject! I've got this kit stashed and am looking forward to watching you build it. I like the atypical color scheme, too - nice to see something other than Ocean Gray and Dark Earth for a change.
  2. Front office starting to come together. Just dry fit for now. Added the kit cockpit placard decals and a few extras from an Airscale set to match reference photos. As usual for Tamiya this is all a super-tight-tolerance click fit, so you have to be super careful that nothing you add from scratch in any way interferes, because there's no wiggle room at all. So far it seems to fit both sides, but I still need to check that the whole fuselage closes around it. That test also requires the radiator ducting assembly, which I finished and which also fits
  3. Thanks! I hope to have a significant update later today or tomorrow with the cockpit sides completed... Slow progress but (fingers crossed) stuff seems to be working.
  4. Hmmm. I need to give this a whirl. I've always just relied on just the capillary wicking method alone, and maybe I'm not getting the optimal amount of glue into these joints. Bottom line is that anything Chuck does, I at least need to try, because it clearly produces great results!
  5. Wow, yes. I am going to waste a bunch of time looking through that...
  6. Cool - I just received some of that but haven’t had a chance to use it yet (I suspect I may get my Tamiya P-51D entirely built without getting out any putty - the kit it amazing). I will surely have a chance to try it out as soon as I crack into the Revell Connie though...
  7. No kidding. I have no idea how he can do that. The only way I can ever get anything to look halfway decent is to carefully paint every little part separately and then assemble them. Hopefully without screwing up the paint. Following this thread while trying to do at least some justice to the kit with my build is both educational and humbling.
  8. Found this via Google -pretty low resolution though. Supposedly this is your local airstrip, Kev.
  9. Great to see more airliners underway! Got a photo of this plane in Compass Air livery to post?
  10. Based on my experience, having built Zvezda's 787 and 737 kits, I'd go with them. I had a little hassle with rough surfaces on the 787 fuselage that needed to be polished out, but the fit on both kits was stellar, and the detail, trailing edge thinness, etc are the best I've seen on any 1:144 scale model of anything.
  11. Gotta resist cracking these open while I'm still in the midst of the Tamiya P-51. I don't multitask well. I also just got the recent Zvezda kit of the Ilyushin IL-62 with an Olympic Games transport livery. Too many things I want to build!
  12. After a frustrating week of being too busy with work to do much, I was able to put in some time today (and it's a long weekend in the States, in honor of Dr. King, so more time to work tomorrow and Monday). IP and gunsight. Most of the center part of the cockpit. It still needs to be flat-coated and hit with some additional weathering. But I want to wait to have the cockpit sides, which get built directly on the fuselage sides, completed first so I can be sure to get the level of weathering consistent. I used RB Pro
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