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  1. Looks fantastic! Great result. Looking forward to following your A-10 build...
  2. Cockpit looks way too good to close the canopy permanently. I always just leave them unglued on mine, so it can be posed in either position.
  3. This is coming together beautifully. Perseverance paying off…
  4. Heck, the transmission is squeaky-clean too! Both are very impressive.
  5. I used one of those AB500 jobs (sold by Micro Mark here in the states) for a couple years, then got another and lashed them together side by side with tape to get more space. Has worked "ok-ish". Definitely vented outside right from the start. Here in a couple months when I get out from under the last of my house remodeling work, I'm going to build myself a new, much better booth. I've already sourced a 6" diameter, 480 cfm in-line fan for it. Planning on LOTS of LED lighting. I will make a build thread for it when I get there...
  6. Alex


    I would think about plastic sheet for both of them. I worry about the strength of especially water based putty in a place like that. If the wing flexes at all once it is dried the putty will probably crack.
  7. I just used that logic to convince myself to buy a half dozen ICM, A-model, etc kits.
  8. Same deal when I was in grad school in Maine. Outback was basically the State Car...
  9. Awesome photos! The B-29 is great. And for some reason, I had no idea that the F-35 canopy hinged at the front!?! Now I know...
  10. Great stuff and thank you for sharing! I have this kit and will definitely bookmark this for reference when I get to it...
  11. That looks like a fantastic kit - makes me want to deviate from my "I build jets in 1/48" rule... And definite kudos for the proper fighter pilot mustache in the photo. Going to be following this one....
  12. Those photoetch bulkheads are a definite upgrade! This is going great places - excited to follow along...
  13. Good stuff! I too have this kit in the stash and will be following with great interest!
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