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  1. Looking great! Those HGW transfers are truly an amazing thing. Wish they made them for more kinds of aircraft.
  2. Actually digging further I find I was confused. It looks like nearly all of the export models (Hawk 75's) had either two or four wing guns of various calibers, but those sold domestically to the USAAC as P-36As almost all had only the fuselage-mounted guns (which apparently started out as .30 cal but later were upgraded to .50s. Only the last 30 planes produced for the USAAC had wing guns, and these were designated P-36A-3s. But I have no evidence that it was one of these that Rasmussen flew at Pearl, so I'll likely go ahead and delete the wing armament on mine.
  3. Another conundrum found by reading ahead in the instructions. SH would have the builder blank off the holes for the wing-mounted machine guns and fill in the panel lines for the ammo access hatches, fill the shell ejection chutes, etc. Basically the wing-gun-delete model (plane also has two cowl-mounted machine guns that fire through the prop). From my reading however, I can't find reference to any production P-36 variant that had no wing-mounted guns. Some had two, some four, and different calibers were fitted to some prototypes, but never the cowl guns only. Anyone have relevant knowled
  4. Got some free time to start enhancing the cockpit area. There are precious few photos online of P-36 cockpits, and those that exist are a gmish of American warbirds, export Hawks, early and late models, museum pieces, and mostly poorly or ambiguously labeled. All that to say that I have been unable to find a comprehensive set of interior shots of one USAAC P-36A of the era I am building, and the location and shapes of interior components varies quite a bit amongst what photos are available. So I'm mostly trying to hit the approximate right number of additional boxes and some logical-seeming
  5. Cockpit floor dirt + chipping looks very nice. I really like how this is coming along.
  6. Based on what I have read, that’s right. But I haven’t seen any color photos directly supporting that. My reading is consistent with your photos (thanks for posting them!) - all export Hawks had interior Green paint.
  7. Looks great! Definitely want to see more photos of the final results.
  8. It's not like I haven't been working on this one, but I've only had snatches of time so have not been able to focus on any detailing work. Just been picking out sub-assemblies to complete and check fit on. I built the horizontal stabilizers and control surfaces. Fair amount of refining of the shapes required to get them nice. You can see some big things that look like scratches on the stabilizers, but they're actually raised strings of plastic that are just stuck on top of the pieces - looks like some bit of still-molten plastic that got stretched out and fused down
  9. PLW looks good. Holy crap that's a lot of stencils! You'd think they would worry about exceeding max takeoff weight just from the added paint...
  10. Actually what I don't have regarding those 4 GBs is a Revell kit - I haven't built one of theirs since I was a kid in the 70s. Looking at options I might get their 1:32 Westland Lynx helicopter. That would be another new thing for me (I've never done a helicopter kit).
  11. LOL! I suppose I could, but I've got another project (P-36A) in the works now and designs on doing at least one flying boat model before year's end...
  12. Thanks for the kind words, all. I’m looking forward to the next group build. I think I have kits in the stash that will suit for all of the ones that were selected for next year.
  13. I'm using EZ Line, mostly because that's what I have and has worked for me before. It does not look 100% realistic up close because it has a bit of a rough surface (vs monofilament), but it self-tensions which is super-helpful. I'm using the Heavy weight EZ Line for the main diagonal braces between the wings and the Light weight for the others.
  14. Got the rigging lines attached to the underside of the upper wing. This is fiddly work - biplanes are definitely a taste I've not yet fully acquired ;-). One nice thing about the kit (ICM really did a good job with this one in multiple ways) is that the fit of the cabane struts into the upper wing is nice and positive - they drop in at the correct angle and symmetrical without any need to jig them up. So I was able to glue these in (used PVA glue just in case I needed to undo it) and once they were fully set up... They have pins on the lower
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