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    Salir de matos, Costa de Prata, Portugal
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    Modelling: racers, 1950's jets, ships: liners, sailing ships and merchant ships.

    Owner of a business specialising in marking tools for the industry: pad-printing cliches, silk screens, sprk-erosion electodes, stamping dies, hot-stamping dies, etc...Business masters high-speed CN milling and chemical etching.

    Married- 3 grown-up children (born 84,85,88)

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  1. Hubert Boillot

    List of large scale Golden Era aircraft

    Since you asked ... As of this morning. I counted 52 boxes, some of them doubles or trebles of the same kit ... And of course, a lot of resin kits, with rather bland boxes (Luckily, I have framed my pic so that the other members of the stash don't show up. I am smart, am I not ? ) Hubert PS : + two Gee-Bee R1-R2 currently on the workbench ...
  2. Hubert Boillot

    New HpH DC-3 Pics up!!

    Too squarish in profile ... Hubert
  3. Hubert Boillot

    Supermarine WALRUS by HPH

    With hindsight, I believe there were only two sets of drafting curves available for the whole aircraft British industry throughout the 30s to 50s. One with Supermarine, one with De Havilland. And then one set was passed to Blackburn in the late 50s ... and they had an orgy with it designing the Buccaneer. As for your Walrus, Nenad, great result. Makes me want to move mine up the « to-do » list Hubert
  4. Hubert Boillot

    New HpH DC-3 Pics up!!

    Just hope they will have a true DC-3 version, with a passenger door rather than a cargo door on the left side ... Hubert
  5. Hubert Boillot

    1:32 scale SPAD XIII C.1 of Frank Luke Jnr

    I have had the occasion in the build thread to say how much I love your work. Reason more to say how fantastic the end result is. Aboslutly gorgeous vignette ! Good job ! Hubert
  6. Hubert Boillot

    Sets for modellers with wider tastes...

    Repairs of the fuselage under way. Should be ok . A small piece of one window-frame was lost, and I just need to redo this one. But yes, I have plenty of my plate, and I have had for some time, and I have to ponder how I will have this one come to market sooner rather than later Hubert
  7. Hubert Boillot

    Questions on building the HPH Dreaded Walrus

    Have one in the stash. Can’t contribute much (yet) but will follow (and participate, if possible) eagerly ... Hubert
  8. Hubert Boillot

    Wingnut’s Roland D.VIb has sold out

    On the other hand, they have announced opening pre-orders for sets of the DH-2, Fokker E-2 and another one I can’t remember of, with a pilot figure with it. The Fokker has a figure of Immelman. I thought the DH-2 was sold out, so that would mean, if I am right, that they are starting re-releases, with add-ons on top. Hubert
  9. Hubert Boillot


    You just forget that we live in our cats’ home, tolerated as food suppliers, not the reverse .... Hubert
  10. Hubert Boillot

    Icaerodesign Extra 330-SC

    For a « Walking Deads » Extra, this is great ! You must feel pretty smug about it (as I would if I ever reached such a great result) Hubert
  11. Hubert Boillot

    Monogram Piper Tri Pacer

    Awesome ! Hubert
  12. Hubert Boillot


    Talking about cat-induced, but self-inflicted disaster .... Remember that I was (still am, but so slooooowly) working on two Gee-Bees at the same time ? And that I had built from scratch two interior frames, like that : Well, this got stalled as we decided last fall to make a big life change and not wait for retirement to move to Portugal ... Anyway, I got my workbench reinstalled in the new place, and decided one day that it was time to look at resurrecting the Gee-Bees’ build... Enter one of my nosy cats (always the same one, who already chewed a Fisher Cutlass cockpit) who found one these frames I had left out of its safe box ... This was too good an opportunity to miss for him, and he picked one of the frames one night. This one ended undamaged ( I suppose ) on the carpet in the office/modellng lair. But then comes clumsy, not-too-well-woken-up, 20-stone me the next morning. The next thing I know is I heard a cristalline snapping noise ... I had stepped on the frame, with instant result, and a collection of parts to pick-up The good news is I am back working on the Gee Bees, but it must be the influence of living some 50 kms off Fatima (you know, two steps forward, one step back ... ), I am just redoing one complete frame . Oh, the (exciting) life of modellers with pets ! Hubert PS: Brian, time to put Ali’s cast brass gears for the OV-10 to good use ..’
  13. Hubert Boillot

    Flat monofilament. Finally found some !

    Many thanks for the input. Spending time in fly-fishing shops is the first thing I did, although admittedly the ones I ccould find in France in my area were probably not as well supplied of some American or Canadian or English or Irish shops :). My personal issue with these is that, as their name implies, they are threads, i.e. made of multiples strands. However, they may be suitable, and more scale-like than my find, as your experience indicates. Most important for me is the ability of the material to gain tension by heat-shrinking. This way, you get straight wires AND structural benefits. Hence my quest for flat monofilament. Interesting idea worth exploring, nevertheless. Hubert
  14. Hubert Boillot

    Make the others jealous

    I counted 51 Luftwaffe kits in this pile. No wonder the next Tamiya kit is going to be a Me-109 ... Market research numbers speak for themselves Hubert
  15. Hubert Boillot

    Flat monofilament. Finally found some !

    When I did my Fisher Ryan ST-M, I followed Paul’s own advice and did not use the supplied-in-the-kit PE « wires » . So I went with round mono, and, you are right, it is not that noticeable in the end. Certainly not as sore a point as sagging wires would have been. Still, I knew I would have preferred a better rendition of these wires, which are noticeably distinct on mostly American Golden Age aircrafts, like the Williams racers or the P-26. Hence my « quest » ... Now, I may have a more satisfactory solution, for some kits at least. I may even do another ST-M (now that’s a lame excuse to have another go at this great kit, simply because I love it ) Hubert