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  1. A masterpiece and a showstopper. Bravo! Roberto
  2. Stunning finish, and one more useful and amazing WIP! Thank you for sharing your work and tips. Looking forward to the Texan :-) Roberto
  3. Beautiful, a real masterpiece. Bravo.
  4. A beautiful work on a nice subject. Well done!
  5. Lovely work, it looks great.
  6. One more great update, stunning work as usual. Bravo. May I ask something (maybe OT...)? Following your builds, I started using Tamiya X-22 to get a glossy surface, decals friendly. It really works great, much better than Future, IMO, thank you for the great tip :-) But... when using Micro Sol, or Gunze or Tamiya decal softners, they "run" on the very glossy surface, forming a big bubble, which I cannot use to wet the area to be covered by the decal, because the bubble keeps forming, leaving a dry surface behind... What is that I'm getting wrong? Thank you!
  7. Legendary pilot and aircraft. Great work!
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