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  1. Thanks for that explanation Thierry. Your tale about the P-51 isn't too far removed from my cunning plan!!
  2. Thanks Andy. I use the MRP black primer which works pretty well so I'll probably stick with that for the moment. I'm going to test the whole process on the 1/48th Lightning first to get a feel for it all, including how the NMF reacts to masking tape etc. OK, a little further research and it seems the prices quoted were pretty general.......so I've ordered a tin Andy!! It says that there is no need for a further black "top coat" for metallics but a little experiment will soon prove whether this is true or not, watch this space! (I have a cunning plan.....)
  3. Well I've just had a look for availability and it seems to be sold out on most sites. One site had some at £10+ for a tin but then wanted £8+ for postage, too rich for me I'm afraid!
  4. No I haven't Andy, but if you recommend it then it's worth a try. Will this cut out the need for a gloss black coat or not?
  5. Thanks Anthony and Chris, I’m hoping to get some paint on her tomorrow, I guess the sequence is primer, black gloss and finally silver.
  6. The remaining scoops and protuberances have been fitted. I need to sort out the area below the coaming in the cockpit which had a little butchery applied earlier in the build, then I think a coat of primer might be in order!
  7. Thanks Kent. I have a bottle of KK that I “inherited” from my father (a railway and aircraft modeller) who died in 2006, so it’s probably 20 years old but still going strong!
  8. What glue did you use for the windows and PE Kent? It all looks very clean and neat, not that I’d expect anything else of course!
  9. Since I’m reaching the end of my vacuform build of one, it’s clearly an English Electric Lightning!
  10. Very effective painting Joachim, subtle but effective!
  11. Just as I thought....just testing Richard! Good man.
  12. Wondered where you'd been Brian, your absence has been noted!! I'm so looking forward to getting a coat of BLACK primer on her, then starting the silver top coat! No racism intended....... Thanks Joachim. I pondered long and hard about the best way of making the scoops, lead foil is such a lovely medium to work in being so malleable but that is also its Achilles heel of course.....until dear ole Quang comes along with his UV solution! So I just squirt a little UV glue into the formed scoop and voila.......a sturdy scoop!
  13. Edging ever closer towards the end of the build phase with the first fits of the lead foil scoops, I'm really quite pleased with how they have turned out: A couple of small ones to do and some odd shaped bits and pieces to carve then I'm almost done, undercarriage doors excepted but they seem quite straightforward. (Fingers crossed).
  14. Yep, I noticed that straight away Thierry, the Yatesbury Dominie definitely needs that circular aerial. Never trust profiles!
  15. Welcome to the Forum Paul, hope you enjoy this friendly place! I've ordered figures from David too, with success, but always via his Facebook site. I think that's the only way of doing it these days. Question is, are you on Facebook? Link: https://www.facebook.com/WingsCockpitFigures
  16. Your client will be delighted with the Spit Iain......and those phone-photos are marvellous! Pleased to see you’re “mobile” again.
  17. Thanks Alain! Since it’s said a set of tyres were only good for seven landings, I think putting a Lightning down on a carrier would be “interesting”. Yes please, a side profile and top and bottom view if possible?
  18. Technical c**k up at this point.............see below!
  19. Depends on what type of paint you plan on using eg enamels, acrylic etc and possibly whether you intend airbrushing or brush painting?
  20. In my case Chek, ignorance is bliss, I’m just building it without any knowledge and no hang ups, as close to an OOB build as I’ve got for a long time and it’s very liberating!!
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