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  1. That’s a truly inspirational way of displaying a model, it looks very effective indeed. Given the level of detail in there it’s such a pity that the navigator and w/op won’t be visible to the viewing public, but it’s a great tribute beautifully done to the brave boys of Bomber Command and in this case 35 Squadron in particular. Bravo Eismeer and Cato.
  2. Freehand it for sure. What's critical is the correct consistency of the paint (if like me you use MRP this isn't an issue) and the pressure on the airbrush, I used around 10 psi and a very light touch on the trigger:
  3. Harvards were renowned for using/shedding rather a lot of oil. Mine's quite dirty:
  4. Excellent Dave, well done! That looks really good, and flying the flag for our scale is just great!
  5. Just tell Mrs PW it’s a good investment, you won’t be lying!!
  6. As my old mum, bless her, used to say "These things are sent to try us!".
  7. Masking finished:
  8. That is such good news. I'm reading "Duel under the stars, the memoirs of a Luftwaffe night fighter pilot" by Wilhelm Johnen at the moment, fascinating reading demonstrating just how brave the aircrews were on both sides of the battle.
  9. It is indeed Mike, but all's well that ends well: My default scale-black paint is RLM 66, which I've used here and is a matt finish but with the first flawed attempt I used NATO black (for some reason) which has a slightly satin finish. I can't see why that would make any difference but good old RLM 66 has worked again! She's starting to look rather pretty: Just the fuselage "7" and the rudder serial number to do then I can get the top wing on permanently, what a relief that will be, and start rigging!
  10. What's the opposite word for "progress", is it unprogress? I started applying the masks for the underwing serial numbers: and applied the paint (MRP of course): but when removing the masks some of the paint pulled away too, and the rest after a period of drying was rather "flaky": so I've cut my losses and sanded the whole lot off: The lower wings have now been sprayed with white then a yellow top coat ready for my second try! I don't really know why this peeling has happened, any thoughts chaps? And look what Caroline, my favourite post lady has just brought me:
  11. Those latest pictures are absolutely staggering in their detail and finish, I'm not sure I can resist despite the issue of size. I've put one on back order (10% discount) at Hannants though no price listed as yet.
  12. This is on the RAF Commands forum Mark: “According to Ruy Horta, TOCH's founder and administrator, there has been a serious corruption of the site's database. He cannot make any predictions about when or if he can fix it.” TOCH has been such a fantastic resource for many years, to think that all that info could be lost forever is very upsetting.
  13. Wartime or present costs Kev…..might just afford the former but definitely not the latter!
  14. Based in China it would appear: https://www.bordermodel.com/en
  15. This is fantastic news, any clues (or guesses!) about likely costs?
  16. Glad you find the link useful. In all the Tiger Moths that I've flown the seat belt attachment is on the lower outside edge of the seats, so not easily visible. In practical terms I don't think you'd be able to get a tight fit with the belts from those side attachments.
  17. Yep, quite right. I can't understand how ICM (and they're not the first kit producer) could get this wrong assuming they have had access to a real Tiger Moth! You've made an excellent start and the seat belts look very convincing, my only observation is the anchor point (seems to be on the cockpit side wall?) for the lap belts in the aft cockpit but perhaps this part is still work in progress. This is rather hidden away but you may find it of interest I hope.
  18. Well done Kev! That hack looked very “serious” and I thought we’d be down for days if not weeks….but you’ve worked your magic again!
  19. Definitely needs investigation!
  20. Great looking model but not a Fury, twin seats so probably a Hart?
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