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  1. Yep, they’re good to watch. Mark also made one of his flight in the twin-seat Hurricane with some excellent footage, brings back very happy memories. He has also recently confirmed to me that their next profile book release will be of the Avro Anson Mk 1, not far away apparently!
  2. I’d assumed that Loic but it’s good to have it confirmed.
  3. Just caught up on this Tony, very very impressed with ALL aspects of what is going into the production of surely THE definitive Wasp model.
  4. Soooo sorry to see this Andy, I’ve had the same in the past with Tamiya flat clear. You didn’t spray it straight from the bottle I hope?
  5. Rather boring and possibly a bit self indulgent:
  6. We’re going to Stresa too Rich, staying at the La Luna Nel Porto. But Lake Orta first. Bit of a bonus this morning when we were on the roof of the Duomo: ….the Frecce Tricolore….Italy’s Red Arrows! They fly the Aermacchi MB339 trainers. Italian smoke,
  7. It’s pretty hot but bearable with a couple of beers for hydration purposes….great street cafe scene here. This was as we started the descent towards Malpensa:
  8. I’m in Milan right now and funnily enough my website loads instantly! Whether this is due to my location, or whether indeed the changes made within CNAME have taken effect after the 48 hours propagation. Won’t know though till I get home in 10 days time!
  9. Anybody with a passing interest in Bomber Command, and Stirlings in particular should read this: The cover artwork isn’t great, but Murray Peden’s writing brings the experiences, the frustrations and the sorrows of wartime aircrew vividly to life. I love this bit: ”When you did your flare out and check on landing, she dropped onto the runway like a 39 ton boulder; there was no float to speak of at all. If you checked six inches above the runway the result was a beautiful landing. If you checked a foot and a half above the runway you arrived very firmly and definitely; and if you were two feet above the runway when you cut the throttles it felt as if the undercarriage were being driven through the wings.” Peden was a great fan of the much maligned Stirling, usually being regarded as the real ugly sister of the Lancaster and Halifax trio but it’s obvious it needed very precise flying. No wonder so many were damaged at Heavy Conversion Unit stage.
  10. At long last there’s an acknowledgement that there could be an error within the Wix set up: I’ve done this, just need to wait for propagation time (48 hours) to see if it works.
  11. Would love that Anthony…..looking at next February/March but nothing anywhere finalised yet. One certainty is Omaka, I’m hoping the Anson won’t have sold because I want a flight in her!
  12. The latest from Wix: I’ve answered her as best I can AND sent her a copy of this thread!
  13. A very happy birthday both of you fine fellows (wunwinglow and AnthonyinNZ) and supreme modellers, hope you have a super day! Tim’s only a few miles up the road, but Anthony could be next year when I visit NZ!
  14. The only way I can see my current site Kev is via the 4G signal on my mobile, that has been the case since Day 1 of the investigation and was prompted as an experiment by a Wix “expert”. I have today emailed Wix security explaining the situation, recent history and screenshots of the pages shown when the URL is entered on various servers. We’ll see what response that gets! Thanks Mike for trying the site, not surprised with your results. The interesting thing though when I look at the analytics for site traffic and location it has rocketed worldwide so log on attempts must be registering with all of you lovely people trying to help.
  15. Thanks Vince. I’ll see how that compares with what I find.
  16. I’ve never seen anything resembling that Kev in my investigations but I’ll post what I see.
  17. That’s very much my thinking too Kev, I’ll ask Wix to send me details.
  18. Thanks Lee. I've been on the phone this afternoon to a) BT, who have turned off the parental controls (we didn't ask for them to be on in the first place and the idiot who I spoke to last Friday said he had turned them off for us!) and this should be effective within two hours (no change!), to b) Wix who told me there were some changes on the website structure still in propagation, I presume this means updating. When I asked the young lady who had instigated said changes she couldn't tell me, merely quoted a meaningless string of alpha-numerics at me and told me everything should reset within 48 hours, and c) eNom who own the domain name but who, according to them, don't control it....that's done by Wix!! So basically I'm being sent around the houses and nobody is able to solve the issue. I asked about the SSL cert being updated and was informed this happens automatically every time I update and re-publish the website. When I get back from my holiday I'm probably going to change the extension to .net, .com or whatever is available because Wix can't currently accept .co.uk extensions if I ask them to manage the whole shaboodle. I've changed the thread title since I no longer hold BT to be totally culpable....they're not in the clear yet but then neither are Wix nor eNom!
  19. Thanks Quang, cleared my cache and history but no change
  20. Cheers Andy, curiouser and curiouser. If I had hair I’d be tearing it out.
  21. Thank you all for your interest and involvement. I’m usually a Safari user, but in my trials I also have Firefox and Chrome, nada on any! Interestingly my wife was talking to BT today about another issue (I was on the golf course!) and mentioned my difficulties. She was put through to a “switched on” technical support chappie who wanted her to start opening this, trying that etc. but she correctly said I would be better doing all this so I have a call booked tomorrow morning.
  22. Thanks Thierry. This is from the Wix management site for my website: I’m at a bit of a loss as to how to go forward from here, it seems I can’t lay the blame at the doors of BT and it being a “local” issue. I guess I need somebody who knows what they’re doing to investigate, or I change the domain name!
  23. Thanks Andy, all grist to the mill!
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