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  1. Not keen on those figures, the only crew member who went onboard the Lanc with a bag in his hand was the navigator, all the rest just had their parachute packs.
  2. Now that’s a very interesting question dear friend! As I was looking over the huge number of sprues, each (apart from the wings and fuselage) containing an enormous number of detailed and delicate parts, I was thinking to myself, “Where the heck do I start with this?!”. It really is quite an intimidating kit; unlike my usual modus operandi I think it’s wise to follow the instructions. I really need to see what Bob MDC has planned for crew figures before I commit to how I plan to build her…..it seems a travesty not to display at least one of the fantastic engines so it could be a new-to-the-squadron ME453 with no weathering but all panels, perhaps a spinner or two off, maybe even the squadron code letters being painted on…..who knows? But don’t hold your breath Quang, busy time of the year!!
  3. Ditto. I know people have said this beforehand, but when the plastic is actually in your hands you can appreciate what a mind-blowing model this is. All us blokes know that size matters but the real magic is in the detail and sheer quality of the mouldings. Un-be-lieve-a-ble!
  4. I understand that Albion Hobbies have done the same with the clear parts, mine should be here tomorrow!
  5. Mine’s going to be a 467 Squadron Lanc too, ME453 PO-L but she was shot down on her 6th op., having been with the squadron for just under one month……delivered 4 February 1945, lost 3 March 1945.
  6. Good to hear Bob. I may have missed it, but any updates on the Lancaster crew figures?
  7. Hannants are receiving their Lancs tomorrow so with a bit of luck, next week…….? Belay that, just had an email tonight (Thursday) to say it's been despatched! Oh my goodness gracious me!
  8. She looks very “business-like” Dave, I’d be delighted with producing a Viggen of that quality.
  9. I look forward to your comments about the kit Thierry.
  10. If it's any help at all, this is the port inner on "Just Jane" at East Kirkby that I took in 2010: You obviously can't see the starboard one from the cockpit.
  11. Anybody interested? Just added it to the diary. https://www.keymodelworld.com/events/boscombe-down-model-show
  12. It’s a silly thread Jon! But fun!
  13. Just after VE Day the first semi-naval Sea Hornet PX 212 arrived at the RAE, Farnborough. Eric Brown initiated "work-up to deck-landing" trials. 37 years later, he was still impressed: "...the next two months of handling and deck landing assessment trials were to be an absolute joy; from the outset the Sea Hornet was a winner!""The view from the cockpit, positioned right forward in the nose beneath a one-piece aft-sliding canopy was truly magnificent. The Sea Hornet was easy to taxi, with powerful brakes... the takeoff using 25 lb (2,053 mm Hg, 51" Hg) boost and flaps at one-third extension was remarkable! The 2,070 hp (1,540 kW) Merlin 130/131 engines fitted to the prototypes were to be derated to 18 lb (1,691 Hg, 37" Hg) boost and 2,030 hp (1,510 kW) as Merlin 133/134s in production Sea Hornets, but takeoff performance was to remain fantastic. Climb with 18 lb boost exceeded 4,000 ft/min (1,200 m/min)"..."In level flight the Sea Hornet's stability about all axes was just satisfactory, characteristic, of course, of a good day interceptor fighter. Its stalling characteristics were innocuous, with a fair amount of elevator buffeting and aileron twitching preceding the actual stall"..."For aerobatics the Sea Hornet was absolute bliss. The excess of power was such that manoeuvres in the vertical plane can only be described as rocket-like. Even with one propeller feathered the Hornet could loop with the best single-engine fighter, and its aerodynamic cleanliness was such that I delighted in its demonstration by diving with both engines at full bore and feathering both propellers before pulling up into a loop!" Quite remarkable for such an ungainly aircraft.
  14. You’re surely not suggesting the Hornet is “ungainly”……British or not!
  15. Beautiful as it is, I agree a Hornet is a big risk as a second product for a new company, but seeing "Hornet" and "F86" reminds me of a true tale that I was told many years ago; what I recall is accurate in essence but may be askew in detail. It relates to this man: Group Captain (in this photo, shown escorting the King on an official visit to RAF Waddington where he was Station Commander) but later Air Commodore David Bonham-Carter. He was a very experienced pilot, somewhat deaf in later life for which he wore a huge prominent hearing aid in one ear, earning him the affectionate title of TR9 (a piece of early war years radio equipment). He was rather irascible, the less fortunate new crews on the squadrons (467 and 463 Squadrons RAAF) often did their first op. with TR9 to "learn the ropes" but he flouted any rules on returning of being in a circuit or landing pattern, simply saying "Coming in!" Anyway, post-war Bonham-Carter had his own "personalised" Hornet and he was due to pay a goodwill visit to the Far East (Singapore I seem to remember but could have been Hong Kong) where he would to be hosted by the USAAF. Flying his Hornet, he spotted a group of F86s below him which he suspected was a welcoming flight, so mischievously he got into position, feathered one of his props, opened his throttle and roared past the unsuspecting F86s!! They soon formatted on him and proceeded to the Base. On landing, B-C took his walking stick out of his cockpit and stumped off to a well-earned drink and no doubt lots of banter!
  16. I've tweaked this picture as much as possible Tom, the starboard one is easily visible but the port one not very distinct, perhaps you can make anything out? I'll look at the rest of my Lanc pics to see what else I can find.....I must admit that was news to me too about the difference in sizes between those intakes!
  17. In the UK it appears the main distributor is Albion Hobbies (based in Bournemouth so not a million miles from me). I phoned them this afternoon asking when they expected delivery, the answer was in a fortnight. They expect distribution to retailers to be very quick, so mid-July could be on the cards.
  18. Excellent Lightning, so good I thought the thread was starting with the real one! I also love all the extra bits you’ve included to add to the authenticity, well done for producing such a fine diorama.
  19. Yes Thierry, I’ve got 8 that are spare…..if you want them PM your address to me and I’ll send them asap.
  20. The AIMS PE set for the Bf110 has them Thierry, I may have spares but I’ll have to check.
  21. Any AM bits that I add have to fulfil one function only, ie that it improves/corrects any inaccuracies in the kit. Simples!
  22. I had to re-read it too to see what tosh I'd written! Some of it almost made sense!!
  23. Well done Andy.....I'm similarly engaged!!
  24. Annoyingly I’ve “lost”, ie put in a safe place, the two control sticks! Trouble is, I’ve looked in all my safe places so perhaps they are lost! I’ve got a spare True Details stick that I can use to scratch a couple of new ones but it’s annoying nonetheless. And of course as soon as I’ve made new ones the originals will turn up!
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