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  1. Hmmm, I wonder how a Gauntlet export propeller is different a) from a standard Gauntlet propeller (perhaps it isn't?) and more importantly b) from a Gladiator propeller?
  2. Really impressed with ICM’s figures as well as their recent kits, more power to their elbow!
  3. Crack on then Joachim, only 10 months left! I so admire your vision in knowing where you are going with all your weathering, far beyond my ken!
  4. Agreed, my set arrived a couple of days ago, most impressive.
  5. I like it a lot Quang, oils have progressed since my days as an art student and I haven't used them much since, so Liquin is a relevation to me, must investigate once I get back from my golfing fortnight.
  6. Now that's interesting Quang, I've not tried it with figures but had an inkling it could work and you've proved it! So would the face but done in one session, wet-on-wet as it were, in proper oils style? What about drying time, oils being notoriously slow?
  7. He looks great Quang, very lifelike. What paints did you use?
  8. Lots of different heads available from Hornet models!! , and very good they are too.
  9. Robert's "Pattle" figure goes very nicely with this kit too Iain.
  10. Lovely work as ever Iain. These are the Fawcett mods we spoke about at the club last month including the "dog kennel":
  11. Good review of a superb kit Iain, thank you. At some point this year I hope to make a Gauntlet based on this kit, the AIMS cockpit set arrived this morning. That also looks a very worthwhile addition to any Gladiator plans.
  12. We all strive for accuracy as best we can but modelling is at heart representational.
  13. If it's anything like your SE5a diorama, it will be a beautiful thing to behold!
  14. The Gladiator set is indeed a very good idea, the inserts are a neat solution to a potential problem.
  15. Well done chum, she looks wonderful, very convincing!
  16. Make sure you keep the Gladiator, a true milestone in your modelling odyssey!
  17. Bravo! Loved following your build Quang, the trials and tribulations of a modeller laid bare!! Absolutely great result......what’s next?
  18. Well that’s an unusual little aeroplane (I like unusual!). A very tidy build and what must have been quite a challenging paint job successfully mastered. Congratulations LH, great job.
  19. I will, never used UV curing glue, sounds useful.
  20. My anticipated problem was seating and securing the Prym in the holes whilst the CA cured, particularly holding the Prym in place without any microtube. You clearly achieved this admirably!
  21. Yep, the unpainted Prym looks good in those shots. How did you tackle the "X" between the for'd and aft interplane struts?
  22. Cracking build my friend, she looks absolutely splendid! Apart from the pitot tubes and the dampers on the main rigging lines, she looks finished to me?
  23. I can't complain Dennis, I had a free sprue from them! Interesting to note reading a thread on Britmodeller this morning that a chap there who's building one admitted that he had been here to look at the builds! We should charge commission maybe I could do with an extra Gladiator kit though for the Gauntlet conversion that I'm planning.
  24. The metal aerofoil section stuff sounds wonderful but it’s a step too far for me. As you said, the stretch of the Prym is perfect.
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