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  1. OH, am I getting behind everyone ?..... Noap, I'll put this one on high gear soon.... Now my little update on the pit, started as usual with XF-69 Nato blk. and two coat of X-20 gloss clear. wait for a week then, proceed with a Model Master wash of the pit color, in this case Flanker Med. Blue 2131. I put my wash, and wait 15 minutes between every layers (3 or 4), at the first run, it define very easily all the contours, the more layers you do, the easier it'll be to paint between the dial whitout making a mess... At that point, I use a ve
  2. Oh YES, I'm all in for that one.... Dan.
  3. Hey guys, how about a big Flanker...? Sorry I'm late, but still, there is plenty of time for that big bird..... not planning to do fancy stuff nor scratch... for now.. I'm going to use Wolfpack pit, Linden Hill decal, Aerobonus pilot and maybe I'll try some Reskit after market like their Exhaust and twin store carrier.... . Had that huge box on my top shelf for over 10 years or so..... Wasn't sure about doing the version in the kit, until I got my hand on that Linden Hill sheet from a resaler at Ajax contest. The ''George and Dr
  4. How about a T-33 wing tip tank for a starting point....? My two cent... Dan.
  5. Wow, very nice and usefull... Dan.
  6. Thanks guys for all your nice comment, I'm actually getting all my goodies for my next Zipper project... most probably this Belgium twin seater with pilot . Dan.
  7. Thks Albert, It's an Italeri kit, the only one available with engrave surface detail, not perfect,a bit ruff but a lot faster then engraving the old Hasegawa kit, wich is a nice kit too and been the only game in town for decades but I never had the patience for engraving.. Dan.
  8. Yeap, that would work, an option that's going to generate a lot more traffic..... I like that.. Dan.
  9. Or, just move the GB Gallery right under the group build section on the front page ..? it would be a lot easier to drop by for every one to see and would generate a lot more traffic..... Dan.
  10. That's exactly it....... that's one thing that bugs me the most about GB, but don't get me wrong, I love doing some, there's always a nice bunch of good people with nice encouraging and constructive comment, learning new tricks, etc.. I Just finish one of the two entry I did in Cold War GB, encouters a few finishing problem, got discurage at one point, but had good feedback and options to overcome those problem with very good result, thanks to you guys. To me, showing a finish model is my treat, dont need any price nor is a competition, juste doing my b
  11. Wow, very tempting ....... Hornet is something we don't see often, and will definitely follow this build. Dan.
  12. Thanks everyone for your kind words, I'm very happy with the result, knowing how hard it is to do justice to a model in pictures... that's another world, that I don't master trust me. Dan.
  13. Wow, your ride and the Canuck set, priceless....... at first I started the job with the Leading Edge set, did 2 attemp with bad result, maybe they where too old... Dan.
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