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  1. Daniel Leduc

    Iranian F-4D 3-6712, 71st TFS, Hor September 1980

    Little update on my week-end short work.... Did give a shut at the Brassin Exhaust, at $ 45 cnd from a fellow modeller, and a no brainer.. A very nicelly detail kit. the PE was too tight to get in easily.. and end up all curvy and ugly. So went back and used the kit part. and did fit like a charm. with some dry brush and pigment everything should be fine, but before, I need to repaint those petals, too dark for my taste. Yeap, really nice detail those Brassin. On another note, I made up my mind to try Vallejo paint for real, picked up those and planning to use them on a black basing technic. That'll be the fun part... Thanks for watching and have fun. Dan.
  2. Daniel Leduc

    Iranian F-4D 3-6712, 71st TFS, Hor September 1980

    HI everyone, That's were I was before I ran out of juice.... Cockpit from the box, quick nice and easy but definitly gonna used resin seats. just a bit of dry brush and pigment and it should be just fine. Will work on the Brassin Exhaust this week-end and will get back soon. thanks for watching and have fun. Dan.
  3. Hi everyone, It's been a while since I did a quick and easy built.... had that one on the back burner, like many other models I have somewhere in my dark cave ... .. Always liked those colors on a Phantom, very different, the third one in particular... And going to use Techmod decal for it. My load should be some Cutting Edge CBU-10.... I'll put some up to date picture this week-end. Thanks for watching, Dan.
  4. Happy birthday to both of you, you lucky...... you get to open your gifts before everyone.... Hope it's more plastic for many year to come. Have fun and all the best. Dan
  5. Daniel Leduc

    Belgium Mirage V help please

    Yeap, I know, this one is to go for my Revell kit, I'm gattering all my stuff for a Belgium V BA, and gonna use the Italeri Kit for a BR.... So once done with my Libyan Flogger in Desert Ship GB, I hope to start both during the hollidays. Much appreciate Harold, let me know if you can help also for the pit pls. Dan.
  6. Daniel Leduc

    Belgium Mirage V help please

    Yeap, exactly that one, with a more centered scoop.... Dan.
  7. Daniel Leduc

    Belgium Mirage V help please

    Yeah, the 2sd one could be a good starting point for a Belgium Mirage V BA nose cone and you're right about the scoop, way too far forward.... Is there any available...? Dan.
  8. A very sad news today I got, early yesterday morning my very good friend André died of a heart attack. Retired from Bombardier a little over a year and a fine modeler his entire life, he was a great inspiration for many of us at the club. He leaves behind his longtime compagnion Danielle Mateau and her daughter. ''You left us way too soon my friend and we will miss you deeply'' Dan.
  9. And if I'm not mistaken, alias TwoMikes..... Dan.
  10. Daniel Leduc

    1/32 Trumpeter SU -27UB

    Oh YES, a great job and a very convincing model, that's the kind of modelling that brings subject closer to the bench... I love it, Dan.
  11. Daniel Leduc

    Mirage III-CJ My First LSP RFI

    Very very nice, I love it. Dan.
  12. Daniel Leduc

    Happy Birthday FlorinM.....

    And a 100 more full of modelling....... Dan.
  13. Daniel Leduc

    Conformal Fuel Tanks on F-16. Never seen this.

    Yeah, double thick....... Dan.
  14. Daniel Leduc

    East Germany Mig-19PM, "What are those colors..?"

    Exactly the discution I had with DORA (André) few weeks back, and decided that my line up for next year would be as such, an "ALL MIG PARTY "..... You'll see some soon. Dan.