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  1. Count me in for sure, got all my stuff and ready to go..... Dan.
  2. Thanks for all your good comment everyone, I know it's been a long coming thanks but, don't know where I was.... And right after Grissom comment, I remembered that Photobucket issue that I totally forgot about.... so, shortly I will replace all those picture with another photo shoot. Stay tune... Dan.
  3. Hey guys, I'm back...... Thanks for all your input and suggestion and sorry for my short absence, after my clear coat problem, I found myself with no job, all on the same week..... so instead of throwing my model on the nearest wall, I tooked a break on modelling, and it did some good to me. And now like I said, I'm back..... Solved my problem by applying 3 layers of flat acrylic clear Tamiya X-22 with a brush, let it plenty of time to dry, sand it down to level it, shoot back a coat of TS-80 flat clear from the can...... in thin layers. And ''TA DAAA'' , not perfect, but came out pretty good.... Now, I'm evaluating if I'm gonna go on with putting a pilot in that pit..... had to do some surgery on the poor figurine...lol.. And need to put those arm rest in down position..... Will do my best to can that one this week-end..... Hope you still like it and have fun. Dan.
  4. Wow, so realistic...... your outside set-up and picture look so real... I love it. top job, that's a winner for sure. Dan.
  5. Hey Mark, It's basically a Quick bar clamp, you'll need two of those, the sliding part is the end part of the clamp that I rearrange to hold my srcibber. You'll find more info in my Mig-23 WIP on page 4... https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/76167-libyan-mig-23mf-0200-tripoli-august-2005/page/4/ If you have more question, don't esitate to ask. Dan.
  6. Thanks to members help, I was able to tone down my flat finish by spraying TS-80 Tamiya Flat clear coat and planning to add a little sheene with an old T-shirt and wool...... I know it's kind of hard to see the difference but trust me, it's way better than it was.... Was done with the paint, and time for the metal part.... and tape......lol. Running out of Model Master Magnesium metalizer, had to improvised with other finish... And it end up very close.... Getting closer to the finish line for this one....Yeah. And few touch-up on accessories. Will try to finnish it by next week and show it in RFI soon..... Hope you still like it and have fun.. Dan.
  7. Thanks everyone for all your's suggestion.... Had time to practice a fiew of them on spare scrap, finally end-up shooting TS-80 directly over it... . and planning to buff it with an old T-shirt or a piece of wool... It's kind of hard to see the difference on this shot with my cell phone, but trust me, I'm way happyer with THAT result...... Now I'm happy and very close to finnishing this one. Thanks again everyone. Dan.
  8. Oh, I so second that....... Dan.
  9. A master piece, never seen one so realistic..... is there a WIP..? Wow, Dan.
  10. Wow, that's a winner, best T-33 so far I've seen and defenitly gonna go true your WIP..... Dan.
  11. Wow, very nice weathering, spot on..... Dan.
  12. Very very nice, I love it.... Dan.
  13. Exactly my tought, did some test on left over parts from my previous scrap Sabre. I took a brush to apply a thin flat coat of clear to cover all the glossy cracks, I will wait a few days and will sand it down just to level it and will re-do the process..... We'll see, thks for the input. Dan.
  14. Noap, it only happen on 2 or 3 small places, it looks like the clear coat stretch while drying......weird. And if that's the case, adding more flat coat won't do any good with those crack, the clear won't stick into it.... Dan.
  15. Yeap, definitly not my week-end with clear coat.... Did it ever happened to you and how did you resolved it....? At first everything looks fine. The same thing happened with a previous Sabre Dog build , and it end up in the trash..... , look at the stretch mark near the flap.... Don't know how it happened, there was no build-up..... Did used Tamiya Flat clear TS-80 over Gunze colors Have to figure out how to fix it....? Dan.
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