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  1. Very nice, just enough weathering for a demo plane, I love it. Dan.
  2. I'm back, and planning to finish this one before Christmas...... After 7 months, trying to remember where I letf it, Oh boy..... and not mentionning along the way I changed my mind for the load with some nice Videoaviation BL755.... Oh yeah. Plus, decided to switch Tamiya TER for some Trumpy I took from a Corsair kit, less chubby and better detail on the brace... Hope you like and have fun, tanks for watching. Dan.
  3. All the best for you and hope your doing better, see you in Hamilton.. Dan.
  4. Wow, very nice and convencing weathering, vraiment parfaite... J'aime beaucoup, Daniel.
  5. Wow wow, another Revell beauty.... Dan.
  6. Wow, very nicely done, not my type but I like it, very different.... Dan.
  7. Wow, a great job on a not so easy kit with a very subtile weathering..... I love it, Dan.
  8. Yeap really nice to see some colors on those Hornet, with a weathering nicelly done. Dan.
  9. Hey guys, Here's what I just did to accomodate an AMS Nesher nose to my Italeri Mirage... with a little piece from the recce nose. And very little putty, it fit like a charm...the AMS nose was made to fit the Revell kit, at the end, overall lenght was just shorter by 1/16... Dan.
  10. OH yeah, I can imagine that one....... next to my Spad.... But with Trumpy, it could take a while..... Dan.
  11. Oh my ! that's one serious Tonka here, the best to me so far, I love it. Dan.
  12. Very inspyring built Marcel, I tend to wanna start the other one, the black one..... If you can't source your non bulged main door, PM me, have some... dan.
  13. VERRRRY beautiful Flogger, electronic detail nicely done and really like your picture set up. An inspiration for my stall one..... Bravo.. Dan.
  14. Very very nice and with a Revell..... I love it. Dan.
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