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  1. VERRRRY beautiful Flogger, electronic detail nicely done and really like your picture set up. An inspiration for my stall one..... Bravo.. Dan.
  2. Very very nice and with a Revell..... I love it. Dan.
  3. Here's my little teaser.... Techmod decal went very well and I was filling the stencil gap using Speed Hunter Early Phantom sheet, but along the way I realise that the sheet was made mainly for SEA camo with both, black and wite, unfortunitly, I was more in need of black stencils instead of white with this project.... I decided to go with Warbird Decals sheet from Hannants to fill up the missing one or maybe I'll have to take them all out if the size doesn't match or look too weird,.. that's sad cause SH stencil are so nice and very fine writting. So until I receive my goodies from Hannants, I've got plenty to do.... Hope you like it and thanks for watching. Dan.
  4. Thanks Brian, Yeah and a very usefull one but the concept is not mine, just a more simple version of one I picked up on another site some ten years ago or so. Dan.
  5. Hey Ziggy, When clicking on the loadout page, it an error message..... Dan.
  6. Yeap, he's always looking for a deal, aren't we..? hope to catch some good one at Torcan and looking forward to see you. Dan.
  7. Here's my little week-end update, So far the first color came out good, more closer to sand than some sort of skin tone ... And the sausage party began..... While fixing overspray, I cracked my wing rooth so had to start over my painting on that part. do the engraving on the tank, 12 min. overall.... 3 coat of clear, X20 diluted with Mr.Color 3 to 1, end up with a very shiny surface. Used Gunze H311 for my under surface to simulate FS36622, shoot thin coat at a low 10 PSI, mixed 50/50. really like it. A very different set of colors than the last Phantom I did and kind a like it. Most probably gonna end up finishing my Tamiya Tomcat, stalled for almost 5 year on the doom shelf.... Yeah. I'll go get some more... Thanks for watching and have fun. Dan.
  8. Hey Don, I wasn't able to make it this year but it's already set in my calendre for the next one, a few buddys at the club went and had a great time. Doing my best to be ready for Torcan in May.... See ya, Dan.
  9. Thanks Brian and yes I'm getting there, find new tricks along the way, it's fun time. Dan.
  10. Here's my little week-end update for the Flogger... Wing glued in full open position A little piece to fill the gap of the wing glove based on Ivan pictures. everything fixed on the fuselage.. Rudder not glued yet, just for the picture purpose... very different from what I'm used to built, but I like it. Found more goodies to help me move on futher... Thanks for watching and have fun. Dan.
  11. Wow, that's one serious Mig....... and the weathering, simply perfect . I love it, a master job..... Dan.
  12. Thanks guys for your encouragemen, I know, that's part of the game.... So right back on the saddle, here's part 2.... overall with Tamiya XF-69 Under surface with Gunze H311, went very well. Gonna let it rest for a day or two, window sealing and walkway.. before putting Enamel paint on. That will give me time to finallize my colors choice. Thanks for watching and have fun, Dan.
  13. A very quick update guys, On the first color I noticed that keeping my black fadding was going be a challenge with that product, even when thinned close to 50/50 with their own thinner, couldn't get the fine layers I used to have with Tamiya or Model Master. The result on the 2sd color confirm me that I shouldn't go on with the rest, it was worst..... So decided to stop it right there and thank god, it was acrylic.... very easy to take off with amonia glass cleaner. and the big black spot in the middle is my thumb print I left after I cleaned up my airbrush.... another things to fix.... It took me an hour to clean my mess and restart again, Yippiiiiii, Next time trust me, I'll practice on scrap when switching media. So this time, I decided to go with those Model Master.... Sorry guys for the mishap but it's part of the game more often than I wish for.... Thanks for watching and have fun Dan.
  14. Now the ''FUN PART''...... But first, need to fix that fuel door, not flush enough..... I love it in black, it just looks mean.... A full painting week-end ahead... Yes Sir. Certainly more soon and have fun. Dan.
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