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  1. Hey Ali, Any possibilty for a Revell replacement set..? Dan.
  2. Hi everyone, Sorry for the delay, the challenge of job searching at 58 tend to changes priorities..... Some goodies I decided to go with and since I only did two prop in the past 30 years, it will defenitly improve the end result.. An habit I have, black basing..... Almost ready to close that fuselage but have to wait, haven't receive my Quick Boost pipe exhaust yet... Yahu IP, no way I can get that detail, that fast.. and here is Franz.... again, not my cup of tea but will do my best to make sure he doesn't look like a Zombie.. Will resume my built once my exhaust receive, hope you like it and have fun. Dan.
  3. Hi everyones, thanks to Brad.... I felt the calling to bring something different than a P-47 and P-51.... a Gustav 109 Brad confirmed me that most of the JG5 was involved in Norway against the Mighty Heighth, protecting submarine bases. Never did any messerschmitt before, and my knowladge about WWII are very basic since my interrest are mostly into jets. I found that subject nice and a tempting challenge. Just ordered some goodies and will start soon. Thks for watching and have fun, Dan.
  4. That was fast but not so convincing for the colors.... At first the sand looked ok, but got darker once the brown showed up... And got worst with the green..... did revised my colors mix for the sand, and end up closer to what it should be. More to my liking. The camo was done free hand and refine with blu tack sausage...... And instead of using tons of paper towel for over spray, did give a try with a spunge, one I tooked from a Reskit box..... it shorten my masking time by more than half Love it, way faster... I found the edge a tad too sharp, will need to double check that before going further.. Now will have to put it assid for a few days, I have another model to finish for HeritageCon in Hamilton in two weeks Hope you like it and thks for watching, have fun Dan.
  5. OK, will try to speed-up on this one cause I have way too many other project stalled on the same level... done with pit and all the censors... all masked.. and now, the fun part.... Thanks for watching and have fun. Dan.
  6. WOW, a perfect Spook.... Dang I love those green Phantom. Thanks for sharing. Dan.
  7. Oh boy it's been a while..... but here my ''MDFT'' (Motivation Dry Fit Teaser)....lol Yeap, most of the time that's how you get back on track, looking at new decal sheet, matching paint colors or looking at other members built... For me, all the above. Minor adjustment to cover Aires shrinkage..... Finally on his legs. Some engraving left to do on the shoulder, canopy masking and that baby will be ready for the fun part, the paint booth.. Missiles and tanks almost done beside some decals and weathering. Hope you still remember that one and will put some more soon and have fun. Dan.
  8. Hi Dutik, Found mine for my Nesher with Harold / AMS, he can provide both seats. Dan.
  9. WOW, I love it, If mine come out half that nice, I'll be a happy camper....BRAVO. Alain. Belle Job, Dan.
  10. That's good news I will surelly gonna use a few of those.... Dan.
  11. Hi Norbert, From what I saw, still in use in many F-16, F-15, Aggressors and Greek Mirage 2000 up to 2015.... Dan.
  12. Hi Pete, The problem for a D version and many C's / Aggressors etc, we are missing the pilot with the regular type helmet, a HGU-48P,.... Thar are still in use today. Dan.
  13. Wow, very nice, I love it.....specialy your metal work, very realistic, just hope mine come close to yours, if I ever finish it... A winner my friend, Dan.
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