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  1. A very nice build, don't know how I missed that one, a perfect result.... Just hope mine come that nice or close to.... Love it, Dan.
  2. Hi guys, Was planning to put some on my Sukhoi build in Training Day GB and was looking for some better than the those that Trumpeter supply in their kit, I know Reskit make some nice one in 1/48 but is there any after market avalable in 1/32....? Dan.
  3. Here's a quick update, I found it easier than expected to modify the stabelizer position ... Wow, almost like a step by step...lol The copper tube all the way in was only for alignment purpose. Yeap. more like it.... a little putty touch-up and it'll be fine. Oh yeah, we are getting there..... That !, I like, way better than what it was.. Hope you like it too, thanks for watching and have fun..... Dan.
  4. Wow, one that we don't see often, with a perfect finish...... Love it, Dan.
  5. Hi everyone, so far so good, I'm back on track and happy to resume this baby.... Like most of their kit, Trumpet always have molding seams to take off and lucky me, not that many on this one... AIres wheel bay in, intakes on and the fuselage close, not much trouble.... Still need some work on side panel, the pit came out good, I'm pretty happy with it... A new trend I'm starting with my models, I'm putting pilots into it, it looks so more alive, those are from Aerobonus. A pretty tight fit, just like te r
  6. Yeap, so much for a quick built hey..... Sorry for my absence, COVID got in the way, pretty nasty stuff to deal with.... Hoping to resume this build some time during the holydays. Dan.
  7. DANG..... wasn't fast enough...lol , Yeap, a very interesting load... Dan.
  8. Thanks guys for all your kind words, I really appreciate... Dan.
  9. Thanks a lot guys, really appreciate your kind words... Dan.
  10. Oh yes... Top Gun Scooter, nice, was it hard to put your hand on that sheet...? Dan.
  11. OH, am I getting behind everyone ?..... Noap, I'll put this one on high gear soon.... Now my little update on the pit, started as usual with XF-69 Nato blk. and two coat of X-20 gloss clear. wait for a week then, proceed with a Model Master wash of the pit color, in this case Flanker Med. Blue 2131. I put my wash, and wait 15 minutes between every layers (3 or 4), at the first run, it define very easily all the contours, the more layers you do, the easier it'll be to paint between the dial whitout making a mess... At that point, I use a ve
  12. Hey guys, how about a big Flanker...? Sorry I'm late, but still, there is plenty of time for that big bird..... not planning to do fancy stuff nor scratch... for now.. I'm going to use Wolfpack pit, Linden Hill decal, Aerobonus pilot and maybe I'll try some Reskit after market like their Exhaust and twin store carrier.... . Had that huge box on my top shelf for over 10 years or so..... Wasn't sure about doing the version in the kit, until I got my hand on that Linden Hill sheet from a resaler at Ajax contest. The ''George and Dr
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