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Border 1/35 Kate


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Personally I'd go with 1/32 for the name of consistency among my aircraft models, no matter the subject or the producer. This being said, if a manufacturer pours their money into a product of a marginal scale which is already very close to a long settled standard scale... well... I just wish them success. And if a modeler buys it for some purpose or just prefers it for a reason... well... I wish him too a good modeling.


Sure this is the very right place to discuss this kind of stuff on this planet. But any new product is way better than no product at all and shall we just wish the buyers enjoy their build?

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The model looks nice, now that photos are out.  I will look at how it builds and marking options, I would consider building on of these.  I am not concerned that it is 1/35 vs 1/32.  Just does not matter to me.  If Tamiya did a 1/35 aircraft kit, I would jump on it with the same enthusiasm as a 1/32.  

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5 hours ago, Lee White said:

If any members have the 1/35 Stuka and a "regular" 1/32 Stuka, would you be so kind as to post some pics so we can compare and contrast? Thanks!

I saw a thread a while ago where the poster had Border's 35th Bf 109 next to a 32nd 109 and the size difference was surprising to me, I didn't think it would have been that much, I wish I had of saved the pic, because I can't find where I saw it.



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I will buy the Infinity 1:32 Kate; I won’t buy the Border 1/35 Kate. Being a similar scale is important to me. I want it to be the same scale as my Tamiya A6M2B and the soon to be acquired Infinity Val— not to mention my other Pacific war aircraft.
It will be just my luck that they will do the long awaited TBD Devastator in 1:35 scale!

Bill M.

Edited by Bill M.
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