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  1. I happened to ask my postal carrier about these problems today. He was quite candid and said that his understanding is that work shifts at sorting centers sort what they can during their shifts, then whatever is left is moved to the “back room”. The incoming shift starts sorting new mail and the mail in the back room isn’t touched again until an “auditor” finds it— which might be days if not weeks later. Can’t say whether this is true— that is just what I was told today. Bill M.
  2. For those who may be looking for early F-4C MB Mk. 5 ejection seats as would be correct for an Operation Bolo Phantom, it looks like the AMS seats are restocked at Sprue Brothers— https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/ams32040.htm I bought a set already, so I’m good to go... Bill M.
  3. I guess I’m not alone. My issue is that after both of my items were mailed and went through the initial sorting, the tracking just stops— days with no further tracking entries. It might lead one to believe that the packages are lost or destroyed... Bill M.
  4. Are other people having problems with the Post Office not delivering things? Around February 15th, I ordered a set of Operation Bolo decals from Indiana and some Oramask stencil material from Michigan. The tracking says that the items are delayed but “on their way”. Both items shipped by priority or first class mail. There have been no new tracking entries for days since they were received in the originating states. Maybe I’m impatient, but I have to fear the shipments have been lost or damaged. Surely don’t care for the post office nowadays... Bill M.
  5. Now if someone would do the asymmetrical dual missile racks for the F-8 Crusader, my life would be complete! Bill M.
  6. I have two sets of the GT Resin short burner cans for the B and C/D. Both look good to me.
  7. Are any of these correct for an F-8E Crusader of the late 60’s? Bill M.
  8. Can we place orders for the discontinued items up until March 2nd? Bill M.
  9. I just got back into town and have emailed GT Resin with the same suggestion. Bill M.
  10. Mark, I actually was in touch with GT Resin yesterday. He said he would be restocking those items at Sprue Brothers next month—March. Included will be the ALQ-71 ECM pod for F-4’s, F-4 centerline tank and USAF outer pylons... and other parts too. Bill M.
  11. If you’re looking for correctly sized burner cans for an E or a J, I just happened to run across these on Shapeways— https://www.shapeways.com/product/6DP5RRDUS/1-32-f-4e-j-s-exhaust-correct-size-tamiya?optionId=65854060&li=shops Don’t know anything about them except that they claim they are the “right size”. Bill M.
  12. A new tool F-4 from Tamiya?! Now that would be something!! But to bring us back to earth, In view of Tamiya not doing any 1/32 kits recently, I don’t see that happening... as nice as that would be! Bill M.
  13. For F-4C burner cans, there are these from GT Resin and they are in stock at Sprue Brothers— https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/gtr32005.htm In the description, they claim they are “correctly sized”. Based on that, I just ordered a set. Bill M.
  14. I just ordered a set of the early ejection seats directly from Harold at AMS Resin. He says he can make more if anyone else needs them. Email him directly at— hairold(at)frontier(dot)com Bill M.
  15. Thanks for the info on the AMS Resin seats. As noted, they are out of stock at Sprue Brothers with no restock information, so I emailed Harold at AMS resin directly. As to the F-4C burner cans, I know that GT Resin made or makes a set— don’t know whether they are accurate or not... Bill M.
  16. I am getting excited about the new Fundekals Operation Bolo decals and I have decided I need to build an F-4C Phantom as was a part of Operation Bolo. It looks like an early F-4C should have Martin Baker Mk. 5 ejection seat rather than the later Mk. 7 seat. Does anyone make a good aftermarket Mk. 5 seat that would be correct for the early F-4C? Thanks! Bill M.
  17. Thanks! Well, based your reports, I went ahead and ordered a Portrait Silhouette 3. I’m looking forward to playing with it! Bill M.
  18. Just saw where Hobby Zone is already sold out— at least in 1/32! Hope they get more! Bill M.
  19. Forgive my ignorance here, but I’m thinking of purchasing a Portrait Silhouette machine for cutting masking stencils. I’m wondering if it will cut stencils from a word document or a pdf I have on my computer?
  20. I for one am glad to see these rivet sets. It is just a way to make your model that much more accurate. Yes, they’re expensive, but if you want an accurate SBD and are willing to pay the money and invest the time, it is an option to consider. Personally, when I get a little more flush, I plan on buying a set for my SBD. Just my view... Bill M.
  21. I’m really excited at the prospect of a really good 1/32 P-40B Tomahawk. Hope it does not disappoint! I’m wondering if it is really close to release or quite a ways off? Bill M.
  22. These two GWH P-40 threads should be merged. Just saying...... Bill M.
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