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  1. pictures of the released model over on Britmodeller, looks like it's been released in China at least. Such a funky looking thing, I feel I might have to get one. It looks like something Gerry Anderson would have designed in Captain Scarlet or Thunderbirds.
  2. I know little about the Corsair really, a supplementary question from me Bill if you don't mind. Are any of the Tamiya kits suitable to build as a Fleet Air Arm aircraft ?? I seem to recall the wings were clipped on FAA planes, not sure if this is included in the Tamiya offerings ? thanks neil
  3. Nobody prevents me from doing anything when it comes to modelling except the chief finance officer and CEO/President who controls the purse strings, she may prevent me buying "yet more paint for those toys of yours". But happily I can live with that. The point of modelling will be different for each of us. For me, life is too short for painting 5 or 6 greens on something so small and not visible once complete - I'll stick with painting one colour green and be happy. My point was, based on those photos, it doesn't really matter which one I use as all will be correct at some point in the cockpit (even if it's only 10% correct !!!)
  4. I love pictures like this - there's at least 5 or 6 different shades of green in that cockpit meaning I will have a paint that matches at least one of them. All that worry and fuss we put in on getting the correct colour - makes you realise we do it for no reason !!
  5. I'm nearly there building the P-40M, it's my first ever P-40 build. Have to say I'm really impressed, used the Eduard cockpit A/M and it goes together well and looks great. Pleased with how the flaps area turned out and the surface detail ticks my box. Fit is good, no issues and only the briefest touch of filler in a couple of places. Overall I'm really impressed, I regret not building one sooner and it's made me want to do a RAAF P-40N in the near future. Not sure of the accuracy of the kit as I have no interest in that side of modelling - it certainly looks like a P-40 though.
  6. that's worth looking at the other items as well. £3k for a 1/6 landing craft or £1,700 for a 1/6 cockpit of a BF 109 plus others !
  7. Brilliant, what a great thing to do. I love a dedicated model builder and you clearly are one. You build a proper box out of the poor box that the model comes in before building the model from the newly built box !!! That bought a big smile to my face, if we were in a pub I'd buy you a pint for that.
  8. I just did the same, I was going to resist as that's over a months modelling budget for me and I already have 5 early Revell Spits built. However, I want Kotare to produce more and varied kits and they will only do that if these sell well. Also looking to get the Southern Expo Hornchurch decals mentioned in this thread, one of the HE111's shot down by Malan crashed about a mile from where I live and it's got a sky blue underside rather than sky so will add something different to my collection. Now just need to tell the wife I need to dip into the housekeeping pot - gulp !!!
  9. yep, can't beat Revell for value for money - I'm one of those with limited budget - don't own a Tamigawazokinuts kit and no desire to buy one.
  10. I'm just in the middle of building the old Matchbox F24 spit - last time I did that Thatcher and Reagan where playing as a duo. I'd completely forgotten what that kit was like until this week, panel lines are the deepest and widest I've ever seen ! Anyway, back on topic, I did note that it uses the same wing connection panels. I'm 1 million percent certain that will be the only similarity (ignoring the fact it's made of plastic, needs to be built & painted and they are both sexy spits !!).
  11. I've got three of these in the stash, one of which I started what seems like a lifetime ago. I normally fly through short run kits but for some reason I find their hurricanes hard work - it's the fiddly cockpit and that bloody great chunk of resin undercarriage bay - it just seems to all make me feel bored. Surely the revell kit wont be on a par with the fly kit ???!!!
  12. wow, I worry about building my 30 kit stash - 200 !!!! You could give an old fashion high street model shop (remember them - good old days !) a run for their money with that stock !
  13. I think I am more excited about this kit than anything else announced over the past few years.
  14. completely agree - some amazing subjects from this company - long may it continue.
  15. that looks better than I would have expected - I can see this on my shelf of Spits
  16. I'm not that familiar with the Apache - can you do a UK version from this ?? They regularly fly slowly over my home, I assume on the way to Colchester Barracks, a great sight looking mean and moody ! If so I think I might be tempted with this. neil
  17. I've always been scared of using rivet tools - too much likelihood of me buggering up my models in the process (clumsy and careless my school teachers used to say in the 60's and 70's and nothing has changed since then !!). Have not then thought about using wet transfer's as an alternative but these look amazing on your build - time to purchase some and give them a try !!
  18. you are a true artist, both in your building skills and painting skills. Simply stunning. neil
  19. But that's subjective and I have to disagree politely with you on this when looked at from my viewpoint. It depends on what you want and expect from a kit I guess. For me, the revell kit is perfect and needs zero aftermarket. The build is enjoyable, the end result is as accurate a spitfire as I desire and it's cheap enough that I can buy something else to build as well. There's plenty of room for both kits and thankfully enough of buyers out there with varying views and requirements that manufacturers can meet them in various ways.
  20. now that is one sexy looking aircraft
  21. Instructions look really good, I'm not familiar with WNW kits, assume from the comments that these are similar. For me I think I'll wait and see what some of the online builds are like. I really like building the Revell spitfire kits and I'm not sure that this new kit offers me anything more than I can get from a Revell kit (based purely on the instructions so I'm thinking this with caution). I guess like other people I have to juggle my buying decision based on how many more early Mark Spits I need to build and what other kits I want that I could spend the money on. Trouble with only building 1/32 scale, even small aircraft take up room and space is now a premium. Plus I have a load of kits in my stash that I want to build. My only nagging feeling is that I want this company to produce more previously unreleased 1/32 kits and the only way they will do that is if they sell this one so I might buy for that reason alone, providing the price isn't to high. At the price point mentioned above that's a months pocket money for me gone in a single kit.
  22. that is something that has entered my mind more frequently over the past year or so. The amount of waste from each kit is staggering. I try and reuse as much as possible but our hobby is wasteful and environmentally unfriendly. I suspect our current norm with regards to the hobby will be very different in 10-15 years time due to this.
  23. thanks for the tip off, keep going - it's looking good.
  24. amazing paint finish - you are an artist.
  25. I just can't imagine how I would build and paint something that big but at least I could live in it once the wife kicks me out when she sees the size and cost of that monster !
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