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  1. Lee White

    what block does the Hobbyboss B-24J represent?

    But the inverse is true, too. Only HB knows if the kit is selling poorly, so dinging somebody whose opinion is different from yours is pointless.
  2. Yeah, no......... https://www.track-link.com/forums/news_general/52374/flat
  3. Lee White

    Spotted Ass Ape HobbyBoss B-24 Assembly Ship

    Isn't that the plane featured in Shep Paine's B-24J diorama?
  4. Lee White

    1:24 Trumpeter Ju87 D5 fuselage length

    Any members near Everett, Washington with a tape measure? https://flyingheritage.org/Explore/The-Collection/Germany/Junkers-Ju-87-R-4-Stuka.aspx
  5. Lee White

    Restored XP-82 first flight Jan 28, 2019

    Durn it, now I have to go build the old Monogram kit in the stash.
  6. Lee White

    first and last built..

    Hmmmm...... I recall my first model being a Dick Tracy figure on a fire escape, or an orange racer from the '60's in 1967. Currently working on my Beaufighter, of nearly the same vintage.
  7. If you built a time machine, and went back to 1976, it would take Gold at the local IPMS contest. Nice work there.
  8. Lee White

    Not being 100% accurate- is it a big deal?

    I want an accurate shape more than anything, the details are somewhat secondary as they are more easily rectified and brought up to whatever level of accuracy I want.
  9. Lee White

    Not being 100% accurate- is it a big deal?

    That made me laugh, I haven't thought of Snagglepuss in 40 years or so. Exit, stage left...............
  10. Lee White

    Short Sunderland MkII

    Huh. I never noticed the .303s mounted in the hull below the turret before.
  11. Lee White

    Mustang hybrid.......

    Yes, Paul Budzik's build did just that, with excellent results! http://paulbudzik.com/models/p51.pdf
  12. Lee White

    ICM 1/32 MiG-25 Foxbat?!?

    Sound about right. I had been hacking away at molds for a LSP Foxbat, and now ICM is kitting one.... I guess the old Chestnut about starting a scratch build ending with an IM release is true.
  13. Lee White

    "Willie the Whale", Flying nightmares, Korea 1953

    Hi Karl, I was going thru an old Scale Modeler magazine which had an article about the Skyknight. Some generic walk around pics were included, but I thought this one might be distinct enough to warrant a posting on your thread- It shows some of the detail where the stabilizer meets the fin, I hope it is of some help.
  14. Lee White

    Revell Beaufighter

    OK, sorry for the delay, I will be starting my Beaufighter later tonight- Life has been topsy turvy lately, and I like to carve wood when i'm stressed- So, I banged out this over the past 2 weeks. I promised myself I wouldn't start on this one until I finish the Beau, so it's an added incentive to finish the first model of the GB.
  15. Lee White

    Propaganda Me. 117 P "Adler": FINISHED.

    Those canards are da bomb, as kids say. Very cool looking, reminds me of the critter from the Predator movie.