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  1. Could you anneal the foil to loosen it up?
  2. Ok, FINALLY got a little motivation today, finished up the fuselage formers and installed the cockpit. Tomorrow, hopefully i'll glue the halves together and start the nacelles.
  3. I don't know if you ever noticed this about the B-58, but in addition to funky retraction sequences, America's sexiest '60's bomber rolled around on wheels/ tires that looked like they came off of go-carts.
  4. John has found the molds, and has posted on FB that will soon be available.
  5. Well, I just got a 2-week layoff, as the county government has shut down ALL schools for 14 days. Looks like I'll be gettin' some bench time.
  6. ......but hopefully not in a thousand pieces......
  7. I've got the '74 Garlits Swamp Rat, in the original white box, and the recent boxing of the California Charger.
  8. Great! New canopy incoming, just need your addy via PM
  9. OK, some cockpit work completed. It's straight-up Mig21UM, but the dual pairs of identical instruments on the IP suggest a twin engine bird. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  10. Is the catamaran the same as on the S? If so, perhaps you can pilfer one from the World Starfighter kit.
  11. I have to add my sincere thanks for all you've done. Like your earlier colleagues, Saso and Chris, there comes a time when the torch must be passed. That said, your leadership will be missed, and hopefully a reduction in your admin workload translates into an increase in your bench time. You have really helped shape what this community has become, and I am grateful.
  12. My family is from the south, in Kristiansand. I too have lots of good memories of Norway.
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