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  1. Not being up-to-date on all things F-16, what makes this variant the best dogfighter, even amongst other F-16s?
  2. Yes, his name was Ron Denning. He also did an X-3 and Tigercat in 1/18. http://www.hyperscale.com/2011/features/skycrane18rd_1.htm
  3. So, Shatner is going to be a 'Rocket Man'?
  4. I think the Heller Super Frelon was the biggest 1/35 chopper available.
  5. I'm in for one of these- the only helo I prefer in civilian garb (Big old orange Erickson Sky Crane) to it's military scheme.
  6. That's cool, I never knew that. I think this is the work of someone other than Tamiya-san, the logo being changed somewhat, and the name changed to 3Floyds.
  7. (Sorry, couldn't get it to rotate)
  8. While I generally agree with this sentiment, we've all read the books, and, if the film stays close to them, we already know what's going to happen. Kinda like Apollo 13 or Titanic. Maybe not Titanic, nobody knows if Jack could have fit on that door in real life. ;)
  9. Anybody want to stop by and ask him why? https://www.floridaresidentsdirectory.com/person/125014107/trusov-arthur
  10. Does the new movie go beyond the first book?
  11. Captain Kangaroo! I got stuck behind him at the post office once, didn't figure out who he was until later.
  12. Yeah, but can your winch do THIS??
  13. I use Image shack, and use my Samsung phone almost exclusively as my primary camera Here is a phone pic shot, uploaded, and posted in about a minute.
  14. Congrats, you're now a speed limit.
  15. I may have missed it, and I'm not trying to be "that guy", but, could you phonetically spell it out for those of us who may have mispronounced it? Thanks.
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