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  1. IIRC, the Ace kit parts were poor knock-offs of the Hasegawa kits. The Pat's arrangement was changed on the spruces, and various knobs and switches in the cockpit were moved around. Think of the Zhengfudu knockoffs of Academy 'Varks, same thing.
  2. Lee White

    Do 17

    Tigger does a 1/32 217.
  3. Lee White

    Do 17

    I'd be happy if the hit the enlarge button on the old Monogram Do-17. I don't know how accurate it is, but looks the part.
  4. Cold War Jets for me. Edit: I can't read, apparently. I thought the choices were for another year-long build. Trainer aircraft for the final slot works for me.
  5. Ok, this dummy has a question- Why lock them down in the first place?
  6. As crazy as it sounds, doing that in Colorado is illegal.
  7. IIRC, the Swedish plane was a bit longer, too.
  8. I didn't read the ad, but, if it contained words like 'rare', 'out of production', 'only one left', that people tend not to do their due diligence for fear if missing out. At least you now have a viable, profitable route for any overstock. Just be sure to include those magic words.
  9. Make heads explode with a 335 painted on Lozenge.
  10. Frank is a magician.
  11. That question depends on how big a cut Mrs. Yeager wants.
  12. While I tend to agree with you on this, I can't help but compare it to Glacier Girl, which was even worse off, and yet restored.
  13. Love it! I'll eventually get one, but still hoping that you'll do a Yak-28.
  14. If you can get someone to send you the nose cone and gear doors, it should a relatively easy cut and shut. Now as far as cockpit differences.....
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