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  1. I toyed with the idea of buying these back when they were fashionable, but a friend who built a 1/48 P-39 with them regretted it when, in a moment of absent- mindedness picked it up mid- fuselage like any other model crushed them beyond repair. Too delicate.
  2. He was simply the best drummer in rock and roll. Insane polyrhythms and oddball time signatures combined with power to make for some of the best musicianship ever. Google YYZ or Tom Sawyer by Rush and you'll see.
  3. Dead at 67 from brain cancer. He was the best, RIP.
  4. We had an exotic car dealership near here when I was much younger.... all sorts of Italian metal there. They once had a GT-40, I was amazed how small it was, even amongst tiny Italian cars. They needed to push it out of the showroom to start it, at first I didn't understand but helped push anyways. Then they started it, and I understood. My ears are still ringing.
  5. Edit: deleted as I was mistaken about the Trumpeter kit.
  6. I too have seen this happen- my ex'es grandmother was sharp as a tack at 94, firing on every cylinder until she fell about a foot when she fell out of bed. That short fall broke her hip, which required emergency surgery. She was never the same after that.
  7. IIRC, the F-35's lift fan is not a separate engine, but powered via a PTO off of the main engine. Being sucked down the lift fan shouldn't affect it much. Hell, they shoot supermarket turkeys out of cannons to see the effect it has on high-bypass turbofans, I can't imagine a tiny bird having much effect. Then again, I remember a Pelican bringing down a B-1 in Colorado way back when.
  8. Wonderful. My dad's last trip before he passed was to NZ, he got to sail on an America's Cup sailboat while there. He was over the moon.
  9. Very nice. Reminds me of the Britannia .
  10. The "Gilbert XF-120" from "Towards The Unknown".
  11. Very nice. How did you avoid webbing with such a deep draw?
  12. I think they are chasing the "But I know it's there!" crowd, like AMT did with their KC-135 kits.
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