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  1. https://ipms.nl/walkarounds/walkaround-jets/3035-walkaround-mig19
  2. https://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/mig-19/mig-19_walk.shtml http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/kevan_vogler/mig-19s/
  3. Yoopers, Northern rednecks.
  4. Yup, except that the Pleiades has 7 stars, (hence the "Seven Sisters" moniker), and Subaru only has 6 in their logo! Go figure.
  5. I used to live in Colorado, and everyone and their cat drove one. Subarus are popular, much loved cars that apparently will not leave you stranded.
  6. I think the more appropriate buzz code for that Norwegian zipper would be W-TF.
  7. If I had Musk-level money, I'd have scaled composites build me a turboprop ( where are you gonna get original engines??) He-219. Or a Pucara.
  8. That covers a lot of ground, most RAF bombing missions occurred at night. Mossies, Lancs, etc.
  9. Incredible that no one else has this problem, yet it's the site's fault. Dramatic exit not needed, just go.
  10. I can't comment on the German aircraft production in general, but I remember watching a documentary about the FW-190,where they discussed the limitations on production caused by the people who made the control surfaces... folks who made furniture before the war. Apparently, the German need for perfection is not easily subdued, and quantity was secondary to quality. So at least the tail feathers were ace, even if the rest of the plane was crap.
  11. Yeah, well, there are 346 people out there who loved flying on the Max, until they didn't. It's getting to the point where "If it's a Boeing, I ain't going" might become a thing.
  12. Car model dilettante here, but I looked up the kit in question- the price for that thing is VERY serious. Wow.
  13. That's when you learned about Chicken Sticks, then. Much less blood spilled.
  14. Our own Dr. Frank Mitchell showed us how it was done in the January 1999 FSM.
  15. Those are bis plans, no? I'm pretty sure the Trumpy kit isn't a bis.
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