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  1. Yeah, you like Swedish airplanes shaped like American NASCAR fans.
  2. ...and that's the way it should be here too, IMHO......
  3. I was a a big contest when, at the end of the day, all the models had been removed except for one. Another modeler suggested that, since it didn't win, that the modeler had abandoned it. I don't know if that is really a thing, but it tells me that there are people who build, where the joy of building is secondary. And that is sad to me.
  4. Way back in the dark ages, the local R/C boat club had a show. It was very well attended, with huge throngs of people coming out to see the models, including a Titanic model that was actually a submarine, and would 'sink' when it hit the accompanying R/C iceberg. Anyways, the Navy was there, and had a 1/32 Enterprise on a boat trailer in the parking lot. From a distance, it was amazing. Close up, it was a disaster. It was made of poor-grade lumber and housepaint, and populated by 1st gen Revell Phantoms built by...... well, let's just say amateurs. Huge, but disappointing.
  5. Agreed. They lost me at the point when Stewart was going to go on a "one take off, one landing" flight, at which he left her in the car. 17 hours later, she's still there. And happy to see him, like some sort of pet.
  6. The post office is actually doing well, it's the congressional mandated funding of pensions for postal workers not yet born that is causing the problems. Of course, the money does not go to a pension, but rather into the general fund. So.... https://ips-dc.org/how-congress-manufactured-a-postal-crisis-and-how-to-fix-it/
  7. Simple facts are not political. The present postmaster general tore out the high speed sorting machines, cut delivery hours, and now we are where we are at. Incompetence isn’t limited to any one party. We are still waiting for a Christmas package sent 3 months ago.
  8. Tell that to the folks waiting for their medication to arrive. I won't use the language needed to completely convey how badly this postmaster general has screwed up.
  9. Tigger does one in 1/32, IIRC.
  10. Sild. My Bestefar LOVED that stuff.
  11. Food of the gods? Nah uh. Nutella. Now we're talking!
  12. Ambroid pro weld was my go-to for years, now OOP. Micro Mark makes a glue that they literally tout as the "Same Stuff", hopefully it is.
  13. Same here, it randomly showed up on my feed yesterday. A brit Zero, powered by a Mercury engine. Crazy.
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