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  1. One thing to investigate, these great conversions shown all have the innermost leading edge slat mounted in the up position, which it should be for nearly all Phantoms. Early B's did use them, as I understand it, and can be lowered . https://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/how-nearly-60-year-old-us-fighter-battling-chinese-jets-20797?amp
  2. Progress update! I cobbled together some wheel wells, and am that much closer to getting the wings sealed up.
  3. FWIW, in my part of the world 2-day shipping has gone the way of the dodo. Covid has pushed their delivery infrastructure to the limit, and shipping times have slipped.
  4. My favorites were the old Revell kits of the 1970s. Simple, but usually accurate, and a lot of fun which could finished in a couple of weeks instead of months.
  5. Progress! Here is a couple of pics, including the vertical stabilizer and the aft fuselage, with the aft ‘stinger’ glued into place.
  6. Saw that last night. Now I want that Salmon primer T-shirt.
  7. You have to let the size (gold glue) get to the point where it is 99% dry before applying the leaf. So dry that it won't leave a fingerprint, but wet enough that the skin on your finger would 'drag' on the surface. Then your gold will really shine.
  8. Loved building that kit as a kid, but I hated that wing halves seam runs right down the middle of the fabric elevons. Removing the seam and preserving the texture seemed like mutually exclusive alternatives to me back then.
  9. I enjoyed some of the English whodunit, like Midsummer Murders and Endeavor. The one thing I hate about brit shows is the number of episodes that constitute a season- here, a show can have up to 20 episodes per season. In the UK, it seems to average about 5.
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