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  1. The contrast between the metal MiG and the green tractor-trailer is a real eye grabber! Very interesting idea stunningly executed!
  2. The "scale" appearance of the black is really impressive!
  3. In addition, the 1/24 Airfix kits are from an era when "aftermarket detail parts" were were scratch-built by the individual modeler. . .
  4. Future doesn't care about its application method. . . it works both ways
  5. Taxing internet purchases will no more benefit LHS's than raising the fuel tax will decrease oil consumption or raising the tobacco tax will force people to quit smoking/dipping/chewing. People buy where they do (on-line, brick 'n mortar, or combination) because of preference and economic (spend time vs. money) advantage. The Hobby industry is no longer "niche", it's down to the "square-root of niche", with fewer people spending more money on increasingly more expensive items. If LHS's want to compete, they'll have to compete on-line as well (e.g., King's Hobby in Austin TX sells as March22 on ebay), just like the Big Box retailers have been forced to do. On the up-side, I've noticed that my local Hobby Lobby has been stocking more and better model supplies, which saves me the time/gas/aggravation of driving to/through Austin to visit King's.
  6. OOOOOH! Federal Clustocracy and "they thought about that"???? Does not compute! Does not compute! Does not compute!
  7. Wowzers!! This is a museum piece in search of a suitable museum!!!!
  8. IMHO, the REALLY good news is that Italian, Russian, Belgian, and RFC releases are planned, according to Edgar. The plethora of users/camo schemes/markings makes the “15 Meter Nieuport” my personal WWI favorite.
  9. I don’t recall seeing the movie scene, but there’s a still somewhere which shows Buchons in RAF paint/markings filling out the flight line of the Polish Hurricane squadron...
  10. You’re corrrect about the Revell Spa48 markings. It was issued as a three-plane kit along with the Camel & Dr.I. Problem is that it’s wingtips were halfway between rounded (early) and square (late), so neither was accurately possible. The Osprey Spad VII photo & profile both show the “jolie demoiselle” (girl) on the starboard side of the aircraft. You didn’t say, but from your remarks I assume you’re using the 1/32 FFSMC decals. I had them and the rudder decals looked more Spad VII than XIII to me.
  11. What is the serial number? A quick internet search suggests S1892, S1893, S1895 for his Spad XIII, and Osprey's Spad VII Aces shows his S1213 (profile) and S1415 (photo). Hth, Rob
  12. Wow!! A right pair of silk purses out of sows ears!!
  13. Either or both might stand a chance from a resin manufacturer (with an appropriately hefty price tag), but don't hold your breath for plastic until 3D printing comes of age. Yes, I know that Pacific War fans would like to be able to complete the "Pearl Harbor/Midway Trio" in 1/32 but both the Val and Kate are just too "niche" for even Trumpeter to cut molds for.
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