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  1. Rob Owens

    SPA 48 question

    You’re corrrect about the Revell Spa48 markings. It was issued as a three-plane kit along with the Camel & Dr.I. Problem is that it’s wingtips were halfway between rounded (early) and square (late), so neither was accurately possible. The Osprey Spad VII photo & profile both show the “jolie demoiselle” (girl) on the starboard side of the aircraft. You didn’t say, but from your remarks I assume you’re using the 1/32 FFSMC decals. I had them and the rudder decals looked more Spad VII than XIII to me.
  2. Rob Owens

    SPA 48 question

    What is the serial number? A quick internet search suggests S1892, S1893, S1895 for his Spad XIII, and Osprey's Spad VII Aces shows his S1213 (profile) and S1415 (photo). Hth, Rob
  3. Rob Owens

    Hobbycraft 1/32 Nieuport 17 and Sopwith Camel

    Wow!! A right pair of silk purses out of sows ears!!
  4. Rob Owens

    Build us a resin Val or Kate? Please?

    Either or both might stand a chance from a resin manufacturer (with an appropriately hefty price tag), but don't hold your breath for plastic until 3D printing comes of age. Yes, I know that Pacific War fans would like to be able to complete the "Pearl Harbor/Midway Trio" in 1/32 but both the Val and Kate are just too "niche" for even Trumpeter to cut molds for.
  5. Rob Owens

    WnW SE.5a Nightfighter D3459 61 HD Sqd 2018

    Museum Quality choice, but if anyone would like a less involved & expensive WWI night fighter, the 1/32 Hobby Craft 1693 Camel "Le Rhone" offers markings for No 50 Sq Home Defense.
  6. Rob Owens

    Did anyone ever make 1/32 Dominican F-51D decals

    The 1/32 Hobbycraft Allison P-51 kit has national insignia for the Dominican Republic, and includes the same in 1/48 scale. You might find someone who is willing to part with them. Regards, Rob
  7. Rob Owens

    New from WnW

    WnW is not in competition with Roden or any other "conventional" manufacturer. Without Sir Peter Jackson's deep pockets and love of WWI aircraft, many WnW offerings would never have seen the light of day, and even the main-stream offerings would be out of the price range of all but the most ardent enthusiasts (like 1/72 AModel). I'm just glad I won't have to pay 200 quid for the Tripehound, as I want to do it as the Red Army version on skis.
  8. Rob Owens

    1/35 DFS 230 B1 Assault Glider

    Not to mention that you could do a Focke-Achgelis Fa-225V-1 conversion, which would be tres cool. . .
  9. Rob Owens

    New junior member: 1:35 Churchill Mk.VII

    Welcome Cameron!! Your patience & craftsmanship are to be applauded!! Regards from Texas, Rob
  10. Rob Owens

    Authentic Decals, any good?

    I've no experience with that brand, but in my experience, over-coating ANY decals with Microscale Clear Decal Film is a solution. It can make even those old "pebbly" ESCI decals conform.
  11. Rob Owens

    Getting into your work

    Girls & airplanes, and girls who fly, fix, engineer, and model airplanes... what more could an airplane guy want???
  12. Rob Owens

    Trump MiG 17

    Major mods will include the parachute housing at the base of the fin, and wing pylons for Mars-2 rocket pods. Try googling "Lim-6 Images"
  13. Rob Owens

    Mirage IIIc "Tzniut" Israeli air force.

    Yeah, Talk about spoiling the lines of one of the most beautiful airplanes ever produced! Still, if it succeeds in its mission, perhaps "Beauty is as beauty does."
  14. Given its rarity and relative desirability as a "no rigging" WWI subject, you might be able to get your original $189 back. . .