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  1. Just emailed an order for 2 each decals & cockpit! What gorgeous stuff!!
  2. Stupendous! You really nailed the burnt metal exhaust effect!
  3. You just made me glad I purchased TWO ICM kits!
  4. Mk.I AND Mk. II! Very good thinking. . . Now, who'll be the first to give us the Fairey Reed Prop?
  5. I think your build just helped ICM sell a few more! That silver dope finish looks perfect! What did you use to accomplish it?
  6. CSM would sell a lot more of these two if they choose to include decals for airframes OTHER than IRAS . . .
  7. Were there F-51's "drafted" from stateside Air National Guard stocks flown by USAF units in Korea? If so, might they have been delivered as originally painted by ANG units as a corrosion control measure? And, isn't that Chappie James in the first photo?
  8. And there are photos of Korean War F-51's WITH H-S cuffed props right alongside those WITHOUT. . .
  9. Keep in mind this was 1944 not 2014; that "overwhelming amount of supplies" had to go through a very long logistics chain from the US to the ETO and tracked by pencil & paper. And why did the USAAF use paper drop tanks made in Britain? Because they were there when they were needed. . .
  10. This belongs in a museum so others can appreciate your craftsmanship!
  11. I'll be there if for no other reason than the venue is fewer than 5 miles from my house. . .
  12. Pure Chinese, as there are no Kana (Japanese) or Hangul (Korean) characters present. . .
  13. Could it be as simple as a bottomless purse??
  14. 401/2/3/4 look to be just the ticket for a Hansa-Brandenburg D.I!
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