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  1. IIRC “blue 02” (on rear fuselage aft of the new Red Star) was repainted silver-grey overall with a red engine front. Still, nice build!!
  2. It is a real shame that the gorgeous interior will be unviewable!
  3. Bought one to put in Belgian markings!
  4. Sow’s ear to silk purse in one (perhaps not-so-easy) lesson! Stunning what you accomplished with it!
  5. A prophylactic coat of MicroScale Decal Film would not go amiss whatever the condition of the decals. You can brush it on the decal sheet (no need to spray it) to prevent the individual decals fracturing. In addition, IIRC, it even caused those old clunky ESCI decals to conform! HTH
  6. How can the corner of the die be painted on a missing fuselage panel???
  7. It’s not a problem with the upper wing; the cabane struts are too tall. . .
  8. But will they accept my 1/32 WnW Camel/LVG C.VI in payment????
  9. A museum piece in search of a museum!
  10. But how much “wear” would 5125/18 have endured in its brief lifespan? I would think perhaps around the metal “service” areas, but the underlying fabric areas? And since the Lozenge colors were printed, white paint would be sufficiently opaque to cover it (as on white areas of other loz-finished D.VII’s). And the weight table & serial over white indicate factory white finish. Just my zwei Pfennig, Rob
  11. Gorgeous! The term “art” certainly applies in this case!!
  12. I’d like a Spad VII/XIII for the same reason I bought the CSM Nieuports: the opportunity to do them in British, Belgian, & Italian markings!
  13. But talc & super glue (CA) is much cheaper, though talcum powder products are disappearing from US retailers due to links to ovarian cancer. Mix roughly 50/50 by mass w/ medium viscosity CA.
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