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  1. Pure Chinese, as there are no Kana (Japanese) or Hangul (Korean) characters present. . .
  2. 401/2/3/4 look to be just the ticket for a Hansa-Brandenburg D.I!
  3. I have one of the 1/32 LF Wotan props, & it’s gorgeous! BTW, I didn’t know anyone produced a 1/24 Camel. . .
  4. According to a 2010 LSP post, Contact-Resine was no longer in production, and their website had disappeared.
  5. I still want to do the Finnish D.VII 1.D.357. on skis, and now I won't have to pay "collector" prices. . . The Goering figure would be great for display with one of his Albatri or Dr.I, were it not for the parachute harness and Geschwaderstock.
  6. Austro-Hungarian Star-strutter AND Italian Nieuports??? WOWZERS!!
  7. I'm not a big fan of 1/24, nor the Hellcat, but your build has me contemplating the visual impact of a post-war F6F-5K. . .
  8. Something French, please. The Hanriot HD would be especially welcome!
  9. But, just look at that misshapen nose, cowlings/nacelles, and those divot-rivets! Who in their right mind would ever shell out hard currency for such a monstrosity?
  10. Museum piece in search of a museum. . . Stunning art!
  11. Yes, the level of gloss looks perfectly in-scale!
  12. Also highly recommended: Thompson Trophy Racers by Roger Huntington ISBN 0-87938-365-8 and Unlimited Air Racers by Don Berliner ISBN 0-87938-378-X both published by Motorbooks International. Also. if you can find it. Racing Planes and Air Racers A Complete History Vol. IV 1946-1967 by Reed Kinert, Aero Publishers, INC.
  13. That's my point: he's NOT offering Tamiya Mossies, or HK B-24's or WnW Lancs. If he REALLY wanted to scam someone, he'd be offering the Just Gotta Have kits. . .
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