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  1. Model Graphics by Woodland Scenics While Jennings is undoubtedly correct, MG offers 45 degree letters/numbers in several colors, which could be altered to fit your needs. What’s more they won’t lift your paint. . .
  2. Have you considered commercial (letraset, etc) rub-on transfers? They can be “rubbed on” to clear decal material and applied as wet-slide decals. Moreover, they don’t require clear coating before or after application.
  3. That’s the same Firefly photo (though colorized) on the cover of Render’s book. . .
  4. T49 3-bar, with (in one photo) it appears duck bill end connectors. Is that possible?
  5. There’s no clear photo of Render’s tank, but in photos of unit’s tanks where the glacis is clear, the driver’s/codrivers hoods are cast & welded, and one HQ Squadron tank (side view only, unfortunately) is identified as an M4A2. Also steel bar tracks seem to predominate https://www.pinterest.com/pin/the-british-crew-of-an-m4a2-sherman-tank-t146929-named-akilla-of-a-squadron-1st-nottinghamshire-sherwood-rangers--306807793362719239/
  6. I have the book, and photos show the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry tanks to be Sherman Mk. III’s (with cast transmission covers) but M34A1 gun mantlets (not the M34 in the Dragon kit). https://www.ebay.com/itm/402495041568?hash=item5db692f020:g:0KUAAOSwWbBfiGGC See option C here for Nottinghamshire (Sherwood Rangers) Yeomanry. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324651226794?hash=item4b96b896aa:g:H4YAAOSwOCVgYMVa This would cure the Dragon kit’s M34 mantlet problem!
  7. But these will have to wait for Roden’s release of the later XIII with squared wing tips. . .
  8. Nice choice for markings; now for Aviattic to produce 1/24 streaked camo!
  9. What’s surprising is that the Revell He-162 kit cockpit, wheel wells, and engine are far superior to Revell or Hasegawa’s Me-262 offerings!
  10. IIRC “blue 02” (on rear fuselage aft of the new Red Star) was repainted silver-grey overall with a red engine front. Still, nice build!!
  11. It is a real shame that the gorgeous interior will be unviewable!
  12. Bought one to put in Belgian markings!
  13. Sow’s ear to silk purse in one (perhaps not-so-easy) lesson! Stunning what you accomplished with it!
  14. A prophylactic coat of MicroScale Decal Film would not go amiss whatever the condition of the decals. You can brush it on the decal sheet (no need to spray it) to prevent the individual decals fracturing. In addition, IIRC, it even caused those old clunky ESCI decals to conform! HTH
  15. How can the corner of the die be painted on a missing fuselage panel???
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