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  1. Simply STUNNING!!!! This belongs in a museum!!
  2. To extend the culinary analogy, at $99 shipped, the Tamiya kit is a Kobe beef burger topped by Wyke Farms cheddar on a warm brioche bun served on a sturdy paper plate. . .
  3. Dutch Decal 32017 has Belgian Gladiator G19 in green over aluminum and its contemporary CR 42’s R1, R5, and R17 in “. . .Verde Mimetico 3 and Marrone Mimetico 2 over Giallo Mimetico 3 with Grigio Mimetico on lower surfaces.” Have been saving this sheet to do WWI Belgian 1/32 Nieuport & Spad to go with the Gladiator & CR 42 in the same unit markings.
  4. Prop, L1049G Super Connie (gorgeous just sitting on the ramp); Jet, Dassault Mirage III (sorry, the Six Pack just can’t match those lines).
  5. Yet another museum piece in search of a museum!
  6. How many out there won’t buy a Kate or a Val no matter what the scale? Yes, I’m one of those heretics. . .
  7. Hobbyworld USA and its owner’s (Matt Bole)lack of response have been discussed at length on Hyperscale. In short, unless you can get a refund from your payment source, you’re probably Sierra Oscar Lima.
  8. At least there are no F9F carrier crashes to stand in for F4F’s at Midway. I’m just looking forward to a comfy theatre seat, a bag of popcorn, a hot dog, a beer, and no one next to me (my Better Half has no interest in seeing it) for some time away from the shite going on IRW. What’s really worth seeing, in the US, is the Applebees commercial spoofing the original Ghostrider flyby sequences: it’s a hoot!!
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/334451403117 One on ebay at the moment. . .
  10. Yes, in this case there’s a GLARING inaccuracy: the top wing’s “inverse taper.” The top surface of the wing should be flat, NOT the bottom as the kit wing halves are molded.
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