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  1. Its a lovely kit and a pretty simple build for a big kit. Cheers.
  2. That thing is huge and it seems to be one of Trumpeter's best, enjoy. Cheers.
  3. Looking forward to the review as I am thinking of buying for my F-4J I have just started. Cheers.
  4. Very different and very well done. Cheers.
  5. Thank you MARU5137 yes they will help, will watch tonight. Cheers.
  6. I will be buying the sherman and jeep when they arrive in Australia and good on Andy for doing them. Cheers.
  7. Hi, Thanks guys my confidence is up a notch now, off to wash the resin pieces and study instructions. Cheers.
  8. Hi, does anyone know of a build review or work in progress type thread for these two items as I am about to start my own and would like to find one for reference so I don't muck it up. And yes I have searched but have come up empty. Cheers Bob.
  9. Awesome looking plane. Cheers.
  10. I have a panzer 4J from trumpeter but am not really interested in interiors and would rather them without. This one's not for me but I will be getting a sherman easy 8 when I can see some reviews of the ones available, Andy's is looking like the best option. I would love a King Tiger but they just to expensive with full interior for me. Cheers.
  11. Yes I had damaged resin fuel tanks for vlr mustang that I had replaced by Eduard, no problems at all with them and their service. Cheers.
  12. I think you people should give Alclad Aqua gloss a try, way better than floor polish. Cheers.
  13. Hi, thanks for the replies, Super-Hobby got back to me after I posted and they have sent the photos on to supplier and they are waiting to hear back from them. I had sent them photos as requested but did not hear back that they had received them and sent them on, they have asked me to be patient as they wait to hear back which I can do. Hopefully wait wont be to long. Cheers.
  14. Hi Has anyone had any luck obtaining replacement parts from Hobby 2000 or the kit supplier, I have 2 of the same wheel well inserts I have contacted where I brought it from and supplied photos but have heard nothing back yet. Cheers Bob.
  15. Well if its as good as their Stuka I will buy one when I can afford it, The cads look great and hopefully the price will be to. Cheers.
  16. Hi, I finally found a couple of cabinets I could afford. They were advertised on a second hand site online here in Aus and I brought the large one first and then was offered the smaller one at a better price so grabbed that to. Big one is 1.2mtrs wide by 45cm width by 2mtrs High smaller one is 1mt wide by 45cm width by 2mtrs high and they were very heavy to move, thank god for the wheels. I had been waiting a long time for cabinets like these to show up for sale and to get both for a price I was happy with is fantastic. I should have enough shelf space for a bit but I can always add a couple of more shelves when I do run out of room. Cheers Bob.
  17. Outstanding work and I love the different loadouts. Cheers.
  18. Nice I might have to grab this version. Cheers.
  19. I will second the Godhands they are awesome cutters and I have been using a pair for around 3 years now, also have dspiae brand as a spare pair. cheers.
  20. Hi, thanks for the heads up, just checked my kit and the wheel well rubbers are the same. Will be emailing the place of purchase next to see if they can obtain a replacement. Cheers.
  21. Awesome work, love the color. Cheers.
  22. Hi I brought a 4e's vortex mixer from ebay a while back now and its the best thing I have ever brought for painting, they mix the paint way better than I ever could and it has changed the way I paint. cheers.
  23. They make some lovely upgrade parts, now I want to buy a F-111. Cheers.
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