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  1. Sliding canopies and movable propellers is about as far as I'll go with moving features.
  2. So, I'm hitting a bit of a creative wall with the Yak and U-2. I'm getting burnt out engineering and making parts, and my machine has been acting up, so, I decided to just try something OOB, more or less. Here are some pics of my almost box-stock Thud's cockpit, the only changes were the cutting down of the back cushion, and homemade seat belts (not yet installed on the backrest)
  3. While I have not experienced any parts turning to powder, I had some jerry rutman parts start to break down and ooze what looked like pancake syrup.
  4. Correct. In addition to my ID U-2A, I have a paper TR-1 Senior Span in 1/33. Humongous.
  5. If you can find the Lodela version of the Revell kit, it has all the greeblies to make a Mk X. https://www.largescaleplanes.com/kitdb/details.php?kit=150
  6. I thought exactly that until I found a YouTube video showing some guy doing exactly that. I’ll try and find it- (actually, it was a stencil, but it was still painted on).
  7. I found fellow by that name online, in Dover, NH. Is that him?
  8. To paraphrase the old Crazy Eddie commercial, "(That detailing) is INSANE!!!!".
  9. Well, I've gotten bogged down a little on the Firebar, and want to work on something else for a bit, but still stay topical. So, on the 60th anniversary of FGP's fateful trip over the USSR, I dug out my ID U-2. It's already cut out and sanded, so, I don't have to worry about that. Pics to follow. I'm going to cheat a little (again) and try and steal the cockpit tub and seat, suitably modified, from a surplus-to-requirements Hasegawa F-104. Also, no decals!! Woot!
  10. I have a friend who does CAD, he told me the hardest thing to design in CAD is a teapot. I don't know why that would be, but he sounded like he wasn't kidding.
  11. ....... and, Jack drops the mike!! Well done that man.
  12. After getting absolutely plastered in Denmark in 1990, I vowed to never do that again, so my alcohol consumption is relegated to beer, and now, seltzer. Won't drink bud, gotta have standards, but I like Stella and (gasp!) Corona.
  13. Subassemblies. In a modeling thrall can't go outside at all vacuum form or cast some parts! Subassemblies. Don't want to build a car my boredom hasn't got that far carve a form, and try not to lose heart! Any mistake might reach a tipping point, or even running out of glue! But the stash offers me some refuge now, I've got another model or two!!!!! (Apologies to Neil Peart)
  14. Damn, you read my mind. I was getting info together on the Pirate too for a home brew.
  15. Could you anneal the foil to loosen it up?
  16. Ok, FINALLY got a little motivation today, finished up the fuselage formers and installed the cockpit. Tomorrow, hopefully i'll glue the halves together and start the nacelles.
  17. I don't know if you ever noticed this about the B-58, but in addition to funky retraction sequences, America's sexiest '60's bomber rolled around on wheels/ tires that looked like they came off of go-carts.
  18. John has found the molds, and has posted on FB that will soon be available.
  19. Well, I just got a 2-week layoff, as the county government has shut down ALL schools for 14 days. Looks like I'll be gettin' some bench time.
  20. ......but hopefully not in a thousand pieces......
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