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  1. LSPer Ruzlkampf showed us how to do it, I did on mine and it was pretty painless. Search LSP and you'll find his F-4S build.
  2. I'd start with something small and simple, like a FJ-1 or F6U in 1/72. Enough work to cut your teeth and learn, but not get overwhelmed.
  3. Tigger has a 1/32 Chipmunk, but don't know which variant.
  4. IIRC, he made a few pre-production kits, then stopped. LSP Kev has one of the few kits.
  5. Ah, I'm glad it was a ruse. I know football fans can be rabid in their support for their teams, but I did think this went to far. Thanks for clarifying this for a non- footballer.
  6. I hope that this thread does not turn political, but this Yank working at the U.S. embassy in London was sacked for being a fan of England's world cup team, and English fans got mad? Am I missing something? https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/world-cup-qatar-us-england-embassy-official-fired-london-joke-video-rcna58803
  7. Well, it's a slatted 6-3 wing with the extra span of the -40 variant outboard of the ailerons, if that helps.
  8. To me, a good example of why test-shots are needed is evident in the 1/32 Revell Super Bug. The terrible fit and parts quality would have been tweaked out during development and test shot builds, but when Revell went TU they released it as-is.
  9. Wonderful. And I'm sure that you are feeling an immense sense of satisfaction at having conceived of a project, imagining/engineering how you would do it, and then executing the ideas until you end up with the realized piece. It's addicting, looking forward to more projects in the future. Great job Brian!
  10. I tried to contact him to buy a set, he then stopped responding. Weird.
  11. Strange how the red star marking only shows 1 "spike" of the insignia- I'd think you'd see 2 partial spikes forming an inverted V shape.
  12. Does anyone know if the rotor assembly on the ka-29 is the same as on the ka-52 Alligator? I'm interested in doing an alligator, after watching them drop like flies on the nightly news, but am not jazzed about scratching the rotors. Thanks!
  13. I'd imagine those wing are giving you Deja-VĂș all over again after the Sunderland....
  14. I was re-reading this thread, really enjoying it, when I remembered that I had visited a place that really had the same "vibe" back when I lived in Colorado. It's quite a place- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bishop_Castle
  15. Shame you haven't met him, he's quite a character, all 5'2" of him.
  16. How are they aiming those bombs without a glass nose and bombsight?
  17. There is a young woman who calls herself Nerdforge who builds some pretty amazing dioramas, and interesting techniques to achieve what she is trying to do. Here is a diorama sampler video of sorts-
  18. If you used a credit card, maybe you can claw back the duplicate payment.
  19. With Her Majesty's passing, maybe we can do a build of RAF/FAA birds that were used during her reign, ( No Hurricaines or lancasters) and wore UK commemorative livery (Eurofighter painted like a Spitfire, for example).
  20. I, of course, completely agree with this one!!
  21. Andrey from Lemkits posted over on FB about the imminent release of the new Japanese Kikka jet fighter kit. Can't wait!
  22. You can perhaps get his attention with some blisteringly bad feedback....
  23. Hmmm.... Not sure of what I have that might qualify....
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