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  1. He's in Tucson, the last thing he needs is an open window in the summertime.
  2. Somebody buy that guy a comb!
  3. Hell no. Those who stir the sh!t should be made to lick the spoon.
  4. Danske er som Norsk med poteter in munden din.
  5. 4/5 conundrum.... yes, that describes my build output exactly.
  6. French E model Crusaders had the J's double droop flaps and larger stabs, so the J would be appropriate kit for that.
  7. GT Resins here on LSP has several upgrade kits.
  8. Jennings, you know that Alan is an ACTUAL airline pilot, don't you?
  9. Cool! Just in case you are curious as to how this kit looks when finished.......... https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=227
  10. TAC Shields https://www.ebay.com/itm/TAC-MAC-SAC-ANG-Decals-1-35-1-32-1-48-1-72-scales-/153421688112?oid=153402865674
  11. These are 1/48, but might help you with decal placement info. Most look pretty generic, and probably could be pieced together from spare decals. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Furball-Decals-1-48-McDONNELL-DOUGLAS-F-4C-PHANTOM-II-GRAY-PHANTOMS-IN-VIETNAM-/132164741105
  12. For a sec I thought those were curb feelers,continuing the lowrider theme.
  13. LEM kits; Su-7 family Su-17-22 family MiG-27 Tigger kits; Su-15
  14. Jennings is right. The Navy is extremely anal when it comes to raising "Navy Property". A while back, a Hellcat was found, and plans were made to retrieve it..... until the USN found out, and put the kibosh on the whole thing.
  15. Ben Schumacher 3D printed the canopy on his 1/32 S-3 Viking. It took a bit of polishing, but it turned out nice.
  16. Lazy, no. Perhaps lacking confidence in their own potential as scratchbuilders, likely.
  17. I seem to remember reading that the Phantom was the first Thunderbird mount to he painted overall white, since it looked so bad in 'natural' metal.
  18. Now we can play "Spot the Kitbash" in which we try and figure out what mainstream kits were used (re-purposed) to make the sci-fi fi model.
  19. Is this part still available?
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