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  1. That is outstanding Peter!!! The Phantom is beautifully done, and an excellent display. Jeff.
  2. Yeah, that is looking great John!...coming along very nice indeed. Jeff.
  3. Didn't make any difference Maru, but seems to be if you wait a long while in between tries, it takes.....I just tried the last one now after multiple tries yesterday, and it worked. Jeff.
  4. Great work on that gunsight John!....looks very good! Cheer's, Jeff.
  5. No worries Kev!....I'll try it another day and see how it goes. Jeff.
  6. No worries Kevin!....it seems to be like everything lately, nothing is ever straight forward anymore. Jeff.
  7. Hi all, Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here?.....I put two models in the signature, but when I put the third one in, I got this notice... I have seen dozen's of these links in others signatures, so can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Jeff.
  8. I have to work out how to change the title of the hyperlinks Kevin, so I dont blow out the signature four line limit, after all these years on the internet now, I have never done that, LOL!...so I am going to try it on my desktop PC, I only ever use my Ipad these days, and I cant work out how to do it on that. I'll see how I go... Jeff.
  9. Thanks Kevin!...Looks like it worked, ...Yes, I didn't want to put any images on there or anything, I just want to put links to previous builds. Jeff.
  10. Probably easy as, but how do you put links to previous builds in your signature, like I have seen on others signatures? Cheer's, Jeff.
  11. Outstanding work once again Kent! Superb display of Aircraft and Figures. Jeff.
  12. Very nice work Mike! Starting to look the goods now. Jeff.
  13. Great perseverance Bill!....looks like you're getting her back on track. That is why I had to take a break from my build, I was over all the metallic paint peeling issues, ir wore me down, so I have been working on two other projects lately, but I will get back to it one day, just have to gather up the enthusiasm again. Keep up the great work! Jeff.
  14. I know nothing about the P-40, but this looks brilliant to me!....I'll be getting one for sure! Jeff.
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