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  1. Very nice work on what looked like a difficult kit, love the weathering. Cheers Bob.
  2. Awesome work it looks great, makes me want to start mine. Cheers Bob.
  3. Very nice work on a lovely kit.
  4. Nice work, I enjoy the video's, I have a replacement canopy on the way from kinetic for my kit as it was the first one they released and canopy fit is very poor. I heard they had updated it somewhere along the line. Cheers Bob.
  5. Looking forward to this release to although I will wait for a High Tech release if they do one. cheers.
  6. Hi, I have compared the sprues with trumpeter and they are not the same, I dont know about the errors as I am no expert on the subject is there someone who could chime in and explain the errors and if they are the same on the Border model. Cheers Bob.
  7. Thank you for the welcome, I am very careful with mine as I have heard they can break easily, mostly use my old tamiya ones for getting of the sprue and then use the God Hands for the final cut, unless they are very small parts then the GH's. Cheers.
  8. The blue handle ones are SPN120, I brought a pair of them about 2 years ago in Aus for $55 or $57 Australian and they are still working fine, when new stock arrived in country they went up tp over a $100 but can be had for a bit cheaper if you shop around. They were a great investment, I also have perchased the DSPIAE version 2 for $55 and keep them for when the God Hands die if they ever do. Cheers Bob.
  9. Hi, great info here. I will be buying the GT exhaust from sprue brothers, just wondering if there is a coupon code available for the site and will I be able to use it as a first time buyer and being in Aus. Regards Bob.
  10. Thank you, I will save a bit more and get the GT resin ones from Spue Brothers. Cheers Bob.
  11. Thank you very much to everyone who replied, As I am in Australia Gt ones are a bit expensive with postage so trying to obtain Wolfpack items through BNA models who carry Wolfpack but are out of stock at moment of F-4J exhausts, should hear back today from them about restock. I am not in a hurry for them just collecting any aftermarket for the kit that I think I need, already have black box cockpit and quickboost intake covers and will probably grab a wheel set to. Cheers Bob
  12. Wow, kit ones dont look good, I found these in stock at sprue Brothers but i am in Australia so just trying to work out shipping for them. cheers Bob.
  13. Thank you very much, I will start searching for them. Cheers Bob.
  14. Thank you for your reply, that eliminates the eduard ones. Cheers Bob.
  15. Hi, I have this kit and want to purchase some new exhausts but am not sure which set is correct. I have been looking at eduard sets and Aires, the eduard look nice but not sure on which set and have heard aires to small. Regards Bob.
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