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  1. Hi, wow thanks everyone for the replies. I use Acetone and Tamiya airbrush cleaner to clean it out, Acetone first for a few flushes then cleaner to finish off. I was worried that the brass would become pitted and would interfere with the airflow, its great to have a second opinion sometimes. Cheers Bob.
  2. Hi, looks great, love the water and guns firering. Cheers.
  3. It seems to be out in Germany. cheers. https://www.ebay.de/itm/325455349357?hash=item4bc6a6866d:g:eTYAAOSwEAtjkhRX
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply that is good news. I wasn't to sure wether it would effect performace or not. It would of been nice if Iwata could of told me that. Cheers Bob.
  5. Hi, 2 years ago I brought an Iwata cleaning kit for my 4 Iwata airbrushes, it contained a brush for cleaning the cup which seems to be nylon or something similar. Looking at my HP-Cplus closely l have noticed that the brush has stripped the chrome from the bottom of the cup and left scratches, also 2 of my other brushes a HP-Bplus and a Revolution HP-CR have also been damaged by this cleaning brush, I have contacted Iwata and they said a rep would be in touch but I have heard nothing and now they dont answer me at all. I really dont know what to do now about this problem now so thought I would post here to get some other opinions on wether they have a case to answer to and to see where I can take this further or just forget about it, and of course I dont use the cleaning brush anymore. Cheers Bob.
  6. Mig Ammo make a periscope green if you would like to try it. Cheers.
  7. Will be up for a Tiger but still waiting for the Sherman to arrive in Aus. Cheers.
  8. Aqua gloss is great as is Tamiya X-22 and I like Mr Color flat coat a lot. Cheers.
  9. Hi John, Thanks for the reply. I did find some 5mm ones I had at home and they are super strong as you say. I have ordered some 2mm by 1mm from ebay and will use them to do the job. I will put up a wip this week sometime for all to see and hopefully it will workout. cheers Bob.
  10. Watched the video last night, it was very informative about injection molding and how they go about it. Cheers.
  11. I am looking forward to this kit and will wait to see a build done when it is released to pass judgment on it. Cheers.
  12. Some great scratchbuilding. Cheers.
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