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  1. parcel turned up just now from Hannants. My impression from a quick look over (note I'm not fussed about accuracy and have no idea about the real plane so that side of modelling doesn't get a mention here)... Firstly this looks great value for money. It's a smallish box - I wish all manufacturers did this - it's a large kit with a decent parts count and yet they packaged it well. Plastic looks good with nice detail and as someone said above, it will build into a great kit out of the box. Seat belts and some PE included in the basic kit. Looking at the dive brak
  2. just paid and order confirmed for me - aircraft, flaps and tail gunner set. Can't wait to build this, it will be on my bench as soon as it arrives and will be done in FAA markings.
  3. I never realised there was a tweak list - thanks for this post and responses, this is great.
  4. I'm one of this planets most untrendy, "don't care what I look" like sort of bloke but even I would draw the line with those shoes - too much opportunity to be noticed and people looking at me - now where's my shell, I need to hide.......
  5. just read this from first to last post, very enjoyable and put a smile on my face thank you.
  6. if it's like the tempest it will be masks, seatbelts and resin wheels, guns/bays and cockpit replacement parts. I'm building their tempest II at the moment, some of the resin is too small for my fingers and eyes so not using them.
  7. not yet Mike - I've got one on back order and it's still showing as future release.
  8. oh my wife will have a few things to say about that (however that's not a bad idea !)
  9. looks really good, looking forward to getting this on the bench. My biggest issue is what colour scheme to do. Earth and green, no wait, grey and green, no wait, earth and green, no grey and green........and so on. Grey and green I think has the edge, but maybe earth and green...oh b$@&*+ !
  10. I used this set for my build, found them to be really good but no stencils.
  11. I've just finished mine and it's not a good kit. Poor fit issues and poor engineering - it's the only 1/32 tamiya kit I've built and I questioned the poor quality on an earlier post as everyone raves about Tamiya. Biggest issues (ignoring the fit issues) are the intakes which have a big gap that's difficult to hide and lots of what I think are raised battle damage plates added to whatever real plane Tamiya looked at and included thinking they were part of the airframe I assume. I also think the nozzles are too small. My kit was old so the decals just feel apart. The build was so bad that it's
  12. that's got to be the biggest external fuel tank to aircraft size surely ?? It looks massive. The F1 is a bit like the Jaguar, they both deserve 1/32 IM treatment. The french have designed some of the best looking aircraft ever, but balanced with some of the worst.
  13. that's one good looking aircraft. Didn't Tan models also talk about a 1/32 F111 ? Both these planes are overdue in 1/32 - if only we could have these 2 instead of yet more mustangs or 109's !
  14. just checked and they were P-40c's so that wont work, plan B was an ex-RAF machine in Egyptian Air Force markings.
  15. looking forward to getting this as long as the price isn't too high - looks like there's a lot of work gone on the internal details none of which will be of any use to me as I don't like opening my builds up so hope it doesn't push the price up too much. If I get one, I plan to do a Russian plane in winter colour scheme - a nice dirty white with big red stars, should look great !
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