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  1. just appeared on new releases tonight.
  2. another 2 aircraft I know little about so some research needed, these will be on my to buy list when funds are available. Trouble is more kits are being released than I can keep up with, oh what a happy problem to have !
  3. that always catches me out - eyes like a hawk and senses like an other worldly being ! I've been caught too often and these kit manufacturers tend to keep growing the size of the boxes the "kids toys" (her words) come in which makes it hard to smuggle in without being noticed. Thankfully I'm of an age where the punishment of withholding conjugal rights has zero impact on me now .
  4. also in stock at hannants in the uk. Was slightly disappointed with the price - more expensive than my pocket money can afford in one hit. Will have to wait for this kit (along with the myriad of others that I want) and watch as others build.
  5. I don't know much about the real aircraft - did it come in anything other than grey ?? I need to get looking at the net pictures as the size of this thing puts it on my buy it list.
  6. I'm sure I spotted around £160 or £170 being quoted by someone based on a retailer's quote on another forum.
  7. never really looked at this helicopter before - looks like a VW camper van at the very core of it
  8. yep, definitely an ugly grey blob which i why I've not got one in my collection. Will be tempted by a B version I suspect.
  9. I've not built the F-35 but have the flanker and eurofighter. In my view both looking stunning when built and both were easy kits, I had no real problems with fit, just took my time. No aftermarket used on either. For me the flanker is the better looking of the two however it's really big. If I had to choose, it would be the SU-30 however this time I'd go to town on it with after market especially the cockpit as there's a lot to see. Have fun with whatever you go with. I really love the phase of building you are in at the moment, the pre-purchase research, the excitement of buying, waiting to open the box and see for yourself what's inside and then making the initial start. Best of the overall building of any kit. Once started I get bored and can't wait to finish !!!!!
  10. also my favourite modern jet (not just Russian, it beats all modern jets for me). It's on my wish list for trumpeter/hobbyboss along with .....I must not start a wish list, I must not start a wish list ....
  11. that looks so good, on the back of this I've just bought the same kit. Not sure what scheme to do and it won't be a patch on yours however thanks for the inspiration ! neil
  12. think you are right, it does look like an F22. Now you've created a whole new debate. I'm happy with the turquoise, looks similar to the Russian cockpit colour however poop brown will spiral all over the place from hull red to RAF dark earth because poop brown isn't an official FS or BS colour
  13. thanks NewtonK, these schemes are much better than the standard, appreciate you finding them, they are an improvement over the drab grey. Unfortunately, to my eyes, this aircraft is just plain ugly, it seems so out of proportion. It's just such an unappealing looking plane to put on my limited shelf space. Hoping that those who love it find the kit a good one.
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