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  1. wow, I wish I had the modelling skills to do justice to this and I'd build it as well. One of my favourite WW2 aircraft (the airfix kit made such an impression on me in the early 70's as a young kid). I'll follow this one with real interest, great start Tom. neil
  2. make that +2. The Mk IV is, to my eyes, one of the best looking aircraft every built. Sadly lacking in all scales but a 1/32 kit would be brilliant.
  3. this kit is causing me real issues, I keep changing my mind on which plane to build. Natural metal finish is out for me and I don't like nose art birds so those are also out. I thought I didn't want to do a US scheme and I would do RAF coastal command. However I keep jumping between US desert, US navy, RAF bomber command, RAF SEA, India or Chinese schemes (no natural metal I'm seem to recall !). Unlike any kit I've previously had, I can't work out what I'm going to build. I'm not fussed about accuracy (it will look like a B24) so not worried about different turrets or equipment as long as it's roughly right. I'm currently thinking 100 Group RAF but is anyone else having trouble working out what they will build ???
  4. just had the postie deliver mine, it's big and beautiful - my biggest issue is that I keep changing my mind about colour scheme, think it will be RAF coastal command but I need to put more effort into this.
  5. I am so pleased you are doing this, I'm not going to start mine until you finish - really sorry you get the hard work and I copy but given this will be my first resin kit I suspect your fixes will be far more effective than mine !! Thanks for posting the build, brilliant work !
  6. mine just turned up - really impressive kit. This will be my first resin kit, I was a bit worried before I got my hands on it but it looks like it will be a nice build. In the past week I have received the attacker plus the Lanc and the B24 is due shortly - the attacker is the one I'm looking forward to most which I wasn't expecting.
  7. just picked up the 5 Lancaster at war books and will get the Haynes manual - thanks all for the suggestions. Now I need to sort out the B24 books.....
  8. ahhh, plastic porn, stop showing me that stuff !!
  9. just had mine delivered from Hannants. The box is massive, bigger than I expected - haven't yet explored too deeply into it. My initial thought whilst smiling madly - who on earth would have thought that one day I would be the proud owner of a 1/32 injection moulded kit of the Lancaster bomber ? This is the aircraft (albeit Airfix in 1/72 scale) along with the Halifax, B29, Sunderland, Spitfire and Beaufighther that I spent the 1970's holding in my hands flying around my home to the tune of the Dambusters march. We are so lucky that we now have so much choice in 1/32 scale. Looking forward to some quiet time after Christmas to build the beast !
  10. whilst it's daft that HB have let this happen I'm looking forward to this kit, I've never polished clear plastic so this will be a new hobby adventure for me. Not worried about the other issues as I'm happy with the way the kit looks but the frosted turret is a step too far even for me so I will try to address that. It will be nice to get back to some proper old fashion modelling techniques that I think this kit will offer me So not only do I have a mass of research on which aircraft to build (currently thinking RAF costal command), I will also be researching how to polish clear plastic. Happy days !
  11. I guess with the Liberator expected shortly I should expand the question to that aircraft as well - I have even less reference in my bookcase on the B24 !
  12. now that my Lancaster is on its way (hopefully due tomorrow) I wondered if anybody has any recommendations for some decent books on the subject ?? Most of my reference books are multi-aircraft, I have nothing on the Lancaster specifically. Would like some decent pictures/drawings and technical references if possible to help with the build. thanks in advance neil
  13. yep, just parted with the equivalent of 3 weeks worth of my family (of 4) food budget for a big box of plastic. Keeping my head down and not mentioning it to the wife yet, think I will wait until either I or her have a few drinks inside of us !
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