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  1. I'm also building the kit but using far fewer bits in the cockpit as my fat fingers and eyes can't cope with all that tiny PE and I wont see it once complete. Your build looks great. I came to the conclusion that it might be a fire extinguisher so have painted it copper, I don't think they were red at that time but could be wrong.
  2. I think the nose wheel is single on the 27, double on the 30 (I could be wrong). I've built the 30, it's probably my favourite built kit to look at and went together well. It's a big beast though !
  3. same boat in the UK based on my searches tonight. Are there any other manufactures that sell these colours ?
  4. thanks Joachim, I'll go for those. Appreciate the feedback. Neil
  5. PVA for me as well however given this thread I will give extra thin a go - always assumed it will fog.
  6. Hi all, I have a couple fo paint questions I was wondering if anyone could advise me on. I'm just about to start the micro-mir miles magister (seems a nice kit and looks like it will be a quick build) and wondered if anyone knows if the Trainer Yellow Air Series AK Interactive AK-2065 paint is a close enough match for the yellow on the aircraft during 1940 (I'm building this as part of a BoB set of aircraft) ? I was thinking about scratch building the bomb rack they fitted to a small number of aircraft as part of the invasion defence plans but so far can't find any decent pictures of the rack
  7. It's a Vickers VC10 in BOAC livery, they are starting a new trend of 1/24 scale civil airliners. Hopefully.
  8. unfortunately I've come to the same conclusion - it's the larger canopy that's the issue and I haven't got the skills to replicate that with the trumpy kit. Plan B will be build as per the box. That will teach me not to do my homework before buying - I wanted to build a non-Russian example and looked at all of the versions on offer but picked the K because of the Indian Navy. It's been 42 years since I left school but those old teacher reports on my performance still ring on my ears - has the capability but is lazy, must do better if he is to succeed !
  9. thanks so much, this is really helpful
  10. thanks - it was the double sized canopy that was throwing me off.
  11. that made a massive difference, loads more photos thank you.
  12. wow, loads to look at and so quickly - thanks. Need to properly read through to make it clear what I'm looking at but now understand why most of the pictures I could find had the larger double canopy. I'm not fussed about how accurate the model is as long as it looks like an Indian mig-29 but the larger canopy goes beyond my not too fussed line. But there are clearly single canopy aircraft pictured that look like they match the trumpy kit to my not too fussed eyes but as I say I need to read all of this great information to understand it. Thanks so much for the quick and extensive response.
  13. Hi all, I have the trumpy mig-29k kit and planned on building it as an Indian Navy plane. Trouble is there appears to be very little data about the Indian Navy using them and few photos - most of what I've found have been the 2 seat version. From what I can work out India started acquiring them from about 2009 onwards and have some 30 plus aircraft - but this is based on info found on one site only and the lack of reference material makes me wonder if this is correct. Any pointers on where I can find some decent reference photos and material would be really helpful. Otherwise it's going
  14. thank you all for the recommendations, I've already started to work through the web based stuff and have ordered 2 books, one new and one second hand - India's war the making of modern south east Asia and Pacific War from Pearl Harbour to Hiroshima for a starter - I have no doubt I will be picking up more of the other recommendations. My next reading list after this will move me to north Africa but that's for much later (I'm finding lockdown in all it's restrictions is making me read and build much more than normal so there is an upside for me at least). I will need to work out what kits I bui
  15. thank you all so much, you have given me a library full of reading suggestions. Looking forward to browsing through these and picking some out to read. Thank you again neil
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