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  1. I wish you and all the Ukrainian people good luck! My thoughts are with you in these times. all the best Andreas
  2. That’s looking amazing! Andreas
  3. Thank you very much, Martin, Michael and Mike! Andreas
  4. Hello! I finished this about one year ago. I used the Trumpeter kit, Eduard PE and Quickboost exhausts (as far as I remember). The figures are slightly converted ICM figures, backdated to 1941 (no shoulder straps in the soviet army till 1943) and equipped with resin heads. The crows are from Preiser. This project was big fun and there were no issues with the kit as far a I remember. The markings were sprayed using Montex masks. I hope you like it! Best regards, Andreas
  5. That’s an amazing water surface. These waves look moving,this water looks deep. Hats off! Andreas
  6. I will buy both kits, the Infinity one and the Border one. Now go on, bring out that Devastator, I don’t mind if 1:35 or 1:32. Andreas
  7. Thank you very much, cicciuzzo, sillymodeller and Mike! Andreas
  8. Thanks Bob! And your buckles are, of course, used for rigging… Andreas
  9. That’s looking mouthwatering. Bring it on! Andreas
  10. I came across this by pure coincidence and I am blown away by the level of your skills and passion. I also would love to get my name on the list of those who would purchase such a kit when or if respectively it is ready to be sold — whenever this is, good things need their time. Completely independent from that modelling thing: I hope your health issues won’t affect your life too much, and you keep being happy! all the best, Andreas
  11. Thank you very much, Michael!
  12. I‘ll be following curiously, I have this kit in the stash, too. Andreas
  13. A really nice one! Thanks for showing that a Trumpeter kit actually can be built into a really nice model. after reading many reviews online one could come to the opposite conclusion. It’s sometimes as if everything on a Trumpeter kit needs to be bad, because it’s a Trumpeter… Great to see clearly that this is simply not true. Andreas
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