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  1. Of all the things that could have gone wrong, none did.
  2. Going back many years, UC Hobbies in San Diego, along with the Command Post, and when I lived there, Franciscan Hobbies on Ocean Ave. In San Francisco. Got my first ref. Armor on the Eastern Front, with the interior shots of the Tiger I; also when Humbrol first came out. They were better than Pactra as I remember.
  3. No underwing gun bulges; E1 I think, plus early canopy.
  4. Yeah, it was a dime in my younger days. The 3 stooges films it was a nickel. I guess the Squadron catalog that came in the mail is a collectors item of sorts now.
  5. I imagine we'll see them at shows for many years.
  6. A bemb. (Insert Inspector Cleuseu voice)
  7. A WNW Tie fighter and X wing would be fine. The early and late models.
  8. Try the air museum if you can, in Balboa Park.
  9. I helped put on the San Diego St. Pat's parade for many years. Now I just enjoy a Guiness.
  10. 1930s VF-31 as well. Put it next to an F4b-4.
  11. Whatever the status, I am happy for the kits they gave us, and the standard they set. The way the emplyees were treated is sad, but too typical of the vast majority of businesses; all adults should know this. As for the future, I'll wait and see. It was a good run while it lasted.
  12. Duly noted. Great information.
  13. What will happen to the models?
  14. 1/6th? GI Joe size. Darn nice work.
  15. Got sidewalk to shovel there yankee? A wee bit of discussion on the best model kits ever made, and that includes the ones whittled by hand, at night, during thunderstorms, to help defeat the Spanish.
  16. A story of an actual valiant effort by the crew, and some really trashy "journalistic work".
  17. That. No one will treat your models the right way.
  18. An idea I've thought on, yet to truly capture the feel of a clipper under full press would be challenging to say the least.
  19. I think I still have a Military Modeller mag with the Tamiya ad on the back. '75 sounds right
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