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  1. It really says something when the original Revell P 40 is essentially better than the "new" kit.
  2. Jack, a belated but Happy Birthday from Texas.
  3. True. I do like the "two per" limit at this time, as I Do want a couple of kits, yet am not in it for the speculation. As an aside: I would not start my WNW build selection with the Felixstowe; maybe an Albie or a Camel.
  4. If speculation were not a factor, a purchase limit would not have been needed. I am sure there are many with 20, 30, 40+ WNW kits. Those that have that sort of kit stash might have acquired their kits with the intention of building, but have to be considering their options.
  5. Sour grapes is what I'm hearing. WNW set the bar for 1/32 planes. So, guys are trying to get the WWI kits they want before they are gone for an indeterminate time. Too bad so sad WNW does only WWI.
  6. I do not think they will be presented the way they are now, so it is possible the kits will always retain a certain cachet.
  7. Me too. I have a couple of Wallace & Gromit kits, and yet to build one.
  8. I still have my first gift modeling knives, and X-Acto files...Christmas 1974 My dad made me a modeling tool chest when I was early 20s. Needless to say I still have it. Reclaimed mahogany.
  9. I Love Kits has released a bunch of trumpy stuff. Check out the notes on Sprue Bros.
  10. How about a photo comparison? I have a few types of woodgrain decals. It would be useful to see the differences.
  11. Tim makes a valid point here folks. Let's leave all political/ personal/ editorial comments off the board. These are trying times for many, and the goal is to have LSP be a haven from the outside events. There are plenty of venues for political talk. LSP is not one of them. Conversely, we are also in trying times as modelers. The rapid growth of 3D printing is certainly a game changing aspect of modeling and after-market parts generation. The 1/32 scale market has seen, and is seeing production of kits many thought not possible, or unfeasible. So, it can be "trying", trying to keep up. Let's enjoy this aspect of our hobby here at LSP.
  12. OK, if we are going big...FW-200. But we could start with a Do-17 as a warm up.
  13. Very cool. Get 'em while they're hot. .
  14. I see what you did there.... I do think we need a minimum of two Beaufighters.
  15. An interesting choice. Looks pretty good. I would like to see ICM do a Grumman Duck, and Mitsubishi Pete. And a Henschel 123(IIRC)
  16. Very innovative. I suspect Mr. Jackson still owns the molds and IP. There may be WNW molds in China that have not been released, or have been ....held, but that is speculation.
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