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  1. Now, I just need to find USS Texas in 1/350...
  2. I went to a show in Arlington. Made a trade for a Val & Devestator, bought a 1/350 No. Carolina and Arizona, which had 4 PE sets, and a 1/150 Susquehannah. Also, 2 Monogram 1/32 Jeeps. Good day.
  3. I heard that there were similar biases at the nats. 1/32 often gets short shrift at shows, and has for years. I figured it would change as time went on, but perhaps not?
  4. Yes, welcome. As I have many of the original kits, this will be interesting.
  5. Kevin is correct, and Thierry offers an explanation. The only two kits that were ever Mk I Spitfires from the start. A direct comparison would show some of the points Thierry brings up. Similarly, a side by side of Revells P40E along with the Hasegawa kit, might be of interest.
  6. I was wodering if we might get a member to do a straight up comparison of the Revell Mk I and the Kotare kit? I'm curious about the shapes and geometry.
  7. There is also the old Aero Series book from the late 60s. Probably the first on this airplane, and with a good bit of history. When fueled with American gas, this plane out flew everything.
  8. The only other Spitty Mk I is the very early Revell kit. Pretty accurate in all, exquisite surface detail, but, the Kotare kit is the new standard I suspect. A side by side comparison would be nice.
  9. RoG has specifically said no to the P 51B. No idea why, anyones guess is good.
  10. Thanks Den, that was the reference I was trying to remember. Ok on a Mk Vb, but not red. Maybe black as a wee detail.
  11. Thanks for the detailed response Pete. Good info
  12. Anyone else notice the prybar in the cockpit door?
  13. Thank you for the pics! A good variety of builds and very nice work. The Me-323 is shown with the Monogram 1/32 sdkfz 232 8 wheel armored car.
  14. ...and, just locked in a deal for a 1/150 USS Susquehanna, for a very fair price. My ship stash is just where I want it, about 15 or so.
  15. A buddy of mine found a Revell 1/96 CSS Alabama for me. I also am getting the original Revell 24" clipper Thermopylae. From the easy build series; I have a sealed USS Constitution from the same series as well. I found a book that has the hull lofting, deck arrangment, and rigging for Alabama. Very happy with this.
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