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  1. I understood the response as : which specific 109/190 prop & hub assembly are you seeking?
  2. While I have two of the Revell kits, I do look forward to this kit.
  3. Many thought it a natural for WNW, but no joy. As Ron says above, remarkably under represented in any scale.
  4. Keep going on this! Looks good.
  5. That is part of the answer. Andersons crew worked all night to get the paint off. With gas.
  6. Any for these two sdns. Vietnam timeframe, flying A4 E's?
  7. Would have been nice for monogram to cover in 48th. Go nice with Tante Ju.
  8. A printed model would be... very cool.
  9. I do sets of five. Do a few, then assemble.
  10. IIRC, the Drendel book is from the early 80's. A little dated by todays standards. I have the very old Aero Series books, but they are more of a nostalgia thing.
  11. Very nice work. Should be just fine all closed up.
  12. Hopefully we can get photos of all the 1/32 subjects
  13. Thank you for the pics. So much good work.
  14. Nice details you have called out and added. I have one more of these in the stash, so it's good to have the compilation of details.
  15. Well, is there any new kit news, or booths with cool stuff? Any new ship kits? Any 1/32 diorama-ish or conversion stuff?
  16. Too bad. I guess that leaves Hasegawa the frontrunner
  17. Ah, the bulbous bow. We added a few of those onto yachts when I worked that industry. Fascinating study of how water movez and the development of hull design. IIRC, pushes the water, and results in less resistance at the entry of the hull.
  18. The Yamato bow as in hydro dynamic design?
  19. I see the box art, but no instructions.
  20. I always thought Priz Eugen the best looking German ship.
  21. Is there any chance at all that some one has instructions for Revells cruiser Olympia, and can copy a set for me? Instructions and the PE would be the ideal, but very much a longshot I realize.
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