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  1. I’ve been wanting a 1/32 TBD for the longest time! I keep telling myself not to get too excited at this announcement— that way the disappointment and letdown won’t be so great, when Trumpeter irretrievably messes it up! Please Trumpeter, don’t screw this up!! Bill M.
  2. Thank you for the correction. It seems I owe Trumpeter an apology. I just hope Trumpeter does a more accurate job than GWH did on their boxart. At first glance, looking at the photo of the built up kit, it does look good. Bill M.
  3. Sort of an aside—- I find that presumed box art of the TBD apparently at Midway to be amusing. The TBD is in Midway markings and configuration. Then it shows the TBD flying over a burning carrier and what appears to be a burning battleship. Sorry, Trumpeter—it didn’t happen. No battleships were hit at Midway and no carrier was struck till after the TBD attack. And I doubt any TBD got that close to a carrier with torpedo in place. But I can put up with all sorts of artistic license on the box art, as long as the kit itself is accurate! Bill M.
  4. Can this be?!?! Trumpeter, please don’t screw this over!! What is the source of this news? And is there any more information out there? Bill M.
  5. I went to place an order for some of these, but the shipping cost was a little rich. I am hoping they get picked up by a retailer in the USA. Bill M.
  6. Where did you see this? I would be interested in seeing this myself. Bill M.
  7. These assembled parts look good from what I can see. Would like to see more. But being a 1/32 Val, it would have to be really, really bad before I turned it down. I’ll be happily buying one for sure! Same with the Kate. Bill M.
  8. If a new release is up to the standard of their P-40, anything will be most welcome. But I would especially welcome a P-38! Bill M.
  9. After their splendid P-40 Tomahawk, I have to wonder what is next for GWH? At the risk of starting another “wish list”, has anyone heard what they might be doing next? Have I missed something here? Bill M.
  10. Never mind. I see on the components that they are for a Sea Gladiator as well as the Mark II. Bill M.
  11. Will this set work for a Sea Gladiator?… or can we look forward to a set tailored for the Sea Gladiator? Bill M.
  12. Haha! Works for me! Banzai!! Bill M.
  13. Has there been any date given as to when the Val and the Kate might be released?…. Any projections as to how close these are? Bill M.
  14. This post tells me two things— first, that the Val and the Kate are progressing nicely!…. And secondly, the Kate is still coming, in spite of the 1/35 Border Kate. This is all good news as I will be happily buying both of these! Bill M.
  15. Haha! Well, I feel foolish!! Bill M.
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