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  1. Still wish some aftermarket company would do the asymmetrical F-8 Crusader dual missile racks that mount these Zuni’s and Sidewinders too. The ones in the Trumpeter kit are simply wrong. A lot of Crusader modelers would welcome these, in spite of the load out they are planning! Bill M.
  2. Received the F-8 seamless intake a couple of days ago—- very nice! Definitely an improvement over what is in the kit. I’m very pleased. Bill M.
  3. In answer to your original question, I don’t know for sure, but I would imagine that they dropped their tanks as they went in to engage the Japanese aircraft. Remember there were a few Zeroes escorting the two Betty bombers. I would guess that there was no desire to engage a gaggle of Zeroes with external tanks hanging off your P-38. Just my view... Bill M.
  4. Gary, thanks for that. I was particularly pleased to see the 1/32 F-8 Crusader intakes and already placed an order taking advantage of Sprue Brothers CyberMonday sale. Any chance of some more 1/32 F-8 Crusader parts? A set of the asymmetrical “Y” missile rails would be particularly welcome. Thanks again! Bill M.
  5. I’m interested in a set too, if they come on market. I hadn’t heard that Fencer (Alex) was doing one. If he does do one, I’ll get that one too. Bill M.
  6. I always thought that the chin bulges were what distinguished a G-14/AS from a G-6/AS. But I am no expert on this. Maybe Fencer-1 or Pastor John can clarify the difference. Bill M.
  7. I know that the AIMS late-war Bf-109 decal sheet has markings for a couple of G-6/AS. Also one set of markings for a G-14/AS. Bill M.
  8. I am very interested in the G-14/AS conversion. Since it is close as well, can we order and pay for it now? Thanks! Bill M.
  9. Will the G-14/AS conversion be available soon? Bill M.
  10. Yes they do. Link— https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?sid=rustusmanov&isRefine=true&_pgn=1
  11. I’ve ordered three of these sets in the past—two variants of the G-5/6 and the G-10 “Erla”. They were each exceptional. You will not be disappointed. I ordered off eBay and it was no problem at all. Really good stuff! Bill M.
  12. This looks great! I’ll get a set for sure. Will it also work for a G-14/AS? Bill M.
  13. Well, that’s a bit disappointing that it is 1/48. Sure hope they also do it in 1/32. Any idea which model of P-38 they are doing? Bill M.
  14. True that— I don’t recall that you specifically said that a Kittyhawk TBD Devastator was coming. But there were a couple of dropped hints that there might be a TBD coming— then nothing. As for “Trump-y-boss”, I think most of us have long given up on them doing a TBD. And to tell the truth, I would rather see it come from Kitty Hawk. Bill M.
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