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  1. Surely would be nice if someone would reissue the Hasegawa 1/32 P-40K. It hasn’t seen the light of day for years…. Bill M.
  2. Looks like there are parts there to do a G-2. I’m looking forward to some tall tail 109’s and a run-of-the-mill G-6. I’m starting to get excited about this kit. Bill M.
  3. We live in northern New Mexico— Santa Fe to be exact. We also have a second home outside Pagosa Springs in southern Colorado. Both are in god’s country as far as I’m concerned. You’ll have a great time! Get some green chile, or red for that matter. New Mexico has some of the best anywhere. Try to get a good green chile cheeseburger— a New Mexico classic not to be missed! Bill M.
  4. I’ve been wondering the same thing, particularly with respect to an F-105D. Bill M.
  5. Looking forward to this! Just ordered a copy….. Bill M.
  6. Well, if Kotare decided to continue with the Spitfire lineage, I surely would love to see a Spitfire F. 22/24. Probably not likely, but as far as I’m concerned, it would make me quite happy! Bill M.
  7. Very exciting to see that work continues on the Kate! This, with the announced Val, will fill a long overlooked niche— that of the early Pacific War. I will be buying one of each for sure! Bill M.
  8. That is a beautiful Fw-190D-9! One question— where did you access the gun cover? I am not familiar with “Real Model 2020”. Bill M.
  9. As the war continues on, we are seeing the effect on our hobby. What can we expect? The first is the most obvious— we will largely lose access to Ukrainian-made products and manufacturers. I read in the news that Visa, Mastercard and PayPal are cutting off business with Russia. I suspect this will mean that we will also lose access to Russian-made products and manufacturers. If you are looking for Ukrainian and Russian modeling products, you might want to search among American, European and other non-Ukrainian and non-Russian retailers as I suspect the spigot is being cut off and they won’t be restocking. Just saying… I have my thoughts about the war, but will keep those to myself…. Bill M.
  10. Also Hobbynut models reportedly has it for sale— also in the USA. Bill M.
  11. I was asked today if I received my REXX exhausts. I ordered these REXX exhausts from Ukraine. Apparently they were never shipped and I don’t expect them now. No problem— I just hope this little bit of money goes to help resist the invasion. Bill M.
  12. Thanks for the leads! I just ordered a set of the REXX exhausts. In view of current world events and considering they are coming from Ukraine, I hope I get them! Bill M.
  13. Where did you get these? Looks like a good thing to have! Bill M.
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