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  1. I like the prospect of accurate LAU-7 Rails! Will buy a few for sure! Now, how about doing some of the F-8 Crusader asymmetrical Y- missile racks? This would be most welcome! Bill M.
  2. The way we have worked ourselves into such a frenzy about this, we are bound to be disappointed whatever it turns out to be... Bill M.
  3. ... and one more— a long nose P-40 to P-40C Tomahawk. This would be most welcome! Bill M.
  4. Ok, if we are going to post our wants and hopes, here’s mine— Any P-38, P-51B, or Spitfire F.22/24. In the second tier of hopes— B-26 Marauder, A-20 Havoc, TBD Devastator and F4F/FM-2 Wildcats. Any of these would work for me! Bill M.
  5. A Kate and/or Val would be most welcome! Bill M.
  6. TBD Devastator? There was speculation a few years ago that they (or Kittyhawk) might have one in the works.... Bill M.
  7. Is this an issue with the F-105D too?... or is it just the F-105G? For that matter, are the windscreens the same on both? I’m hoping that Ali can make a corrected windscreen that will work for both a D and a G. Bill M.
  8. I just wish someone would issue a correct state-of -the-art kit of the Spitfire 22/24. If it would only happen. In my mind, that is the way to go.
  9. I have looked for info in the past on the SBD-5 Yagi radar but didn’t have much luck. I’m sure there are photos, plans and manuals out there. What I did find was that the 1/48 Accurate Miniatures SBD-5 Kit has the radar in its kit. Also, there are photos of a similar radar set up in a recovered SB2C at Naval Avistion Museum at Pensacola. It looks like the same unit. I wonder if there is an SBD-5 In Pensacola or the SBD-6 at the NASM that might still have it. It looks like a large black box, with a few knobs and a was viewing opening with a viewing slot and rubber visor where the gunner-operato
  10. Here is an idea for you to make— The Trumpeter 1/32 SBD-5 comes with the Yagi radar antenna under the wings, but lacks the radar set between the pilot and the gunner, which was typically provided on SBD-5’s. Instead, the kit includes the circular RDF gear as would be typical for earlier SBD’s, like the SBD-3. Surely, would be nice to have the radar set available, so we can build a correct SBD-5. Bill M.
  11. Thanks for that— good news indeed! I didn’t want to miss out on any Gladiator, while waiting and hoping for the Sea Gladiator! Bill M.
  12. Do we know for sure that ICM is planning to release a Sea Gladiator? That is my preferred version. Bill M.
  13. Still wish some aftermarket company would do the asymmetrical F-8 Crusader dual missile racks that mount these Zuni’s and Sidewinders too. The ones in the Trumpeter kit are simply wrong. A lot of Crusader modelers would welcome these, in spite of the load out they are planning! Bill M.
  14. Received the F-8 seamless intake a couple of days ago—- very nice! Definitely an improvement over what is in the kit. I’m very pleased. Bill M.
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