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    Trumpeter P-40F

    For those who have the Grey Matter conversion, I wouldn’t throw them away. The GM conversion and the Hasegawa kit build into an accurate P-40F/L. I’m hoping I will be able to say the same thing about the Trumpeter P-40F, but I’m not optimistic. Bill M.
  2. Bill M.

    Update on Possible F-8E/J parts?

    Just wondering if the F-8 Crusader parts and bits, including the “y” missile racks, might still be in the pipeline? Thanks! Bill M.
  3. Bill M.

    Aircraft Painting Guide Vol 1

    Sounds great! If I might be so bold— I would also love to see later USN and USAAF, including desert colors, etc.— sounds like it will be a great series! Bill M.
  4. Bill M.

    Aircraft Painting Guide Vol 1

    Looks great! It says volume 1. Assuming there are future volumes, what will they cover? Bill M.
  5. I’m definitely in for an injection molded or a resin TBD and maybe a vacuformed TBD. I wish Trumpeter or Kittyhawk could give us a sign one way or another— so smaller manufacturers could safely give it a go. I don’t blame the cottage manufacturers for holding off while the big boys fail to make up their mind— at least publicly. Bill M.
  6. I would definitely buy a good resin TBD and maybe a vacuform TBD, but my preference is a good injection molded kit. And yes, a Val and a Kate would be most welcome and would be good sellers— I would definitely buy one of each, but I’m hoping for a TBD first. Bill M.
  7. I’m no expert, by any means, but unless there are enclosed airtight or watertight areas on the aircraft, I would think that the pressure would be equalized both in or out as the aircraft is brought to the surface. If there were already enclosed areas, they would have already been crushed by the great pressure. Bringing up an aircraft from that depth probably involves all sorts of issues, including the pressures at work. Also I would guess you would have to have a sea water filled tank to put it in immediately after bringing it up so it wouldn’t fall apart and so that it could be weaned off salt water. All likely expensive if it can even be done. Much more complicated than simply hooking a cable to one of them and reeling it in. Bill M.
  8. Ernie, The one you are thinking of is probably the one lost off of Miami in a training accident in 1943 (I believe).There was a long legal battle where the Navy ultimately won, saying that they retained title to the lost TBD. And the TBD remains beneath the sea off Miami. Since then, the Navy has looked at recovering one of the two off Jaluit, working with the Tighar group of Amelia Earhart fame. These two were lost on a mission in February 1942, the crews being captured. After some effort, the Pensacola museum ultimately abandoned the effort as Jaluit was too remote and proper recovery would be too expensive. Then another TBD was located off California where it had ditched around 1940. Again there was talk of raising her for the Pensacola museum, but I’ve heard nothing more on this one. Finally, there are the TBD’s recently found on the sunken Lexington. I have to think there are folks connected to the Pensacola museum who are trying to figure out if one or more can be recovered. Hope they figure something out. As to the Wildcats, I am sure that is under consideration as well. One (or more) has been allegedly identified as having been part of Butch O’Hare’s legendary and MOH-winning intercept. You have to think that Pensacola would want that one as well as a TBD. From all this, you would think I like TBD’s— well yes I do. Bill M.
  9. Ernie, I don’t think there are any surviving TBD’s “out of the waterâ€. There has been talk of salvaging and restoring one for the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola. As far as they’re concerned, a TBD is the “holy grailâ€. A lot of us share that opinion. TBD’s underwater that might be salvaged someday are one off Miami, one off California, two early wartime losses off the island of Jaluit and the newest candidates— namely those found on the sunken USS Lexington in the Coral Sea. No TBD’s have been identified or salvaged from Lake Michigan. Bill M.
  10. At least with the B-24’s, they have at least produced boxart for them. That’s more than Trumpeter ever did with the TBD. Bill M.
  11. I really don’t that a TBD would be much of a “financial gamble†at all. No more than say a Kingfisher, T-28, Wildcat or Dauntless— all of which have been successfully released. The TBD is a legendary aircraft with a legendary history. I think it would sell quite well. Bill M.
  12. I agree. I think a 1/32 TBD would find a big market, particularly in the US. Because of its sacrifice at Midway (some would say “slaughterâ€) it has almost achieved mystical status among WW2 US naval aviation fans. And it would build into an incredibly impressive model in 1/32 scale. But we’ll never know if one is never released. Sigh!! Bill M.
  13. I don’t doubt this. I just remember that it was announced by 2006. Yes, after 14 years, I doubt that Trumpeter will ever release a TBD. As much as I would love to see a TBD, probably time to move on. Maybe HPH or Silver Wings will do one someday. Bill M.
  14. As we continue to wait for that 1/32 TBD, it might be worthwhile to recount the history and consider the likelihood that we will ever see an injection-molded TBD. Frankly, I am discouraged. The TBD was announced by Trumpeter years ago, like around 2006. It continues to appear on Trumpeter’s “coming†lists year after year— but nothing has appeared. During that time, it has been reported that Trumpeter’s chief kit designer had left Trumpeter and went to work for Kittyhawk models. And then there were unconfirmed rumors that Kittyhawk might do a 1/32 TBD. Seemed reasonable if the former Trumpeter kit designer was behind Trumpeter’s TBD. But again, years have passed, new Kittyhawk kits have come and gone, and still no TBD kits. Not even a confirmation or acknowledgment of the “unconfirmed rumorsâ€. I have to admit that a 1/32 TBD kit is not likely at this point. With the KH rumors and Trumpeter’s hollow announcements, I doubt that another manufacturer willl see fit to jump in and invest the money to bring out a 1/32 TBD, thinking that a new TBD kit has been staked out by others. Although I think that a TBD would be a good seller, I am starting to think that all the manufacturers have decided to pass on the TBD for other projects. All very discouraging! Bill M.
  15. These look great! Will you be offering other P-51 parts too? Bill M.