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  1. Now if they’re going to do an F-105G, how about an F-105D set in 1/32 scale? And while they’re at it, a set for a 1/32 scale F-8E Crusader would be most welcome! We can dream, can’t we?! Bill M.
  2. A few years ago, there was a rumor going about that someone planned to reproduce the “air power” set in resin from an original set. Never heard any more and nothing came of it, so I can’t say where there was any truth to it or not. Would have been nice. Bill M.
  3. I always was impressed with this set and wish they would reissue it someday— but not likely I suppose... Bill M.
  4. Yes, I was able to order each of the add-ons. I wasn’t sure till I received an email as to each one. Bill M.
  5. I went and placed the Infinity SB2C-4 and the various add-ons on backorder at Hannant’s. They offered a 10% discount if you preordered it. I’m worried about the shipping cost to the US— I have emailed them for an estimate as I’m concerned it could be considersble. Bill M.
  6. Yes, I would prefer to buy it from a US dealer, as shipping from overseas is often quite expensive. But if I have to, I’ll order it from Artscale or Hannant’s. Bill M.
  7. I’m still wondering where those of us in the US can buy one of these? If it means we have to buy overseas— where? Thanks! Bill M.
  8. Yes, they’re both out of stock. My mistake! Well hopefully soon on both... Bill M.
  9. I am obviously not Gary, but I believe I noticed that the USN pylons were back in stock, while the USAF were still out of stock. Bill M.
  10. For those interested, Sprue Brothers just today restocked the GT Resin ALQ-71 ECM pod and the early F-4 centerline tanks— both correct for an Operation Bolo F-4C Phantom. Just ordered one of each. Bill M.
  11. I was just about to call you as you suggested, but thought I would try it online one more time. Happily it worked fine and I was able to place an order! Thanks! Bill M.
  12. I tried again this morning and get the same message— “checkout is not available in preview”. Don’t know if that is because this item is not yet in stock? Bill M.
  13. I don’t have any additional info on the camera, but I would happily buy one if you happen to make some! Bill M.
  14. I’m having the same problem on both my IPhone and my computer— can’t get through to check out. I would like to preorder set 32027 A6M5 (Nakajima). Bill M.
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