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  1. 1/32 Buccaneer! That's a great show to watch!
  2. Great review, the kit looks really good. Just placed an order upon the nice review at super-hobby.com, where there are some other images of the kit as well with engine details, though I could not tell they are real model or computer renders. No matter what, the details look lovely.
  3. WOW !! A 20 year old thread !!! So there is hope that at least some wishlist items may appear in the next 20
  4. Ukranian markings is a good addition. Other operators would be nice as well. The original kit had a two blade propeller, the Ukranian versons have three. I wonder if that is added too.
  5. My order number is 11002 and I asked them last week a shipping date estimation. They said there would be no shipments between 11-18 July week due to national holidays and my kit will be shipped towards the end of the month. Yours in this case should be supposed to follow in a few weeks later. I remember they had often reminded this second run would proceed together with the Learjet production so slow shipment is no surprise. If this is your first purchase from them you will find the waiting a bit nervous but it is worth in the end.
  6. I was just falling off my chair when I saw the topic, thinking that this is a new release. No conversion sets I am aware of but I think it would take more than a conversion set to make a proper one, considering the many shape differences to a Su-27. This is my most favourite Russian modern jet. I am very serious to say that I will buy at least 4-5 kits of such a release and materials don't matter. Styrene, resin, concrete, carbonfiber, pudding or whatever!
  7. I had ordered one kit last week, a couple of days after the preorders started. Convincing myself that a 1/32 X-3 does not come everyday and it may be a good idea to keep one unbuilt in stash I placed an order for another today. There are 376 order numbers between my first order and today's one! They are really good at selecting subjects I think...
  8. Fantastic model! I have not builttoo many choppers in my modellig life but I definitely would like to build one like that someday. Looks great indeed.
  9. Super build! Not only the model but also how it is displayed too.
  10. Personally I'd go with 1/32 for the name of consistency among my aircraft models, no matter the subject or the producer. This being said, if a manufacturer pours their money into a product of a marginal scale which is already very close to a long settled standard scale... well... I just wish them success. And if a modeler buys it for some purpose or just prefers it for a reason... well... I wish him too a good modeling. Sure this is the very right place to discuss this kind of stuff on this planet. But any new product is way better than no product at all and shall we just wish the buyers enjoy their build?
  11. The price alone suggests it is 1/48. No way any 1/32 kit would be about 26-27 USD.
  12. Ahh, bad neighbour Thanks for letting me know. Honestly I was not aware Belgium had flown them, maybe just because I saw the Cannuck wih RCAF markings all the time. Still not sure if that makes a big enough market.
  13. Masking these zigzags on the aircraft was pure nightmare for me, other than that it is a very good kit that gives you a good looking model.
  14. Gorgeous Viggen! The nose cone in metallic is absolutely beautiful.
  15. I really like how this is moving forward! I have the kit but never took the courage start it yet, this is a good motivation and the progress is just so fine.
  16. CF-100? That would be excellent, assuming we are talking about 1/32 scale but there is only one operator. Considering their choices of subjects however I'd say Jetmads is probably the only manufacturer that may be willing to dive into that.
  17. Impossible not to enjoy a movie with so much aviation stuff. That being said, I would not compare it to the original one, which had an original feeling to it. It still had a light scenario, but it had everything to make it a cult movie: Great shots of aircraft, great music that goes all along with the movie, some good jokes, more charismatic superiors like Viper and Jester, not to mention a very attractive civil instructor we then all adored. The second movie has so many things borrowed from the first one, which is expected to a certain point, and in spite of some high moments a better scenario and acting would make a more remarkable sequel.
  18. It also seems to have lended its nozzle area plating to the future MDD Phantom II. Douglas engineers' job, most probably.
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