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  1. I think someone would have to sit down and attempt this. Without both kits in your hands it is impossible to be sure, but I would be that nuances between two models will insure that making the cowling panels from one fit the other will be a tedious if not painful project. How many times on this website have we seen kits lay down fuselages over known drawings and seen sligh variations between an accepted drawing and the kit? Well two kits completely independently tooled are not in all likelihood going to have identical cowling fit without an enormous amount of detail fitting to make the conversion. I can:t imagine though that we won:t see someone on this forum try to make conversions with the surplus parts from the Zoukei kit though.
  2. I wonder if you have a bad sheet, I would have to open my kit and get out the magnifier but, the norm with Tamiya is people complain they are too thick, I agree they could have finer decal film, I have not seen Tamiya sheets out of register or blurry. I might have a look at mine tonight, like i said I would have to put them under a magnifier to see if I can find a problem.
  3. Agreed as to the wet transfers. I really found the tamiya decals to not be so bad personally. I used them on both of my builds. I used the Baracuda stencils on the cockpit on both then the kit stencils on the exterior. For some reason the other Tamiya kits have received better decal treatment in most regards but the Corsair has not received all of the attention it could have. I looked at oneman army, I feel like their products although great look even more tedious than a good decal job. From what I see with their stencils, you essentially have to mask and spray one stencil at a time. I would use the HGW product over that where at least you can put a bunch on at once. I tried the HGW product on a FW-190 with mixed results, the stencils looked pretty good but in some cases I could not tell what I had pulled the film off of very easily. I just don:t think water slide decals are as bad as people make out. But everyone builds their own kit and it comes down to how many hours you want to put into any given aspect.
  4. I have built a couple Tamiya Corsairs, my memory is that there are not a lot of exterior options other than the kit supplied stuff. HGW did the wet transfers, which you have a preference against. I think there is room here for another option. I can:t for the life of me remember seeing a full set of data stencils in water slide. I have sheets by Eagle Editions for primary markings but there data stencils are minimal to my memory. A few companies have done primary markings but even in primary markings there have not been a huge number of options. Fundekals has done some of the more comprehensive sheets but those are mostly primary markings. I have both of those sheets as well.
  5. Since this thread was started in 2003, I think I can get away with an irrelevant post, I did not read the origin, so I thought there were new Corsair kits coming out in 2022 when I saw this. I can:t even remember if I was a Forum member in 2003, although I do not think i was on here yet. A all new Corsair F4u-4 would be pretty interesting to me, even if a Trumpeter kit. In any event so many nice new kits out there, I am not hugely worried about whether I get a new -4. I am not interested in the old Trumpeter -4 as time and knowledge have marched on since that kit was tooled and there are too many nice new kits on the market to worry about old ones.
  6. The model looks nice, now that photos are out. I will look at how it builds and marking options, I would consider building on of these. I am not concerned that it is 1/35 vs 1/32. Just does not matter to me. If Tamiya did a 1/35 aircraft kit, I would jump on it with the same enthusiasm as a 1/32.
  7. We went to the movie tonight, I was trying to skim a few of the comments in the last 11 pages, we really enjoyed the movie. It was fun, realistic, ah well its a movie. I was not looking for realism. They made an effort at a story that had some connection to the original without taking off at random 30 some years later. I was fine with what they did. I watched the movie, The Northmen for free on Peacock network, I wanted to see it in the theater, it was so bad my wife and I said at the end we were glad we did not pay for that experience. We love historical movies, this one my wife son and I all loved the movie and were happy we paid to see it.
  8. Really I think there are lots of openings British and otherwise. While you can say any given major subject has been done, a great number of them would benefit from something better. I think it most important right now Kotare make money and not take too many risks. Too many esoteric kits did in WNW in the end. I feel also they failed to commit to unlimited runs of popular kits though also. Technology and research have advanced a lot so to my eye the possibilities are huge for subjects that would sell well in lots of markets. It is easier to suggest what they not do, than what they should do. Just take WWII single engine fighters, I think you can eliminate the P-40B(hawk 81), P-51D, Spitfire IX, VIII, BF-109E series(Dragon), A6M2 and 5 zero(tamiya, Hasegawa), Henshell Hs-129, Me 262, Dauntless. Basically if a major manufacturer has done the kit in the last 10 years maybe Kotare should not do that subject. However beyond that almost anything out there could stand improvement. I know Fly did the Hurricane, but I have looked at their rendition and this would be a perfect subject for Kotare. Wish lists go on and on so i think it almost easier to say we have an a subject well covered or not. Hasegawa made a great effort of some Japanese subjects in recent years so those can all be eliminated also. My thoughts only come from a desire to see Kotare prosper, not from a disrespect for the Hornet and those that love unusual subjects.
  9. I was just checking on this yesterday and looked at their website for a progress update. Was just hoping to see something new, some plastic or something but not there yet.
  10. I can see why people especially British Airplane fans would want this plane, however this looks like a kit they should do down the road, not as their second kit. I do not think this is going to be a big seller in 1/32. I certainly am not an expert, but I had to look this up as I had never heard of it. That says to me that most casual airplane fans are not going to even know what this plane is. I know we have a lot of modelers on this forum and elsewhere that are big fans of lesser known aircraft. Airplane modelers are more apt also to be drawn to a plane just because they find it attractive. Airplanes have that quality about them. However that does not give a kit a broad market, just being an attractive or interesting plane. Even not going the Tamiya route, this plane will be a tough kit to make money on. Not saying it is not worthy, just I hope they do some more mainstream subjects to get the money coming in before they commit to this one.
  11. I don:t know the answers to your questions, but Hobby Search Japan has the kit and instructions on line for viewing. Such a big kit is not my thing, I love the Dauntless but would build the Trumpeter one in 1/32 personally.
  12. Been down that road, and your line will get drawn weather you intend to or not. If you go to far, you will either 1, not finish, 2, finish it and use it all, 3, start deciding life is to short or some pieces don:t add to the end game and choosing to pick and choose what you use or not use, then finish the kit. I have definitely taken option 1, never taken option 2, and often taken option 3. I almost missed option 4 which is buy a bunch of stuff for the kit, never start it at all and sell it all years later. I have don’t that one also and seen it done many times. It is my favorite way to buy kits as I usually get lots of parts at a discount. Time circumstance and modeling interest will all guide or force you into one of these paths.
  13. This article suggests that the source of photos is a Colombian government controlled expedition, it is not clear if it is a direct government action or, through government funded exploration by third parties but regardless, it looks to me like Columbia has already said “dibs”. Above all for me, I love the documentaries about subjects like this, and I look foreword to seeing the whole store, and hopefully lots of high resolution imagery from the wreck site.
  14. cbk57


    I am kind of the opposite of Tony, I am happy to get all the extra parts and choose to use what I want or don:t want. Often someone wants those parts. I am looking foreword to a GWH P-40, I will do the engine as a separate kit detached from the model. As to the ZM 109 it has a number of parts again I might not use but it also has a whole lot of visible detail. I don:t know if I am getting this release or not, looking foreword to their 190 though. I did not love some of the Hasegawa 1/32 releases because they were more like big 1/48 kits without the finesse of detail I want in 1/32. Take Kotare their surface and cockpit detail promise to be world class. I expect that if I am buying a 1/32 kit with no engine etc. New nice kits are coming out all the time, so I am not often inclined to buy an older release with less detail or more basic detail. It is much easier for me to omit than create what is missing for my personal skill set.
  15. I just purchased two seats from bitskrieg, albeit in 1/48 scale as I ordered two of Wingsy kits 1/48 109s, I have a dragon and eduard set of 109s in 1/32 but I just would prefer a simpler build for this project. I have my 109s for sale on the traders board if anyone is interested. Anyway I am looking foreword to checking out the bitskrieg parts and seeing what else they offer.
  16. Unfortunately, I would go into any old car kit with great trepidation unless you have serious 3d printing or other related skills as parts like the rubber tires may be useless. Decals for gauges on such are likely useless. I am a Porsche enthusiast and fairly into car modleing although I rarely finish one, but old car kits are likely to be very frustrating unless you have serous scratch and related skills. Also you expect no aftermarket for the kit except for anything that would relate from existing 1/8 kits coming out in the world of parts work kits. There is a 1/8 911 Carera from the early 1970s on the market DeAgostini has marketed it so you might be able to get new decals that would be pertinent to what you want. Scalemates has a little information on the kit, some variations may have been motorized only, if you just search 1/8 911 rsr on ebay you get some more options and I found one with some photos of the kit parts. Not withstanding huge prices it looks like some boxings had engine detail and front compartment detail while otherwise might have just been a big motorized toy. Prices for all the ones I found were collector world numbers.
  17. I kind of meant Airfix is better now than they used to be, but at the same time their is nothing preventing them from making the models in Britain and using the same poor quality plastic people are complaining of. It remains to be seen whether making the kits in Britain will bring about any improvement in quality no matter how good the engineers. I do respect modern Airfix though, they have improved a lot.
  18. Airfix had no problem making low quality kits in Britain before outsourcing the work, does not mean they have not changed. I vividly remember buying the Belfast when I was about 8 and the kit was so malformed it was impossible for me to assemble at that age. I do hope this kit is a success for them. I am not interested but only because I have built multiple Tamiya MK IX already. I know this kit will be amazing but I may never build another Mk IX for the reason already stated, not because it is airfix or anyone else.
  19. If you like that, NuNu Beemax or whatever it is, is releasing very soon a 1/12 Lotus 99T which I plan to pick up and announced a 1/12 McLaren Mp 4/4 which will come out probably in 2024 as it was only an announcement no sprues or photos
  20. I make it to Cranberry township Pa Hobby Express a couple times a year, was in yesterday, short of going shopping in Sprue Brothers or Andys warehouse, this is the best stocked hobby shop I have ever been in. Yesterday they had two kits that surprised me a little, a brand new 1/32 Tamiya f-15E bunker buster and a 1/32 F-4C great price on both kits also. But I would not have expected to see new issued versions of these out right now. Anyway I can:t begin to tell you how many kits they have in stock, more than I have ever seen in any hobby shop.
  21. I love looking through kit instructions, this kit is so very impressive, but I can:t help but think how nice the newest 1/350 Yamato Tamiya kit is and a much more reasonable size. Also especially you can see with a ship kit, bigger kit means lots more small parts not fewer bigger parts.
  22. My favorite of the WWI stuff is probably the DrI and the DVa. With so many other big kits coming out and it being the fashion, doing the key WWI subjects in 1/24 would makes sense. There should be enough of a market. if you can tool and sell a 1/16 tank, or a 1/200 battleship, I would think a series of popular WwI subjects would work as well.
  23. Very disappointed with Tamiya here. The P-38J was announced a while back, I don't think a single new tool major kit was announced by Tamiya that was not already announced at the german virtual show in February.
  24. There is something about airplane modeling that seems some people are drawn more to the unusual. Typically I want to model the most used variant of a combat aircraft. It is very much a taste thing. Zoukei so far has shown a taste for the unusual considering their first release was the Shinden, followed by the Ta-152 and then the Horten or the Anteater, I forget which. I like the historical story that surrounds a combat plane and pilot so that tends to draw me toward the beaten track but I prefer a story with my build.
  25. So I researched this a little, I have no interest in this variant, to me it is just totally insignificant. I would want a more broadly used variant of the HS-129 like a B1 or B2 as used on the eastern front. However there are lost of other projects to get excited about, the G-14 they are doing looks impressive. I am also interested in their 190 series. I really like the A3 - A6 versions and will likely buy and build one.
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