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  1. Just had a look, already discounted to £74.99, at that price, grab two!
  2. Bad news, as the 'A' carried some cool nose art of the croc mouth, but I'm sure there are other options out there.
  3. Ah, Warbirds over Wanaka, good times. Great photos, thanks.
  4. And there I was contemplating another trumpy hind for the stash, and this is announced. Between the Havoc and Helix, what more could I want for Christmas? Yeah, I know it's unlikely to be released in time for Christmas, much less delivered, that's why I keep a healthy stash in the garage!
  5. Ethan Hawke's 'Good kill' is a great movie about real life drone pilots. And it's based on fact. Watch it if you can.
  6. I'm not so sure about that, I brought a Takom Panzerjager 1b off a Chinese eBay vendor, a month before it turned up elsewhere,and there's no mention of the Helix. As soon as it is... I'll be ordering it.
  7. Incredible detail there, very tempting! And no knock out marks, either. Outstanding
  8. Let's. Focus. On. The. Plane. People. The plane, the plane... Remember
  9. I'm glad I did not breakdown and buy the Academy reboxing of the Apache, the Takom one will do nicely for Christmas!
  10. Am trying to link images, but it looks like a Fw 190 is coming
  11. I'm hoping that this release sells well, and results in additional kits of modern helicopters. Whilst an ugly helo itself, I'll still grab one.
  12. Great news, thank you. Will definitely be getting one. What's not to like, the scale, the subject, that funky two tone grey camo?
  13. Another option to the gray on gray camo...
  14. Yes, I did a double take, but then looked at the kit number, which gave it away. So close, not even close at all... A ME262 HGIII in 1/35. https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/uq1sm7dwvhvlhdhlue59.html
  15. I've used Quinta and so impressed that I went and brought their A-10 1/32 set for an upcoming build, definitely recommended.
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