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  1. Thanks a million for all the replies, you guys have helped tremendously!
  2. I agree and if I could find some markings for a Mk. VIII in the classic RAF green and gray camouflage, I would definitely go for it.
  3. Yes sir, that's what I was thinking.... I almost did that to build a -1A Corsair out of the Birdcage one in my stash, but I ended up changing my mind.
  4. Hello, everyone, One thing I can profess is that I am not a Spitfire expert! My conundrum is that I want a Mk. IX yet Tamiya USA has the Mk. VIII for sale. Out of curiosity, how quickly can I get to a Mk. IX withe the Mk. VIII kit? I know I'll need the sprue with the fixed tailwheel as opposed to the retractable one but does the Mk. VIII kit also have the proper ailerons, or will I need to go to Ebay for that? Thanks for any help you guys might be able to provide me with.... if it isn't possible, I suppose I'll go with a RAF desert scheme.
  5. I moved to the Austin area from Southern Illinois (Carbondale/Marion) a couple of years ago, and Autumn is about all I miss from that area.
  6. Looks awesome, Jeff! I love that carrier deck, too
  7. Thanks, Jennings! I was beginning to wonder.... I appreciate the information. Stay safe!
  8. Hi, Jens, as far as I know yes, you only need one of each sprue. let me know if you’re able to work this out, I still haven’t been able to reach Tamiya USA’s customer service
  9. Hey, Jens, hope I'm helping you by resurrecting a little older thread; you need the Sprue R, T, P, and Q to get to a -1A. I went through both kit instructions and that's what I'm going to do to get a -1A myself. I figured on buying the sprues from Tamiya USA customer service, but I still haven't been able to reach a representative. Ebay has a couple of the needed sprues, but not every one. Hope this helps!
  10. I'm really liking this, Mike! Makes me want to buy an early 109 and start on it myself. Maybe before too long....
  11. I like the Kagero SMI Library books, as well as the Top Colors. I've come into possession of some very nice P-47 decals with these books
  12. Not sure that's an F-6B... Look at the nose and the barely visible top scoop, it is an Allison-engined Mustang, I think. *16 hour Nursing days mess with my brain.... I was thinking F-6B with P-51B AKA Merlin engines. Sorry, my mistake!
  13. Ordered my Mustang too. Almost splurged on the Spitfire Mk. VIII as well but adulting kicked in
  14. Hello, Jennings! Quick question related to the Corsair itself.... I was under the impression that the Bunker Hill's aircraft got a yellow cowling ring for the Japan raids; this one looks white, like you said. Was there a series of missions other than the raids on Japan where they got painted white? As for the HVARs, I've also heard of red warheads as well as the OD and silver ones. Different explosive compound maybe? BTW, I love that pic!
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