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  1. I too would love to see one built up and placed where it needs to go
  2. True art. I can't say it better than anyone else here. I even showed my girlfriend, and she is also impressed!
  3. Congratulations to the both of you, and I wish you many years of happiness!
  4. Hi, Lee, I'm not sure, but I wish I had seen it too! Have you checked flightaware for Georgetown maybe?
  5. I got a couple of these proofs of delivery back in December in Austin when I ordered Christmas presents for my daughters. Nice, but not a surefire thing in a big apartment complex.
  6. That will be the first Fisher production in my modeling arsenal!
  7. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family!
  8. Thank you Jennings!!! I have been close to throwing my iPad across the room several times over this. I'll check to see if it works with the iPad as well, surely it will!
  9. Okay I'm in this year! I just moved to Texas a couple of months ago and MOST of my kits are still in a storage unit, but I would like to donate a Revell Spitfire Mk IX along with a $25 Amazon gift card as a single donation. I would also like to please be entered as a raffle entrant. That Tamiya Corsair is calling to my heart!!!
  10. When I was in Wyoming, I spent some time on the Wind River reservation, and I was able to see the same. I've never seen such beauty in all my life.
  11. Thanks for that response Jerry! I love your products, and have 10 or 12 of your decal sheets. I loved the little extras you used to put into the decal instructions, like with the Fw190s of JG54 and JG26. It gave me more insight to the model I was attempting to recreate. I would love for these to be made available online!
  12. Jennings, that is beautiful! I've been travel nursing since May, and spent most of the summer first in Scottsbluff, Nebraska then Lander, Wyoming. Saw some awe-inspiring sunsets up there along with some places I've always wanted to go.
  13. Yes, Jennings, I was thinking of you when I posted this. I'm more than happy to pay the extra, but I just ask to make it worth my while. I LOVE the way Fundekals has made the PDF available and I fully intend to use the Corsair decals on my next F4U ( I used masks for all the markings on my Birdcage).
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