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  1. I do not think that has anything to with Ramadan. They would just say they do not work in Ramadan and we would respect it. But all Muslims I know work in this month. it is about fasting, not working. so it is totally irrelevant. If you were someone who had no intention of delivering a kit, would you design 15 decal options on two A4 sheets after you already cashed all the money in and then make Cartograf print them? My nose gets no bad smell at all and I take they are after their word. I would like to build the Viggen as soon as possible but after waiting all
  2. They all look very similar, the Viggens, but converting a JA to an AJ may take some serious work. I'll try to sum up what I know of the differences between the two: 1-) JA is 13cm longer than the AJ. In fact, it is 16cm longer but the nose pitot tube is 3cm shorter, so 13cm in all. The mid fuselage is made 16 cm longer to accomodate the new engine, so you would have to properly cut 5mm in this scale off the mide fuselage where it meets the front fuselage. I see from this latest diagram that the formation lights do not end where the two fuselage sections meet, which means that Jetma
  3. I like the model and I definitely like the checquer on the tanks. A touch of red on every aircraft model makes a great visual improvement, I think
  4. I had read somewhere that the red colour was soon changed to white, to ensure better tracking of the ground cameras recording the flight. If somebody asked me which colour would be more detectable in the air, red or white, I would definitely say "red". And definitely that must be what the Douglas engineers thought, too. Interesting that white makes a better contrast than red in the sky... Anyway, it is a good thing that they have chosen red first. We now have a very spectacular red early jet in aviation history books
  5. Orange or red, I'm not sure, but it really is a great model
  6. Conversion to an AJ May not be as easy as it sounds.
  7. March update from JetMads... Deliveries to start in late May...
  8. Thumbnails are changing places between releases so they must have missed to revise it on that page after the Skystreak or the Viggen.
  9. Wow! That is what you would call a "modeling beast". Absolutely striking finish... It must have taken quite some bottles to paint it and definitely will take some real place to store it
  10. Very good model and also it is very nice to see something different, thanks for sharing that!
  11. You may have to take care of the ECM antennae on boths sides of the intake and the chute housing.
  12. I had missed the preorders of the Skystreak and bought it by the listing price after the 20% discount was removed. I think it was four or five months after the preorders. The package arrived about one month after I placed the order. I wanted to buy another immedaitely but all was gone.
  13. ...and now all the masking set manufacturers will hate you
  14. Pure beauty, getting more beautiful day by day
  15. Lovely build of the more beautiful version of my all-time favourite aircraft, a two seater Starfighter!! Your build is absolutely beauriful, so great a work!!
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