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  1. Yes, I will use Eduards decals, lazy as I am.... It may work... Stefan
  2. This will be an epic journey! Stefan
  3. I´ll donate this Hasegawa Fw190D-9 Please add me as recipient too! Stefan
  4. Start with something quick and easy, a Hasegawa P-40. The Corsair might be excellent, but it´s a pretty complex kit, so save that for later, then you`ll appreciate it more. Stefan
  5. Please add me both as recipient and as donator! I´ll see what I have.... Stefan
  6. Hi all! Here´s my build; Virgin plastic…. Not much extras, new decals, an Eduard etched set (pre-painted seat belts and instrument panel), new wheels from Mastercasters (I´m, a sucker for wheels!) and Quickboost exhausts (hollowed out). Being a Hasegawa kit I got some new decals, the one with a big, yellow bird (option 3) is my chice for now, but option 2 is also nice, or the Boxart option, It´s hard to decide! We´ll see where it ends up…. Should be a simple and easy build, tough! Cheers! Stefan
  7. Beautiful paint scheme! Stefan
  8. Hi all! The interior is done… Lots of small, fiddly metal boxes to fold! To relax from the etch folding, I sanded and polished the nose of the fuselage. The cockpit is primed with Alclad Black Microfiller…. The fuselage got all seams painted, just to check for any imperfections… One tiny ghost seam showed up (they always do!)… The spine and stabilizator seams looks good, tough. More to come soon! Stefan
  9. That´s a supernice kit and It will just fall together, but be sure to follow the instructions, to the letter! Stefan
  10. Hi Rick! Many thanks for your offer, but I think the wheels and the spinner looks acceptabel for me, so I ´ll go with what I have.. Cheers! Stefan
  11. All windows demasked and all remaining small parts glued to the model, some paint touch-up´s, an antenna from lycra is strung between fin and mast and the kit is done! I do have to confess, I didn´t have any high expectations on this kit from the -70`s at all, but I was very positively surprised. Good fit, even very good fit in places, a bit spartan in the details of course and the decals were fair, but no more then that. But on the whole It was a very fun build, some scratch building included and I had a blast! If I can find another Revell kit I will build a Lizzie in the Green/Brown daytime scheme. Finally I managed to complete a kit within the timelimit of a GB, wohah! A first for me! Cheers! Stefan
  12. I´m in with a Ki-84 Hayate a.k.a. "Frank"! This; Stefan
  13. OK, masked and ready for the gloss coat…. Painted with Alclad Clear Kote Gloss… After a few days drying time, I could get the decals on, not so many on this aircraft. Decaling done…. Most decals went on without a hitch, but a few did silver quite a bit. Typically old Revell decals! I have searched for AM decals for the Lysander and found none in 1/32! More to come soon! Stefan
  14. For a Spitfire and Lancaster buff like me, this is absolutley perfect! Many Thanks for the heads-up! Cheers! Stefan
  15. Lizzie is demasked! The engine cowl is quite good…. More to come soon! Stefan
  16. I have started painting the camouflage, first color is Medium Sea Grey (Hu.165)…. The cowl received the same color…. A few days later I masked for the Dark Green (Hu.163) I shape the edges with Masking Putty and fills in the rest with pieces of tape…. Ready to go…. The Dark Green masked and now I´m masking for the Coal Black (Hu.85)…. A quick test to check for the masking Is somewhat even between the cowl and fuselage… More to come soon! Stefan
  17. Thanks, Mike and Maru! Time to give the engine cowl some attention… I started with several coats of Alclad Black Microfiller primer to get rid of all small scratches left from sanding and polishing. Then I started with a coat of stainless steel and then Pale Burnt metal, Exhaust and Manifold at the exhaust pipe. I think I got it quite well, I´m satisfied! The collector ring masked and the entire cowl painted with Alclad Black Microfiller once again to give a final, even coat for the camouflage. Now the whole aircraft are painted with Alclad Black Microfiller Primer…. This is not the small aircraft as you might think! More to come soon! Stefan
  18. Thanks all! I should do a dry-fit, but everything fitted so well that I glued them in place! Damn, this thing are big! Long and thin wings, but It looks to be much sturdier then a Fieseler Storch! All masked up and ready for primer…. The stairs glued to the side, but only two small attachment points at the top looked too weak! I added some bracing at the lower part and they are indeed there on the real plane! More to come soon! Stefan
  19. A really good start on the Mohawk! If the fuselage are in two (or more) pieces, I usually start with glueing the fuselage sides together, as You did here. Then I glue the fuselage halves together, fixing the seams and then I drop in the completed cockpit assembly from below. It dosent´t work for all kits, so I´ll always do a "tape-together" (fuselage, cockpit assembly and wings) to check for fit issues before I do anything stupid. I haven´t built my Mohawk yet, so I can´t be more specific on this kit. Stefan
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