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  1. Hi! I´m pondering on this; Is this kit OK for the "Navy" GB? Cheers! Stefan
  2. Hi All! The gear doors primed with Alclad Grey Microfiller… The windscreen glued and masked…. After i had painted the interior color on the windscreen the MiG was primed with Alclad Black Microfiller… …and then I got sick and couldn`t build for almost two weeks, CRAP! I`m feeling better now and It´s fun to build again, but I will not meet the deadline! Please move this tread to the ”In the works”, Pl
  3. The armament in this aircraft is 4 30mm cannons, heavy stuff…. They are really well detailed but not drilled open so I got two brass sets from ABER… WOW….. ”The first cut is the hardest” as Rod Stewart sang…. But I stopped worrying…. The Instrument panel comes as a clear part, I covered the back side with a piece of masking tape and used circular masks from a Maketar set for the instrume
  4. Hi All! Look what landed on my doorstep last week; The spanking new ICM Tiger Moth, hot from the press; I can never resist a good deal so this Revell (the wonderful ICM plastic inside) Bucker for €16 (about $20) was sweet; But the reson for this order was this kit, ZM are not easy to come by in Europe and the price was not cheap, but fair (slightly less then importing by myself from Japan), Not often I pay full retail for a kit, but I love this aircraft and It will look sp
  5. Almost done.... "Old Ironsides", Revell 1/96 I love old sailing ships and I still have the Heller 1/100 Victory and the small (fictitious...) 1/96 HMS Bounty from Revell to do. ...and a VERY small 1/350 Santa Maria from Heller! Cheers! Stefan
  6. I have many choppers, built (a few... ) and many more in the stash The scale does not matter for me, 1/32nd or 1/35, more important for me is the option to build the rotors in the stowed position. This new Cobra is must have, I love ICM and their selection of subjects! Cheers! Stefan
  7. Hi All! The wheel discs painted in the usual, awful green color (WEM Russian Wheel Hub color), common for most Russian aircraft The tires are painted with my usual mix of Dark Sea Grey Hu.123 and Matt Black Hu.33, assembled and ready to go; The canopies are masked in- and out-side; The seats are washed with a mix of Oil Paints (Lamp Black/Burnt Umber) and white spirit; (Full of resin dust, sorry about that....) The canopies
  8. Hi All! A few small things left to be done in the cockpit and then the canopy will go on! The tabs om the stabilisators were quite weak so I made new ones from 2mm diameter plastic rod. OK, you guessed it, I broke them off…. The landing gear legs are molded in a quite hard white metal and they were detailed with plastic parts…. I filled the wing root join with a strip of plasticard 1mm thick.
  9. As long as the kit are complete, unless told, I have no problems buying bagged kits. I usually discard the boxes anyway when the kit is built, and I have lots of old boxes left from previous builds. Eduard´s overtrees- boxes are ideal for bagged kits and kits with a lousy end opening envelope! Stefan
  10. Hi! The very first -4 kits had a rectangular, solid floor, and a incorrect cowling, the corrected kit have the "H" shaped floor and the corrected cowling. The -3 (pre-war solid wing) was issued later and have the correct cowling, cockpit floor AND the radiators in the cowling (which are missing in the -4). Stefan
  11. Thanks for the answer, good to know! Many Thanks! Stefan
  12. The first parts of the cockpit glued together; I glued the rear shelf and the side panels together, the clear instrument panel are just added (not glued) for a bit more stability; Test fit of the engine and the propeller shaft and cooler; More to come soon! Cheers! Stefan
  13. Hi all! In this kit the only option for the wheels was plasic hubs with vinyl tires, which I HATE! I bought a new set of resin wheels from HAD; Cleaned up; The instrument hatch glued; The wings are glued on, the fit was so-so, some sanding and fettling was needed to get an acceptable join; The exhaust ring added;
  14. Many thanks for that exhaustive tweak-list, Thierry! It´s just what I need to build my Ju87B Stuka! I have the big nose-correction set with spats and prop, but I have one further question; Can I use the spats from Hasegawa´s G (considering a spatless machine) on Trumpeters B? Cheers! Stefan
  15. Perfect! This will be very handy when I tackle this wonderful kit! Many Thanks for your Work, Thierry! Cheers! Stefan
  16. Another just started kit for the NAVY; ...and this of course; Cheers! Stefan
  17. A BIG Thanks to all of you! Problem is I´m an old Humbrol fart so I need to "translate" it to something I can understand as Humbrol, Colorcoates or Xtracolor. I figured out it must be Gunze Colors as they are so common in all kits from that part of the world. But I think I have it nailed by now. I´m going to use the old White Ensign Colorcoates WWII IJN/IJA colors. Once again Thanks for your help! Cheers! Stefan
  18. I had the engine already partly built up and the next step was all the small exhaust pipes. The short ones were already molded in the back plate, but the 9 longer ones had to be glued one by one. It looked as a daunting task, HOW would i get these in place? it looked very hard to do, but the pieces just snapped in place! Incredible engineering and fit! The gearbox and the magneto pack glued to the front of the engine (faced to the rear).
  19. Such a little gem you have there, beautiful build! ...and many thanks for the assembky tips on the engine mount/cowls! I´m exactly at that stage on my build and was scratching my head on how to do it! Many Thanks! Stefan
  20. The metal nose cone filled with more weight…. Engine, cockpit, nose wheel well, and nose cone glued to the right fuselage side… I started gluing the long fuselage halves from the tail and worked my way forward until I had it completely glued. The fuselage went together nicely, but I got a few minor gaps, I filled them with plasticard strips….
  21. As usual, the build starts in the cockpit…. First I have to choose which seat to use, the one without any straps or the one with the straps molded in? I choose the ”strapped” seat, It looks quite good, actually, almost as good as a resin seat. The cockpit side panels built up… The cockpit floor… The engine started…. The Turbo/Compressor stage
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